: I got banned in the same way, it was one, I repeat, ONE game, it was BLIND PICK and it was with my friend, we just wanted to have some fun, I said someting about reporting him etc. (not for real), and the enemy team (probably all premades) reported me for toxicity... So I got banned for 14 days :-) and I also have friends which are lvl 5, are toxic, flame in every game, spam ping etc. Love this system Riot Games <3 Kappa
no one gets baned for 14 days before gettign at least 2 times chat restriction, 10 games and 25 games
: Something similar happened to me today as well , I was honor level 5 and never really flamed anyone , light banter at most but one match I was a bit late because I was taking a shit , so I told my team "sorry , I was taking a shit" and i got banned for 14 days. Didn't know I could get banned for telling the truth {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Dont like the new system , its pretty trash.
you just forgot to mention that prior to that you got a 10 games chat restriction ant then another 25 games


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