: Worst gameplay design since S1 still not fixed!
Don't forget trist, an adc all ining you lvl 2.
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: this worlds crowd is infuriating to watch lmfao
This post actually gave me cancer. You can help by deleting it.
GRìíM (NA)
: Malphite's 10th Year Anniversary Splash Art should be a Skin.
: aatrox got many nerf its time to give some buff to aatrox
Yes they could ve just nerfed the revive. I don't think it is that strong if aatrox needs a takedown, can't move while reviving and getting only 30% health back. Without the revive his ult is kinda meh.
: Victorious Aatrox Design Poll
-more armor -darker color scheme. This gold white blue doesn't fit aatrox and now he has 2 of these skins. Just like morgana. Her vicorious skin is rly dark and looks very good.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 18
I would love to see some kind of a corrupted version of SR just like in the halloween even back in season 2(?) where baron is replaced with vilemaw. Maybe a new game mode or a sepcial event that happens when you do X on SR.
: so basically, the things that casuals were complaining about still exist because they are the game and always have been. yes? yes.
Bazerka (NA)
: Lunch break w/ Baz!
There were some hints to old aatrox recently.(you could see his sword while waiting with ryze for example). Is he making a comeback in wild rift?
: She gets out classed by multiple top laners. The E buff will be good for taking towers. Trynd, Yorick. Garen, Camile, Darius and especially Nasus ALL nuke towers, and most have enhanced autos that do extra damage.. They ALL have better team fight potential then Fiora "but IF Fioras super fed she can team fight" yea so can any other champion in the game? Her split push sucks especially if shes behind and her team fight is terrible. basically you have to get a lead and snow ball other lanes to really carry as Fiora. This will keep her more relevant.
So because she can't win tf's she gets buffed to a point where she auto wins lane? No thanks. Also her ult late game with 85% health max true dmg is just disguting. When i play tank i want to be tanky and not just die instantly.
: That feeling when you get shit on by a master tier player when you're gold.
I was playing some tt normals today. I'm unranked and had a challenger in the enemy team.
: {{champion:54}} bought armor and beat an AD caster? noooo, must be a bug.
If it's that easy i wonder how riven has such a high win rate when you just have to buy armor.
: Okay, but you ignored the most important part. Did you buy armor penetration against Malphite, who now gets 90% bonus armor while his shield is up?
Conqueror + ignite and what i didn't mention black cleaver.
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Mártir (EUW)
: Removing Twisted Treeline (3v3)? WTF Riot? Serious?
I started playing back in pre s3 and i ll stop if they remove tt.


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