: How on earth did you manage to type a novella into chat and still play the game to win?
Been touch typing enough over the years to be quite the proficient typer. If I could show you the scores for the three games in question, I would. I did pretty good if I remember alright XD
rujitra (NA)
: All of those things are punishable. Negativity isn't okay no matter what kind of negativity it is, and context does not matter, period.
Fair enough my dude, I feel like we play different games because literally every game I play has an abundance of negativity. All I wanted was someone to tell me whether or not what I actually wrote was worth a ban; not a lesson on not being negative on, as far as I'm aware, the most toxic/negative game in existence. From here on out I will be a pinnacle of non negativity, and if people say racist things or incredibly toxic thing, I'll let them just do their thing :)
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >is what I put in those three games toxic? I didn't hate on anyone, I didn't flame anyone. then you don't understand what the words "toxic" and "flame" mean. let me show you: >Game 1 >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: doesnt even know how poppy works >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: no surprise the toxic kid is also racist SeeÚSpaceCowboy: enjoy the report :) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i wouldnt play with this guy trist XD props to you >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: the only losers this game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: are you and trist :) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp SeeÚSpaceCowboy: 2/4 botlane would suggest otherwise :) and your attitude makes you losers SeeÚSpaceCowboy: + losing first tower :) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp guys SeeÚSpaceCowboy: and now look at trist XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: sore loser SeeÚSpaceCowboy: taking camps SeeÚSpaceCowboy: even ults for it lmao SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you guys must be real popular irl XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: nice feed on twitch botlane :) >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: now he acts nice XD you're a fucked up person bro >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: dumb dumb blitz XD racist too >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: obviously his premade will talk shit for him SeeÚSpaceCowboy: but that is sad to me, clearly not friends if he lets him act like this/be racist SeeÚSpaceCowboy: report blitz then sure ;) >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: report blitz >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you've all seen it before SeeÚSpaceCowboy: toxic premade SeeÚSpaceCowboy: sticking up for eachother SeeÚSpaceCowboy: sad imo, you should be good friends and tell eachother to stop the racist/toxic bs :p >Game 2 >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: nah, just if you dont know the difference between the two at your assumed age, you've no hope XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: dw vayne and nami are reported ^^ >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: shouldve reported you last game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: acting like a real big shot >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: 101 of the child mentality SeeÚSpaceCowboy: "no you" SeeÚSpaceCowboy: the kids these days SeeÚSpaceCowboy: they're smoking good shit SeeÚSpaceCowboy: to be so mad XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: idc if you're challenger maet SeeÚSpaceCowboy: its not like playing on a smurf SeeÚSpaceCowboy: decreases your performanc SeeÚSpaceCowboy: so 2/5 draven SeeÚSpaceCowboy: is as good as you get SeeÚSpaceCowboy: 2/6 SeeÚSpaceCowboy: "i can 1v9 on anyone" SeeÚSpaceCowboy: "name a champ" >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: the big man went afk haha SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're showing the total opposite :p >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ty for making my morning humourous mate :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i dont care about your main :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i told you already SeeÚSpaceCowboy: your skills dont decrease on a smurf SeeÚSpaceCowboy: so if you're diamond or whatever SeeÚSpaceCowboy: probably bought that acc too XD >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: what is your problem XD!? SeeÚSpaceCowboy: do you want to talk about it SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ive said/done nothing to you SeeÚSpaceCowboy: are you sniffing substances >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: dumb dumb >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: and look at you now XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: flaming SeeÚSpaceCowboy: trolling SeeÚSpaceCowboy: afking SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're just upset SeeÚSpaceCowboy: because you t hought you'd prove your point SeeÚSpaceCowboy: and style this game :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: but you lost hard XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: alright buddy >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're SeeÚSpaceCowboy: on SeeÚSpaceCowboy: drugs SeeÚSpaceCowboy: stop SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're actually nuts XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i didnt flame anyoen SeeÚSpaceCowboy: believe me :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: this ez SeeÚSpaceCowboy: is on something >Game 3 >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: everyone pinged kata SeeÚSpaceCowboy: and you just sat mid SeeÚSpaceCowboy: because hes a fucking idiot SeeÚSpaceCowboy: thats why SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp kai sa SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp SeeÚSpaceCowboy: just said wp SeeÚSpaceCowboy: cause you died SeeÚSpaceCowboy: lol SeeÚSpaceCowboy: tower dived the lagging lulu SeeÚSpaceCowboy: died XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: report kai'sa SeeÚSpaceCowboy: not only was he killing a clearly lagging lulu SeeÚSpaceCowboy: hes now trolling because he died xD >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're just bad ;p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: check out the trolling adc, killing the lagging player over and over XD >SeeÚSpaceCowboy: well two trolls in the botlane then xD a lot of harassment, arguing, insulting and passive agressive douchebaggery if you don't cut it out with this shit, you'll lose this account
I would argue there is a difference between arguing, harassing (not that I think I did harass anyone), insulting and being passive aggressive; and toxicity and flaming. Edit: and if all of the former's are bannable offences, then I deserve to be banned. But I don't think they are (except harassing and insulting, but context matters for the latter) On a lighter note, you should visit the UK, the land of passive aggressiveness <3
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >What I really want to know is if this sort of commenting is bannable? it's especially bannable after the two week ban because at that point riot no longer cares how toxic you are. any ammount of toxicity is enough for the perma. it doesn't matter who started the argument, what the others were doing or who was more toxic than you. If you are toxic after the two week ban, the account is gone.
I am on the two week ban right now, but tell me friend, is what I put in those three games toxic? I didn't hate on anyone, I didn't flame anyone. If someone is being racist, they are a loser in my eyes (and I'd hope others too.)
: > sure I type a lot This is exactly what you need to stop doing. I've been chat restricted before, and it was not by using toxic words, swearing, or zero-tolerance phrases. Being belligerent and constantly annoying people will get you banned just as quickly. You do you, let your teammates and enemies do themselves. Nothing you say is going to change what the stranger on the other end of the screen is thinking/feeling/doing.
Yeah I agree, I will try my best from now on not to talk :) I try to appeal to peoples empathy or let them know that what they're doing isn't cool. Sometimes it turns into hostilities, fair point
Eedat (NA)
: Premades have absolutely zero power in the reporting system. One single report triggers a review. I cant find the post but a rioter even listed the actual code and it was if reports are >0 a review is done. 5 reports doesnt change anything
I will take your, and the rioters, word for it then :) just coincidence that my bans roll out after the premade games then. Thank you for clarifying, although I wasn't being entirely serious with my accusation, just a thought I've had before
: You can mute them and report them. Those are the only two “defenses” that are actually defenses. Flaming back doesn’t help anything and only opens you up to possible punishment.
I am not trying to defend myself, I opened the chatlog up for scrutiny. What I really want to know is if this sort of commenting is bannable? (Silly I know seeing as I was banned 14 days for it.) But I would like to think if a human read the entirety of the chatlog between myself and the other players, or actually watched the games (especially game 2) they'd see :P Again, not defending myself, I am a salty boy from time to time. Also, I don't know how it goes in your games, but if you mute people you see the all chat with "Report him? ok.." And I don't trust the system to not ban me after the game because I might've said a swear word during the game or just had a really shitty game and went 0/9 poppy jungle XD Edit: noticed this was a reply to me saying cannot defend yourself, my bad
Eedat (NA)
: Looks more to me that you either passive aggressively or actively try to get people mad so they go off so you can use that as justification in your head.
I certainly am passive aggressive, its my way of dealing with it. If that is against the rules then that's on me. I do not try to set people off though, most of my comments are rebuttals to "get cancer," "hope your family dies" or "you're shit"
: Ulanopo "One of the reasons Riot went to the 4-step punishment system was because some people treated their accounts as though they were disposable. They discovered that it doesn't matter what the punishment is, people who are going to change do so. People who aren't going to change keep going. Now, it sounds as though you figured out your account is valuable to you. That's a good thing. It won't get you your old account back, but it will definitely help going forward." Riot Tantram I'm happy to hear that you took steps to improve yourself. However, permanent accounts which are not banned in error are not unbanned. Two comments for you.
Yeah I have been in a chat ban, and now I try not to say anything overtly terrible or toxic, sure I type a lot, which I think is my problem. And from my first accounts I have become a lot better and more mature (even though I make shitty comments still XD) And I wouldn't complain about my permabans, I know I've said some horrible things. I would like to point out though out of the three accounts that have been permabanned over the years, all of them received the perma ban after I got lairy at premade teams of 3/4 people who really rustled my jimmies :P but now I just mute my team if they're all premade because they will be horrible to you and you can't do shiiiet about it. (I know you need to be nasty or whatnot prior to that final report to be banned, but I do think premade teams have too much power when it comes to reporting :p)
Voldymort (EUNE)
: if you're talking about permaban then i suggest going back to the 2 week ban and reading the notification word for word
This is my two week ban, I was in a chatban a while back. But those things are even worse because you cannot defend yourself from the players who keep flaming you in all chat
: How long ago was your two week suspension?
This is my two week suspension
: Worth the ban?
What is it you're loling at friend? I am confused XD
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