: This whole "It's only a normal" mindset needs to stop
True. However, I feel some people take it a bit too seriously. I've had people get really frustrated in normals, yelling at the guy whom already said and asked if he could play first-time champion, or otherwise making a big fuzz out of it. I've been guilty of saiyng "it's only a normal" as well, but usually only when a player is being particularly salty or behaving poorly. You're not losing rank in this mode. Calm down. Some are a bit annoyed with first-timers, but I honestly don't see the issue. They want to learn the champion in a setting close to what they'd experience in a Ranked, of course they should try it in regular 5v5! If you're among those whom are polishing skills on a certain champion, use the opportunity to try teaching the new guy (if you know any tricks), and carry the game. If you can carry a game like that, you know you've done well-ish for that level of play. Point is; make normals what they are for you. Practice, or casual fun. As long as nobody intentionally feeds/trolls/refuses to communicate, I'm happy to take all. :)
: SOLOQ doesn't allow 2 other players boosting you, but DOES allow for ONE other player to BOOST you.
Indeed. However, with DynQ it was far easier to be boosted. I'm speaking of DynQ, not SoloQ. :) However, the problem is technically solved with this season's reimplementation of SoloQ, and a new FlexQueue which is basically DynQ. Hopefully it works out well, and that we don't see any more discussion on the theme, it's starting to get a bit old.
: my Camera perma-lock is set to "Y" so i toggle it on and off as need be that way, it's a quick stretch from skills to camera
Gee, don't think I'd ever manage to get used to that... Taking my hands off of my R to click Y seems a bit frightening. d:
: I think this will be easy to explain: > I've been looking all across the boards, but have yet to find a full list of Pros and Cons of both SoloQ and DynQ that doesn't involve the new champion select (which is a great system Riot, you really did listen to what the community wanted on this one (teambuilder-like queuing)!). My solution became to make it myself, so here goes nothing. > This is because idiots don't know the difference between Champion Select and DYN Q. Champ select has EVERYTHING to do with QUEUE times...DYN doesn't. > Dynamic Queue > Pros: > > •More fun for the casual player. > •Communication and teamplay encouraged. > •"Getting better together" mentality. > •Easier to feel like you're progressing (mostly due to the above point). > Seems like the PROS here hit the mark with a couple of additions: 1. Less TOXIC shits due to queueing with your like minded teammates. (goes with your #1 reason as to why) 2. Ability to critique and suggest game actions without the TROLLS...kinda like 1 above. 3. MORE competitive than SOLO Q. It's a TEAM game, you should have to play as a TEAM to win. Most SOLOQ supporters most likely AREN"T support players, but the mid lane top laners that RELY on the other team NOT to be coordinated to carry the game. > Cons: > > •Allows multiple people to play together, creating a less competitive setting in games with 3+ premade. > •Easier/"legal" to boost players. > •Long queue times in higher elo due to lack of players + matching of 5 premades vs 5 solos. > •Ladder becomes invalidated as a proper ranked ladder thanks to the less competitive setting and the amount of players supposedly being carried to elos they don't deserve. > •Diamond + players having such long queue times that they result to smurfing - which leads to more boosting (might as well have someone pay a few cents whilst going through ranked again, right?) > •4-man premades having complete surrender control. > •Premades ganging up on solo players. > •Solo player neglection. > 1. First dot....Has no merit. Define Less competitive...if anything it increases the competitive nature...they want to win harder. 2. Boosting has existed for eternity. Lest you forget, SOLOQ had a DUO Q feature that allowed you to boost as well. One could argue its HARDER to boost if you are boosting more than 1 bad player....as you have to play that much better to win...NOTE no boosters play support. 3. Queue times are based on CHAMPION SELECT. Otherwise the Q times would've been the same as all the other seasons. 4. No MERIT. You still need to win games. You have no data on how many 3/4 man teams are played over solo/2 man teams. AND you don't have the WIN % of those games. Games are matched BASED ON MMR NOT rating. Invalid point. 5. Diamond players have always smurfed so they can create streams showing them crush the lower divisions. EGO. 6. 4 man control over surrender... you are correct. So what? This is only a real issue ONLY if you are winning and they are trolling. If you are losing, the immature/less skilled players like to quit early as that's the mentality of most LOL players. So, it's really a VERY minor point....i.e. <0.5% of games will have this problem (1of 200) POINT to take ..... GO FOR THE WIN. STOP TDM. 7. Its up to your team to realize this. And play accordingly. Its a strategy like all of the others. If they make a move...the SOLO MUST play smart and stay under tower.... LET the enemy waste time....ALL THE WHILE your PREMADE MUST push objectives to force them off of you....its REALLY JUST THAT SIMPLE. 8. I've gone 15-5 lately and play mostly SOLOQ. I actually have a worse win% in DYNQ. How about inviting your "non friend" teammates to a DISCORD channel... YOU"D have the advantage. WHY? because of your "GANGING UP" concept....they think you are alone, while instead you are in comms....i.e. 4 man or 5 man "premade". > Solo Queue > Pros: > > •Equality (every man/woman for themselves). > •Proper showcasing of your ability to cooperate with strangers to climb. You can only get as far as you yourself can get. > •MMR easier to place (5 solo players for each role is easier to find than matching groups of the exact same mmr value). > •Shorter queue times. > •Impossibility of "legal" boosting. > 1. Not equal. As the game is a team game. BOT lane mechanics especially rely on TEAMWORK and cooperativeness. It's less equal as the MMR for the game is AVERAGED. You may be the lowest MMR on your team and be up against the HIGHEST MMR on their team...this applies in DYN Q as well. BUT, DYN Q has the advantage of team play. 2. TEAM game You contradict yourself ... IF you play like shit you will cause losses more than wins. in SOLOQ and DYN Q 3. MMR is the same placement...it just starts averaging further out as you go. 4. CHAMP SELECT determines this for most of us. NO supports NO TEAM 500 mid laners no team.... 5. Not really... Boosting is defined as what? YOU DIDN"T carry the team with ALL of the kills? Supports with 16+ assists at the key times are what win games (other than stupid play by your opponents) Win is a win. IF the enemy throws...did THEY carry you in that game? EFFECTIVE Split pushing to force the enemy to come after you while giving your team an advantage in skirmishes on other parts of the map? and YOU are getting boosted? > Cons: > > •Possibility of increased toxicity due to a more competitive nature/random players pitting up against each other. > •Complaints of being stuck in a rank. Yes, Toxicity is much higher for obvious reasons. Stuck in rank??? again you contradict yourself. If you "Showcase" your skills you should climb...yet if paired with a bunch of FUCKTARDS you will lose almost every time regardless of your skill. AGAIN the precepts of TEAM PLAY. > That's about everything I could think of at the moment. > Good list.
That's a lot of valid points! I've actually changed my mindset a lot on the whole pros/cons as time passed, I was very biased towards SoloQ myself when I wrote this list and admittedly I tried to find reasons against DynQ (which was easy enough - most points are what I heard around the boards when DynQ was first launched and people were raging about it). Right now, I prefer the DynQ you have for lower elo and SoloQ for higher elo + 5v5. It's an easy concept, and I've matured enough to realize that hey, bad premades don't happen as often as you think - you just remember the negative encounters more than the positive. My biggest issue with DynQ would be the lower elo boosting (aka 2+ boosters queueing with a bronze to legally get him to gold, something which wasn't available with SoloQ), but it's such a minor point that I've honestly stopped caring. I have as much of a chance to get the boosted player/boostee on my team as the other team - if I can play well enough I WILL overcome that part and rise in ranking. Honestly, playing League with a grain less salt helps a lot. :) I'll post this in the original post, as some sort of conclusion. I can't be bothered to update it with legit points, since it's 6 months old and I honestly don't feel like there's a point in discussing this further.
: But when you get a group of less than 5, things started to get a little shady. However, people tends to defend for their own group of people, even they know their friends made mistake, and that is not fair to other teammate that pointed out their mistakes. This is problem of dynamic queue. Your friends may not flame you, but you and your friends may flames others.
I agree, DynQ is not the right way of handling ranked. However, I'm talking about normals where people usually take it a bit easier on each other. Being the solo player in a 4-man premade was never something anyone wanted to be, but sadly it has to be a thing to make the game function properly. Still want SoloQ for ranked, but that's a completely different issue.
: That is some very good advice, actually, thank you. :) I appreciate your response very much! Now I've just gotta find people I know that play League, haha.
Add people you enjoyed playing with in your previous match. ;) I do hope you won't cry whilst playing again. I've done so as well, twice (both out of frustration and anger). Another tip I found useful: Don't play more after your first loss/game with flame. It usually only gets worse after that, and you'll get more agitated until you reach the breaking point. Good luck! I'd add you, but sadly I'm on the other side of the pond...
PixTron (NA)
: Never works, I played with my friends before and just get flamed more. Difference is you can't mute anyone on Skype anymore.
Sorry, to hear that... Some people get overly competitive unfortunately, to the point they can't keep it in. :/
: I Cried While Playing League
My sister recently started the game and is experiencing some harassment also. She's fortunate enough to almost always have a full team of friends though. So yeah, that's my suggestion: Play with friends. Fill the team with people you know, they won't flame you.
: Explain How did you choose your Summoner's name
I didn't. My name was originally "Tiwlerzis" (thinking of my old username from childhood, random letters that I thought looked fancy). My friend/ex-boyfriend liked Twizzlers and the name reminded him of that. He funded my name-change and asked for it to be changed to "Twizzlers", which was taken so I added the z at the end instead. "Creative"
: Hey Riot. If over 70% of Players Disagree with a Change, Are You Concerned?
I disagreed with Riot's change to not let Soraka heal minions. It was the funniest thing ever to deny the canon with a swift heal. T-T
: I'm solo but I don't really see the point in this. I'm happy with needing to get an S ranking in order to get a chest. It makes it so I have a reason to try and perform my best every game that I play a different champion. Making easier to get chests just for solo queuers whom aren't playing in a premade doesn't help us solo queuers when our problem it ranking not chests. However I thank you for thinking about us regardless.
Having something to stretch for is nice of course, by all means! However, for those who cannot purchase RP and whom play alone, the system is very pointed towards premades and it's pretty frustrating. Being forced to master a champion, get lucky with the match-up/team puts you at such a disadvantage. Not to mention the IP bonuses and rewards Riot gives premades, but never anything for the solo player. I'm a solo player myself, I rarely play with premades (my friends have ironically quit the game). I feel like we should be rewarded somehow too, or people will grow tired of the game quickly. Besides we already have motivation for getting an S as a solo player: mastery level 6 and 7.
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Caítlyn (NA)
: 1 month ago "Make Taliyahs W vector casting!!!!!@@1"
I personally don't think vector casting is that bad (I had a tendency to mimic vector-casting before on that ability). I haven't tried playing her since her update either, might very well do this evening to see what she's like...
: > [{quoted}](name=Twizzlerz,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cO8dioKa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-16T10:22:41.877+0000) > > I saw one in gold the other day. > > Those who don&#x27;t buy sightstone are usually mid mains that simply bring their main to botlane as support, only to build full AP like a mid player would. These peoole usually neglect the duty of purchasing sightstone. How common is it that it happens? I understand the mid/support thing, I've seen Lux, Vel'Koz, Annie etc. bot a couple of times, but even they pretty much always buy a sightstone.
I've personally seen it twice this week on two different servers, both Lux players.
: What elo has supports that don't buy Sighstone?
I saw one in gold the other day. Those who don't buy sightstone are usually mid mains that simply bring their main to botlane as support, only to build full AP like a mid player would. These peoole usually neglect the duty of purchasing sightstone.
: Name some champion(s?) that you never want to ever see in a game but you don't ever ban.
Nasus. Hate playing against a late-game Nasus, but somehow always end up fortetting to ban him. Agreed with Syndra, I feel helpless if I play mid against a Syndra who knows how to control her balls. Lucian. As a botlane secondary I always struggle against him since he can get into my face so quickly, and I prefer the less mobile adcs. Evelynn. She's invisible half the time and at my elo people don't know how to play against her during laning phase. Teemo. Blitzcrank. As a Soraka main he's my worst enemy, but banning him almost always gives away my pick intent. Leona. Stuns for days and seemingly no cooldown on R. Yasuo. Simply because if they do get countered they have no idea how to not feed. Half of the time they're the flamer of the team as well. I permaban either Leblanc or Zed, prioritizing the latter if not banned earlier. I play mostly immobile champions and these two make my life hard 99% of the time so I don't want them in my games.
: WInning as 4 vs 5 but when 5th player retuns after 20min d/c / afk we lose.
It's unfortunate, but fair for on your side. The enemy has a potential of 5 dc/afk players, yours only has 4 (assuming you won't afk yourself). In total this means the enemy has a higher chance of getting an afk than you. Ending a game in a tie after 20-30 minutes is very frustrating for the winning team, and Riot would get a ton of complaints about wasting people's time. I'm gold IV myself, haven't tried to climb in ages. I'm a support main, albeit I use solely utility supports and they unfortunately seem less viable at the moment. Gold is a fazinating elo, there's players of varying skill all across the board (the smurf, the half-decent player, the casual who doesn't care and the boosted). Still, if you're better than your rank you should be able to climb regardless of other factors.
Jakra (EUW)
: What was your derpiest moment in LoL, when you were starting out?
Trying to go Diana adc. My team dodged and said I was stupid. That's when I learned I'd stick to bots.
: What the fuck is scripting? It seems like everyone's new favorite word. Someone accused me of scripting in a game. I didn't even know what it was.
Scripting is the use of a software that makes it easier to dodge skillshots, perform combos etc. It's usually seen as a cheat. However, a lot of people see good players as scripters these days. Make a fancy Thresh hook predicting a flash and you're a scripter for example. As long as you have no software that directly impacts your client you have nothing to worry about. :)
Dêâth (NA)
: I know he uses a Custom skin thing as well as LOLWiz(which i use as well) But as we've done research, Custom skins and LOLwiz are allowed.
Depends on what custom skin moderator he uses. If it tampers with the game that can easily be the reason. Don't use any additional programs while playing and you'll be fine.
Dêâth (NA)
: Scared to play league....
That ban was likely not from the game you were in (if he was banned right after). 3rd party bans are pushed out in waves, and are typically only sent when there's a legit reason behind it. If your friend contacts Riot Support they can check again, but be aware that they cannot tell you the exact program that did it as this would allow software developers to come up with new ways of keeping their program undetected. If he gets a message saying he's been rightfully banned, he obviously did something wrong. Check what programs/add-ons he has, or any other software that might interact with the LoL client.
: Diamond player thoughts on Dynamic Queue. Riot, I'm calling you out
My view on a legit poll would be this: A mandatory poll for everyone playing ranked in season 5 and season 6. That way you get the opinion of everyone who played in both queues. Personally I'm starting to have a somewhat bored feeling to the whole debate. Riot doesn't listen, but DynQ isn't as bad. Horrible when I play solo support, yes, and the ranked integrity is blown apart, but the toxicity isn't half as bad as some people make it seem. That's about the only positive thing I can say, and that depends on what kind of premade you're assigned. I can handle a lot of bull Riot, but this change has gradually started turning me off your game. I've resulted to making smurfs so I can stomp instead; At least it's more fun than sitting in a game of enemy premades waltzing over your team while you're stuck trying to support the fools.
scazzman (NA)
: votekick and replace player with a bot
Not a good idea. Most people can easily beat an intermediate bot, it'd become a feeding stock for the other team. Not to mention the abuse this could get. A premade team can votekick all their premades (or at least a majority of them) and have a single player from their premade tank the loss. How stupid wouldn't that be?
Dıe (NA)
: Hello. If you have already gotten an S- rank or higher on your champion then you are no longer able to get a chest with them for the rest of the season.
I've been assisted by a Rioter and we found the reason. But thanks anyway! :)
: Getting keys but not chests?
Anyone? Suppose I'll fill in a support ticket then...
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: really? got bored of WoW in less than 2 weeks. But the thing is, you as a new WoW player dont have perspective so in what way is this relevant to the point being made? Sure it's gonna be cool to a newbie, but to somebody who grew with the game watching it shit over and die is painful. fortunately In LoL's case i was one of the leavers, and MAN does it feel good watching this ship crash and burn from the shore.
Of course, the first levels are always the most fun! But I enjoy doing quests. The game reminds me of Runescape in a way, a game I used to love... Neither game has crashed just yet, they're just making changes to seem appealing to new players. :)
: Who do you consider "League's Best Girl?"... i know what it makes me sound like but I'm curious...
: please respond riot . i need answers . i cant believe i have been banned when i am never negative to my teammates and im always a nice person
You got a 2 week ban yet you're always good-natured..? I find that hard to believe, honestly...
FrankerX (EUW)
: "i cant get the password to my email . i made it long ago" you could at least read the first line of his post.
Limix (NA)
: AFK into BOT? or Loss Prevented
A bot will never ne able to replace a human. Doom bot or not. Read the patch notes for this patch, they've launched "remake" on NA where you can ask to have the game quit after 3 minutes with no firstblood and an afk player. Only the afk player will be punished.
: riot . please respond . i absolutely must know what i have done thats bannable
You should get a copy of your chatlogs to your email. Check there, and if there's no sign for them there go write a ticket to Riot Support. This is the player boards, you won't get in touch with Riot just like that when writing topics here. For the right people, talk with Riot Support. And yes, you can be permabanned for toxic chat. If you had a 2 week ban that's likely what happened.
Grashnim (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Twizzlerz,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gu0mfoxz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-16T15:31:11.797+0000) > > Riot noticed their community stopped growing. What do they do? Turn towards the casual player. Because people will bring their friends into the game that way. > > However, in doing so Riot turned their back on a lot of players who came purely for the competitive integrity that ranked held, one which was better than many other games out there. > WoW tried this. WoW has since declined to insanely low numbers. Some people never learn.
I started playing WoW a few weeks ago and it's not bored me yet. 19 days left of the "free" first month, suppose I'll see then if it's worth subscription. :) I've also heard they've got a new patch coming, so hopefully they'll right some wrongs.
Searno (NA)
: So only one person who reported them that game would get a message?
That's what I said, yes. :) If you remember their username, use op.gg to check if they've got any matches lately/at all. If there's nothing or a long break you can be sure they were punished.
Searno (NA)
: I genuinely believe that Riot doesn't owe anything to the lgbtq+ community, however I do understand where you're coming from and I would like riot to put racism and hate crime related reports autosorted to the top of their list when reviewing reports. Words such as terrorist/terrorism, nig***, f*****, or the use of the word gay and such should be autofound in people's report descriptions so they show up immediately and see who said what. I played a game Sunday where the Ekko was so mad he told one of my teammates that he was so gay that he was surprised he didn't get shot in Orlando and I'm sad to see that I didn't get a message yet saying that the player has been punished (Riot please permaban that bitch when you see the reports). I swear at least half of us sent in reports that game, from both teams.
You aren't entitled to a message unless your report was the one that triggered his/her punishment. Someone else might have got it instead of you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Twizzlerz,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=twbJAKWR,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-06-16T15:26:25.343+0000) > > I&#x27;ll start this by saying I dislike the term &quot;homophobia&quot;. Nobody&#x27;s afraid of the LGBT+ community, the ones who hate on them are commonly conservative people unable to understand that homosexuality exists. > > Now, I&#x27;ll try my best to not sound &quot;homophobic&quot;. > > I don&#x27;t believe that Riot should implement special rules for anything. They are already strict on punishing hate speech, saying those words WILL get you banned, in some cases directly to permanent. > > Toughen up a little, I see little to no slurs of that kind in my games these days and if they do use them you can think that this person is an anonymous douche and that he/she won&#x27;t ruin your life. > > Keep your sexuality out of the game and you&#x27;ll be fine. This isn't about us interjecting our sexuality in a game. Our sexuality is brought into the game when people say "that's gay" or call someone a "f##kin f###ot," and I don't know what game you play, but I see this frequently. This is derogatory and offensive to gay people, and even though you don't understand, but we want this type of language to stop, so that's why we stand up to get rid of it. This is no different than someone calling someone a n##ga or n###er, or any other derogatory term that puts down a social group. So we'll stop "bringing up sexuality" when other players stop using it a means to put down people. On an aside, this is an overarching social issue, and while someone using this language may not personally ruin our lives in this game, they clearly believe that these derogatory and offensive words are acceptable to use in social settings. Teaching them that they'll get themselves banned from the games they enjoy because the use such unacceptable language teaches them to not use that language in the future and may well prevent other gay people they interact with from being on the receiving end of their ignorance and rudeness.
Like I said, Riot strikes down hard on the people who use the word in chat already. What more do you want from them? I play League of Legends. Never seen any of the words you mentioned, and I'm an avid reporter. If someone uses such a word, I WILL remember it.
: What is Riot's answer to the declining league community?
Riot noticed their community stopped growing. What do they do? Turn towards the casual player. Because people will bring their friends into the game that way. However, in doing so Riot turned their back on a lot of players who came purely for the competitive integrity that ranked held, one which was better than many other games out there. I agree fully, being stomped by a premade that is better at macro than your team is frustrating. Personally I enjoyed SoloQ, and I didn't even find it that toxic. That's coming from a relatively new player, as I started playing in season 5.
Macabray (NA)
: LGBT+ community in League
I'll start this by saying I dislike the term "homophobia". Nobody's afraid of the LGBT+ community, the ones who hate on them are commonly conservative people unable to understand that homosexuality exists. Now, I'll try my best to not sound "homophobic". I don't believe that Riot should implement special rules for anything. They are already strict on punishing hate speech, saying those words WILL get you banned, in some cases directly to permanent. Toughen up a little, I see little to no slurs of that kind in my games these days and if they do use them you can think that this person is an anonymous douche and that he/she won't ruin your life. Keep your sexuality out of the game and you'll be fine.
Meto The (EUW)
: Does LoL makes players toxic or the toxic players choose LoL?
Third option: The competitive setting (win/lose based on your and your random teammates' performance) is what triggers the competitive side in the players. Some can control their anger/frustration, others can't. The latter are those we know as "toxic".
: I definitely agree about gender being irrelevant to both gaming skill and attitude. There have been several matches whereby someone says they're a girl, and no one cares. Not even a reaction. You would think that by now, in 2016, people are beyond the whole "girl gamers don't exist" thing, but when it comes right down to it, if you aren't actively searching for a mate, then what does gender matter, anyway? However, I must challenge the statement, "there's good men out there as well that doesn't deserve this generalized bullshit." It isn't just men who perpetuate the attitude; please keep in mind that there are several prominent women in the fashion industry, and women who speak out against what some consider social injustices (such as the wearing of burqa / chador / hijab, etc). It's generalized because it's open-ended. When people say "The League community is toxic," most of us kind of nod and go, "Yeah, for the most part, which sucks." In general, we tend to agree, even though we ourselves are included in that community. Still generalized, but true nevertheless _because_ of the overall attitude (with a few notable exceptions, of course).
Whilst I respect you for not going ballistic like the other guy whom replied to me, I can't say I agree. The majority of men aren't pigs. I don't believe for a second that the majority of men would go on a 10-year old girl's stream and sexualize her. You can't claim that the overall attitude for men is said mentality, because it isn't. That's what I meant with "generalization" anyway. People tend to generalize from the worst, negative people. It's human nature to remember the negative experiences more than the positive, that's why I say it's wrong to generally say that men are pigs whom can't keep their heads out of their pants. I don't know jack about fashion so I can't really comment that, but I dare say calling "every" man sexist is worse than challenging someone's clothing.
: I'm pretty sure this is all wasted breath, let him live his world and you'll live yours. Also there's no point in continuing the debate anyways, you both have completely different opinions and at least one of you doesn't want to budge, if not both. Better just to leave it and continue with your day doing more constructive things. Have a good one!
Agreed. At least I got to be the mature person in our little "quarrel". :) If he responds more I'll probably end it with a final comment, if he continues in the same manner it's time wasted trying to convince him his ways of getting his opinion across breaks every rule of a debate. Thanks, you too!
: Your name is now the name of your main
Soraka. I'd be cool with it, only LoL gamers that'd really notice it. d:
: ***
Your arguements are effectively invalidated by the way you speak, dear. You posed your opinions on it, but chose to keep insulting me anyway, which makes a constructive debate rather pointless. You may have nasty friends who believe that, but I know for a fact that my friends weren't. They hooked me up with my ex even, if they wanted to keep me to themselves then that'd hardly be the most reasonable thing to do, right? You're right, our instincts tell us to mate and have children, but believe it or not our brains has been wired to work in social settings as well. If a girl has a boyfriend, any interested male will be turned away and vice versa. If you're only looking for friendship you wouldn't turn your back on her/him regardless of their relationship status. Not to mention the gay guys I'm friends with. You mean to tell me they were only trying to get into my pants as well? I think that contradicts their sexuality (which they were open about).
: The world is kind of inhospitable for women, isn't it? The League community is really more of a reflection of that
Not in the West. It's perfectly fine in Western societies, which is why I think feminists should move their attention to Eastern countries and third world countries instead, where it's actually needed. Instead they're blabbering on about gender identity ("I'm not special enough for society, let me assign myself a non-existent gender to prove my worth/have something to fight for") being opressed and having a major fit of "too much to do".
: ***
Whoa dude, that's a bit over the top. I've had many good male friends as I'm a bit of a tomboy, and I'm positive they weren't trying to get into my pants as they had girlfriends already, and my own boyfriend (whom is a gamer and an athelete; now ex due to distance and unsure feelings) was acquainted with them. Heck, I even play LoL with them to this day. Yes, there's pigs/socially awkward men (and women) out there. But to assume every man is, is a complete bull assumption. My cousin is a great man, as are all my male friends. I've felt nothing but respect from the vast majority of men, and the few who were being rude were removed with the blocking tool. Instead of insulting me you might want to come with some valid arguements?
: Is League of Legends an inhospitable place for Women?
Nah. Just don't tell your gender in champion select, as if it was relevant anyway. Everyone will be met by douches online, men as well. If you look at all the hate messages male streamers get, you'll see it's nothing worse than the female streamers out there get. Honestly, if they're being called a cam-whore they probably are one (I've seen many of these, and whilst sending a small girl such messages is uncool there will as said ve dicks out there everywhere). Before you ask any questions, I'm a girl myself. My gender is irrelevant to my gaming, nobody cares. I tried actively telling people in-game to see if there was truth to what you brought up a few months ago, but nope. Still treated like the regular gold scrub. As I should be. Women are far from opressed in Western societies. Sexualized by some, yes, but instead of brushing all men under the same comb you should consider that there's good men out there as well that doesn't deserve this generalized bullshit.
Loko (OCE)
: I find it fairer. People don't fight over positions anymore. I feel like my team is more stable when they're in a comfortable position. I dunno, well I'm guessing you've had a bad time with the new system. Maybe it's just different for everybody. In my opinion I think it's alright. I think the idea that people can quad queue can be a bit shakey sometimes but that's often flattened out by the fact they'll probably verse another quad queue.
What you're talking about is the new champion select, which can easily be added to SoloQ as well (possibly with shorter queue times since the system doesn't have to match premades). DynQ is the ability to queue as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 people, which means you're being ranked on the same ladder as the bloke who has 4 diamond buds that are tired of the 20 minute queue times on their main account and as such use their smurf to help a friend climb from silver to diamond. You tell me if that's fair.
Dataless (NA)
: To carry as support you must play a carry support. You have to be the playmaker and you have to be proficient enough on that champion to make the most impact with the least resources. My go to is {{champion:432}} A babysitter like {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:267}} or {{champion:16}} can empower and enable proficient players and teams, but they can't carry.
Soraka is awesome and my favorite pick, but as you said carrying is hard. I can't initiate and I can't get my team to think it's a good idea to group. There's been innumerable games this season where I've had peoole split up, making me have to choose between saving one carry or another. Either way, it's a lost teamfight.
: As a support I really don't like being the higher tier player used to balance out matches
^ This. As a support solo main I stopped playing ranked due to a multitude of annoying games where I'd be the highest ranked on my team, the others waddling around like idiots. Maining utility supports I rely pretty heavily on having another player that I can boost, but when everyone walk around getting themselves killed, think they can 2v5 and so on... We don't stand a chance. As a result I've been forced to start playing tank supports, which I really hate. People say you're bronze if you say your team caused your loss. But I think it's pretty valid considering you can do fantastic, but the 4 other people don't. With any luck I might start duoing with my friend who's and adc main. We've carried numerous normals at plat/diamond level together, in ranked we should be able to do the same... If the golds can pull it together for a moment and not do stupid shit. d:
: Irelia's ulti is free sheen procs, kha's is hyper damage buff, tahm is bonus damage on Q, W AA's and has a semi-global duo TP tied in. I never cared for eve since stun eve's removal but it is a great ulti it's just a shame an assassin has it instead of a tank huge engage damage since it's current hp and a powerful shield.
Correct me if I'm mistaken, but the Tahm ult isn't global?
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