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Feature/Suggestion Name: Rework Triumph Opportunity: Make Triumph more consistent at all levels of play Brief Description: Instead of Triumph giving 12% missing hp and 25 gold per takedown as it currently does make it so it gives 15% missing hp (revert the change) and no bonus gold. Since low elo games generally have more takedowns the 25 gold component of triumph is much better, forcing it to be nerfed for high elo to make it balanced. Target Audience: Everyone who uses Triumph.
: Hey all, As the playtester (no longer) who presided over the Skarner changes, this is **exactly** why the PBE is not a great place for balance feedback. Darius was perceived as OP and was OP. Skarner was perceived as weak as shit and was most definitely not. I think he hit 63% in Korea, because that number still haunts my dreams. The matchmaking on PBE is weak because the number of players is low, and with new content it's hard to judge power because people haven't yet learned how to play as or against it. That is not to say there is no introspection as to the root cause of something releasing with such an unhealthy pattern as current Galio and how to avoid such releases in the future, merely that PBE feedback is not a consistent solution to that problem.
I feel bad for you, receving so much flame, altough i agree galio is in a weired state, his full ap is probably bad at competitve and i don't even think it's that good in Solo Q, people just get tilted by dying to 1 ability and forget how to play around it. I do agree it should be nerfed slightly but i think there is no need for a hotfix here, this is just people jumping on the "galio is op" train. I see no reason for people to be so agressive about that topic, even more considering every person gets a ban per game now so if they really feels it's that op just ban it (or don't since your team will probably do it for you) Keep up what you're doing, because even tough something might not be great right now, it's great that you guys gave it a shot. Trying to constantly evolve the meta and doing radical changes is why i love the riot balancing team :)
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: I am really not that far of from a pro players
I know this is 9 months late but you can be challanger in EUNE for all you want, in EUW or NA you would be D5 max.
: Runes Corner: Summoner Specialist and Hextech Freezeray
I've seen a lot of hatred towards the new keystones here, and altough i don't think this are going to be balanced if they were to stay like this, they most likely won't, they will get changes, even if minor ones that will make them healthier. This is going to be one of the least balanced pre-seasons but i have full confidence that the riot team to get them to a balanced state.
: Rumble's Q is not a channel. Its the same deal as Fiddle, Morg, Karthus, and Kennen's AoEs.
If you were to change how ryze ult works, abilities like Aurelion Sol passive, that keeps on going if the cc is from a teammate or himself but doesn't if it's from an enemy.
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