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: 1a) {{item:3165}} is good against enemy champions that either have built in hp regen or against enemy champions who have items built that grant hp regen 1b) {{item:3135}} is good for when you have people building multiple MR items 1c) You can viably build both if there is a situation calling for both [a combination of above reasons] 14) You *ALWAYS* buy {{item:3089}} , as it is a major power spike item 2) 2nd to last item is usually the go to slot for {{item:3089}}, you can get it earlier if you are far enough ahead [3rd at the earliest] I'm not sure why you would think that buying both {{item:3165}} and {{item:3135}} would negate or lessen the need for {{item:3089}} as often that can be the difference in killing an enemy and them escaping
Thanks for the answer. I just see quite a lot of people buying both Morello {{item:3165}} and Void Staff {{item:3135}} and no Deathcap so I thought it was some kind of strategy in certain situations...But it's gold elo so if you're saying Deathcap is essential then I guess they're all just buying wrong items.
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: same 27 mins and still going
1 hour here
David 777 (EUW)
: Same here
We won the first game and now are in queue, but we've been there for 1 hour and when it finds game, the accept button simply dissapears in like 0,2 secs and it puts us back in queue.

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