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: Why did this get removed i acted just like a riot employee
i bet you're post was done before 2:30 .. deserved
Sirsir (NA)
: @Riot You gotta cancel the LCS
make lcs start after 2:30
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: So blatant sexism against men now at riot.
riot should learn from ArenaNet on how to deal with this shitt. ArentNet fired a feminist Dev that worked there for years, cause she was being a sexist and an asshole to the players on twitter .. riot should start cleaning the company before its all ruined
: So blatant sexism against men now at riot.
I read a comment in another post and I laughed someone described what riot is doing " we're not banning black people from busses, we're just letting them sit in the back "
: Ah I see, I was unware of that limit. Just so you know though, it is far more cost effective to buy a single larger amount rather then multiple small amounts, due to bonus RP.
yah noticed .. but was late thank you anyway
: If you haven't already, close the client and reopen it. If it still doesn't work, what kind of error are you getting? Since you bought several at once it is possible your credit card's fraud protection was triggered. If you confirm it is not a problem with your card, but rather with the store itself, and restarting doesn't work, then you will need to send in a [Support Ticket]( to have Riot Support check it on their end.
as soon as I press at the amount of rp I wanna buy .. it shows the error message .. wont even let me proceed to payment @_@ talked to riot support on twitter .. they told me there is a limit, which is 2 orders per 24 hours .. oh well :| i can wait :3 ty anyway
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