: I'm in the same boat as you. I spent 20+ hours climbing up the ladder into almost silver and then did my 1 placement, won it with an amazing score, and got dropped to bronze 4 0 LP. I'm just stating facts, they don't care about us, they only care about our money and the pro scene.
Im not saying i got placed lower in placements then i should have. what im saying is i got demoted because of a GLITCH or some shit like that, I had already completed my placements THIS YEAR and i got gold 5, The next game i played after placements i got demoted despite winning, The same message popped up after then game like when i got placed in gold 5 but with bronze II instead.
: They claim that's how the system is supposed to work.
What do you mean? I had already finished my placements why would i place 2 divisions lower then i got placed
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: Aurelion Sol is Truly Broken--Here's Why and How Riot Might Fix Him
Aurelion isn't even near being broken. Melee completely stomps him. He cant stun them since you cant activate the Q again until they've traveled outside ur stars (normal passive stars, not w range stars) ..
Lafouboy (NA)
: Master Yi with Sated + Titanic Hydra is crazy good
yes i know this is 5 months old but ok, i go {{item:3930}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3153}}/{{item:3156}} then {{item:3742}} /{{item:3053}} and then lastly {{item:3748}}


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