: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 13: Silence for the Damned vs Child of Zaun
Silence of the Damned for sure. An astounding piece that captures a visceral, eldritch horror we don't often seen in such a grounded, grossly realistic and horrific way. It adds a primal, savage element to the Freljord that I feel isn't as extensibly captured in other areas of the Freljord or the rest of Runeterra. It also does a lot to characterize Udyr and give him a lot of nuance, tragedy and complexity, as well as showing Sejuani being a bad arse. Child of Zaun is fantastic as well in many ways, but I feel like there's two points of negativity to Child of Zaun, mainly in its handling of Caitlyn, which I feel is a bit off, and the actual fight with Urgot, which is sorely lacking in detail for what you'd expect; even though the fight isn't the main component of the story I feel that the way it was executed does leave a lot to be desired. Silence for the Damned doesn't have the same issues, and in my opinion is one of the greatest pieces of story content that exists for League of Legends period.
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 12: Homecoming vs Roots of a Poisoned Tree
As heartfelt as Homecoming is, I'm giving it to Roots of a Poisoned Tree. Malphite is a delight, and the horrific implications of Voidborn using the caverns left behind by the God-Willow's roots to traverse Runeterra is...terrifying, to say the least. Also that slang. I know that slang. I live among people who used that slang, and are AS HARD TO UNDERSTAND. I relate so hard to that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=cA3cNsZv,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-07T17:31:19.557+0000) > > The Echoes Left Behind for me. > > While The Whispering Doodad is a fun, low stakes romp that's enjoyable and charming to read, the sheer crushing despair of Ledros's attempts at doing anything right are so compelling. The poor fellow does everything in his power to help, and forces beyond his control just shit him down at every turn, to the point where he might as well give up. > > But while he DOES give up on his original goal, he doesn't stop, and keeps going. The story speaks to determination, loss, depression, all things that, wrapped up in the package of Ledros, are well conveyed and expertly handled. > > Also the story baited me so hard in to thinking Ledros would be a champion. I STILL WANT THAT but even as an npc Ledros fills out the Shadow Isles nicely and I hope to see more of him soon. I think at the moment he's a Legends of Runterra Card, so you can technicly play him.
: I can't believe you all are turning against Tamara {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 7: The Echoes left Behind vs The Whispering Doodad
The Echoes Left Behind for me. While The Whispering Doodad is a fun, low stakes romp that's enjoyable and charming to read, the sheer crushing despair of Ledros's attempts at doing anything right are so compelling. The poor fellow does everything in his power to help, and forces beyond his control just shit him down at every turn, to the point where he might as well give up. But while he DOES give up on his original goal, he doesn't stop, and keeps going. The story speaks to determination, loss, depression, all things that, wrapped up in the package of Ledros, are well conveyed and expertly handled. Also the story baited me so hard in to thinking Ledros would be a champion. I STILL WANT THAT but even as an npc Ledros fills out the Shadow Isles nicely and I hope to see more of him soon.
Riot Pls (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chembaron Yamada,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=YvXcA11B,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-08T14:22:26.831+0000) > > This was really weird to read... how can all this stuff be considered canon? > So Heimerdinger **is** secretly building a gigantic T-Hex somewhere in Piltover? For real? That quote is a bit misleading out of context. As MELELL elaborated in her full answer, everything in Legends of Runeterra, from the art fo the flavor text, is _canonically grounded _- these are how these characters WOULD react and MIGHT speak if they canonically encountered each other, if these events transpired, etc. Not to speak for Mel or LoR, but the example MELELL gave in her answer I think is a great one: Lux has not witnessed a Progress Day in any established stories. But in the card game, her card interacts well with the spell, "Progress Day!" So she has a line of dialog that triggers when she witnesses the Progress Day. Similarly, Garen and Katarina in LoR have a few lines that puts the wind in the sails of certain ships (ahem), but they have yet to meet in a story moment. The complexity and nuance here revolves around what we mean by canon. Mel's quote (out of context) speaks to how everything in LoR is grounded in established Runeterran events, and that LoR will have the opportunity to be our first looks at parts of the world we haven't seen - but it doesn't mean every single unit, character, or event is a point on the timeline of Runeterra, verbatim. (Heimerdinger hasn't built a T-Hex... yet. :P) Hope that helps! (And all that said, all hail our new Cataclysm overlords.)
So to clarify, everything in LoR has the _potential_ to be canon, it's just a case of when and how, right? Some of which is already proper canon, like Ledros, Tianna, Cithria, Progress Day, the Ruination, the champions etc.
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: Hey, thanks! Always fun to get more into that high noon lore. And man, one day High Noon Karthus. ONE DAY KARTHUS. PLEASE. RITO PLEASE
Throw in High Noon Ornn while you're at it. You can't just tease a fallen deity gunsmith and it not be Ornn and for it not to be a skin!
UomoAfide (EUW)
: Yeah, but the ending means that the comic wasn't able to link its own story with the "current" state of things in Demacia. We still have a gap in the story that still need to be filled. Hence why Jhonny questions about the confusion brought up by "For Demacia".
Well we have a Demacia Novella that was discussed at the start of the year. Chances are, that'll be the bridge that we're currently missing.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EvEkZiEM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-01-03T02:56:19.737+0000) > > See in that example the mountain Braum punched through couldn't fight back. Malphite on the other hand... > > Well... > > http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Malphite_0.jpg > > How does Braum plan to not get completely annihilated by something that big, with that much mass that moves that fast? > > I suppose he could offer him a snack and a good conversation. Not much help when you're trying to fight a mountain but hey, "Today we fight each other, tomorrow we may fight together" and all that jazz. You forget something, Braum is in the possesion of one of {{champion:516}} ‚s Weapons, an unbreakable shield that is too heavy for any normal Man to be wielded. And Braum is carrying that thing with 1 Arm, can still be as fast and agile as ever and can even throw that thing with complete ease. Sure, if Malphite would storm into Braum without a shield, Malphite could blast Braum away since he weights 100’000’000’000 x Braum‘s weight. But if you count in Braum wielding the Shield which was forged by one of the strongest Gods in Runeterra, then you can expect that Braum can indeed stop Malphite charging into him. Don‘t forget, Braum is a legendary myth in Freljord where people talk how Braum has limitless Strength and those myths need to come from somewhere.
You forgot something as well. I wrote this post before Ornn existed. And Braum is real. Yuumi's bio attests to that. She and Book meet him in person. So like, why not factor that in and try not necro a FOUR YEAR OLD POST?
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Lleh 999 (EUW)
: Is Orlon referenced during the Canticle of the Winged Sisters? In wich part? I dont remember seen it. D:
As it turns out I'm dead wrong and mistook Orlon's mention in the Canticle as actually happening in What Once Sailed Free. So that was my mistake he's not in the Canticle. However What Once Sailed Free references Orlon at the same time as Demacia's founding, which isn't as clear cut, but still gives a solid indication of Orlon being around during Demacia's founding, and thus the point about Poppy's age still stands.
: Well, as far as i remember, the lore does mention that the Darkins (before being trapped and killed) changed their bodies with blood magic or something like that... So, it is possible that Aatrox didnt had wing in his original form, but he created those with blood magic after he became a darkin. But i think that he was some kind of bat or an animal with wings anyways.
He was described as having wings as an Ascended in his bio, so that's consistent between forms, though whether they were bat-esque or bird-esque remains to be seen.
Chillee (NA)
: Aatrox Questions and Possible Future
We dunno much about what the darkin were like before their inprisonment. My assumption, given Aatrox's wings being of a bat/pterosaur like nature, and his choice to go with metallic horns, was that he had a draconic form. Shurima would've encompassed Ixtal back then, and Ixtal has elemental drakes so the potential is there, though that's purely my take on it. Is a skin possible? I'd say so for Aatrox, though that depends on Riot doing so, as the last time they've done skinsthat directly tied to the lore was 2015 with Bilgewater and the GP update. Transcended Kayle is a potential "What if" skin now but I feel like that's not an omen of things to come in terms of skin production.
: Which are the champions that are now currently at the S tier of needing a full VGU ?
The current list of champions in the highest priority for a VGU, as far as Riot posts go anyway, are: {{champion:42}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:77}} This is based on this post by Reav3 at the time of the champion roadmap video from earlier this year: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/yQNMhiKd-new-roadmapso-again-after-one-yearreav3-can-you-give-us-another-new-update-on-the-tier-1-vgu-list?comment=0004 It's likely this list has changed a bit since, as Reav3's original post had Pantheon, Volibear and Fiddle in it, all of who are scheduled for updates in the foreseeable future. This'll be something they talk about a lot, so I imagine a few new champs have also joined that list.
UnityOE (NA)
: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Same with Fizz. Although we really can't go much deeper without fully submerging ourselves with speculation and headcanon. Yordles have such interesting lore.
Indeed, which is why it's a shame we have so little lore for them. Hopefully we'll get more meaty stuff on them and Bandle City soon, cuz the stuff that came with Yuumi wasn't exactly what we were looking for.
: We recently discussed that and it boils down to "is his art canon or not?". Because he's still depicted with 4 fingers, making him a yordle.
Or he could've been born a human with four digits on each hand. Stranger things have happened. In real life as well as in Runeterra. https://i.redd.it/ldfuczk7ha801.jpg
: Why would he specifically kill the aspect of war and not the host itself, while war is all he did and now wants? It's kinda weird. Or maybe he left him in case he survived so he could take over him one day?
Aatrox probably just left Atreus cuz he figured a normal mortal man would just die. Atreus becoming Pantheon was unprecedented; no one in universe would've seen it coming, least of all Pantheon's killer. Remember Aatrox doesn't specifically care about people; they're lambs to the slaughter either way. He cares about getting his peace and his revenge. Killing Pantheon was important to him. Atreus is another worthless mortal to him. Until Atreus defied all expectations and proved the metal of humanity.
: So, we kind of have a problem with the aspect being *dead* dead. If it were totally dead, the concept of war would die with it. (Yes, they're mortal. But it takes cosmic warfare to kill a concept...) But war itself did not die, so my current thinking is that the aspect itself was effectively knocked out by taking Aatrox's blow for its host (Atreus of course) and keeping Atreus alive. Pantheon, once a hostile aspect that preferred near-total control over its hosts, is now being reshaped by Atreus, perhaps into a more symbiotic concept. Sharjo's theory is a similar possibility, though.
It depends on whether a concept dying just wholly erases it or whether it leaves a "corpse" behind so to speak. Really the logistics of dead ideas is hard to wrap one's head around. Targon's a weird region.
UnityOE (NA)
: That would make sense with the Orlon timeline. However, Yordles I thought only lived a few hundred years. Not thousands. EDIT: And that would make Poppy over 1200 years old?
Yordles are described as "timeless" so age doesn't really factor in to discussions there. Kled for instance has always looked like he has, even when he was first seen by the original Noxian legionaires. I'm talking full shabang of scar, gnarled outfit and trusty Skaarl. We don't have a clear idea on whether yordles actually age at all, as time flows differently in Bandle City. Something to keep in mind though is, based on the above, Veigar has been in the physical realm of Runeterra far longer than Poppy or Kled, as he was around when Mordekaiser was active, so pre-Noxus and Demacia. There's potential that Fizz has also been around longer too. So yeah, Poppy's probably over 1,200 years old. Kled and Veigar are potentially older. Fizz might be older still. Potentially the oldest yordle we know of is Amumu, though we still dunno if he's legitimately a yordle or not.
: Is the Aspect of War Dead?
The Aspects are concepts incarnate, but immortality isn't exactly as clear cut in Runeterra as you might expect. When Aurelion Sol obliterated Pantheon of a bygone era, the assumption is that he annihilated the body Pantheon was using, but didn't touch the Aspect itself. Aatrox's sword isn't like that, it's described as a god-killing weapon and considering he was once an Ascended, his powers at their core stem from a similar origin to Pantheon. The ultimate fate of Pantheon isn't really known, and we'll probably need to wait on that potential Pantheon vs Aatrox story to find out more, but for all intents and purposes, based on what the bio tells us, Aatrox killed the very concept of war, which Atreus then reignited by taking up the mantle of War through sheer force of will.
UnityOE (NA)
: But I thought Poppy was there when it was founded. I thought it said that she found out Orlon was going to a small settlement which would come to be called Demacia. Unless it received it's name like 800 years after it's founding, because I think Poppy is around 200-300 years old rough estimate. Unless I misread which could be possible. I'm referencing her lore.
There's no specific dates stated with Poppy, but that same Orlon is referenced during the Canticle of the Winged Sisters, putting him firmly at Demacia's founding which was right after the Rune Wars. This puts Poppy at minimum maybe two decades older than Demacia.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Z1MHdAEd,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-06T00:43:16.782+0000) > > This assumes that GP and Illaoi's relationship was all sex and no romance I guess? > > Like, she's the one who broke it off. Who's to say he doesn't still love her? I mean one of the core tenets of Illaois' faith is hedonism. Living in the moment chasing desires. Not a stretch Naga frowns on long term relationships as we all now they do eventually stagnate in time. Which does explain why Illaoi wouldn't be tied down.
Except Illaoi's still pinning a bit for him even now, that's evidenced in The Burden. She clearly did have something more than just sex tying her to him.
nevcs (EUW)
: Champions who are virgin and who aren't
Let's see... {{champion:420}} {{champion:41}} - Were a thing in the past and did the sex {{champion:122}} - Did the thing with a now deceased lover {{champion:103}} - Potentially had sex with her boyfriend that she ended up devouring the memories of, though unconfirmed {{champion:110}} - Had a wife and son in the old lore, still had a family in the new lore, albeit the specifics aren't stated to whether he's had children and thus, sex, is unknown {{champion:28}} - Has definetly not done the sex cuz she doesn't actually do that; she just kills people. One touch, finger to skin, and she gets to eat your eyelids {{champion:164}} - Might've had sex with her now deceased lover Hakim but is unconfirmed {{champion:22}} {{champion:23}} - Presumably haven't done the thing yet cuz their relationship's seemingly fairly new, though there's the potential that they did do the thing with others in the past, though given how Ashe's bio is written I find that not so likely for Ashe That's all I can think of atm to discuss other than the obvious Annie, Nunu, Zoe and Ekko
: Biology. Why wouldn't he like her thin?
This assumes that GP and Illaoi's relationship was all sex and no romance I guess? Like, she's the one who broke it off. Who's to say he doesn't still love her?
: Holy hell, i didnt even know that...dude that sucks i was gonna buy one. How long should we wait for the next major esport event?
Worlds most likely, or Rift Rivals. Either way a couple of months, but Riot will make a big announcement when it happens so you know when they're available. Keep an eye on your client!
: IG skins removed?
THE IG skins were legacy skins, and as such were only available for a limited amount of time at set points in the year. They'll likely come back around for the next major esports event, but atm they're unavailable for purchase.
: Because there was a memo. They all agreed on the double-a-thing.
And somehow Varus didn't catch it. smh Varus.
: Confusing details about Lore and the world of League
Let's see if I can have a crack at this: - So when it comes to Mitna Rachnun, it's made out of souls Mordekaiser claimed himself, and is basically an afterlife for those he claims in death rather than anyone else. Mitna Rachnun isn't a natural place, it's effectively a man made afterlife. Beyond that we have very little information about the afterlife other than there is some form of it. Illaoi and Nagakabouros imply that the natural course of things is reincarnation, and there's implications that for those who become Aaspects of Targon, they get to spend eternity living in Targon Prime. True oblivion comes from the Void, so I personally attribute what Mordekaiser saw as reincarnation; souls eventually lose themselves in the haze of death and are reincarnated in to a new life, but that's my personal take. Over all, the afterlife';s sort of what you make of it. - As WAAARGHbobo once put it, what even is a god? At present, though some of the entities in League have bore the title of god, none are truly "god" so to speak, they're not the end all be all. They're entities with flaws, follies and with the capacity to fail and potentially die. It's all a matter of scope and the idea that there's always a bigger fish. Also Dark Star isn't in the Prime Canon, so it's incredibly unlikely to ever appear in Runeterra proper. It's a skinline and that's it. - Beyond Runeterra we don't know much but thus far the aliens we see all originate from the Celestial Realm itself, not other worlds. While they can be considered aliens in a sense, really the celestial realm is one of living concepts, so whether you wanna call the incarnations of war, change, justice and the like aliens or not is just a matter of perspective really. As to Targon's motives? Who knows. Targon's always been mysterious, even in universe hardly anyone knows what they're really about, but at the very least some of the denizens of Targon Prime have a vested interest in preserving Runeterra. - The Spirit Realm isn't really a death realm, it's a place of life and feeling. The souls of every thing, every one, every place, every idea and every feeling appear here, and that's what leads to beings like the Freljordian demi-gods, spirits and demons coming to be in the first place. I highly doubt it's an afterlife, cuz then what would happen to demons, spirits and other such entities when they die if they were born from the Spirit Realm? - Yeah there's a lot of questions a dragon making stars raises, but at the same time this is a universe where the very idea of justice, the societal concept of justice, is a living, sentient entity. Runeterra's universe doesn't hold true to the same truths ours does. All we know for sure is that, according to his bio, A Sol the celestials he shared the early universe with helped shape it in to what it is now. - And yeah sorry to be a downer on this but there's no solid answers to Targon at the moment. One thing I can say though is that it's likely intentionally vague. It's doubtful that Riot's gonna do a massive reveal of what Targon is and it's motives any time soon, though we might get a glimpse of it with the Pantheon rework.
: Isn't Udyr suppoed to be at peace with the spirit animals.
Because nature isn't peaceful, the spirit is a tumultuous and unfettered thing, and it's easy to be thoroughly thrown off your game when you're faced with the primal incarnation of one of the fundamental forces of nature itself. Peace with oneself doesn't make nature any less quiet, it just makes it easier to ignore, and even the most sturdy rock gets weathered with time. That's how I interpret it anyway.
: > If you go to Freljord you will see that the Frostqueen's Claim is depicted. Seeker's Armguard used to belong to Lissandra, Sejuani now wears it as seen in her splash art. I can not Imagine that an Item like Deadmans Plate, Iceborn Gauntlet do not exist in lore...Blade of the ruined King is familiar to Yorick when buying it, he talks about it. Gargoyle Stoneplate is what Galio wears. There you go pal. Something you, and clearly none else is capable of factoring in mind is that the art for items simply emulate the aesthetics of lore to keep the entire League IP cohesive and recognizable. So there are in-game items that are Ionian looking, there's an item which looks like a Darkin, and there are items that look like Hextech. But Sword Razor isnt canonical, Death's Dance wasnt a fallen Ascended, and what of the client? Which is heavily inspired by canonical Hextech devices, am I to be convinced that the client exists in-universe? Then you have items being referenced by champion's which neither makes them 100% canonical either. Ornn mentions Duran, why? Because it's a fun little joke that breaks the fourth-wall a bit. Why does Yorick acknowledge BotRK? Because the item came before that lore, because the item is representative of the canonical character and so it can give insight into what Yorick might say to the RKing. The blade doesnt get to be canonical until its legitamtly mentioned in story. Champions acknowledge non-canonical items all the time, writers have gone of record to say that doesnt make the item canon! So you've based a claim which relies on evidence that's equally speculative connection, and convinced yourself its authentic. All from observation that fails to go any deeper than what's at face value. Yeah nah, that's not a strong theory if it relies on a misperception that in-game items are canonical. Call me a huge skeptic, call me an asshole for not blindly being convinced.
I mean people are more inclined to call you an arse for your dismissive and abrassive tone rather than anything. I mean you seem to have decided to not even broach the concept the Seeker's Armguard and Deadman's Plate are items that exist in game that are worn, in universe, in canon, by Sejuani and Ganngplank. Gangplank's is easy to spot in his splash art, Sejuani's is a little harder to see but a quick look at her 3D model reveals all: https://teemo.gg/model-viewer?skinid=113000 https://news-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/pages/2015/gpu3/img/GP_Splash_WP2.jpg Like they're literally right there. In universe. And yes, that's only 2 items. Yes that's a small sample size relative to the menagerie of items League has to offer. But 2 is enough to make you stop and wonder "Hm. What other items might be canon?" Swain literally refers to Avarosa as the "Frost Queen" during an Ashe interaction, a.k.a. not an item interaction. The item Frost Queen's Claim did exist in game before being removed from the item shop a while back. Whether or not she had the blade in canon isn't known, but given they deliberately named the thing "Frost Queen's Claim" says a lot about the authorial intent because it directly ties the item to a canon character in League. You don't do shit like that lightly. Same with Blade of the Ruined King. By naming items like this they basically open the door to speculation and say "Yo these items are also potentially connected". And while the vast majority of items don't have these connotations, the artistic styles opens them up to be included in the canon itself regardless of the specific histories. Sunfire cape has the emblem of Shurima, Randuin's Omen has the emblem of Demacia. The Lost Chapter has the Shadow isles crest upon its pages. Potential cute references? Maybe. Potential story hooks? Also maybe. I'm not arguing either way that every single item is canon, cuz realistically there's no way to prove that and when I personally say I support the idea, I just do because I think items being canon just makes the universe richer. What I am arguing is that it's basically a fact that there's atleast 2 cases of items being used by champions in canon, with evidence for other items potentially being canon or just strongly tied to places in the Universe that could add to the lore by virtue of them just existing. What I'm also arguing is that regardless of whether you agree with a theory that hinges on items or not, you can tone down the arseness of your response and maybe people won't downvote you in to oblivion. Being mean _and_ negative doesn't win people over, it just makes people not wanna even discuss with you.
Terozu (NA)
: Naga isn't a god of life, she's a good of motion and energy. Illaoi and her followers push for you to keep moving. Naga doesn't care if you keep moving or die. As long as the motion is used.
> However, to truly know Illaoi you must understand the religion she has devoted her life to. Nagakabouros, the deity of her faith, is usually depicted as an enormous serpent head with tentacles spiraling around it in endless motion, with no beginning and no end. Also called The Mother Serpent, The Great Kraken, or even The Bearded Lady, Nagakabouros is the Serpent Isles’ **god of life**, ocean storms, and motion. (The literal translation of its name is “the unending monster that drives the sea and sky.”) **Central to the religion’s theology are three tenets: every spirit was born to serve the universe; desire was built into every living being by the universe; the universe only moves toward its destiny when living creatures chase their desires.** This is from Illaoi's bio. So yes, literally described as a god of life and we're literally told as face value that the core tenents of Illaoi's religion are: 1. You are born to serve the universe 2. Desire was built in to you and everything 3. The universe only moves when you do what you desire Literally the message is "Live a life with intent to chase your dreams and live the life you want, and the universe will be better off for it." Given this it's clear that, in the way Illaoi's people interpret Nagakabouros, she definetly does care if you're moving or dead, cuz moving means she's moving, and that the whole cycle of existence keeps going. Being dead means the universe isn't flowing. This is why Illaoi tests people, to get them to struggle for their right to life and prove they can live for their own ideals. They're tests of the soul, meant to get people on the right track, or end the stagnation and help the universe out. Ultimately, Nagakabouros, based on how Illaoi's people believe in her, wants you to live the best life you can.
Terozu (NA)
: The Bearded Lady's message is super blunt.
I mean that's basically nature. If you don't swaim, you drown. If you don't move, you starve. Nothing about the Bearded Lady's message is meant to be an inherent "Oh you're stagnanting? Then die you useless twat!" it's meant as "Oh you're stagnanting, prove you can start swimming again." The whole religion they have is based around the tenant of getting people to live varied, healthy, unrestricted lives. As nature intended, which makes sense coming from a god that is depicted as a god of life itself.
Falrein (EUW)
: What kind of cinematic would you like to see in the future?
Well since you mentioned the Warbringers series I'ma splurge a bit: I had an idea a while ago of a Warbringers/Harbingers style series about the fall of Icathia, specifically it from the perspective of champions who were witness to the events. This'd allow for the explorations for the specifics of the conflict and just what everyone was thinking at the time. I'm talking Nasus, Renekton, Aatrox, Varus, Zilean, Jax, hell if you want to you could throw in ancient Voidborn like Vel'Koz or maybe even Bard if he somehow got involved. Picture it like this: Episode 1: Jax - showcasing basically what happened in Where Icathia Once Stood from Jax's perspective and then what he did immediately after that story Episode 2: Nasus - showcasing Nasus and the dying Setaka, how the Ascended retreated from Icathia, and their plans going forward Episode 3: Varus - showcasing the Void spilling in to Shurima and destroying everything Episode 4: Vel'Koz - showcasing the chaos and eradication of Icathia and all of its people Episode 5: Renekton - showcasing the Ascended's war with the Void, starting bleak, eventually progressing Episode 6: Bard - the crackpot episode of my dreams showcasing Bard working to give the Ascended some kind of edge against the Void, maybe retrieving the relic, sealing some portal, something like that. Maybe noone even knows he's there and this is entirely from Bard's perspective Episode 7: Aatrox - the war gets won, Shurima is victorious, but this episode would be showing the damage in the aftermath, including how changed from the conflict the Ascended would become All crackpot, all unlikely to happen, but **_MAN_** I'd pay out the arse for a series like that.
: Wouldn’t Janna be a demigod with this logic?
As far as I'm aware it's basically an issue of scope. Ornn, Volibear, Anivia and the other Freljordian demi-gods are worshipped (or were worshipped) in a large, region wide capacity and their reverence potentially extended out of the Freljord in to other areas of Runeterra, under different names of course but feeding back to the original entities. Janna's revered basically in a single city, and as such her scope is limited to Zaun and that's about it. For Janna to reach demi-god level I'd assume she's gonna have to find worship and reverence well beyond what the people of Zaun can provide.
: Shyvana lore hurts my eyes every time I read anything about that trash uninspired lore. {{item:3070}}
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=06REGtFX,comment-id=000b000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-28T18:41:48.863+0000) > > Very true, and I didn't discount the Serpentine Delta, however: > > I dunno if there's been anything new to contradict this, but effectively this was a rioter confirming, at the time of the Bilgewater lore, that the Serpentine River referenced was not any delta, but a river on the Serpent/Blue Flame Isles. It changed after the map came out. I asked a Rioter about the Serpentine Delta and he said yes, this was the end of the Serpentine River, the southern split from the Mother of Life. Other Rioters have talked about it too.
Well can you grab me a source please so I can update it? Like I said I'll change it in a heartbeat but I've got no sources other than the one I linked.
: Rek'Sai is from the void because she is a voidborn like Cho'Gath
The Voidborn can't really exist in the Void cuz they're made of organic matter and that can't exist within nothingness. They're made *by* the Void and the Watchers, but they don't come from it. Check out "The Eye in the Abyss" as a showcase of how voidborn can come to be in Runeterra. > Reaching into the material realm, the Watchers took from the crude matter that comprised it, shaping, corrupting and imbuing it with consciousness. These constructs were the first of the Voidborn, and would be their masters’ eyes and ears, sent forth into the nightmare of existence to watch, listen, and learn. From Vel'Koz's bio. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/story/champion/velkoz/
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=06REGtFX,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2019-04-28T15:13:48.432+0000) > > That's one you're gonna have to direct me on cuz I remember from when the original Bilgewater lore was released in 2015 the Serpentine River was specified as being on the Serpent Isles by rioters at the time. If that's changed since it's not presented in his bio at the moment, it's just said to be "Serpentine". Show me the Rioter confirmation of the contrary and I'll get this changed in a heartbeat. The Serpentine River is the southern branch of the Mother of Life when it splits into that and a northern river, whose name I forget. There's a huge delta in the middle of the Kumungu's coast where the Serpentine meets the ocean. You can't miss it. I'm not sure if its location was changed when the map came out, but ever since it did, that's where the Serpentine is.
Very true, and I didn't discount the Serpentine Delta, however: > [{quoted}](name=Jaredan,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hnov7nLU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-11T05:13:54.019+0000) > > The Serpentine River is pretty substantial, and it flows among the Serpent Isles. It's expansive enough to have been traveled along by a nomadic tribe for several generations (not that it took them that long to journey from end to end). From those people, came a fellow with a penchant for nice hats and and a flair for card magic. I dunno if there's been anything new to contradict this, but effectively this was a rioter confirming, at the time of the Bilgewater lore, that the Serpentine River referenced was not any delta, but a river on the Serpent/Blue Flame Isles.
: In the case of Jax, I liked that they decided to attach him to Icathia, at least this is logical. But what they did with Zilean, I do not approve. I liked his old story and his old homeland more. It is a pity that in the new universe there is not always a place for old location and history. p.s. Can you make a post on the territories and locations, including the disappeared? You're good at. ty :)
My hope is they keep the name Urtistan as a city within old Icathia but who really knows at this point. And yeah that'd be fun! Can't make promises and there's not a whole lot to go on at present but I'll see what I can do there.
EdgeLady (NA)
: **IRKED {{champion:4}} MAIN ALERT** {{champion:4}} was born in or near the Serpentine Delta, which comes out of the Kumungu Jungle. The delta is across the ocean from Bilgewater and therefore comes into contact with their people and is influenced by them a lot. He is NOT from the Serpent Isles; it's been stated several times.
That's one you're gonna have to direct me on cuz I remember from when the original Bilgewater lore was released in 2015 the Serpentine River was specified as being on the Serpent Isles by rioters at the time. If that's changed since it's not presented in his bio at the moment, it's just said to be "Serpentine". Show me the Rioter confirmation of the contrary and I'll get this changed in a heartbeat.
Hanple (NA)
: Psst, you accidentally called Varus Barus
Fixed! Also sorry for any duplicated letters in the wrong places my keyboard's been screwing with me recently.
: {{champion:85}} ???
He'd be in the "All the yordles" section but I forgot his icon. Will fix, thanks for the headsup!
: Necrit, is that you?😮
Not quite hehe {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Lewanor (NA)
: Talon grew up in a pretty bad city I think if he didn't move from place to place. I don't think Noxus Prime would be bad because it's Noxus' jewel. He'll probably be in some outer random city And great work Sharjo as always. Covering and caring for everyone!
I mostly didn't put Talon anywhere just because his current lore originates from the old canon where Noxus was a city, not an empire, which leaves a lot to be desired. I'd rather hold off till he gets something more substantial, but I do dig the idea of him being from the outskirts like Riven, working his way up and being taken notice of by Kat's dad. And thanks for the kind words{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: There are some hints at Jhin's past that may give use a clue as to where he was born, or a general idea of it. His father was the head of a martial arts school, as that's where Jhin learned to use ki techniques as well as blades. So what we have to ask is, are there any martial arts schools in Zhyun? If so, where, and what are their specialties? Knowing the answers to those question would be helpful. * It should be noted that Jhin has a passing interest in killing Master Yi because Wuju out shined his father's school, though I'm not sure if that bit can be considered canon anymore due to the change in Yi's lore and Wuju lore in general. Also, (serial) killers tend to kill where they live/work in most cases, and Jhin's area of work was a stagehand in Zhyun's traveling theaters/operas, and his hunting grounds were the southern mountains. So, based on that alone without knowing the location of his father's school, I can only assume that Jhin was most likely born & raised in the middle or southern region of Zhyun. This would have made it easy for him to obtain that job, as he would have already lived in the area and known it. Though, honestly, we'll most likely never truly know, and I'd honestly prefer it if we didn't. Still, I'd say my theory about Jhin's birthplace makes the most sense given the way his lore is set up. So, yeah, probably just leave him off the map for now.
You bring up a ton of points that I was considering when making the list, so great on you for noting the particulars of Jhin's story that aren't as immediately apparent. I agree with basically everything, my only problem now is that it's not 100% clear cut and putting him in Zhyun would be an aproximation at best.
: Sona is an orphan, not an immigrant
In her original lore she's both; an Ionian orphan adopted by a Demacian noble. What she is now is anyone's guess but orphan and immigrant aren't mutually exclusive.
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Wow Sharjo, you always make such spectacular threads! Ye sadly we do not know the exact location of Ivern and Lissandra's birthplace.. Gnar is also tricky, tho it says ,,northlands" so maybe around where you put Tryndamere and Ashe!
Difficult to say with Gnar since we dunno much about how yordles live or where they have their kids, if they have them beyond Bandle City at all. I'd be inclined to agree with you, though I'm a bit averse to marking it down in writing just yet, not without a bit more lore embellishment.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Do you plan on updating this as more champion birthplaces are revealed? I get the feeling that Mordekaiser's upcoming VGU will likely tell us where he comes from, for instance.
Providing I get the chance, yes, though can't guarantee that at this moment in time. I'll try and keep this updated when possible though.
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