: If Blitzcrank received a visual update...
I feel like his current look works well enough to not need a huge makeover. I mean hell, if he can work in a cinematic with his current design, said design can work if just visually updated, rather than completely overhauled.
: what exactly happens when kayn transforms to shadow assassin?
Seemingly if Kayn becomes the Shadow Assassin he basically gains enough expertise in shadow magic and power in said magic to kill Rhaast, making his corpse a host for that shadowy power. Kayn himself, so infused with that magic, has his appearance change to match, becoming paler with distinct markings. So tl;dr Rhaast dies, his corpse becomes a shadow magic weapon, Kayn goes super shadow saiyan. I think. I guess he'd call Rhaast the Blade of Millennia in this form? I dunno. Title for his short story feels weird to me if that's not the outcome if Kayn wins out over Rhaast in the end.
: What is currently the biggest danger facing Runettera?
Well I mean the Void and the Watchers seemingly. Consider the scope: - Noxus is about conquering Runeterra, but they're not doing it for the evil lols, they've got mouths to feed and shit. They're only as dangerous as the damage they bring through war, but that's true of all humans. - The Darkin wanted to conquer Runeterra for whatever reason, so bad for humans, but Runeterra'd still be there. - Shadow Isles would kill everything in Runeterra, but the planet'd be around still. - The Void would destroy Runeterra, seemingly planet and all. The Void consumes everything, people, animals, land, everything. Targon, a space faring empire, has the Void as a primary enemy. As the Ascended that was killed by Axamuk said, "It'll be like none of us ever existed." Runeterra could persist with any other danger it has, other than the Void. If the Void wins, if the Watchers win, there would seemingly be no coming back.
: My thoughts exactly. He's stepping on naut's big daddy toes in terms of wanting to "Find the guilty..."
All of a sudden the big post about what we want out of Nautilus makes a hella lot more sense.
: So you disagree the champion has some connection to the Black Mist, then explain things beneath the Bilgwater Sea fend off Black Mist, thus having some connection to the Black Mist?
Well I was more reffering to a more direct connection, like any of the Shadow Isle's champions bar Elise. Was more talking to primary themes there, rather than the connection, though that's my bad for not making it clear. Sorry about that. Suffice to say what I actually mean through all of this is the following: I'd rather this champion be something tied to the deep sea, who's interactions with the Black Mist be more antagonistic or minor, rather than have them tied to the Black Mist like a Shadow Isles champion is. I think I'd prefer the minor side, just cuz I worry for stepping on Lucian's toes otherwise considering he's the main champion outside of the Shadow Isles with the biggest beef with them. Maybe a connection more like most of Bilgewater's cast in general; Harrowings are a part of their lives that they kinda just have to deal with.
Tialilia (EUW)
: The Next Champion will probably have some connection to the Black Mist.
Not sure I agree. The way things have been setup around Bilgewater implies there's power in the seas capable of fending off the Black Mist, like the serpents drawn forth from the depths by Serpent Callers, the ocean related powers of Nagakabouros, and Nautilus actually having actively fought against the Mist. The teasers we've seen for this new champion, like the Roadmap teaser, the MSI teaser and Swain's interaction, point to something from below the waves. There's also the fact that Riot literally said not long ago "Hey guys, what's your main deal with Naut? Why do you like him?" Make me think they're gonna be focusing on something deep sea related, not black mist related.
: Something wierd about Diana's lore/dialogue.
Two main things: 1. Diana's VO was written in a time where the lore behind her was different. There were greater elements of betrayal and condemnation in the old than in the new, hence why she's got more spite to throw around in game. 2. We haven't really seen Diana interact with the Lunari beyond getting armaments and the like, and her interactions with the Aspect of the Moon aren't exactly clear cut either. Part of her aggression could be attributed more towards the Aspect, given it was a likely driving force behind her murdering the Solari elders.
GreenLore (EUW)
: You are right that they should have updated the bios already way back during the retcon. However the fact remains that they didn't,so I think it is important for them to fix their previous mistake before going forward.
Not to mention the fact that, without the context that comes with backstory, the question of "How does X even function in the setting atm" is ever present. Bios will be important until all the roster is up to date, which is, at the moment, 58 champions away.
Speedweeb (EUW)
: Gosh, this lore from the last days was wonderful, but one fear remains:
Well let's look at what January through April's gotten us: - Thirteen updated bios, only one of which was a wholly new champion - Three colour stories: Stains on a Name for Irelia, The Black Powder Plot for Swain, and The Girl Who Came Back for Kai'Sa - Two short stories: Where Icathia Once Stood and The Principles of Stretch respectively - One comic: Breach involving Kai'Sa - The three part story Confessions of a Broken Blade involving Riven and Yasuo - The video piece Annie: Origins This was also coming off of the heels of last year, which ended mostly with the Varus campaign and the two comics: Heartlight and Retribution, the music video As we Fall, and the colour story Dark Kin. I'd counter your initial question with the following based on the above: When have we ever had lore come out as consistently as it currently is right now? Been a slow burn to get here, but the commitment shown at this point to actually progressing and building upon the lore's definetly notable, especially considering this year's already helped to clear up the Noxian Invasion of Ionia, which has been one of the biggest question marks going in to the updated Runeterra. Personally, I'd say it's probably safe to get invested at this point. That's just me though.
: Nice guess, bullseye actually.
Well I mean, shard of blade embedded in Souma's neck was a big give away.
Ifneth (NA)
: There’s no atoning for having lived a life of conquest, murder, and plunder. Those who earn their pay in blood can feel no guilt, and those who claim otherwise are at best just lying to themselves. The monsters enjoyed every minute of their sick lives and never regretted a thing until they were staring down the law. Frankly, the same can be said of any wrongdoing, but I digress.
Well at the end of the day, the Ionians ruled that one can atone by making up for their past misdeeds through rebuilding the lives of those most affected, and in the end it was their judgement to give. Also Riven clearly hadn't enjoyed her life of conquest. She literally went to one of the people she was ordered to conquer and begged for forgiveness.
Ifneth (NA)
: I shudder at the sight of people forgiving Riven so easily. She was an officer in an army that fought a war of aggression. She earned that blade for helping conquer especially large amounts of Ionian land. Riven deserves life in prison along with any other captured Noxian officers, if not the enlisted as well.
How's she supposed to atone for what she did while rotting in a prison cell?
GenoXx (NA)
: Confessions of a broken blade. Part 2! It's here
Personal theory: Riven didn't shatter her own blade. Elder Souma did, and the result sent the shard of her blade straight in to his neck, killing him. Technically dead by a wind technique, his own, rather than Yasuo's. Potentially she went to Souma seeking absolution, asked him to break her blade and be done with her life as a Noxian, only for it to horribly backfire. Really interested to see how this plays out from here. God Yasuo's gonna be so torn up about what the sod he's even supposed to do.
Terozu (NA)
: Famine is one that hasnt gotten a connection yet. And the connection is each darkon champ is associated with a single horseman. Aatrox is war. Rhaast is death. Varus is Pestilence. Famine is presumably the sister. Aatrox is specificaly war because his interference causes warlike rage and bloodlust, a being of myth who inspires warlike tendencies and wields a sword. Provoking and prolonging wars. The horseman of war is said to wield a sword and cause humanities wars. Rhaast is an assassin who uses a scythe, and has a skeletal appearance, he is death. The horseman of death is obviously associated with things like assassins and uses a scythe. Varus uses a bow and wears a silver jewel adorned crown. And he has the theme of one side, the lovers or Varus conquering the other, and Varus wants to spread the darkin influence like a plague. The horseman of pestilence and plague is also the horseman of conquest and was given a crown and wielded a bow. Presumably the sister would be famine, which would involve a set of scales. Maybe the fifth could represent the lamb that broke their seals? Or maybe the sister could be the lamb. I know Morgana is apparently going to be associated with the Darkin as she invokes darkin directed quotes, but who knows...
> Varus uses a bow and wears a silver jewel adorned crown. And he has the theme of one side, the lovers or Varus conquering the other, and Varus wants to spread the darkin influence like a plague. The horseman of pestilence and plague is also the horseman of conquest and was given a crown and wielded a bow. Ok this I have issues with cuz firstly, the whole "spread the darkin influence like a plague" thing is completely off from his motivations; Varus pretty much wants to destroy humanity to avenge his decimated kin. Nothing about that speaks to a desire to "spread the darkin influence". The pestilence connection feels weak at best and vengeance isn't a trait of the four horsemen. Conquest with Varus I can see thematically, for sure, but there's three things that don't work for me with it. 1. Aatrox and Rhaast are also themed around conquering; the conquering of a human body. Aatrox has succeeded, while Rhaast is in a struggle to conquer Kayn. If anything the theme of conquest is just as strong in Rhaast as it is Varus, which would impede on Varus's territory as the Horseman of Conquest. 2. Varus's idea of conquering isn't the same kind of theme that Aatrox and Rhaast relate to. Those two are associated with war and death on a very broad scale; Aatrox involves himself in the act of war, and Rhaast just likes murder. Varus's conquest is something much more mental and personal, which puts his theming with conquest at odds with the horseman theme since he's not widely conquering at the moment, unlike Aatrox and Rhaast who's theme is more tied to their actions rather than their struggles. 3. The darkin as a whole were doing the whole conquering thing given the extent of the darkin war. They wanted to conquer Runeterra and decimate humanity because they could. TL;DR Rhaast and Aatrox also do the conquer thing, all darkin did the conquer thing, and Varus's conquering isn't the same kind of thematic struggle as Aatrox and Rhaast's. One other thing I have issue with: > Rhaast is an assassin who uses a scythe, **and has a skeletal appearance**, he is death. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/7/74/Kayn_Rhaast_Render.png/revision/latest?cb=20170922234429 Dude is ripped man, and that head looks more like a demonic helmet to me than a skull. I dunno where you're getting skeletal from. Oh, and one other thing: Colours. Aatrox is pretty red which alligns for war, but Rhaast is neither pale or green, and Varus isn't white. They're both black in places, with either red or purple as their main colour. Not the biggest deal on that part, but I like to point it out. Making your horsemen very similar colourwise seems really counter-intuitive if they're supposed to be distinct in theme. The visual differentiation they have atm is to set them apart from one another as a species.
Terozu (NA)
: Ill concede i was wtong then. They do still have a four horseman theme, but I guess there is a fifth. I wonder how they'll work that in then.
Personally I'd say the horseman theme's weak considering that the themes aren't specific to an individual darkin. - The darkin as a species came to conquer initially, as an army rather than just one darkin. - The darkin killed tons of people in their war, again as an army. And Aatrox gets embroiled in a lot of wars. That might just be preference on his part though and really we've only seen Aatrox engaged in wars, but that doesn't mean he ONLY engages in wars. - Death is just a common part of war, and the darkin are active cuz they kill humans and puppet their bodies around. - The darkin have no association to famine.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Plus to Sharjo Varus to Noxian warrior: “When I unite the Five, you will all kneel as you once did before.”, says in his comic.
Also Rhaast commenting about how "Varus, the three of us...er, five of us, well, together, we will lay waste to this realm!"
Terozu (NA)
: Where?
The first line of Aatrox's lore attests to it: > Aatrox is a legendary warrior, one of only **five** that remain of an ancient race known as the Darkin. It's up on Universe if you're unconvinced. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/story/champion/aatrox/
: Poppy the Hero Slayer/Murderer.
Probably has a lot to do with a few things: 1. Glamour. No one's seeing her as a human unless they're innately magical or on Poppy's wavelength. She wouldn't look that suspicous. 2. She's a wandering warrior and in the one time we've visually seen her handing off the hammer to someone (A Hero's Calling), it was because he actually asked for it. In the heat of battle this'd be seen as a woman warrior handing a knight a hammer to fight with, and them him getting pummeled. 3. It's not really Poppy's fault that these people die. In her mind she sincerely believes in these heroes of Demacia that she finds, which is why she hands off the hammer to begin with. The fact that they then go and die isn't really on her hands, since given the situation in A Hero's Calling, the guy would've dived in to fight the cragbeast anyway, and likely would've died. Poppy's main problem is that she's got crippling self doubt. I don't know why, but it probably stems from when she lived in Bandle City (Which is probably where she lived anyway), and just didn't feel like she fit in with the other yordles. Maybe she was bullied, maybe she got abused, I dunno. Hell it might've been something later; something during her time under Orlon or after his death that instilled a sense of "You're worthless" in her, and at this point she's come to just accept it and move on from failure, not because she thinks she could realistically do better, but because she just has to. She's kinda in a mental rut by the looks of things. She clearly does care; A Hero's Calling paints that very clearly; she's saddened when the knight dies, knowing that, in the end, she was wrong in her choice and he died due to that. Again that's not technically her fault; he would've went in anyway, but Poppy's not of a sound enough mind to think that. Every dead hero candidate is another burden on her shoulders to find the actual hero, which probably only worsens her since it's another weight that's keeping her from seeing who the hero actually is. That's just my interpretation though. Either way it's not like she's malicious or uncaring, she's more unconfident and troubled. Her quest is what gives her hope and zest in life. Failing in that probably stings hard since it's all she's really got.
: We already had a Bilgewater event about 2 years ago.
Yeah and in the latest lore devblog they said Noxus, Ionia, Bilgewater and the darkin were a main focus going in to 2018. So we're looking to Bilgewater atm since Aatrox is probably still a fair way out.
Arakadia (NA)
: While not a feral child, it's wierd how developed her speech is.
Oh yeah definetly, just wanted to point out that she's not necessarily a complete savage. Her voice is weird for who she's supposed to be regardless.
: > Personally, with the flaws of her outfit, it's actually her inconsistency towards her racial features. She's supposed to be Shuriman (Middle East ppl), as a tribe girl, yet, she's just Scarlet Johansson... Like, it makes no sense. How can one know their own race if they don't grow up with their traditions at all?
Because she spent time growing up with her people until the age of ten, which is enough to have some aspects of culture ingrained in her conciousness. Not huge amounts or anything, but it's not like she's some feral child or anything.
: Bilgewater champion
Rafen still exists as far as we know; didn't show up during Fortune Smiles, but he survived Shadow and Fortune more or less unscathed. Dunno if they'd go with making Rafen a champion, though as you say anything's possible. I dunno how Rafen works in other languages to know if it's an alright name to usethough; that'd be my only issue. Unless they just conjured up a last name for him and used that instead.
: How do most Yordles feel when it comes to killing?
Lorewise we've only seen 5 yordles (If I'm remembering rigt) actually do anything, and in those cases Tristana and Kled killed without issue, Poppy killed a wolf but wasn't super keen about it, and Ziggs and Heimer actively avoided causing people harm. So I'd say it comes down to the individual yorlde.
Nylisa (EUW)
: Hey Sharjo.can you give me a pointer to the Source of Targon Prime and Atreus story please? i can't seem to remember where i read about them.
Targon Prime's actually named in the artwork on of Mount Targon, specifically "Glimpses of the Beyond: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/region/mount-targon/?mv=image-gallery-2 And on the Atreus point, GreenLore already pointed it out, but yeah Pantheon's bio's the main source of info.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=N1xl8f6f,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-10T23:48:28.126+0000) > > Atreus was taken there and came back imbued with Pantheon why is pantheon the only champion whos named after his aspect? everyone else kept their human name. looks like some rioter done goofed. it should be the other way round. pantheon is the host, and the aspect would have no name like the other ones.
He's named Pantheon because in this case, Pantheon is the dominant force, usurping control of Atreus's body. Everyone else is in control of themselves with the Aspect offering varying levels of influence, from Diana who gets fragmented visions, to Taric who's given pretty much free reign. It comes down to the approach of the individual Aspect: - Pantheon, at this point, seems to just want to be active himself and take matters in to his own hands. Whether that's because he doesn't trust mortals to get the job done, because of pressure he's feeling to get things done, or some personal preference isn't apparent atm, and likely won't be till we get a new story with Panth in it, or his VGU. Whichever comes first. - The Aspect of the Moon doesn't directly control Diana, but offers her guidance through visions and fragmented memories. It has a plan for Diana, and seemingly also had a plan for the Marai, and seems willing to trust in mortals because of this, though it offers them the tools to get things done by themselves, rather than solving everything for them. - The Aspect of the Sun's seemingly more direct than the Aspect of the Moon; at least based on how clear cut the knowledge it gave Leona was by the end of the bio, but this Aspect's also the most mysterious of the bunch, since it's never explained what precisely it told Leona. Either way I'd say it's level of influence is likely similar to the Aspect of the Moon. - The Aspect of the Protector seems to just totally trust in Taric's ability to get the job done. Thus far we haven't seen The Protector offer Taric direct guidance; it's seemingly ok to just be the power that lets Taric do his job. Basically the polar opposite of Pantheon's approach. - The Aspect of Twilight is in a similar boat as The Protector, but seems to be more out of a "Not really giving a shit" vibe rather than a "I trust in Zoe entirely" vibe. I mean it probably DOES trust Zoe, given how much it liked Zoe enough to basically skip the Mountain as a test to bring her in as it's vessel, but that also likely means it probably doesn't give much of a shit about how Zoe actually does the work, just figuring she'll get it done. The Protector trusts Taric to do the work properlly,The Aspect of Twilight trusts Zoe to just get things done in some capacity, at least as far as I'm willing to believe.
: So what happens to Zoe if she loses her powers?
I'd imagine that, even if the Aspect of Twilight left Zoe for whatever reason, her body would be so suffused with it's power that she'd still be able to do what she does now, though to a greatly diminished capacity. She probably won't be warping around the cosmos or conjuring town destroying meteors or anything, but her portal magic and ability to conjure small celestial objects would still remain. There's also the potential that when the Aspects have no need for their mortal avatars to guard Runeterra, or any world, they'll bring them in to Targon Prime as a reward for their service; an ascension in to some heavenly, cosmic realm doesn't sound too bad really. Atreus was taken there and came back imbued with Pantheon, so we know that, though thoroughly changed by the experienced, humans _can_ go to Targon Prime.
: Evelynn twice? Don’t you mean Irelia?
I do, and I don't know how I got that wrong. Sorry!
: I wonder when we will get any news on Aatrox
I think it'd be logical to assume that Aatrox would be, at the soonest, after the next champion to be released. Just feels more logical, at least from where I'm standing, to go VGU, New, VGU, New, VGU, New, which in this case would be Evelynn, Zoe, Swain, Kai'Sa, Irelia, ???, Aatrox.
: I was going to watch it until I saw it was 15 minutes, is there a summary?
There could be, but if someone gave you it, it'd be missing out the whole nuance of the discussion, lead to only half answers and unconvincing answers, and in the end cause more problems than just getting off one's arse and watching the bloody video to get the point that's being conveyed. t;dr: go watch the bloody video. If you don't think it's gonna be worth your time, then don't.
: I thought the story was that she forced the ascension ritual improperly and that's what transformed her. It's been a while since that event though, I could be misremembering.
I mean last I checked she got attacked by a Tomb Guardian and that's what changed her.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Demon Realm could be part of Spirit Realm. Like Middle Earth is the Spirit Realm and Mordor is the Demon Realm.
Aye potentially, though there's little to go on in terms of how that stuff intersects. Like are their defined regions? Borders between certain powers? Or is it more of a cesspit of wild magic? Difficult to say atm, but yeah there's definetly potential for their to be distinct areas of the Spirit Realm.
: Is There a Demonic Realm?
The origin of demons seems to be within the Spirit Realm, as Shen's bio alludes to. Personally I like to figure that demons and spirits are in parallel to one another, given the similarity in origin between Janna and Evelynn; born of human prayers/suffering respectively, and then going on to actively participate in human culture to some degree, acts by which give them power and stability. Before the Rune Wars, Evelynn barely even existed at all. When people looked to Zaun for the future of oceanic travel as opposed to Janna, she nearly disappeared entirely. But I'm getting a tad off track here. Suffice to say, as far as we know at the moment, any kind of demonic realm would seemingly be synonymous with the Spirit Realm as a whole.
Skorch (NA)
: I feel like Riot misread peoples comments on the "Why is Kaisa Sexy" thing.
This is probably a very specific and potentially weird gripe on my end, but I think one thing that really irks me about Kai'Sa is that she doesn't look like Taliyah. I know that's weird but consider: - Both are Shuriman - Both come from the same general area of Shurima; southern Shurima, around Icathia - Both are natives Yet they look like they come from entirely different continents. Taliyah's got that sort of arabic ethnic look going for her, and Kai'Sa, despite coming from the same part of the world, looks absoluetly nothing like her. I'd expect _**some**_ similarities y'know? Thicker eyebrows, wider nose, darker skin. But no, she's not like that at all. So what gives?
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=um2THBGE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-08T22:25:26.712+0000) > > I always figured that response was more Rakan just not recognising Swain's power for what it truly was, at least since the rework. Swain's commenting on Vastayan blood being on his hands, which is likely more of a nod to the vastaya of Ionia who died by his orders, and also likely by his own handiwork. Yeah that makes sense too, but if that is true then the Rakan interaction would be pointless.
Hey sometimes there's as much to learn from things people say that are wrong as there is from when they say things that are right. It speaks a lot to things like individual and cultural perception, and the prevelance of certain concepts or ideas. Rakan not being able to distinguish the powers of a demon from a vastaya could be seen as indicative of how similar those powers could be, considering that demons come from the spirit realm, and the vastaya seemingly draw power from there as well. Rakan could be saying that he personally thinks that kind of power is similar enough to that of the vastaya that he considers it one and the same, or it could speak to a lack of knowledge on his part, and potentially a lack of knowledge from the Lhotlan tribe as a whole, potentially even the entirety of the vastaya, about the true nature of demons. Or maybe that too's a cultural things for vastaya. Lots of ways of thinking about it.
: The Demon of Secrets (Swain's demon)
I always figured that response was more Rakan just not recognising Swain's power for what it truly was, at least since the rework. Swain's commenting on Vastayan blood being on his hands, which is likely more of a nod to the vastaya of Ionia who died by his orders, and also likely by his own handiwork.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Stop taking this GAME seriously
> Reason being is that this is just a game and who gives a fuck. If Rito aren't taking Kai'Sa seriously why should you? Cuz it inspires some kind of emotion in people that leads to a need to express said emotion in a verbal manner? I mean technically this isn't verbal but the point still stands: people have opinions, people will discuss said opinions. Telling people to stop taking something they invest in and care about enough to discuss in an extended manner is really just silly. Also: > If Rito aren't taking Kai'Sa seriously why should you? Dude of course Rito's taking this seriously. They are literally paid to take this seriously. It's their actual job that pays their bills. The discussions had on these boards are gonna be paralelled internally by Riot, considering they are also a company who are comprised of people with thoughts and opinions to discuss. I do get your sentiment; these discussions can get tiring at times, but telling people to stop taking something they feel passionate about seriously feels like a huge disrespect to them, since it's effectively devaluing their opinions and view points to just sweep a blanket over all of them and say "shut up and vanish". Definetly not your intent there, that's clear, but really are you not doing exactly what the people you're criticising have been doing, but just relating to a different topic?
Seba7290 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thats Karma,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=66EJm9T7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-03T02:42:47.460+0000) > > Who in Zaun is left asides {{champion:36}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:27}}
: So now that Bandle City is the only place left to get the lore treatment...
Do keep in mind that, even through all of the updates, the only regions that are technically "done" are Shurima, Mount Targon and the Shadow Isles. There's still the ninjas of Ionia, Syndra and Master Yi, all of the Voidborn, the Demacian outsiders (for lack of a better term), half of Noxus, Bilgewater's aquatic champions, the last quarter of Zaun, Heimerdinger and whole bunch of independent champions to do yet, not even counting yordles and the Freljord as you already pointed out. Dunno if we're in for anything yordle related just yet. Though I'll never say no to yordle lore.
Hópe (NA)
: Varus and Kassadin literally have the same lore but Varus was ''cliche'' and changed????????????
Well I mean: - Varus had no character relations beyond the nebulous concept of wanting to destroy Noxus. Kassadin had and still has a rivalry with Malzahar. - Varus's goal involved killing everyone in Noxus no matter what. Kassadin's goal is to kill Malzahar and destroy the Void, but the "how" isn't exactly clear, so there's the entire story of "how does he actually accomplish his goal" where as with Varus it was pretty cut and dry - Varus's family were dead where as it's HEAVILY implied that Kai'Sa is Kassadin's daughter, which means his quest for vengeance is compounded by having his child still alive and potentially working together with. There exists a character in the scope of Kassadin's story who can pull him out of his vengeful path, or at least steer it away from oblivion. Even considering the slight chance Kai'Sa isn't Kassadin's daughter, there were no bodies and as such it's still possible Kassadin's family are alive. TL;DR old Varus's story was fairly linear given there was unlikely to be any reasonable narrative justification to get him off of his track. Kassadin isn't like that. His story's more open.
: People Told me to wait for Kaisa's lore.......
The Watchers are from god knows where; even Lissandra back when she came out was like "I know not where they came from, only that they were powerful". Back when Vel'Koz was announced people speculated a connection between the Watchers and the Void based on similarities between his appearance and the visages of the Watchers at the Howling Abyss, namely the one on the purple side gate. All in all the Watchers seem to have just been greatly expanded in scope to be one of the big bads of League, or maybe even THE big bad; a force behind both the Void, the iceborn, and who knows what else.
: Whaaaa So what are Nasus, Renekton, and Azir now?
...Ascended? They're alive bro. They weren't even included in the story as far as I can see. Especially Azir since he wouldn't have been born while this was going on.
: Is this a new Shuriman champion teaser?
You do realised that Ascended was voided? They're gone man. As dead as anyone could ever possibly be. Also I want voided to be a term now for death by the Void.
: The Void Lore Is Awesome
There's something unequivically terrifying about the prospect of complete and total erasure in a universe that has what is effectively a confirmed afterlife, whatever that may be. Good lore.
: Well, I thought Kai'Sa was cool
Fair enough if you like Kai'Sa, good on you, I'm jealous. Like honestly I am jealous. You and others can see in Kai'Sa what I can't and I feel bad that I can't enjoy it as you guys do. Wish I could. But overall she just disappoints me artistically atm. I don't hate her, but I won't be buying her any time soon because I literally have no investment in her to any degree for how boring she is to me. Feels bad man.
GôdÌy (NA)
: Yes riot is scared of them after releasing them for 3 years straight. My god all the special snowflakes in this thread that want special snowflake champs lmfao
: That is my main issue as well. I have no problem with sexualized female characters, it's just that a) league has many of them already, and its not like they run a gamut of different kinds of beauty and b) I really don't care what narrative Riot tries to use for this, her "skin" looks like a latex body suit. That's not a cool character design for someone from the flipping void. It feels like the most boring way they could have played it and I, for one, am not a fan.
Aye that's the thing people seem to forget; there's nothing wrong with having sexualised characters of either sex, the problem comes in League because we have so many of them in the lass side that they crowd each other out. It's hard to get invested in Kai'Sa when I've seen her in about four or five prior champions, all of them lasses and all of them the same shape as her.
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: Her symbiote is the reason why she is mostly unchanged. It is permanently attached to her, acting as her second skin. It hunts with her, it calls her body its home. It is a native Voidborn that thrives in the Void and probably absorbs/shields Kai'Sa from any harmful effects or gives her immunity to the Void energy because of their symbiotic link. Stop making "if she's from the Void, she should be a monstrosity" arguments. Not every person who's come in contact with the Void has been permanently changed. This would literally be the same as you saying that since we have a Darkin like Aatrox, all Darkin now have to be demonized because that's the expectation we've come to consider as canon. While Varus is literally the middle ground and Kayn is just the beginning of the possible Darkin possession. Or because we have Iceborn that have drawn power from the Watchers themselves, every Iceborn should look like Lissandra. Ashe and Sejuani do use the power of True Ice due to their Iceborn heritage and yet, they are strikingly human.
Narrative justifications also mean that Zoe's over 1,000 years old _<Removed by Moderation>_ despite the fact that she has the body of an underaged child. Narrative justification can be complete bollocks y'know. On the Kai'Sa trail of thought specifically though, the symbiote doesn't look or feel like a symbiote to me. It looks like magical armour. It doesn't look alive or interact with Kai'Sa in any way that'd make me assume it was a living thing without the narrative telling me. This is counter to Kayn and Rhaast for instance, whereby even when not hearing them talk, Rhaast has a god damn eye that moves and looks around, indicating that he is very much a living thing. Plus there's also the idea that despite being attached to this symbiote it hasn't resulted in any noticable changes to Kai'Sa herself beyond a slightly grey complexion. Honestly, for the standards that have been set by the voidborn champions of the game, it feels ultimately weak for Kai'Sa to be so human when interacting with such a monstrous, alien force. This is the force that turns Scuttle Crab in to Rift Herald and I'm supposed to believe that having a voidborn attached to your body makes you avoid the potential mutations and changes that could come from being in the Void? Hell I'd have expected her to be MORE monstrous from mutations brought about by having a symbiotic relationship with an alien monster. Her design doesn't sell to me what the narrative is telling me.
: TBH, most characters in league are bad asses. If they aren't bad asses, they're at least powerful in some fashion. Otherwise they wouldn't be *champions*. All of the champions are power fantasies in some way, that's kind of the point of them. So Kai'sa is a bad ass, cool, but that doesn't make her design anymore engaging. I *could* be playing an eldritch abomination that was once a human woman, instead I'm playing a woman in what is basically a latex bodysuit. One of those experiences is more unique (and thus to me, more interesting) than the other. Especially when I can play a woman in questionable clothing choices already in league of legends.
This is core to the issue I have too; Kai'Sa feels like lost potential; showing something that straddles the line between abomination and human. Kalista and Shyvana do it better, and without the contrivances of a bio-organic suit that doesn't even look very organic to begin with.
: Something People are Overlooking
Counter points: - Kai'Sa's interactions with the suit are basically non-existent. It doesn't even feel like an organic entity, and if we weren't told as much out of the gate, I'd be more inclined to believe she fashioned it out of the corpses of dead voidborn rather than her wearing a symbiotic suit. - Kai'Sa's mentallity doesn't lend to the idea that she's suffered any kind of change. Change from being in a harsh, deadly environment? Yeah definetly. Change from being in an environment that twists and corrupts people mentally and physically? Not really. She sounds very down to earth and measured as an individual, which I do appreciate, but at the same time she shows so little in the way of "Hey there's Void attached to my brain" that I find it hard to believe she's corrupted in any way. Kai'Sa's design and characterisation doesn't sell to me that she's in any way void-corrupted. Hell the design of the suit doesn't sell me on the idea that's it's an organism. Maybe if it had parts that moved like a living creature, similar to how Nidus operates in Warframe, I'd be more inclined to believe it. But it doesn't. It makes no sound, it's moving parts look mechanical, it's cannons don't even connect to it's body in such a way as to make me think they're part of the same organism. All opinions here, but regardless these are thoughts that I'm not really getting away from any time soon. Nothing about Kai'Sa's visual design grabs me as interesting at this point.
: I haven't really listened to the VO yet outside a few of her special interactions with her strange not-Kiwi accent, but is it completely straight edge? I might not be a Kayn fan, but at least the entire point is self-aware edge memes. Hell, even Xayah's got a tiny bit of self-awareness going on.
It's not edge since she's not really fighting against some kind of moral or principle. She's not doing anything dark and sinister; she's doing good work by fighting the Void. She just uses sinister powers to do so. She doesn't walk any line really; she accepts what she's become and has gone so past the point of fear and detachment that she's back around to finding meaning in existence, or at least that's what I got out of her.
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