: What are demons in Runeterra?
Shen's lore implies that demons have some connection to the spirit realm, so potentially their origins lie there, though given the whole detail about them sustaining themselves off of humans there's a question to be raised as to whether human, or rather mortal influence brings these beings to life, since we know that Tahm Kench is a demon who existed in a different form before mankind was a big deal. I dunno if Nocturne's appearance in For Demacia confirms he's a demon straight up or is more of Demacians interpreting him as such, but with a Demon focused on things like greed and hunger, and one seemingly focused on nightmares, demons seem to embody something not so tangible; feelings, emotions, something that people experience that doesn't have a completely physical origin. They're physical in nature to some degree, but current stuff pertaining to demons implies that there is a degree of less tangible stuff about them; a pressence that is more than the sum of that form. I look at Tahm and now Nocturne (providing he _is_ a demon and the Demacians aren't just dumb dumbs) with some of their abilities as showcased in the lore and feel like they can go completely non-physical, since Tahm can just go wherever he wants in the rivers especially considering his iconic catchphrase "All the world's a river, and I'm it's king", implies that he's not so physically grounded or limited, and then Nocturne just straight up possesses Luca, but then you see others things to the contrary, particularly that in game Tahm doesn't dissappear when he dies like you'd expect a non-physical entity to do so; he just drops down dead. Nocturne's animation is old and gameplay doesn't reflect lore, but animations are always done with care, especially death animations, so this was a deliberate choice. Current thinking on demons and lore that is available lends me to believe that demons have non-physical origins and can be intangible in the right circumstances, but are manifestations of something related to living beings and have a very much physical pressence. The particulars perhaps differ depending on the demon, as does their approach. Mind you I doubt there's good demons. If there were calling them "demons" would be a bit odd. Perhaps some demons don't end up being such horrible, sinful embodiments as others, but I doubt there are many that could be considered "good" by mortal standards. Maybe some more neutral ones but again, depends on the particulars. We don't have many demons to look at right now to figure those particulars.
: irelia can control blades so...
Jhin empowers his bullets with magic, Karma draws power from within herself, as does Syndra, Kennen is Kennen, Shen can traverse realities, Yi's basically super human, Wukong is Wukong, Lee Sin was an aspiring mage, Yasuo is a wind samurai and Soraka is Soraka. No real magic from outside sources except for Ahri, Varus and Zed. Ionia's got a bunch of magic.
Speedweeb (EUW)
: Can you tell us more about Mother Crownguard? I wonder how a woman must be for the Might of Demacia to be potentially scared of her...
: Aurelion Sol's short story was amazing, it needs to be in the Universe website.
Twin Dawns? It is: http://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/story/aurelionsol-color-story/
: I actually disagree with your statement. Considering the speed at which we've gotten lore updates, we have around 4 places (Noxus, Freljord, Ionia and the Void) and a handful of non-updated champions left. At the pace Riot is going, it's possible they could completely update everyone by the end of the year. Does it excuse the time it took to get here? No. But it's close to "done".
To kinda add to what the good Captain's talking about, it's good to take stock of what's been done and what's to do: Shurima and Mount Targon are DONE. Complete. Finished. All of their champions covered. 14 in total. The Shadow Isles has 8 of its 9 champions done, and Eve will be done almost certainly this year, meaning the Shadow Isles will be complete in the _very_ forseeable future. Plus her colour story means she's effectively canon right now. Bilgewater's got 5 of its 6 champions done, so when Nautilus is updated they're complete. Zaun's at 8 out of 10 right about now, and those two have colour stories, so they're at least canon. Piltover's got its 2 yordles to update, but only 2 of the 12 in game yordles are done, and Bandle City hasn't been updated yet, which will likely wind up with most if not all yordles being updated if they haven't been already. Demacia's got 9 out of 12 done, with Lucian kinda being fine atm anyway, and Sona + Xin are probably waiting on some Ionia embellishment. Speaking of Ionia they're currently sitting at 2 out of **15**, but given how big the Noxian invasion of Ionia was, I'd imagine that all of Ionia's currently updated roster and then some others like Singed, Riven, Udyr, Sona and Xin will be updated if that is ever broached. The Ionia update will potentially end up being bloody huge with how much ground needs to be covered, though I imagine riot's gonna try breaking it up. 13 champions is a lot, and the extras on top of that make it even more daunting. Noxus has 1 out of 12 champions updated, with that one being their main yordle man Kled. Lots to work on their though Urgot is getting done in the _very_ near future. The Void's sitting at 0/7. Riot needs to step up their void game! The Freljord's cast are all canon atm but not updated. So technically both 0/11 and 11/11 at the same time. And champions with no real regional currently sit at 4 out of 24. Not including Gnar since I'd imagine they'll touch him up in a Bandle City event, that's 19 champions to figure out at some point. For more wide scale numbers we're currently sitting at 56/134 champions done, which is around 40ish percent. Regions wise we've visited 7, 2 of them we've visited twice, and 2 of them are basically done update wise, with the other 5 sitting at very nearly done. We still have 5 regions to visit and then everywhere in between. For perspective when 2015 was over we'd been to 2 regions and had 13 champions updated out of 128. Just about 10% of the roster. By the end of 2016 we'd been to 4 regions, 2 of which were basically completed and sat at 41 champions updated out of 134. 30%. So in the span of 2016 the lore output was essentially doubled and three months in to 2017 we're half way to reaching 2016's lore output. _tl;dr pace of lore updates is increasing based on statistics. _
: Sona's lore is simple yet really confusing lol this is one thing i would like the know alongside the fact that Sona can somehow levitate in-game, is she getting that power from the Ethwal or did she learn how to levitate on her own? and what exactly happened to her parents, did they die during the Ionian war?
I feel like they won't reveal Sona's parents in any detail because the mystery of her birth and connection to the etwahl's a key point to Sona's story. Also I'd imagine she floats either because of the etwahl or because she's innately magical herself. Both work, and Ionia's humans are more likely than the rest of Runeterra's to showcase a natural affinity for magic.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=tY8OP2Fu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-25T16:49:55.324+0000) > > I'm almost inclined to believe she will be directly affected by the war. She probably would've been pretty young at the time, but I don't see how she wouldn't have seen or experienced the conflict. Indeed, considering that riot made champions darker and darker with their new lore i think the same would happen with Sona and her relation to Ionia war ,considering that she was young like you said > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=tY8OP2Fu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-25T16:49:55.324+0000) > >Been pondering how she actually got to Demacia from Ionia for a while considering I don't really expect _any_ Demacian to go out of their way to adopt an Ionian orphan, or even know such an orphan exists because riot didn't care about lores back then, so they made w/e they wanted without real coherence how she got to demacia is a real problem > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=tY8OP2Fu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-25T16:49:55.324+0000) > > > The Ryze relation makes me wonder if he perhaps he had a hand in her being in Demacia. If the etwahl is something better left hidden or protected, where better than in a land where the people have buildings that absorb magic? i actually didn't know that she was related to ryze
> because riot didn't care about lores back then, so they made w/e they wanted without real coherence > how she got to demacia is a real problem It made a little more sense when Runeterra was much smaller. Now it's bigger, and such questions become ever more pertinent and the details more perplexing. > i actually didn't know that she was related to ryze Neither did we until Universe came in to play, revealing that Ryze has apparent ties to Naus, Brand, Miss Fortune, Sona, Galio, Malzahar and Trundle.
: Lestara Buvelle adopted Sona because she learned about the Ethwal, that's all there is to it. And why would Noxus be involved, that doesn't make any sense
Aye but for a nation as closed off as Demacia, how does Lestara even get the information that the etwahl is in the hands of an Ionian orphan? It's not that Lestara doesn't want to be involved with Sona and the etwahl, but that I find it hard to believe, given Demacia's state in the lore, that she would have any way of knowing of Sona's existence unless she's either in Demacia or in Valoran and word of her has spread to Demacia.
: Let's say Sona's lore would be changed if Riot looked at ionia
I'm almost inclined to believe she will be directly affected by the war. She probably would've been pretty young at the time, but I don't see how she wouldn't have seen or experienced the conflict. Been pondering how she actually got to Demacia from Ionia for a while considering I don't really expect _any_ Demacian to go out of their way to adopt an Ionian orphan, or even know such an orphan exists, so current thinking about it leads me to think Sona would be in Valoran and arrive in Demacia at some point, drawing Lestara's eye. How she got there is anyone's guess, but given ancient magical etwahl perhaps Noxus captures her? And then she either escapes or is rescued? The Ryze relation makes me wonder if he perhaps he had a hand in her being in Demacia. If the etwahl is something better left hidden or protected, where better than in a land where the people have buildings that absorb magic?
: Stories that are (still) not on the Universe site.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=cl4oJExt,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-24T20:28:52.965+0000) > > I ain't no lore master, that honour goes to the narrative folks. I just work for them! OMG! Riot finally hired you as the official Curator of the Lore? Congratulations, man. Hey, when are they giving you that funky fresh Riot Red?
I am but a contractor, so no red name for me afaik. What I'm mostly doing for riot concerns stuff that you guys will probably never see: an internal lore tool like the holocron.
: Whoa, Sharjo replied to soemthing I put up instead of me replying to something they put up. The world is ending! Yeah, That's what I like about him. He's got a sad story, but he's making the best of what he's got. That's why I dislike the people who insist that he's a dumb champ with no intelligence.
Honestly Galio's a huge breath of fresh air for me characterisation wise because, super serious talk here, if I had to be in a similar situation as him, I'd probably just be begging for death. Seeing him enjoying every moment of waking like he does really resonates with me.
Ralanr (NA)
: People sadly only see the jovial part.
Indeed, but that's just how people are. Reading in to things with more depth, or even understanding the complex nuances of humanity ain't easy. I mean hell I do it; I understand Camille's struggles and how she's had a difficult life in some ways, but I still just denote her as an arse.
: So you admit it! Where's your Red Name!
No no no I'm just a contractor, a very new one at that. No red name for me!
: Yeah. We've still got Ivern, and after Lux got some self-confidence she's a pretty light-hearted champ.
Galio's got some sad aspects to him but he's a super jovial character too.
: Exactly. You summed up what I was planning to say. Eh. I'll still say it anyway. Keep on being the loremaster, Sharjo!
I ain't no lore master, that honour goes to the narrative folks. I just work for them!
: > [{quoted}](name=midnight oil24,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=cl4oJExt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-24T20:19:45.639+0000) > > I mean, we've got guys like Kled and Ivern to break that up. Yes, it seems like only Yordle's are allowed to be fun or funny, even when inappropriate (like Poppy). > Demacia used to be THE PERFECT LAND WHERE NOTHING IS WRONG and Noxus and Zaun used to be the land of MWAHAHAHAHA NOW MY EVIL PLOT IS COMPLETE! What's wrong with that?
> What's wrong with that? It's shallow, uninteresting and not very compelling if you're looking for a more indepth narrative experience or varied characters.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=7KmhzqVj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-24T18:50:21.269+0000) > > Biased post is biased. > > But seriously people just disagree with your post, and the question of Zyra reproducing is actually important narratively considering her death means the death of an entire species. If they disagreed with me, they'd explain why. They don't disagree because they can't bring any reason to counter my points.
No no, people will downvote without explanation. Have you not seen reddit?
: That's what interests me, because I love thorny and carnivorous plants irl (reason why I play Zyra, she's both!) and would be a reason for me to have another emotional connection to the lore, because of the tragedy that would surround Zyra's character - as if it wasn't enough already ._.
That's an interesting angle for Zyra too; you've got all this phenomenal power, but you're also the last of your kind. You're alone with this power and no one really understands you. Makes me wonder how Zyra copes, or if she even cares.
: @Riot, can Zyra reproduce?
It depends on how Zyra operates and whether she can asexually reproduce in her current form. I'd assume the strangelthorns could because, y'know, they're plants, but Zyra, right now? Debatable.
: Discussing lore here is impossible.
Biased post is biased. But seriously people just disagree with your post, and the question of Zyra reproducing is actually important narratively considering her death means the death of an entire species.
Ralanr (NA)
: The only connection to sexuality is her magic and connection to society being an allegory for dealing with being in the closet.
And that's just it; an allegory. One that we don't know even exists.
Draclen (NA)
: When Will we See Storylines Getting Completed?
When every champion has a storyline to complete I'd say.
: So is Lux gay?
I think that people are too damn persistent about finding canon ships. Nothing about the relationship between Kahina and Lux has been implied to be one of romance, metaphors or no. Nothing about Lux's sexuallity has even been hinted at.
: So I know that gameplay =/= lore, but now I'm really curious as to what Garen's and Vayne's ultimates are. Also, if Demacia's big theme is using anti-magic stone, why does Vayne use silver?
Silver might be potent against those creatures too, and easier to make arrow heads out of.
Slashion (NA)
: The problem i think is that you are assuming they could touch her. Coming from the recent lore, she is quite fast and also has enough balls to stick her arm through razor sharp teeth to launch a bolt through the brain on a shapeshifter. Bard maybe, I honestly don't know too much about him, but Cho and Aatrox would never get a chance to touch her. Rek'Sai would probably die before getting close also.
Cho'Gath could bellow and send her flying really, and Rek'Sai's really fast too, especially in the sand, and let's face it Rek'Sai ain't fighting anywhere else but her home in Sai Khaleek. Aatrox's is likely much faster than Vayne given his nature as this unkillable monster-like warrior, and Bard's the guy who crosses dimensions and is charged with protecting the whole god damn universe. Fair enough Vayne's quick, but the skill she has can't really compare to the sheer advantage those champions have over her.
Slashion (NA)
: I honestly don't think Vayne would have too hard of a time killing {{champion:31}} {{champion:266}}{{champion:421}} , or {{champion:432}} .
Bard's one of the most powerful BEINGS in the League universe. Dude could punch a hole through her. Aatrox is the veteran of an untold number of wars and easily cuts people to ribbons. Well trained, regimented soldiers too. Cho'Gath and Rek'Sai are huge behemoths that would easily crush Vayne. EASILY!
Mogarl (NA)
: A four section list on who Vayne may or may not kill.
> A four section list on who Vayne **may** or may not kill. {{champion:266}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:161}} http://www.midwestsportsfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/mj-laughing.gif This is the part where I pat her on the back and say "good luck hun!" just before any one of these champions destroys everything about her. This isn't me laughing at your list btw; it's a good list! I'm laughing at the prospect of Vayne fighting any of these champions.
Jaredan (NA)
: Indeed, it does say something. Oh, and, "Suuuuuperrrrmaaaaaan. "
: Is Noxus the next state to get a Story Event?
Maybe, maybe not. Nothing's certain.
: So is Noxus next? Will Riven be getting some new lore as well?
There's been no indication as to what's next. Could be anything.
: https://youtu.be/flBqojLpAnI
Well thanks for the constructive discussion.
: Neither were {{champion:114}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:5}} You could argue that Sona, Xin and Poppy didn't receive lore updates because they originate from other factions, but there really is no excuse for Lucian and Fiora being left out. Lucian especially so, as Fiora did get a new bio with ther 2015 rework, but even then that was a while ago.
To be fair Lucian's lore just works in without any need for an update, despite being small.
: Will Kahina be an eventual Champion? No NDA excuses! Tell us!
"No NDA excuses"? Dude, those things are legally binding contracts. It's not an excuse. It's called a Non-Disclosure Agreement for a reason.
: Why wasn't fizz included in the bilgewater update?
The Bilgewater event only updated the champions that were included in the main story Burning Tides. It's generally the norm for a few champions to be left out when a regional update is done because of the scope of such things, especially when you're dealing with the bigger areas.
Decrit (EUW)
: Also Sona is, like, doped with magic with her instrument. Who would have her close to Demacia? Probably her Demacian adoption will be retconned or be adopted by a demacian who doe snot live in demacia
If they keep the Lestara angle, then Lestara's gotta have a pretty damn good reason for taking in Sona, and a HELL OF A LOT OF good will in with J3. Like so much her family'd be feeling the pressure for centuries.
: Riot why...why do you do this to me?
Because Vayne's a horrible person. Horrible.
Ultîma (NA)
: And Fiora. Seriously, she has one of the darkest and most interesting backstories of all Demacian champions. Edit: I'm sad to see there isn't any _development_ to her story. Not saying she doesn't have a story out already.
Fiora's already done though...she's been done since 2015...
Swarovsko (EUW)
: I'm pretty sure about that too. Riot makes money with her because people in low elo love a braindead champion who's sexy and has good skins, but this doesn't mean she has to be treated poorly.
It's probably more because Sona's lore needs to be tackled in a specific way that other Demacians, and indeed most other champions don't. Because part of Sona's history lies with Ionia, if they're preserving that there's a ton of Ionia development that needs done first, even more so if she was in Ionia during the invasion. Also there's the big question of how she gets from Ionian orphan to Demacian nobility in a world where Demacia's never gonna be interested in Ionia and travel between them is nonexistent. This doesn't exist for other Demacians because everyone else aside from Xin can be explained within the bounds of Demacia centric lore. Sona's got way more of the world to expand on before her story can be properlly established. So it's likely not that Sona was left out due to malice or negligence, but because Riot wanna sort out the Ionia stuff so that her story can be properlly delivered.
: She might get hers in the Ionia lore update perhaps?
Perhaps. I think they might've decided to put her and Xin off because some of their lore requires Ionia embellishment to be done first off. Everyone else could be done within the scope of Demacian alone or a bit of Freljord/Noxus. Xin and Sona? Not so much. This is of course assuming Xin's Ionian, but I mean come on. What else is he gonna be? And Lucian probably got left out because his lore works fine at the moment.
: i can't handle my feels at all i just lost all hope for {{champion:37}}
They've revisited areas before so they'll get to Sona.
: I got two feelings fighting over dominance. Utter disgust and contempt for Vayne And a fuzzy feeling about Galio and Lux's story
I feel you on both accounts.
: Why do you do this to my feels?! Why?
Do not resist! Let the feelings flow forth! LET THEM INTENSIFY
Jeddy017 (NA)
: Got to say, I love the way Garen was portrayed in his bio & short story. He's not just some big, dumb idiot charging in screaming DEMACIA!!! & spinning2winning over fools. He's a strong, determined soldier willing to do anything for the nation he love. He's also do his best to protect his fellow soldiers & shed a tear when they die. He loves his sister too, having many fond memories with her but fears the truth about her & what he may have to do when they find out. When that day comes, which will prevail? His love for his nation or his sister? I also like the way he acted during the short story. They could have easily written him going all Kratos on the old hag the moment he saw her. But instead, they went with a calm, determined & respectful approach. Garen chose not to insult her, abided by her rules & only attacked when she broke the promise. This is the best bio I read since Nasus. It also been a while since I bothered to read the short story part too.
Garen's characterisation is wonderful. Seeing his outlook on things and how dedicated he is, but not brainless, was a really cool moment. I do love the relationship he and Lux have too; Garen's wary of her but still has faith in her, and Lux is just worried she'll hurt him in the long run. Love it. The Crownguard siblings rule!
: I think they can make a great horror movie out of Demacia's featured story.
Makes me hyped as all hell for when they update Nocturne.
: how dare they exclude the most famous musician in Demacia and Xin
And Lucian too. But really I'm most sad about Sona. http://i.imgur.com/BT0xBm8.gif?noredirect
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Korios (EUNE)
: I don't get it, what kind of reference?
He had a taunt for her: _"You chase power Syndra. I AM power."_
: Fun fact: God Fist Lee Sin is the first Champion-specific reference to Syndra since Xerath
Six years? Xerath's VO update was in early 2014. You're at least three years off.
Korios (EUNE)
: Holy Moly
A very early teaser that's probably using Urgot's current model, but yeah. Everyone knows it; soon it's gonna be Urgot's time. #**RAISE YOUR ACID HUNTERS**#
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