: I think Sona is legit more attractive than Ahri Her splashart just conveys this mix of beauty and cuteness to me that I adore
You are a man/woman/individual with class and refinement. I like you.
: [Discussion] Who is the most beautiful champion?
{{sticker:sona-playing}} There's no contest. Fight me.
: My reasoning was based off " A History of the Harrowing" map, remembering it mentions Nautilus stalling the encroaching Blackmist. Figured there could be an association between that and another of similar caliber, since Illaoi could do the same through the help of her God. Although that map predates the Universe site too and there's been no effort to include it since launch either...
I assumed personally that Nautilus's protection of Bilgewater was Riot trying to add some depth to his character; he may not remember much of his past but he remembers he has something to fight for, or at least something he disliked that he now can fight against. Something to give him more than his self contained story of revenge against a set group of people. But yeah I dunno. Hope they get around to updating him soon; he's always been a favourite of mine. For a while he _was_ my favourite along with Nami, though they've both been a bit superceded now.
: Does "Into the Abyss" affect Nautilus? Not when Nami's story takes place on the opposite end of the world and there's no known breach in or around the Serpent Isles. Seems that until there is actual evidence to the contrary, I would think it's safe to conclude the Void was not involved. I will say this, 3 years has been a long time to wait for a Nautilus LU. There better be a significant change to his background and (if necessary) a VO update to justify this needlessly long hiatus. If I had to guess, Nautilus will be another emissary for Nagakabouros.
If I had to guess, Nautilus will be another emissary for Nagakabouros. On Illaoi's champion page though (back before Universe admittedly) he was listed as someone she opposed, which makes me think that whatever made him what he is now certainly isn't something alligned with Illaoi's vision of Nagakabouros. Admittedly the potential for him _being_ an emmisary and his existence being a challenge to Illaoi's understanding makes for a cool thematic, I'm not sure if that's what would be happening with Nautilus. His desire for vengeance seems like a point of stagnation that by default puts him at odds with Illaoi regardless.
: What if the PROJECT skin line exists because Viktor won his war with Jayce?
Who says that Battlecast has anything to do with Jayce? Maybe Viktor's Battlecast army is built to take down a far more serious threat, a world ending apocalypse that only engine of destruction wrought from steel can conquer.
: I think new Urgot's ult would make him perfect for a dark star skin.
You're not the first to propose this: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/negW6 Which just means it should happen.
: I can see Impale simply becoming a basic ability, to be honest- Similarly to how Galio's Idol of Durand did. :P
Make his E a long skillshot where he stabs with his tail from range to poison an enemy, suppressing them and dragging them to himself. Make the abduction potential even more scary MUAHAHAHAHAHA {{sticker:sg-syndra}} I can see it now and I kinda want it. Skarner VGU when Rito
: I don't even play Skarner, but if he had that "awaken kin" fantasy, I'd probably be inclined to try him. Sounds super cool.
Take it a step further and replace his ultimate with "Awaken the Sleepers" where a whole host of Brackern pop up out of the ground with Skarner leading them to ravage the enemy team. It might be sacrelige to say that Impale could or should be removed, but that image of an army of Brackern always makes me happy.
: Let's talk Power Fantasies.
> And this is coming from someone who has been playing Skarner as his main Jungler for the past 4 seasons. A man after my own heart right here. In terms of Skarner's power fantasy then, would you say that Skarner should be transitioned from less brooding to more driven? Someone who'll still lament for what's lost but be more about what he needs to do rather than what has already happened? Something I draw back to is that he's the Crystal "Vanguard", so perhaps him shifting more in to that mindset of being the one fighting for the Brackern as opposed to mourning for them could help him out in that regard. One thing I'd definetly say is that though making lore and gameplay sync up can be awkward, especially in a case like this, I feel like Skarner could benefit from being not alone in game. It'd probably be really awkward and I can't even fathom how this'd be balanced, but I like to imagine a version of Skarner where his crystal zones are actually his sleeping kin, and he'd wake them up to help him fight stuff in the jungle. They'd help him with his clear, fend off invaders if they spotted them, defend allies, things like that. Enemies could beat them up and they'd scurry back underground to protect themselves. That might be the most outlandish idea ever and I dunno if that kind of power is even appreciable for the Skarner player, but any thoughts on that?
: How come new Eve doesn't have any unique interactions with Xayah and Rakan?
Maybe they did but it didn't make it in. They write way more VO lines than actually get in game.
: Oh look. Another Annie skin is in the making.
Half of Annie's skin catalogue isn't regularly purchasable, one's locked behind hextech crafting, and she's even got a limited edition skin. She has four normally purchasable skins and arguably only two or three are any good. Quantity =/= quality. I'm pleased she's finally getting some actually good skins.
: Honestly. I think Ahri has a lore contradiction, and a personality crisis.
> Ahri needs a lore overhaul to make things clear, that she has a **very bad addiction** or she has some sort of rare symptom that forces her to devolve. I mean that's basically what her bio alludes to now? She's addicted?
: What is dead may never die!
Riddarn (EUNE)
: I'd follow that into the woods.
  Rioter Comments
: I thought that Swain was an agent of change. In all seriousness, didn't black rose reborn Sion though Vladimir? And this was after Darkwill tried and failed. Are you saying that the second resurrection through the the black rose will be retconned or that they won't go back there necromancy after these two attempts?
I doubt they'd retcon the Sion stuff considering how recent it is. From a personal standpoint though, if I was Noxus I'd be like "Nope. One undead monstrosity's enough. At least until we figure out how this stuff actually works." And then who the hell actually knows how this stuff works? There's different ways of looking at Sion and moralising his usage by Noxus, both back in his first resurrection and now, but no one can deny how fucked up it is in the first place. The societal impact of a cultural hero being turned in to a mindless, undead aberation has lasting effects. How many people would want to join the military if necromancy was on the table? How many other cases like Quiletta would occur? The Ionian invasion was one thing but necromancy? Harrowings are nasty enough without Noxus dabbling in the same wheelhouse. Swain, LeBlanc and Vladimir might not care, but two of those champions are also unlikely to be very public figures. The public faces of Noxus beyond Swain, like Katarina, Darius, Draven, would they stand for this? I'm just of the opinion that, from a cultural standpoint, Noxus would never be in favour of necromancy, and it'd hurt Swain politically if he started dabbling in it beyond Sion. Hell Sion's probably a pain point for a lot of people to begin with.
: Quilletta or Dacius as a Noxian Necromancy Champion
You really expect them to go back in to necromancy after Sion? And on anyone who isn't the Hand of Noxus?
: Right, but he's like 300 tons or something. And has an inherently unstable base (there's a reason why the Colossus of Rhodes fell down). Look at how top heavy his design is. And armies don't travel in straight lines on roads. They go through forests, and up mountains. They have to cross rivers. This ridiculous monstrocity would completely stop any army from moving in difficult terrain. It is ridiculous. Any general with half a brain could maneuver around them. And that's not even getting into how slow oxen move in comparison to horses and men. This is a really stupid design from any military standpoint. Maybe. Maybe if it could be taken apart and reassembled (as was done with the parts of trebuchets and mangonels that couldn't be made on site). But even then, that stuff was always at the back of the moving army because it was never needed unless a siege was taking place. And sieges are long drawn out affairs, it wasn't uncommon for the parts I'm talking about to be a week or even a month behind the main army. And to reiterate these would just be the important pieces that couldn't for whatever reason be built on site. Not a gargantuan freaking statue. Now usually, you could just handwave this and say "magic did it" it's a pretty boring answer but you could do it. But this is Demacia with a statue of anti-magic. This is the one time where that answer does not apply.
I feel like there's something to be said for Demacia usually fighting in its own territory or not far beyond it, so potentially they can set up paths in advance, create roads and access ways specifically for Galio to be brought through on, even if the system for doing so is woefully inefficient. One can argue that for how much Galio actually does to mitigate magic by just being there that the Demacian military mostly just sighs and says "Well it's not like we have a better option", though I do agree with you on how ridiculous it is for Demacia as a whole to put resources in to this, and I don't have a good answer for it. If anything I'd have said it'd be more efficient for Demacia to have made multiple statues like Galio and stationed them at strategic locations, and focused their efforts about funneling any potential conflicts towards those areas if possible. The irony of the whole situation is that if they knew Galio was sentient and actually gave him the means to operate without magical input it'd be way easier on them since he could just walk with the army. Course that raises the question of how do you make Galio not need the initial magic to wake up. More magic I guess?
: Admittedly, I didn't even notice the Fiora changed looks until it was pointed out to me. But I still think skyscraper Galio is silly. Why and how the hell did an army move that thing? That is a terrible design.
Turns out you need that much petricite to protect an army. Durand just made it more symbolic than just a giant shield. Also with oxen apparently. Lots and lots of oxen. "Using a system of pulleys, steel sledges and countless oxen, they would pull the great stone figure to the battlefield."
: That was all more about her visuals(mainly the splash art) than the actual gameplay.
I don't often dislike our community, but man did seeing the boards in that two week period make my blood boil. "She looks like a 40 year old transvestite." Jesus wept. It felt more like people were reacting to someone saying "Sexy's bad so we're changing it", and being livid over it, rather than having any reasonable level of discussion. Not to mention that the changes weren't that astronomical. They turned Galio in to a skyskraper and the outcry about that paled in comparison to the Fiora outrage.
LankPants (OCE)
: >Personally I think Irelia needs a complete remake kit wise. Her kit may be solid sure, but not only is it a stat check nightmare, it also horrible fails at conveying her fantasy of wielding swords with her brain, which is a really cool fantasy. Chasing fantasy at the expense of gameplay from a solid kit and the old mains is what Riot tried in the tank rework, especially with Sejuani. The utter failure of those reworks should show you why this is a bad strategy, given the Xin rework though I think Riot may have actually learnt from a mistake for once.
And then we have Fiora, where you could say she didn't need a rework, but is far better off for it and it hits her fantasy to a much greater extent than before. I'd argue that the tank rework and all class update problems stem from Riot going too broad and not giving each champion the attention they actually needed. Half measures are just that, and I think anything less than a complete overhaul for Irelia would be exactly the problem you're wanting to avoid.
: When Irelia gets a rework
Personally I think Irelia needs a complete remake kit wise. Her kit may be solid sure, but not only is it a stat check nightmare, it also horribly fails at conveying her fantasy of wielding swords with her brain, which is a really cool fantasy. Nothing she does in game actually utilizes her theme in any way, and all of her active skills could be accomplished with a different weapon, which is a huge diservice to how cool that theme can be. In honesty I don't think there's anything in Irelia's kit aside from maybe her Q would or should carry over through a VGU.
: It seems like Riot is slowly hinting at something very large involving the Void.
I feel like it's more just establishing that "Yeah the Void's a thing that actually affects people" instead of "It's a weird thing that's a _mystery_...". I mean if we go back a few years, the Void and the Shadow Isles both kinda just did nothing. They were just there with little substance, but nowadays I find myself hard pressed not to think of these two forces as things that are actually dangerous or in any way an active threat to Runeterra.
: If that was the case, for clarity sake, they should lay down some dates or estimated one. Because i wasn't the only one who brought this up.
Riot HATES giving dates. Magma Chamber was a thing at one point that made them hate giving dates.
: Riot, a question about reworks...
I'd assume nothing's pushed back since one doesn't affect the other. Xin Zhao's being done by live gameplay, not the VGU teams. They already said his was a smaller job so one can extrapolate it'd be out potentially before Evelynn just from that. No one ever stated concretely when he'd be out of course, but I'm inclined to say myself that from your wording, you're annoyed by a percieved change of plans, when really nothing changed. Evelynn's rework would have taken this amount of time regardless; if she'd been delayed they'd have said. Xin's rework likely changed nothing about how Evelynn was secheduled.
: There are people in Earth that worshipped dragons even if they dont exist there... So, i wouldnt be surprised that some people in Runeterra worshipps them
The thing is though, do they actually know he exists? Like for real, how often has he ever gotten down to such a level that mortal beings have ever truly comprehended him as he is? For Targon and that's pretty much it. Like he says: _"They call me a comet. They call me a dragon. They have no words for my true form."_ I'd be willing to bet that Aurelion Sol's actually an unknown entity across most of Runeterra, maybe perhaps with Mount Targon's denizens being the exception.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=3WXyo1lO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-15T17:21:16.052+0000) > > What about them surprises you? Lol i did not finished the sentence... Im surprised that the "human" version of them actually look like them! And it seems that is a "magical spell" created by Heimerdinger and not something "passive" that all the yordles have
Dunno if Heimer made it himself since we've seen Poppy and Kled use glamours and they're like so, so far away from Piltover/Zaun, but I feel like it makes sense for it to be a spell more than some innate trait since what kind of use would glamours have outside of interacting with humans? Who evolves a magical illusion just for that? It might be that Heimer knows how to make glamour as opposed to him having made glamour in itself, if that makes sense. Also yeah, was surprised by how there's like _no_ size difference at least. That threw me off. I guess people just assume these folks are dwarves? The medical condition not the fantasy race. Or maybe humans can just naturally be that small. Or maybe yordle have been so prevalent in human cultures that no one questions small humans anymore. I dunno. I'm just having fun thinking about what other yordles look like as humans now, since they're all apparently as titchy as they are normally.
: I havent read the comic yet... but im surprised that the "human" versions of the yordles.
What about them surprises you?
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SwineTV (EUW)
: Well that Taliyah Skin would have been nice.
Hey if the reception's good they might make more Immortal Journey skins and Taliyah could be among them.
: I really don't understand why yi..yi got project and cosmic blade in 3 years..and chromas.He also has 7 skins and with this one 8..
Well look at it this way, in three years before that Yi got NOTHING. Headhunter Yi was released in 2012. He had fucking nothing before that, and none of those skins at the time were very high quality.
: What champions do you believe were better for this weeks skin cycle?
It's not about deserving the skin, it's about who goes with the theme, and considering the theme of Immortal Journey and the audience it's targeted towards, they were unlikely to give it to any of the champions you listed. Plus, everyone deserves skins. Equating more is pointless since what's the factor for deserving new skins? Time between? The amount of skins they've had? The quality of their skins? In those cases Yi, Fiora and Janna have good points considering those three have like two high quality skins each.
: silence, weeb burger is superior
: im american and if its asian its weeb
That's a hell of a close minded opinion man.
: Is there even a story line/back story/narrative to the game at all anymore?
They cement together because they take place in Runeterra (most of the time). That's really the long and the short of it. It's on Riot to make the stories that flesh out the entire setting beyond what we have at the moment. They're getting on that, but when you've gotta reestablish the backstories of 138 main characters, 12 major regions, an entire planet and elements of the wider universe beyond it can take a bit of time.
: I don't know why people fail to understand this.
They see mermaid and think fish, despite the lack of gills, the shape of the tail, and the fact there are boobs. I mean sod it's even more apparent with Nami since she's a vastaya and therefore has a biological link to humans. I imagine fish rolls off the tongue better than dolphin tit, and whale tit might seem inappropriate given the human size, even though dolphins and whales are basically the same thing.
: Rito just horny for fish tit
Hungry for aquatic mammal tit, get it right bro.
Knalxz (NA)
: I only have one thing to say about the new Nami comic.
I guess male Marai don't have boobs. Would make sense given their human lineage.
: Can we create more significant characters that dont get killed off?
Well in the scope of the Darius story you've got Invetia who's still alive and Tamara who's now been in two stories. That's more than some champions at this point.
Ralanr (NA)
: So has anyone noticed that the new stickers are all Demacian and Noxus champions?
{{sticker:sona-playing}} See now that I have this I don't need anything else. I'm very happy.
*Grabs Deep Terror by the head and keeps it focused on the comic* Just read and be happy!
Fasmodey (EUW)
: I mean, is Pantheon really that powerful? I can list a few I find stronger than him: {{champion:266}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:82}} (I would change Xerath with Pantheon and not touch Mordekaiser)
I can see the argument, but Pantheon is more than the man we see; he's an Aspect, unlike the other Targonian Aspect champions Pantheon is the being of Targon, not the human vessel. I'd say they're probably pretty damn potent beings. I mean their nation had the means to enslave one of the most powerful beings in the known universe.
: > [{quoted}](name=Korios,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=vc6rWEkE,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2017-08-27T00:17:01.512+0000) > > But Tahm Kench is somewhat equal to the Darkins right? Being a demon and all... It's been confirmed that the Darkins aren't demons in the same sense Tahm Kench is. Darkins are powerful otherworldly beings who invaded Runeterra a while back. Demons are manifestations of humans' vices from the spirit world. Even though Darkin look like demons, they can't be more powerful than Kench if KAYN is able to defeat one.
What Helix said. Darkin look like "demons" because they're based on specific religious interpretations from Earth. In Runeterra those connotations don't exist.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zatsukino,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=vc6rWEkE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-26T22:20:37.525+0000) > > I can't really agree with Tahm Kench and Mordekaiser... > > I can add {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:90}} > They can literally destroy the world, lore-wise.. Tahm Kench is powerful, he's just subtle. Also, Mordekaiser RULES the Shadow Isles, and is possibly the one real threat there, as he has his memories (unlike Hecarim and Kalista) and PREDATES the Shadow Isles, just using it as a base of operations. He's more or less unkillable. Syndra, Veigar, Liss, and Malz can't destroy the world YET (although most of them are working at it). Ryze could potentially destroy the world with World Runes, but that would cause other champions (J4, Swain, etc.) to get their hands on them. Karthus isn't the worst the Shadow Isles has to offer (see Morde), Vel'Koz isn't really any more dangerous than other voidborn (just more intelligent) and... I guess swapping Tahm Kench for Xerath might be right, but I can't agree with the rest of your argument. Thank you for replying though!
Have to agree with Helix here, Tahm Kench seems more powerful in his scope and in his manipulations, but not so much in his active destructive potential like most champions.
: The 10 Most Powerful Champions (Lore-Wise)
Personally I'd drop Mordekaiser and Cho'Gath for Galio and Xerath, but other than that I can't really argue with the list. It looks pretty good to me.
: Xayah
She's a Lhotlan, a vastayan tribe that taken on features of birds and foxes. I dunno if she has any owl in there, considering she seems more raven like than owl like.
Zika Star (EUW)
: She was badly injured and Taliyah almost saved her .. so it has to be something major happened and according to the time between Taliyah knowledge of the Ascension and coming back Sivir can't be still injured from Cassiopeia's Stab right??
It wasn't Cassiopeia's stab. She had a falling out with some people not long before Bloodline and they attacked her. Who is not specified.
Zika Star (EUW)
: From what did Taliyah Save Sivir?
Shurima's full of all kinds of people, and Sivir's on the bad side of a lot of them. Could've been anyone.
: > [{quoted}](name=KNTE Lukas,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Tkzlpz1M,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-23T12:19:41.246+0000) > > they are now sum up in a post look on a post without vote They should sticky that post then lol
It's literally the top left thing on the Story, Art and Sound boards, above Create a Discussion.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=PqJozQJP,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-22T22:25:18.722+0000) > > Guess it doesn't bother him. It doesn't. I think Voli sees it as a badge of honor. It intimidates those who doubt him.
It sure as hell intimidates me. I ain't messin' with no Stormbearer.
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