: Just curious, are they the same as the ebony wyverns that were mentioned in the Demacian lore update, or are the two entirely different beasts?
I actually don't know, but their tail is shockingly like Galio's so...maybe? I'll have to ask someone.
Craxsian (EUW)
: What kind of creature is riding that badass demacian?
That's what Demacian Raptors look like. They also have really long tails.
Epicurus (OCE)
: > “Humans are a splintered race, Xayah. Only Zed and his shadows broke the pact. They do not speak for all men.” This is a quote from the Vastaya Akunir in Zayah's short story. He is a Vastayan ambassador to the human race, and is acquainted with the Kinkou Order. Zed might not be the only human who has harmed a Vastaya in history (take the fortune-teller from Ahri's story for example), but it is apparently only Zed who is committing the most grievous crimes. Honestly Xayah is a moron.
People tend to panic when their source of life begins to dwindle, though I'd agree that she could be more rational.
: {{champion:6}}
So hyped for the THICCness, you have no idea.
: Freedom over restriction is what I'm sayin! Both Riven and Yasuo is kickass awesome champs, can't deny that.
: This Game Has Been out For Over 7 Years
Well there was a reason, but they removed said reason in 2014. The gameplay ain't canon to the game's lore.
: It's okay, you were swayed by the THICC
Well I mean I am enamoured with the THICC-est champion in League so it makes sense. Can't deny the booty.
: NOOOOO, not you too Sharjo! This can't be true! How can you join those filthy order followers?! Chaos rules!
Chaos sucks. I like have order and structure. Lets me plan and stuff. Also Riven's prettier.
: Funny, Malicious Metal said the exact same thing when I discussed this stuff with him :P
Well Swain is Swain, so it's pretty fitting imo.
: So.. Similar to how Karthus is a Noxian man but is far more involved with the Shadow Isles?
I'd say that's not a bad way of thinking about it, though I think urgot shows his Noxus far more than Karthus does.
: BEST BARD SKIN?!?!?!?!
I actually don't like any of Bard's available skins and think his classic appearance trumps all of them. Probably a very unpopular opinion but what am I supposed to do when I just don't like his skins?!
: From Reav3's response. Urgot might go full Zaunite champ
Urgot's staying a Noxian man, but he's far more involved in Zaun now. That's where his story is atm.
baayveer (NA)
: urgot rework voice actor and thoughts plz riot
Details about the voice actor can't come out until Urgot's voice is publicly unveiled and the actor comes forward to claim their work. Until then their identity is withheld.
: Could we make Tahm Kench EAT SOMETHING?
Tahm Kench is a being of refined tastes, and what he hungers for isn't really appreciable if you're just looking for him to nom on someone.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Why does he sound like that?
He's from the Czech republic.
Ralanr (NA)
: Ok. I thought that Kindred was brought to reality during the corruption?
Kindred doesn't really have a physical constitution. Their forms are basically how Runeterrans see them if they ever did encounter them. They are there, but they don't walk the world like true physical beings.
Ralanr (NA)
: Speculation from their voice lines around items like Bork and some stuff I'm trying to remember from their reveal.
Kindred's WAY earlier than the Shadow Isles. The earliest recordings of Kindred are literally as old as human history.
Bultz (NA)
: About the creation of Worlds....
Well who are the "gods" that are so described? Nagakabouros? Because if you believe Illaoi's interpretation than Aurelion Sol falls in to her influence since he exists just like everything else, and Nagakabouros is all in that way of thinking.
Bultz (NA)
: I know the New Riven and Yasuo Skins aren't "cannon"
What's official is that Riven is a Noxian soldier who went in to exile because of the Inasvion of Ionia, and Yasuo's a samurai who was framed for things he didn't do.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I don't know if her charm is really _so_ unique that it makes you pick her over other champions, though. In the end, it is just a single target CC. Taliyah is another high AP burst champion and can CC enemies into her team as well just like Ahris charm. So what is making her charm so different from Taliyahs W? Taliyah can even chose the direction it is going. Charm is just another forced action CC. It is unique... thematically. But I don't think the charm itself qualifies for being Ahris pick niche.
She's still unique in the way she applies and works around that charm though; she charms people so she can kill them while Rakan uses his charm to distract people while his team kills them. I'd say the application makes them pretty distinct and doesn't take away from Ahri's niche, but that's just my take personally. It's like with fears, and how Fiddlesticks and Nocturne's fear mechanics operate differently to those of Hecarim and Warwick.
: Nah, I think we need more types of CC spread throughout different champs, like how Ww got added to the list of Champs with Fears through his rework, and whatnot. Vlad could get a Charm cc for instance, because Charms are hearts and hearts are full of blood.
In that vein Ryze and Xerath should get polymorphs since they're arcane mages. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: VS Comic Artist
This guy, the god, the legend, Suke: https://www.artstation.com/artist/sukeart
: what champs do you think have diabeetus?
Lulu, Poppy and Ivern would be my guesses.
Sqkerg (NA)
: but the real questions is can the SR raptors fly?
I'd assume not since they're a ground-nesting species by the look of it.
xScarfy (EUW)
: Are the Demacian raptors able to fly? Would be kinda cool to see Demacian soldiers fly on big raptors, maybe even grifones! :D
: I personally haven't seen any of the new loading screen things yet, but I recognize one of these. > "There is a garden in southern Ionia where flowers consume memories." That's a reference to one of the Ahri stories when the vastayan lore came out. > [“Give your breath to this flower as you think on the memories you wish to be rid of,” the old woman said, gesturing to the bell shaped lily. “The flower will consume them. Do not inhale again until you feel nothing.”](http://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/ahri-garden-forgetting/)
They're on the pbe atm, so you won't see 'em till they hit live.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: The thing I meant with magical talent was, what if until a point of Ascension, magic is not required, but beyond that, It is necessary. Like what if Xerath could ascend like this because of how he was already a great mage? I can imagine It was his innate magic that protected from getting absolutely obliterated, even his mind/soul. Also, is there any other Ascended that was a mage in their mortal times?
Ah ok, well his bio referenced how his own dark magic alloyed with the magic from the Ascension ritual, so seemingly his form is in some part due to what power he already had, though whether it would've made him a being of raw magic if he'd gotten to Ascend on his own, I dunno. I also don't know for question two. I'd imagine there were some, but probably not a lot.
Epicurus (OCE)
: Name checks out.
Hey that kind of response is what I'd expect from a true Noxian.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Could anyone ascend like Xerath ever did without fucking up ritual? Also, even with result of disaster, could anyone without magical talent ascend like Xerath? Let's take Azir as an example. What would happen to Azir if he ever tried to fuck up ritual like Xerath did? As we know, Azir had no magical talent until his Ascension. _(Everytime when someone related with official lore shows up, I bother them with my Xerath questions. Because I have so many. :p)_
I personally doubt it, but honestly I don't know. I doubt anyone in Runeterra knows either since the secrets of Ascension kinda died with Shurima. I don't think magical talent has any play in to Ascension; Renekton sort of proved that much.
xScarfy (EUW)
: Very interesting lore tidbits! :D Some other that I find very interesting too: “The Shuriman city of Zuretta is ruled by Hierophant Hadiya Nejem, who believes herself to be a descendant of the Ascended warrior Setaka.“ “In Shurima, those who survived a failed Ascension ritual are known as the Baccai, who often are twisted and malformed.“ There are more surviver of failed ascensions, other than Xerath? “Quinn and her twin brother Caleb were born in the rural Demacian town of Uwendale.“ Caleb is still canon :D “Basilisks of the Kumungu are sometimes raised from eggs as Noxian war beasts.“ Looks like the Kumungu is located near Noxus. “Drakehounds, a distant relative of dragons, are kept by some rich, and perhaps foolish, Noxians as pets.“ “Native to the rocky crags of northern Demacia are the rare, ferocious Raptors. Only a few individuals have been known to befriend and ride these beasts.“ Are they talking about the Raptors on SR? I didn't knew you can ride these x)
> Are they talking about the Raptors on SR? I didn't knew you can ride these x) Nope, Demacian raptors are of a different class of creature. Far bigger for a start.
xScarfy (EUW)
: Kinda makes sense, since he interrupted the ascension process and “stole“ it from Azir. I guess a Baccai was just not worthy enough for the ascension.
That's certainly what most Shurimans think of them.
xScarfy (EUW)
: Cool, thanks for all the lore tidbits! Can you tell me anything else about the Kumungu? Im eager to find out more about this place :D
Unfortunately not at the moment, but It's something I'm keenly interested in!
xScarfy (EUW)
: Wait...did you wrote some of these? :D
I wrote all of the narrative focused ones!
: Is Noxus doing a mistake with forcing other factions into their army?
Well a counter point: said empire that conquered your butts now asks you fight for them, with all the perks of being warriors of Noxus and respecting your culture and achievements. They hold no stigma to you for being a former enemy, and they won't sneer at you if you had simply bent a knee instead of fighting; you're Noxian now. Doesn't seem like the worst gig, especially since anyone can rise to power in Noxus, as long as they've got the guts.
: The one about the flowers is actually mentioned in the new lore of Ahri
Yep, I wanted to add a bunch that players who were well versed in the lore already knew, but those who weren't might've easily missed, providing they were cool enough. And I mean how is that garden not cool enough?
: > [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=J9md3zIa,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-16T07:46:45.587+0000) > > I can't speak for everyone but I actually really want to get Sharjo an Archivist title considering his support/work done for the boards! (In much the same way Echo was a major pick for the position thanks to the monthly contest he runs.) > > That said, I don't believe Sharjo applied and that's step one. If he wants to join up, I doubt there will be any obstruction when it comes to his interview, application and otherwise. Well, since the Sharjonic Archives is an actual thing, and Riot is working with Sharjo to build whatever it is (which includes revealing all of their lore/worldbuilding plans to him), I suspect it may be best for him not to be a full blown moderator. A special icon and name color, though, absolutely. > > (Also c'mon man, you could give us a -little- love. :( ) BAH! This is Sharjo's realm! Bow before him, or leave our sight! ######I'm completely joking. Of course you're welcome here.
> I suspect it may be best for him not to be a full blown moderator. Yeah I didn't think it was appropriate to even consider trying out for a moderator status since I'm already a contractor.
: Good lord man what aren't you telling us about these bears?!
: I'm guessing you mean the likes of Aurelion Sol, Bard, or Kindred?
They'd do fine, but not just them. There's a few others if memory serves.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Does It mean Volibear is the strongest Runeterran champion after Xerath? I would never assume Volibear strong that much. It seems like he got lore power up.
I dunno how he'd stack up to Xerath, but Volibear's high up there. He's definetly gotten a lore power up.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Ohh wow, Volibear is more powerful than I thought. What about Renekton versus Volibear? Savage fight. That would be awesome to watch.
Volibear. There are few champions who could actually handle Volibear.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: So, how strong compare to an average ascended? Or what about against Nasus?
Volibear I'd imagine would tear Nasus a new one. For the rest of the Ursine, again it varies, but the most powerful of them would probably be able to handle Ascended beings. That's my take anyway.
: How powerful is the average Ursine? How powerful is Volibear then?
Volibear's pretty powerful, far more so than most of the Freljord's cast of champions. For the Ursine I feel it would probably varies depending on the circumstances. There's some among the Ursine who would be what you'd expect out of the Freljord's warriors, and some who're stronger than that, but there are some really scary Ursine beyond them. None are more powerful than Voli I think, but the strongest Ursine are monstrous.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fasmodey,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=TTIlEL5v,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-15T11:30:36.794+0000) > > He was a freljordian barbarian that was known as really cruel against his enemies. He was burning homes, killing women and children etc. After transformation to an ''ent'' by God-Willow's essence, his personality got completely changed. It wasn't directly the magic though. So, yeah, he was Ivern the Cruel before the Green Father. but who is God-Willow? did they fuse together with Ivern
The God-Willow was an ancient, sentient tree of great energies.
: I'd like to bring attention to this
Yep, same guy. I'd recommend hopping over to Universe and reading his bio there for more info.
: > When Zaun's plans to create a waterway between east and west Valoran went awry, Janna prevented thousands of deaths and is now revered by many as a goddess. I thought Piltover created the waterway? > Many Voidborn have names originating from the ancient Shuriman language. So does that mean most of the Void champs were first seen in Shurima? Sorry if that sounds obvious. > Before becoming an Ice Witch, Lissandra was permanently blinded by an Ursine's claws. This is Volibear. Please tell me it was Volibear. > The vastaya are chimeric beings who owe their heritage to a union of humans and an ancient, long extinct race. I didn't know that the Proto-Vastaya were extinct. What happened to them? > Native to the rocky crags of northern Demacia are the rare, ferocious Raptors. Only a few individuals have been known to befriend and ride these beasts. This is a Xin Zhao rework is it? Are the raptors similar to Skarl? > Illaoi wields the ''Eye of God,'' an idol of one of the gods of Buhru. How many gods do they have?
- Piltover didn't come in to the lime light until after they blew up the cliffs. Zaun's much older than Piltover. - I'd say that's likely, I mean Shurima's home to one of the more noticable places of Void infulence in Runeterra. - I dunno, I recon Volibear's a bit too big for that. There's plenty of Ursine who could've done it. - Either they died or moved on to some higher plane. Regardless they're all gone as far as anyone who ever knew of them's concerned. - Don't know if that's the direction they'd take Xin. The raptors are not at all like Skaarl. - Not a clue.
: Have the native void creatures we see in game except for Rek'Sa been seen by any native Runterra inhabitants? I just get the feeling that Cho'Gath's presence isnt exactly subtle and neither is Vel'Koz's research
Maybe, depends on where they've been in Runeterra.
: Skarl? Perhaps a baby basilisk or some similar creature?
: Why? What's new about him? To my knowledge, he's basically selling out his people to Lissandra for his own greed.
I just dig the idea of the lowly, simple troll outwitting the ancient plots of someone far more powerful.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Are Baccai weaker than the Ascended? If they're, how much? Also, will we ever have deeper search for Baccai? Like picture, lore, or even as champion?
Couldn't tell you of when we'll see more about the Baccai, as I just don't know, but I would say they're probably weaker, I mean they need to eat, which I don't think the Ascended need. I do hope we get more about the Baccai in the future; I'm super interested in them.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Will we get to know more of Hadiya Najem? Coming from out of no where she is an interesting character to the list of Shurimans. Does she know about Sivir and her weapon as well?
She's probably aware of Sivir by her reputation alone. Nejem was one of many people who cropped up following Shurima's restoration claiming heritage to ancient Shurima to get higher standings in society, like the guy in Bloodline who Nasus burned the face off of when he was testing his blood. Not everyone in Zuretta's convinced by her claim since there's no historical record of Setaka having offspring, but she's the heirophant now so the skeptics will probably keep that to themselves.
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