Bultz (NA)
: How powerful is Karthus lore wise?
Considering Karthus is one of the beings within the Mist who holds some sway over other beings within it, I'd say he's pretty powerful. Perhaps even comparable to Mordekaiser.
: Ah, fair. So as I asked, will Eve be the last this year or will there be a chance to squeeze in a 5th after her? So can we assume the list is mostly the same in that case?
Depends entirely on how long Urgot takes and then how long his team takes on the next champion. No way to guage that at the moment.
: Do. Not. Hype. Me. Up. Thanks.
: To some effect? A million mastery points and still counting, plus he's been my main for as long as I can remember. Thing is, he has a small but dedicated player base and doesn't really warp the game around him. So he can be left in this state for a bit longer. Whereas champions like Pantheon haven't gotten any love recently. Plus he's a very popular champion whenever he's strong so it's about damn time he can be allowed to be popular AND strong without being nerfed whenever he rears his head.
Pantheon also has huge slews of narrative potential considering the Targon update. I always liked the vibe that in game he'd have a reverse Yorick thing where you'd here Pantheon talking most of the time, but every now and again Atreus would speak up. When Panth dies Atreus is like "Really? This is the best the Spear of Targon could do with my body? I would've killed all of them!"
Lyaso (EUW)
: So who would you like to see after Evelyn ? =)
Honestly I'd love to see a Rammus VGU come about. Dude could really use some in game visuals love. Plus an expanded VO that goes from like 8 lines to like 22 lines or something to that effect.
Lyaso (EUW)
: A rioter said that Morde and Nunu are the highest priority on the VGU's list.
That doesn't guarantee them slots. They are high priority, certainly, but there are others up there too.
Lyaso (EUW)
: Next VGU's after Urgot and Evelyn
Yes you can expect new ones. No you can't know who those are yet. The champion the Urgot team will be transitioning towards will be elaborated on when Urgot's much closer to release.
Ralanr (NA)
: Let's just assume that Skaarl is indestructible by Runeterra standards.
That's what I'm willing to assume.
: Where is it confirmed he's killable? If you're talking about in game, the game doesn't affect lore in any way.
> [{quoted}](name=Loping Cinder,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ev3qQR4G,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2015-03-06T19:33:39.511+0000) > > 5. Bard is not omnipotent, as a spirit he can be banished, powerful magics could potentially imprison him, and a force of equal power could possibly end him.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Because it is a spirit? Why? Bard is clearly confirmed as killable being and he is also a spirit. What does make Skaarl special?
Not a clue honestly. I would've said Bard's the exception to rules rather than Skaarl; Skaarl's most unique characterisation is something I would've pegged to her relationship with Kled more so than anything else.
: Could this hint to Kled's location in the Noxian empire? From His short story I assumed he lived near the inlands of Noxus but if Skarrl is a desert spirit could he actually be occupying Shuriman territory that was conquered by Noxus?
Valoran has its own deserts, and the Noxian empire encompasses a lot of that desert.
: If Skaarl is a living organism
She's immortal and indestructible presumably on account of being a spirit. Specifically Skaarl's a drakalops; a desert wind spirit.
Epicurus (OCE)
: What makes you think Targon is in the south?
> **Born in the rocky foothills bordering Icathia’s corrupted shadow**, Taliyah spent her childhood herding goats with her tribe of nomadic weavers. Where most outsiders see Shurima as a beige and barren waste, her family raised her to be a true daughter of the desert and to see beauty in the rich hues of the land. Taliyah was always fascinated by the stone beneath the dunes. When she was a toddler, she collected colorful rocks as her people followed the seasonal waters. As she grew older, the earth itself seemed drawn to her, arcing and twisting to follow her tracks through the sand. And then... > **She journeyed west toward the distant peak of Targon**, her natural connection to rock drawing her toward the mountain that brushed the stars. However, **at the northern edge of Shurima, it was those who marched beneath the banner of Noxus** who discovered her power first. In Noxus, magic like hers was celebrated, they told her; revered, even. They promised her a teacher.
Zharkman (NA)
Barbarian Sion isn't canon. By default no skins are.
Ralanr (NA)
: Wait really?
Yeah, essentially amounts to legal issues of naming someone who wasn't comfortable being named for whatever reason.
: @Riot Who Voice Acts the New Yorick?
Until Yorick's VO actually comes out publicly and states they are as such, Riot can't speak about it.
: Why?
Because age is relative to time, and time's the main factor here.
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: By timeless, you mean ageless? How does that work? Do they not have parents? What about Gnar and Lulu?
No, timeless is a better description than ageless I find.
Tokenon (NA)
: those arnt humans anymore and most those never wher to begin with renkenton,xerath,nasus,and bird man become GODS thats not there natural state, ivern is a animate tree person , lissandra is living evil ice god thing, Ryze is probably the only human here who started out a human and is still human. I dont much on his lore but im pretty sure those runes are keeping him around not his natural abilitie.
All of them are humans transformed by magic, no matter how you slice it. None of them are truly gods.
Tokenon (NA)
: Why does everything in a magical world have to be magical? Can't yordles be just another species that lives and dies like literally other established civilazation in the game?
> Why does everything in a **magical world** have to be **magical**? Well first off that questions a bit strange. If anything I'd expect a lot of magic in a magical world. Especially from its more unique inhabitants. Humans can be magical in this world too y'know.
Tokenon (NA)
: ok then why not make humans timeless then?
Well some kinda are. Maybe not in the same way as yordles but {{champion:268}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:101}} are pretty ancient for humans. It all depends on where you get the means to live for that long. Yordles handle that differently than humans.
Tokenon (NA)
: i mean wahts the point of immortaillty? and why should something given to a literally gods in the game also apply to yordles? i mean froma story prospective its pretty dumb.
It's not so much immortallity and more being timeless. Yordles are still very much killable. I don't see what's dumb about it personally.
Ralanr (NA)
: Darius: The man with no fucks.
"What seperates men from lesser men?" Lesser men don't come from Noxus.
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: what is the song playing? love it!
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=PAt5947y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-12T21:51:10.121+0000) > > The Volibear answer will make more sense in the future. Dude's scary. > > Soraka I think I can elaborate on, since technically the subject's been broached before, if anyone is interested. Can a human have a normal relationship with a Vastaya? i mean complete relationship including family
Pretty sure they can or else there'd by no vastayan-heritage shapeshifters.
: Explain them to me Kappa No but for real explain them maybe I missed something new about Yordles
Providing you've kept up to date with yordle stuff there's nothing new to report at present.
: I thought Kindred was only the spirit of death for Runeterra. Do they end the life on other worlds as well?
Kindred's been implied to be a universal constant. Just because they appear as a lamb and a wolf on Runeterra doesn't mean that's the only way in which they're seen.
: Well, all I know is that he collects and moves around artifacts, while dimension hopping. I thought he just protected Runeterra? Regardless, a lot of shenanigans are happening under his watch even as a big picture type of being.
"When the unknowable structure of the universe is threatened, Bard steers all existence away from utter annihilation." He can see the big picture so he knows what only _looks_ important and what actually _is_ important.
: What region do you want to see get their lore updated next?
Bandle City because I want yordles to make sense so I don't have to keep explaining them to people.
: I get that Bard can travel through dimensions and such, but that doesn't translate into destructive power or durability. Like he's no Darkseid.
Sure but power is expressed in more ways than just destructive capabilities, and considering he's the being who protects the entire universe from unravelling I'd say he's got power in spades.
: Trying to wrap my mind around this. There are Targon natives like the Rakkor/Solari, and those that moved there from around the world? Would you say that Targon is like Noxus of natives vs. foreigners? What about people like Lucian? When he first appeared, it seemed like Riot was going for "all skin tones exist here, it's more about culture", but now it seems like they are implying that certain regions are likely to have people of one race than other areas.
I kinda screwed up there; should've said "half of Mount Targon's resident _champions_" as opposed to resident humans as I was reffering to Diana and Taric. Targon attracts all kinds from across the world but it also kills all kinds from across the world. Its native are more likely to survive by virtue of having a culture that knows what the Mountain's like.
: Regarding skin color, Shurimans tend to be of a darker/tanned complexion. Serpent Islanders like TF and Illaoi are darker. I know that Targon is more west, and there could be more forms of climate, but why are Targonians pale?
I'm gonna say because its resident champions were designed in a time when Mount Targon was basically Mount Olympus on Runeterra, and everyone was Greek. Nowadays half of Mount Targon's resident humans aren't Targon natives so it kinda makes things a bit wonky.
Eyalronen (EUNE)
: Strongest Beings in the League Universe
Depends on what you're looking for. While the power of Nagakabouros is something we've seen we don't know what Nagakabouros even is, only a religious interpretation of such. Bard and Aurelion Sol stack up as being among the most powerful entities in the universe, but they'll still meet Kindred at some point. The Aspects of Targon are incomprehensible for mortal beings but Aurelion Sol's bio implies that even they can die. And no one else really holds a candle to that. So between Nagakabouros, Aurelion Sol, Bard, Kindred and the Aspects of Targon whose to say really? I'm just gonna stick with Bard because Bard is Bard.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Was Xerath mage from birth but didn't know that, and he learnt his talent with searching about magic or did he get it somehow?
: So why is Taric the shield of Valoran or whatever? Unless that's where he stays now?
Well if his bio and colour story are anything to go by then Valoran needs protection too. Makes sense to me that The Protector would be willing to send his host back home to protect that land since there's already Leona and Pantheon protecting Mount Targon.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Does it mean magic is genetic? Or at least is it something that comes from birth? Does it mean you can't be a mage without having innate magical talent?
I dunno if it's completely based on genetics but some of this stuff does get passed down through families. Non-magical people can become magical through other means of course but as for people with innate magic I dunno.
: Oh, so you can have Vastayan blood without being Vastayan then. Does that mean some humans with Vastayan blood can have other powers or other characteristics of Vastaya but still not be Vastayan? Like a human with feathers or something but also not be Vastayan?
Nah at that point the bloodline's so diluted that only lingering magic really remains, which is how the shapeshifting powers come about. I'd imagine it's the only one that sticks around since it was something that the vastayashai'rei had in spades.
Czeslaw (NA)
: How strong is Camille?
I would say she's comparable to Warwick, though in his case he's got a lot of raw physical strength to back up his sharp claws and ferocity, where as Camille's more about deftly avoiding and then applying swift, lethal strikes. In an environment like Zaun or Piltover, few could take her on. But in the end she'll still get her stupid shins kicked in by Pantheon, Renekton, Nasus, Skarner, etc. Also Urgot would tear her a new one.
: But it was said that Nidalee had blood so diluted that she wasn't even considered Vastaya, however, She seems to have more Vastayan blood than half of the confirmed Vastaya. If she isn't Vastaya, what race is she? She definitely isn't human.
She's human. Vastayan heritage =/= being a vastaya. The vastaya have access to other powers beyond shapeshifting.
: If Nidalee's diluted blood separates her from Vastaya, why can she freely change from form to form?
Vastaya come from a union of humans and a race of spiritual shapeshiftery dudes known as the vastayashai'rei, so vastaya can interbreed with humans, though it dilutes the inherent magic that comes with being a vastaya since there's even more human in there now than before. The power comes from their heritage.
: Then how the hell did Taric make it to Targon? Who were those barbarians that invaded in Pantheon and Leona's stories? I assumed they were from the Freljord. This is just fueling my Aspect-Ascendant connection more.
Probably by boat; he was exiled from Demacia so probably would've had a bit of an easier time finding transport to Shurima and then travelling on land from there since I find it doubtful that there's any ports near Mount Targon. And those barbarians could be from anywhere; Mount Targon attracts all kinds of people from across the world, as remote and dangerous as it is.
: Wait what? How close is Demacia to Targon then? Where's Freljord?
It's a pretty reasonable distance away. There's a large body of water seperating the two. The Freljord's to the north as always, in a relatively north direction from Demacia.
: Who's the smartest champion in league?
Sharjo (EUW)
: I DON'T KNOW EITHER I'M STILL TESTING THE WATERS Might as well just ask and I'll see where the boundaries lie. There have been void rifts in places other than Icathia, so other cultures have had encountered with voidborn before and thus named them. Shurima's history with the Void's probably a bit more extensive though, hence why they went about naming the different species. I'd imagine in a place like Demacia they just look at a voidborn and are like "blegh, they're all the same, just varying levels of scary". So tl;dr, other regions probably have different names for voidborn, but Shurima's more extensive naming of individual species is probably not so common in other cultures.
Praise for what? I haven't done anything!
: Maokai didn't keep his original voice. He had a new voice entirely while Lux keeps her original voice lines and added more lines into that set.
Her entire VO was recorded though with the exception of her laugh, and several lines were cut from her original script. The actress didn't change of course but blow for blow their updates were essentially of the same caliber.
: It was hinted in one of the asked Riot blogs and with the combined information of the leaked at the time, everyone assumed Caitlyn would have the next Lux style VO.
> assumed Well there's your problem right there. Also the next Lux style VO update was technically Maokai.
: Where are the new ez and cait VOs?
I guess there isn't one for them at present. Also who actually said that there'd be new Ez and Cait VOs in the near future?
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