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: Evelynn, Agony's Embrace
You literally stole the intro from Dumbs, come on man you can at least try harder than this
Nagisa21 (EUW)
: Yasuo dead in a 0.00s - Ep 7
that's not even close to the 0.00s I was promised lmao clearly you've never seen a true Rengar oneshot
: Suprised to see nothing about swain
Idk I personally find him really weak. Sure it's boring playing vs him spamming E and just slowly scaling but his early all ins are horrendous as far as I've seen, so I just all in him everytime.
Lewanor (NA)
: Happy Birthday Talon. Here is my gift to you, hoping you'll get lore one day. [Quotes and Lore]
Awesome post, never seen this much effort put into any posts on these boards. Hope Talon gets some new lore or even a VU with these ideas in mind, I love them!
: Give Galio His Damage Reduction Back on His Ult
It will completely break him in pro play and give Riot a reason to break his kneecaps again tho :(
: Qiyana insta-gibbed me twice @ lv3 within a minute, I love this damage creep meta so much man
Yeah she's broken, and more assassins doing this need to be looked at. Luckily she's getting her E base damage decreased by 20 but honestly I feel like more champs need nerfs like that to fix damage creep again...
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Bârd (NA)
: Their reasoning is "If we buff tank damage, people will pick tanks instead of higher damage roles so damage will be lower overall" Of course, they completely miss the issue with this. * Tanks end up with the damage output of old bruisers. * Bruisers end up with the damage output of old divers. * Divers end up with the damage output of old assassins. * Assassins just instantly kill anything they touch.
This has to be the best post I've read on this matter Divers to me feel like old assassins, just with more cc (which makes them obnoxious imo) Assassins just obliterate literally anything, and this is coming from an assassin main...
: fk u this is the reason they dont visit the boards nothing constructive you could have said "nerf yasuo into oblivion" which is at least positive but then I got chat restricted and this f\*\*\*\*\* company sucks I dont know why they banned my account so they wont EVER listen to you idiot report!!!
And saying "fk u" and the like 5 times in your post is an even better example of why Riot does not visit the boards.
Yenn (NA)
: I've gone 14 consecutive games without getting my primary role. This is not acceptable.
Worst part of the system for me is when you go into queue, it says it estimates around 2 minutes queue time, queue pops after 12 seconds and you've been autofilled. I mean c'mon, I'll wait an extra minute or two if it's necessary but these instant autofill matches make me sad everytime.
: "How about a magic trick?"
Holy shit I knew it was pathetic but that....... His E should have more ad scaling at lvl 1 so it at least gets noticeably better when you build ad, that 60% ratio is extremely sad
: Mord's ult
It also cancels certain visuals on my screen. Jesus is it hard to tell where my skillshots go while I'm in hell.
: EDIT: ok nvm i did a shit post, i thought this was some 'my champ is weak' thread oops. Its matchup dependant, they max W whenever they want to shove and roam constantly, or they max Q when they want to just shit on their lane opponent all game. He's definitely on the strong side rn.
He's strong, I won't deny it. Just the way in which he's strong feels bad. You know, his main skills feels like it does nothing after the early 2-3 levels and the rest of his kit becomes so disproportionately powerful that you still oneshot everything, just in a really silly way imo
: No mercy or fun for Assassin Mains.
I'm talking about fixing both sides here, surely people don't enjoy Talon's Q + R oneshotting them either?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Shaydrox,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EW3oGcRY,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-04-07T21:30:55.929+0000) > > Typically a poke skill on assassins is smart since it allows them to be useful outside of only all ins and oneshots. While it might not always make sense on the champion, it adds an extra dimension to their gameplay which is very important. Also Talon's W is quite the unique skill so his players want to keep it probably. It doesn’t make sense for it to have a range comparable to Xerath range. Make it 600-700 so it can still be on par with some mages skills but not that freaking safe. Assassins being too safe is the reason we can’t have them objectively strong.
His W used to have 600 range but back then it had no delay. Honestly despite the larger range the current version is more healthy gameplay wise since it has a noticeable delay that allows you to walk out of it UNLESS he throws it when already close to you. So yeah it makes his laning pattern slightly safer but when fighting champions it still isn't useful to throw the W at 900 range. And let's not forget that Talon has no E in lane so he needs all the help he can get.
: Talon should be a melee assassin that goes in for the kill, he shouldn't have a 900 range poke skill that also activates 2/3 of his passive.
Typically a poke skill on assassins is smart since it allows them to be useful outside of only all ins and oneshots. While it might not always make sense on the champion, it adds an extra dimension to their gameplay which is very important. Also Talon's W is quite the unique skill so his players want to keep it probably.
: I miss old Zed where you were building Blade of the Ruined King and doing some plays nowadays Its boring to play Zed since you literally start oneshotting with W Q E or you are too back to even do something or everyone buys zhonya and you are fucced up
I agree with you, old Zed with BotRK actually had more gameplay than this oneshotfest. That's not just Zed though, this goes for many assassins imo...
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fondling Gems,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=di94gyAv,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-09T23:19:46.366+0000) > > I just hate that the counter to assassins is vision, but then {{item:3147}}, a core assassin item, completely removes the counterplay to them. And certain mechanics like {{champion:91}} E, {{champion:141}} E making vision irrelevant... Duskblade or not.
Or Zed uses W into R jumping on you from the entire screen away and oneshots you with E + duskblade AA + Ignite Or Rengar runs at you from whatever direction and all you get is a heads up before your HP bar disintegrates Lots of fun all around....
: His clone isn't guaranteed to hit, it rarely does. His R is also technically avoidable, though in practice it's always after a dash+Q and then most of the spin lands unless the target flashes.
His clone does neglectable damage and his R while technically avoidable has pretty much 0 gameplay outside of just running away from it. I don't even mind his R so much but something in his E or Q has got to have a bit more counterplay than right now imo.
: Death in 0.54 seconds
wow a full 0.54 seconds? Yesterday I died in 0.2s to a Rengar....
: Give Wukong a new passive
Should do the same as with Talon, he also had a horrendously outdated passive and some tweaks needed on his main kit. Give Wukong at least a single source of damage that's not guaranteed to hit, and give him some kind of gameplay in his passive and he'll become healthier and way more interesting to play.
: So, they got away the ult passive which gave him bonus ad BUT made him able to do way more damage in lane. IDK maybe it is going to be something like shaco which you dont lvl up ult second time and lvl up abilities. We will see
His ult gains a massive damage increase and a noticeable cooldown decrease. At rank 1 his ult does 25% damage, at rank 2 35% and at rank 3 it's 45%. That's way too important to not level it.
: So, uh... I just have to ask about Kayle's ultimate
The "low cooldown" is now 160 seconds at rank 1 on the PBE though
: Maybe it's a sign if champs have nearly 80% ban rate, that they're overpowered
Out of those champions I have the most problems with Vlad tbh Idk why but everytime there is an even halfway decent Vlad in a teamfight I just watch people around me get obliterated by his AoE and I wonder wtf happened
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: It wouldn't effect his ability to farm lane, which is already pretty good.
It's decent but won't keep him alive if he loses his ability to roam effectively
: Talon needs the CDR on his wall jump increased by about 10 seconds.
that would render him 100% unplayable....I don't think you play the champ at all if you think that's a good idea
: Ikr. But don't forget, saying Assassins are weak at any point is forbidden here. And even Duskblade, Sudden Impact and Elektrocute (or basically the whole domination tree) got nerfed so even those don't even deal that much dmg anymore.
Assassins are not weak at all, it's just that I feel way too much of their damage is coming from sources that are not their own kit
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: "This guy plays Zed and Yasuo" -> "Low Elo hates Zed and Yasuo" -> "What else does Low Elo hate?" -> "AFK split pushers who can kill you quickly" -> "Recommend Nasus". That's all I can think of, and even that's a stretch.
> [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1UlLpVOR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-14T14:13:35.967+0000) > > "This guy plays Zed and Yasuo" -> "Low Elo hates Zed and Yasuo" -> "What else does Low Elo hate?" -> "AFK split pushers who can kill you quickly" -> "Recommend Nasus". > > That's all I can think of, and even that's a stretch. Tbh that should have ended in a Tryndamere recommendation
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Valknut (NA)
: Tanks do die to assassins right now, an = fed assassin like talon or zed will 1v1 most tanks. This has exceptions tanks like Garen an Darius do well in those fights, well tanks like Orron and Poppy have 0 chance. The reality is buying pure armour items right now is a trap, they don't give you the suitability to dmg ration they need to.
If you think a Talon (even when fed) is ever going to 1v1 Poppy then I'm not sure we're playing the same game.
: So we can just hope that Assasines will be entirely gutted in season 9, because they entirely (solo) ruled the entire season 8. Im rlly looking forward for thw day i, as tank, the natural hardcounter to assasines, will be ablw to surive more than 3 seconds, or even better to kill an Assisine (not only if he missplays massivly). My best memory is patch 7.16 where i as lulu (no tank, but enchanter are at the same level (aka bullshit)) oneshot a 1.8k hp rengar, that wanted to jump on my adc. Now ud say thats unhealthy, but considering, that our bot was superfed and i played it perfectly (poly, e, r, ignite, q, aa) it was just the fair reward of my plays. Nowdays a 0/5 rengar can oneshot a 10-0 botlane just by owning duskblade, not providing any counterplay, cause u will be oneshot, before u can do anything. Rlly looking forward for a tank meta to come back.
Assassins entirely (solo) ruled the entire season 8? What? I'm seeing Irelias and Aatroxes or Camilles every single game personally, assassins are not the #1 problem imo.
Kelteir (EUW)
: Dumb Malphite Gameplay.
Is this not how Malphite usually plays?
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: instead of conqueror causing 20% of your dmg to champs.
If it increases physical damage by 10%, it'll enhance a Zed/Kha/Talon combo by more damage than Electrocute or Dark Harvest right now. The current version of Conqueror is way more fair since it cannot be used in quick burst combos.
: Which champions fulfill their fantasies the best in your opinon
{{champion:91}} Because he jumps over walls and stabs people
Dr Dog (NA)
: Talons e needs a higher in combat cd
Honestly that would just kill him I understand frustration against this ability but comparing Talon's mobility to other assassins he's far less mobile in combat already, and Riot even gave him low base movement speed so he wouldn't be fast in combat. The restriction of only being able to jump over walls makes it ways less easy to use than a LeBlanc W or Kass R, it's also a jump which allows people to still hit him while he's doing it. Because of these downsides he's allowed to potentially jump all over the map in record time yeah.
: talon is pretty much broken but people are too busy riding the nerf-champions-with-42%-winrate train to notice really, his E makes him the easiest assassin to play: exceptional burst, great poke, waveclear, free escape with no CC.. but ok.
"great poke" have you even played this champion? lmao
: Akali Revert
Most of those aren't nearly as gamebreaking as you may think though. Before ASol could fly across the map we had TF who could literally teleport there faster with a targeted stun, and TF has not been a problem for many years now. Talon gained his insane mobility over walls at the cost of being rather immobile (for an assassin at least) in other situation such as in the middle of a lane. On a side note I'm not saying Akali needs her true stealth removed. But it's good that Riot is looking at her shroud mostly for adding counterplay, since she's so frustrating to face because of that thing.
: Can we revert the kha zix 90% slow? I don't even know why he needs it. Might as well make it a stun.
Talon's W is no good comparison tbh The slow is short and damage wise it hits like a wet noodle
: Yorick needs these changes to be good again
He needs some buffs yeah I agree. But if you give him that whole list he's gonna be so broken it's unreal lol
kritttt (NA)
: please rework illaoi
Illaoi is one of the worst juggernauts imo, but more because she is dependant on her enemies trying to fight here. If you're Darius you can potentially force trades with your E and capitalize, if you're Illaoi and someone knows to not fight you you just sit there farming without anything you can do about it. You can E them but that only works for poke, unless your enemy actually fights you when you hit your E in which case it turns into a massive damage amplification (also not very healthy imo). I would rework her purely because she struggles to deal with people who understand that they shouldn't all in her, and she will generally as a result be outclassed by Darius/Urgot and other strong bruisers. Although that is my opinion of course.
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: Reducing Assassin damage to Tanks and Juggernauts would improve the over-the-top feel of game damage
As a Talon main I can tell you I typically don't even bother tossing spells onto a Sion as I feel like I'm not even tickling him. I feel damage in general is too high, but I don't think this particular part is the real issue tbh.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Okay now the Gameplay team is just trolling
The gameplay team has already been trolling in last season tbh
: Explain a champion lore badly. Others try guess the champion.
> [{quoted}](name=GrReaper96,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=k3phJcEV,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-12T20:32:19.978+0000) > A really old person stalks this really young girl. My uncle?
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