: I've actually been meaning to get a Morgana tattoo, which I've been waiting for since they revealed they were going to update her, because I didn't know how much of her they were going to change. Why Morgana? She was the very first champion I played, not counting tutorials, and put effort into learning. I always liked her for her personality, wanting freedom, the power to lift her up and crush her enemies, and now that her lore has been altered, I like her even more for her commitment to mercy and compassion, albeit a crueler form of compassion. Although, I still wouldn't want to get her herself tattoed onto me, probably just a quote from her new VO since it could be applied to multiple things, not just LoL specifically. The quotes I've picked out so far are; "Pain is grace." "My wings are bound but my soul flies." "I did not fall from grace, I leapt." "True grace is beautiful in its imperfection, honest in its emotion, freed by its own frailty." If I do get this one, I'm probably going to paraphrase it to "Freed by my own frailty" Either one of these, or I'm just going to get the support symbol tattooed onto me somewhere.
That's quite a good choice! Morgana's amazing, not only in game but also her lore and personality are pretty awesome! :) I really love the ones you chose and personaly, the last one is probably the one that represents her more. The change you would make, sound cool aswell. Also, I can imagine her quote in front of her wings, it would make a perfect tattoo. But more importantly, If you really decide on making a tattoo of one of her quotes (or anything else ofc), you should go for the one you feel you can relate more, that way it will mean alot more to you. And I'm pretty sure it will look amazing! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: The style reminds me a lot of borderlands.
Now that you mention it, it does a little... maybe because of the shading xD
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