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: PLEASE let us mute other players, it is a pain when they spam in all caps, or spam pings, thanks.
I never tried or needed to do it , but isn't it possible to /mute all ? or have you tried it? also pings can't be muted ,only the sound of the pings, which should be available to mute overall.
: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
Hi Riot Team ! I was wondering if there will be another (new) Synergy/Origins for example Shurimans/the Desert Dwellers you name it, maybe put in it like Azir ,Xerath,Renekton,Nasus maybe add more it's fine. Azir's Ability could be his Arise! (W) where he can stack max 3 ,Xerath either Q or R , Nasus could be E/Q or W for utlity, Renekton his Q or R (R giving him bonus health, AS and AD like one of those Shapeshifters to be in the same Synergy. also Shuriman Synergy could be nice (since they're from the desert) chance to slow the attack speed of the enemy it could be a nice possibility nothing broken, nothing too weak but could be nice to look into. Thank you for your time and work ! Best Regards, yours truly, Shift God Azir p.s.{{champion:268}} join me in the Oasis
: Tencent Icons
i saw someone had or at least has the master yi icon on euw.
: What is the bonus reward for watch and earn 3 mission?
but is it max 12 missions? or are there more than 12? cause i missed 8th and now doing 9th.
R4ff4 (NA)
: so uh..... this doesnt make it any better... if i could get a refund on my account purchases that would be great. i have spent entirely too much money on this game to sit here knowing that other people have accounts with more unlocked content than i do and they didnt pay a dime for it. just take it all back please the skins, chromas, ward skins, rune pages, icons, emotes, the champions i paid to unlock. i honestly dont even want to play this game anymore with the way you guys are handling this situation. people who spend money on your game for this content are what keep it free to play. yet people come along and end up with more than us for free and youre ok with it? just gonna let this one slide? no punishment for accounts that took advantage of an obvious mistake? no compensation for people who actually pay for stuff when it comes out. i logged in yesterday planning to buy the new aatrox and pyke skins and probably a couple capsules until i saw what had happened on reddit... havent played a game since and i did not buy those skins... all i ask is for a refund of all my account purchases because apparently your content isnt worth the money ive spent on it according to you guys
holy sht, if they refund me i'll be a thousandaire
: I've played other online games that have reset the servers back many hours due to abused exploits. Yeah some people lose progress, but that can be gained back. What can't be gained back with this response is the trust of your paying players that feel slighted by this. What can't be gained back is the feeling of having something "exclusive," weather that be a skin simply because you paid money for it, or because you have it and others don't (gemstone skins.) This makes many of your paying players feel like the money they spent on things is now heavily devalued. Feelings are nebulous and sometimes seem stupid, but we're human and they do matter. The ability to articulate them is what differentiate us from most other species. To decide you will do absolutely nothing to remove anything from accounts that abused it, and to decide not to give paying players that didn't abuse the exploit anything as a good will gift (I personally think 5 free capsules would be enough to make most happy) is a huge mistake and just feels really shitty.
I also said the same thing and I quote "I'm not asking for 100+ capsules, just 1 capsule will be a generous gesture from a multi-billionaire Company"
: Holy shit, fuckk you Riot seriously. I think i speak for most of the community when i say this is bullshit.. Oh boo hoo it would be hard for you to undo all that shit and its easier to slap all the people buying shit legit in the face. I spent over 2.5k on your fucking game and people were able to just get in that ballpark of stuff for free? That is grade A bullshit.. I wont be spending anymore money on your game and i sincerely hope that more people also decide to say to hell with you and stop spending as well.
: Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error
Riot should compensate us "Paying Customers" for spending our hard worked money during this event, I'm not asking for 100+ capsules, 1 would be generous enough for a multi-billionaire company.
Bronze 1 (NA)
: Decay Question
usually i think after 1 month
: Radiant Wukong Summoner Icon Question
where and how was this available?
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