: Well even with 10 bans you probably wouldn't see 10 bans in any specific role (unless they are incredibly OP) as some would likely choose to ban champions they would struggle with in lane or such And if every single player in that game/lobby want to make the ADCs or whatever role go away why shouldn't they be allowed to try? (though of course there are already more then 10 champions of every role)
You're right. That didn't come to my mind yesterday. We don't usually ban 3 champs of only one role right now. As I now think about it, I probably would just ban champs I can't play against really good instead of a meta/op champ or whatever myself. Yes, right as well. Like I said we have a lot of champions, so there are obviously more than only 2 of any role. Fuck xD. And even if we had only 10 ADCs, there would still be Mordekaiser :D. But I still think 10 looks like a lot, I guess I'm just thinking shit right now D: Well then, don't take the first part too serious now - at least the part with the thoughts on the number of bans - , just me writing down things without fully thinking about them.
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: State of Gameplay: Pre Worlds Updates and Beyond
I personally like the idea of adding more bans for p/b considering how many champions we do have right now and that it probably won't stop in near future with new champions being added to the game. Not really sure here, but I think that if there were 10 bans it would be too much. You then could probably just ban every adc/midlaner/etc. that's in meta right now with your team. In my opinion 2 additional bans would be enough already. Maybe I'm forgetting about some things that would change my opinion but I can't really think of anything else right now. We'll see what's best when it's time has come. With more bans being added, of course, the required champions for ranked have to be increased. I think regardless of how many additional bans will be added it should be around 4 (or even 6) more required champions. It would be a great opportunity for players to learn more about the game while earning the IP for the champions needed. The changes you made for the turrets and cloud drake are both pretty good in my opinion. I still think that cloud drake isn't really worth fighting for, at least in the early game, but it made him definitely more useful - or better: more worth fighting for. Keep up the good work.
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: New champ select Q&A with the dev team!
So, first of all I want to say that you created something awesome there. It looks really nice and the banphase is -in my opinion- really great so there is no possibility of the first pick, may he be a troll, trollbanning three champs. Now coming to my questions: 1.) Why did you choose the last three people to ban instead of the first three? 2.) What if a summoner, who picked 'fill' as one of his roles/positions gets to fill a position he actually doesn't want to play? Will there be a chance to kick this one in champselect and return to queue? Or will there be something like an extra reason to report him after the game? And what will you do against people like this?


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