Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
What exactly do i get opening chests? Shards? And what is needed to upgrade from a shard to a permanent skin?
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Sharjo (EUW)
: > That video makes NO SENSE. And i mean it. I dare anyone to come here and find a good explanation for Bard: Mountain. > Oh? What? Rioters explained it saying Bard wanders through space and time and saves people who will become important? WELL WHY ISN'T THAT EXPLAINED IN THE VIDEO? Why I have to search for a Rioter to explain what the hell i just watched? I hope you guys agree that this is a mockery. What it's not allowed that people can make their own interpretations of stuff? That they can think outside of the box and ponder about greater elements of the story? No I don't agree that it's a mockery, because it does make sense. Noxians go and try and obtain a magic stone. Old guy uses it to try and stop them, Bard senses this, swoops in and takes it away. So what does that tell us? - Noxus wants artifacts of great power, or it did at one point. Why? The stone cut a mountain in half. Imagine what that would do for the war against Demacia. - What makes the stone so important? It leveled a sodding mountain. It also was of some importance to the people, as the old guy was saying they'd die without it. - Why did Bard intervene there and not save the villagers? The stone must have been of greater importance to Bard considering it wrecked the sodding mountain. So while you see it as nonsensical and a mockery, I see it as very interesting, very enjoyable, and something I'm still thinking about now. Now on to the finer points, not about Bard: Mountain but about Riot in general. - Everyone has their own teams but the teams aren't isolated units, they all work in tandem. the Shurima event had the champion design team, narrative, the guys who make featured game modes, web design guys, artists, etc. Narrative literally *has* to work with the other parts of Riot or else the stuff we've been getting wouldn't happen. Even the JoJ needed guys from the art department. - They've fucked things up. We know it, they know it, it's been admitted to before. We do know some stuff that's happening in Runeterra though, cuz you know, there's Harrowings and a resurrected Shurima and a Freljord civil war, among other things. - Finally, as a note, the single paragraph Bios aren't gonna be there forever. They're meant for the client and to have a link there to bring you to the website, where longer stories will be made available. Tech issues have delayed this since Shurima. I don't know how, because I don't know how website engineering works, but that's the long and the short of it. So to summarize; lore's fucked in many ways but it's not dead. If it was we wouldn't get stuff like Bard: Mountain, regardless of how little sense it made to you. Everyone knows it's fucked, Riot knows its fucked, and we're all waiting on them to deliver. I'm patient so I'm happy waiting it out. You don't seem to, so if you want, go, save yourself the time and heartache. Things won't be magically fixed by tomorrow oh no, this ride's gonna be long and bumpy. Hell it already has been.
I have some (little) knowledge in web design and stuff and I can't see how a big company like Riot can take almost a year to fix text and stuff, the little things lore requires. Most probable thing is they're getting ready for something really big. At least, I hope so. Nah, I don't hope so, I don't want to get my expectations high. However, it could really be.... No. It can't. Maybe..
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: If you're getting that response, than your account will be among those that are evaluated for possible approval.
I checked it out again and turns out i got in, but got no email! Thanks, can't wait to help you in the PBE!
: I don't know if there were any pruning of old applications, but it wouldn't hurt to apply again for possible future approvals that may happen. For this round, I've pulled up all the applications I could find in our database.
I applied a long time ago but trying to re-apply just says me that i've already applied and should wait a response.
: if you need any help figuring out how to use it, [here](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4iBSZN-3mw) is a video on how to use quicktime as a recording software, you'll need something to turn your computers sounds into a mic, i suggest [soundflower](https://code.google.com/p/soundflower/) for that. and example of one of the things i recorded using these two is [this(from a long time ago, but still the quality it will record at)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VWLfreafRI)
Quicktime is what I use right now! Thing is, sometimes it bugs out and stops recording, and doesn't record sound. I'll try with the software you suggested me, thanks! Also recording with Quicktime drops my FPS to 20-30, and sometimes screw up the video quality. Thanks for the advices tho!
: Short Stories: Kalista - Invocation
What's the point of this. Really. Why does she have spears in her body? How did she become what she is? Why is she so obsessed with betrayers? How did she know the Ruined King? The story explains nothing of this and even if well-written, is just not enough. It's hard to believe that in 3-4 months you STILL haven't been able to put a few lines in a website because of "tech issues". That might sound harsh but it's because i expect great things from your Riot, and sometimes you just don't shine.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I think you can check out my logs. I'll admit sometimes i lose my patience but I often try to be friendly when I calm down. Also I make too many jokes :C And most of them are really bad lmao I know i'm not the best positive player and probably not eligible for this rewards but i'm looking forward to improve. I accept any advice on how to control the 2-minutes-long rage i get sometimes :C
eddy5641 (NA)
: Use http://spectate.prma.fr/ to read the .bat file and use this website http://na.op.gg/ (Make sure you hit open current game info then hit record)
Gonna try it out! Thank you guys, this will really help me out with getting footage! :D
Yotzin (NA)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH7EBpewPUc
Will definitely try this out! Thank you so much!
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
Is Kalista involved in the Harrowing and the tale from the puppeteer?
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: ***
*sigh* i understand why it is like that, but i honestly think it sucks and should be reverted.
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Katukaz (NA)
: Yes you may!
Hey :D I ended up using it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTdQRxD8pY8 I gave the link and the credit for the song in the ending and in the description, hope that's ok :3
Katukaz (NA)
: My 8-bit remix of that Warriors song!
Nice :D I may use it on my channel (WaffleBit goes great with this song :P), of course I will give you credit posting the link wherever i can (video and description). Shall i notify you in case I do?
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Jimmyyy (NA)
: PS: Don't get reported I've been waiting 10+ months and it says that reported ppl don't get in that's why I haven't gotten in yet most likely #RiotI'mSorry
I even got the friendly reward (the green one) some weeks ago but still nothing #imdoomed #riotpls Let's close this off-topic now :D
: Wait, where am I? Where did the old forums go?
I guess I helped creating this board with my thread: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/iG9Awjtz-we-have-a-problem-here I'm so glad it helped somehow :3 PS: i'm still waiting to enter the PBE after 8 months of applying #riotpls
: Have you considered Diana, Leona, Jinx, Lulu, Soraka, Nami, Braum, Lucian, Garen, or Nautilus? I would love a support specific 10 second champion gameplay, or something around a group of champs. ^^
You mean an episode based on champions with some correlation between them? I thought about it and i am currently checking out if that will work out :D About the champions you listed, I did consider at least one there :3 Thanks for the comment!
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Tamat (NA)
: The NA doesn't matter ... it's just how we set it up. If you want to report an in-game bug, then that is currently the place to do so. Doesn't matter if you are from EUW. **Edit**: Seems like EUW and EUNE posters aren't able to post in Help & Support (NA). We'll look into a solution for this.
That's EXACTLY what i was talking about. Thanks. Looks like my topic was for a good use at the end. Notify me when i can post there so i can finally post the bug i was talking about.
Pryotra (NA)
: So tone invalidates a point? How about you get off of your high horse for two seconds, and think to yourself if you have *ever* used sarcasm, hyperbole, or been condescending when making a point. If you say you haven't, then you are lying, because you just did.
I gave up on him :)
: > **That's it, i'm done with these boards. I loved it at first but it's becoming too messy. Because moving threads instead of deleting them and forcing to repost them is too mainstream.** > **PS: Please delete this thread too and ask me to post this in another nonexistent board, that would be funny** This is sarcastic and insulting. "The boards suck. I'm done. Let me end with a snarky jab at the boards staff." And since you're so fond of soap boxes, I'll take this time to point out *again* that reactions like this don't fix problems for the community (which mind you, is one for a completely free-to-play game). And *again* I'm going to say that next time Waffle or anyone wants to see positive changes for the community inspired *by* the community, maybe they should just respectfully point out the problem and request a solution. For example: >**Subject: We Have a Problem Here** *I noticed there isn't a Help & Support subforum, which is where the staff told me to repost my issue. Is there a link I'm missing? It would really help if access to "Help & Support" was made clearer for users who need to report issues. I'm including a screen cap of my browser, showing no listing for the subforum on the boards side menu. If anyone can help, that would be great. Thanks!* Look at how easy it is to not be a total bag of dicks about it.
> Wafflebit, you're being insulting. > Wafflebit, you've been a "total bag of dicks about it" Why do i even answer you
: >EDIT: Also everytime i try to downvote your post it asks me to log in the boards even if i'm obviously already logged in. Another bug i can't report cause i'm from EUW ;D Actually, this one you can report, on "Boards Feedback!" I recommend putting [Bug Report] in the title.
This thing is so ironic i actually had a good laugh. lol :3
: or it's just a feature/link that was overlooked for the euw page. maybe pointing it out & asking for a solution instead of being insulting would be a little more productive and actually lead to progress for the boards.
1) I did not know that was only for NA. I thought it didn't exist at all. 2) I took time to screenshot and report the bug, what i got was a deleted thread, a confusive advice to repost it to a nonexistent board and a lot of wasted time. I didn't use a single offensive word, i just said that the boards are messy right now. If saying my opinion is offensive, then we can not have a serious discussion. EDIT: Also everytime i try to downvote your post it asks me to log in the boards even if i'm obviously already logged in. Another bug i can't report cause i'm from EUW ;D
: Hey friend, If I get this right since you're an EUW user, there is no Help & Support Board in the Boards list on the left of the website? Being on NA, it does specifically say [Help & Support (NA)](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/osqw6G4M), In that case, you can use the link to reach the Board that the moderators were pointing you too. I hate to hear about the troubles, but I hope this helps.
So you're basically telling me that if i am an EUW user i can not report bugs on the boards. That's like, super fair. Thank you for the advice anyway. I won't be reposting that because it feels like they're teasing me.
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: https://obsproject.com/ This is a software that will let you stream and record videos and it also allows you to add a WebCam
oh my god thank you <3
ploki122 (NA)
: Fool! This biscuit was made for humans, do yo uwant to intoxicate them?
Some variety on their diet will not kill them u.u
: Riot Silver Confirms Ultimate skin in game!!!!
You also googled riot silver lmfao
: I don't really know if anyone has posted about it here or not
My ranked team is called Jumanji. Can you imagine the pain right now ç_ç
yupster (NA)
: Nom nom nom nom (in the right board)
Will that poro ever stop? I hope not ç_ç {{item:2009}}
Krizalid (EUW)
: Who's hand is this?
New ultimate skin for Veigar, my guess :D
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: Vel'Koz and Death
His Q should split actually.
R Buck (NA)
: There's opportunities for people with all sorts of skills. I wouldn't choose your major based on what you think will help you work at Riot - you're more likely to get here doing something you are passionate about and excel at than any specific major we could recommend to you here.
Of course working at riot is not the only thing i'm thinking about when i'm choosing the major, but i was wondering if that would be ok :)
Shaodow (NA)
: It depends on what you want to do in your career. I've always wanted to work at a gaming company, either as an engineer, a player, or a designer. I think if you get a degree that is diverse in use and can be applied to a lot of things -- you'll have a good shot. It doesn't hurt to have extra-curriculars that contribute to the League community though. Building your own apps or communities, hosting tournaments; anything like that to get you noticed!
That's kind of what i'm trying to do this summer: learning C++ and opening my youtube channel (The second one isn't going that great tho :/)
: Hey WaffleBit! I wouldn't worry too much about what your major is :P I'm a biology/political science double major, which is something you wouldn't necessarily associate with LoL. As long as your passionate about League and what you do, your major is only a secondary concern. That being said, if you want to get into the engineering or art teams, it's best to have the knowledge to be able to bring value to those teams. As part of the regional ambassador team, there's a larger emphasis on soft skills such as people and time management and organization that you can't necessarily be taught in a major.
Thank you for the advice! :D This Q & A is great
Nivyx (NA)
: I'm studying Religion, Ethics, and Politics and I'm here working in Publishing for the Latin America region. It matters if you're smart and talented, of course, but follow your passions and you'll be fine. ^__^
ahah wow :D thanks for the advice
: No problem! As I mentioned in another comment, I think the most important thing is building up your skills and experience. Whether you want to work at Riot or another game company, you're fortunate enough to know what your passion is very early! Use this extra time to learn to make games if that's what you're interested in, or write about them, or help manage communities even if it's on a volunteer basis. Before getting an internship here, I was volunteering for several LoL websites and getting experience that really helped me out.
Oh that's great, i've already been a mod for a big gaming forum :D I'll try to put that in my curriculum lol xD
: There are people with really diverse fields of study here! Riot cares more about what you know and what you can do than what you've studied. The other esports intern last year with me (who is now full time after graduating) studied Philosophy. I'm studying English and Economics. If you want to work in a more technical field then that will certainly help you, but never feel limited by what you've chosen.
Thank you for the answer. That actually... reassured me a lot. :D
notvert (NA)
: Riot Games Summer Intern Q&A
I'd really, really, really like to join riot in the future i'm still in high school tho (almost finished!) I want to go for informatic engineering at university... Is there a chance i can enter if i do that or should i aim at other majors?
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: Hecarim vs Elise
Elise is way better at the moment. She requires an higher skill cap but it is worth it. Even with the small buffs last patch, Hecarim still struggles a bit too much in the early game. So if you have 4800 for now get Elise, later you can pick Hecarim.
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