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Jango Mage (EUNE)
: Could Will of the Ancients be added to nexux blitz?
: The only good part of Poro King is already in ARAM
No shit lol. Fun having to ban {{champion:37}} {{champion:115}} every game otherwise they're guaranteed to be on both teams
: Anyone else miss this version of Katarina Dx and the old masteries/runes
: How do you "counter" life steal?
If you want to destroy him in 1v1, just get {{item:3047}} {{item:3075}} on a normal occasion, just buy any other GW item depending on your champion
: What "True" Stuff do we have?
True cancer {{champion:157}}
NightS0L (EUW)
: Sorry ^^
{{item:3285}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} or {{item:3102}}
NightS0L (EUW)
: Why Syndra Can't grab 3 balls what happen?
: I quit.
For my case, I didn't actually "quit" the game. I just don't feel like playing anymore, the game is too fast paced for me. I don't bother opening it because I know I won't enjoy it
: Hey guys any tips for a newbie
Play bots until you feel comfortable to start playing pvp (in my case it was at around level 24 lol). And yes not only beginner's bot
Wym0 (OCE)
: ADC's are OP Rito :^)
Morgana Vayne lost to Nasus... Like Vayne's entire kit counters Nasus, and Morgana can black shield against his W... How tf did you lose this match up lol, even top Vayne shits on Nasus
wolf jade (EUNE)
: ???
I bought it
Raoul (EUW)
: So... Neekos Ult deals the same damage as Veigars Ult when he gets max bonus damage...
: What if there was a taliyah had a friendly push ability
oygurd (EUNE)
: azir's passive is useless, weak and unhelping
Having a double passive on Azir would feel good, aside of his W passive. Like the one he has (turret) isn't helping him 80% of the time
Dr Dog (NA)
: what are some good darius counters?
: How do you play against double burst mage bot lanes?
Out of these, there are only 2 burst mages ({{champion:45}} {{champion:1}} ) Other than that, just build MR against the bursty ones, or sustain against the pokey ones
: Is Renekton viable in the jungle? I think it is.
Up to you mate, if you do okayish with Renek jungle, keep going on, don't mind people calling you a troll or garbage. Try it in ranked next time, since it's mostly normal games there and you might be facing people with a lower level than yours (MMR stuff messed up in normal games). You might never know when some korean player does something totally offmeta, and turns out it becomes the new meta and everyone starts crying about how OP it is :D
RevoIuti0n (EUNE)
: How to learn what every stat means in items?
You need to know what each champion does at first, for instance DoT mages (Damage Over Time {{champion:90}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:17}} {{item:3151}} {{champion:63}} ) > {{item:3194}} description Then if you face a crit oriented champion ({{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} or crit marksmen), {{item:3143}} {{item:3047}} And the most confusing one (which some people might not know about) is for on-hit champion like {{champion:145}} {{champion:96}}, you need {{item:3047}} {{item:3194}} to hard counter them. But yes aside of that, there aren't truly any secret, you just gotta play and learn it the hard way. If you try to follow a guide step by step without truly understanding why you're building this, it might be too much informations to memorize and you'll end up either building always the same item and not trying to adapt, or just totally get confused by what you're currently building.
: ARAM: Can skin booosts and rerolls lock at 10 seconds?
Or when you trade with someone, and they also accept at 2seconds, making you pick the wrong runes on said champions ({{champion:103}} lethal tempo :|)
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Arammus (EUW)
: entire community makes me feel like they troll me
Same when I play "offmeta" stuff, get called a troll / garbage / inter (and people dodging when they saw my pick). 1 week later a random korean does it and it's a "broken strat" For me it has been : {{champion:127}} aftershock {{champion:30}} predator {{champion:23}} AP (remember this time ?) So yeah the ones you hear the most are a bunch of dumb fucks who got no knowledge about the game and only follow the current train, pretending to be high elo and understanding stuff (note that, no I'm not high elo neither bragging about knowing more, I don't post a lot on the boards, I mostly learn about stuff) Like, see how everyone is suddenly hating on {{champion:7}} all at once when she's been reverted for a while, or everyone suddenly crying about {{champion:86}} ? Yeah those are the low elo guys who keep losing to these champions, and when some high elo streamer rages while facing one of them, they think this champion is truly broken and "push" their argument toward everyone (hashinshin for instance, crying about every single toplaner that isn't {{champion:24}} or {{champion:266}} while never changing his own pick to adapt, and people still believe he's a viable source)
: If Diana and Leona are fighting
Or end up as lesbian sex.
: so yi plus new rageblad equals unkillable but ornn cant have sheild and unstoppable on his w?
Boy that just sounds terrifying it added to Yi's E true damage + Conqueror
l MrD l (NA)
: Now that lissandra had her passive changed i wanted to ask..
Xerath new passive by CertainlyT : Overload : After not being attacked for 5 seconds, Xerath becomes stealthed, and his next AA will get 7 times its usual range, deals 20/300 (+50% AP) in an Area of effect around the target and stuns the target for 1 second.
: A new broken build rising.
If you did rush armor you would've destroyed her... I just took a look at your match history, you had {{item:3068}} but rushed {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} first, while your Riven was getting overfed. You just had to build {{item:3047}} {{item:3057}} {{item:1031}} and she wouldn't have been able to come back... She had no pene aside of lord's dominik which she built at her last item. Your fault here, not "Riven is broken"
Heos00 (NA)
: Higher damage or ''chance to react'' damage? With S3 video poll.
Notice how it also is 12 minutes and no one did a crazy snowball wiping every lane yet lol
: Make a way to mute laughs/taunts
You belong in a museum You belong in a museum You belong in a museum You belong in a museum You belong in a museum You belong in a museum
ODiiiiiN (NA)
Unless you're a first pick, if you pick something that counters me in lane and I don't want to face, I'm gonna ban it even if you claimed it sorry
: Stealth woes, general damage, game's just not fun. Also RGMs.
**Come back to see that Akali now has teamwide stealth that makes her whole team immune to targeting.** What ?
Eedat (NA)
: Why can EUW and EUNE post on the NA boards but...
Because EUW players don't even post on EUW lol
: Moderation of the word "Trap" in context of transgender people
Dunno can you send the entire message instead ? Sometimes it's the meaning behind it, not the word itself
: What do you guys think of dating ladies that are esports fan/moba player
You just want to brag about dating a woman 10 years younger than you and buying her an expensive bag don't you ?
: Im liking this new champ
She seems like an overloaded Leblanc imo, but can't really tell, only saw her teaser so far
: Shield bash and mordekaiser
And obviously you got stuff like {{champion:497}} ruining the party
: I hope people enjoying the stupid passive of Lissandra now!
Overexagerating or really broken ? Can't try her atm
: Neeko needs to go back to the drawing board
Lol, you seen the recent video of Meddler and Ghostcrawler ? They called {{champion:142}} a "work in progress" and yet she's been released BEFORE being fully "playable".
Kelg (NA)
: would grasp be op if spells proced it?
The ones with targetted spell with a big range would be overbearing tbh, like {{champion:1}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:13}}
: I wish Moonflair Spellblade existed on Summoner's Rift, it seems like a perfect defense pick
It would make a lot of ranged mages unecessary tanky, unless you make it melee only (and only {{champion:131}} {{champion:82}} and a few "AP tanks" would be building it)
EsoEs (NA)
: How much higher are we talking here? Are teams getting 100s of points higher than opposing team, or is it 10s, or what?
Around the 100s, but as I said, normal games or ARAM
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