Erdamon (EUNE)
: Is that it for Rumble?
It is indeed a good start and we Rumble mains know it, but it's also clearly not enough. I hope that riot will deliver the changes after all the time we have waited, especially after the efforts and the commitment they decided to take on patch 8.6. A Q buff with a W buff would be a great starting point, just finalize it and let's us see if something has improved.
Erdamon (EUNE)
: Maybe I should reiterate what I wanted to say with this post: It's a good change so long as there's some reasonable follow up to it or the values are not set in stone. Minion damage scaling with rank a very good idea if you ask me and there's no denying that it can certainly serve as a foundation for Rumble's further balancing (if Rumble's early waveclear is too oppressive it can be lowered at earlier ranks but also rescale to preserve its high value at later ranks), and while certainly purely adding damage isn't a good way to go about things, at least this time you can see that the problem was acknowledged. Adding 15 across all ranks was just a lazy fix, whereas this +40/30/20/10/0 damage clearly emphasizes the intent to improve Rumble's laning phase by making his Q more punishing if you get to keep your opponent inside of it. And of course, it's a good ***foundation***, a good ***basis***, by no means do I think that this is ready to ship to live and everyone will love it, Rumble still needs some sort of a reliable way to keep his enemies in that Q in the early game given his lack of mobility and his E requiring ranks put into it to start slowing for some good amount, and he's still fairly squishy (though it can be offset by Resolve tree quite easily but that's a completely different thing and doesn't change the fact that Rumble by himself is very weak in this regard). To put it straight, unless there's some additional buff to Rumble's W/E/Base stats I'll go back to whining about how terrible Riot's balancing team is (since what I've noticed people like it much more when I'm pissed)
It's not about that Erdamon, you are our spokesman and we trust you for what you say and admire you for the work you did in the past and the efforts you are still making for the Rumble's community. It's more about that you seemed really happy for that, while there was no real change after two weeks of thinking. Oour boy is still sitting at the worst possible %win ratio in the top lane since the last six months and the balance team thinks that this will be enough? Also, the runes you listed above are not and won't be really picked. Perhaps Chrysalid will be a decent option, we will see. Anyway, again, thanks for everything that you are doing, really appreciate that. <3
Erdamon (EUNE)
: 3/21 PBE Rumble changes (+ runes): Something I can get behind, but...
I don't agree with you Erdamon, I was expecting way more from Riot after all the time they decided to take. Very disappointed.


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