mack9112 (NA)
: Sounds like a team that is not communicating correctly
When it happened, we lost the first game. The next game, the exact same thing happened where 3 of them went top and wouldn't help with defending. Honestly don't even know if they were the same people either, but it was just annoying.
mack9112 (NA)
: What do you define as throwing
Not helping defend towers/inhibitors/our nexus while 3 of them continue to go top lane even though they know we are going to lose because they can't help defend
: If someone is *intentionally* feeding or otherwise griefing their own team to lose the game, there is a report option for Intentionally Feeding you want to use. They don't get a low priority queue if caught, they get banned from the game. Keep in mind that it is often difficult or impossible to prove someone's bad gameplay is intentional, and sometimes their bad gameplay is just bad luck or a bad day or they're simply not that great at the game [no this doesn't excuse inting that the system isn't catching].
It's just that 3 of them are deciding to go top lane and let the other 2 having to solo bot and mid. Even if the enemy has destroyed 3 turrets in bot they don't go and help, they just go straight to top and keep on dying.
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