: Taric needs a Topaz/Guardian of the Sands skin
Star Guardian Taric in yellow. Go.
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: {{champion:136}} "Pay!? Do you know who I am?" {{champion:412}} "It's over when I say" {{champion:19}} "The blood you spilled brought me here"
: {{champion:96}} "Keep coming! Not full!" "Terror coming... daddy coming!"
tieger05 (OCE)
: Can we get a Zyra update instead of a New Champion?
Champ Update team works separately to Champ Creation team so really both are happening at the same time if ever. Plus I don't think she's in such a bad spot. Sure, it hurts to see a generally mid-heavy mage going support but it's bound to happen (Like Brand). It's just a bit of an irk thematically to me because she's an evil plant lady, difficult to see her babysitting an adc.
: (As someone currently in a gay relationship) {{champion:53}} : The time of man has come to an end
: {{champion:45}} "whats black and blue and is about to show you the definition of pain?" {{champion:50}} "another opponent, another disappointment" {{champion:16}} "yes that was a banana. no one expects the banana" {{champion:12}} "you cant milk those" {{champion:498}} basically everything xayah says, my favorite being "how am i supposed to work with...whatever this is?"
: {{champion:2}} "Oh, come on, I won't hurt ya. I promise." {{champion:32}} "Let's be friends forever!" ~~FRIENDZONED~~ {{champion:10}} "Come forth, I'll teach you all about the afterlife." {{champion:86}} "I WILL NOT FALTER!" {{champion:98}} "Target marked." I'm not very good at this.
Are you single? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
DomoRobo (NA)
: {{champion:516}} "Ornn tested. Ornn approved."
Wolfeur (EUW)
: {{champion:161}} "Tears appear to serve no function." {{champion:44}} "Say hello to my little gems." {{champion:223}} "The only real sin is to deny a craving."
: "You let me in.. how foolish"{{champion:141}}
: New {{champion:28}} : "I just think we should see other people"
tbh all of Eve's new quotes are good for it at this point.
Sims1619 (NA)
: {{champion:201}} "You remind me of Agatha. Best cow back home."
: > {{champion:268}} "THE ORDER IS GIVEN!" I mean, some people are into that shit. 50 Sands of Grey
: The Blood you spilled calls to me "Warwick"
: {{champion:17}} Size doesn't mean everything {{champion:16}} Nobody expects the banana {{champion:28}} Skank {{champion:90}} I think a voidling just came out
: {{champion:6}} “Do you think me so weak as to fall for your charms?”
Skelenth (EUW)
: {{champion:421}} _Clicking Noises_
: {{champion:161}} "You may experience mild... incineration."
: {{champion:240}} "Something caught in your throat? 'cause you sound desperate!"
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: Can Eve Finally get this skin now?!
: Im still waiting for my crazy cat lady {{champion:83}}
RuFiot (EUW)
: Tentacles lady have one skin idea which triumphs all the others, but sadly lol is a kids game, I'm sure it's like a silent protest about that..
: Man fuck that , {{champion:83}} didn't get a skin for 6 years now and {{champion:6}} for 5. Also {{champion:107}} 's last skin was in may of 2015 and Illaoi was released in November , so I don't see why she should be getting a skin before those 3
Well let's see, Urgot and Yorick were both scheduled for reworks for a long time, making wasting resources into a skin redundant, and Rengar already has a bunch of skins. But that's just me.
: Im hoping for Harrowing Illaoi, maybe an outfit she wore during Shadows and Fortune or something??? idk.
I'd like to see her in some badass battle armor honestly cause she's so hands-on.
: This is so true. Riot created a champion that has so much counterplay, that playing her high high up is just asking to lose games.
Fighting the meta is already hard and then you have yourself to fight against aswell.
Infernape (EUW)
: The problem with her (in my opinion) is that her kit is too exploitable. She actually has far too much counterplay. All you've got to really do is dodge her tentacles and walk away/disengage whenever she ults. And she's rendered useless.
Your only chance is success is people being dumb and that's frustrating because where I play they're usually not.
: They said she'll get a skin this year, so it's either a harrowing skin or a Christmas skin at this point. I feel like they'll give her a Harrowing skin like "Spooky Illaoi" and that's it. Could be 2spooky4me though.
: who cares? i'd rather see her buffed first
idk man, she is strong, it's just tough to play as her because you're kited so easily by ranged champs and the tanks get too tanky to properly smash. That's what I feel when I play as her.
: It's literally "void" Nocturne... like "Empty Nocturne", not "Void" Nocturne of "Alien Monster from another Dimension Nocturne"
In that case it's still misleading considering the first thing you think of when you say Void in League is the other dimension.
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: I can't speak to the structure, because I definitely don't know it intimately, but I can say that our local teams in regions do a bang up job working on really _really_ tight timelines and getting things _right_ for local players. There's a few things that are actually really interesting about what you're talking about, which we call "Localization." The first thing is that in the case of in game VO, some ideas and jokes simply don't make sense or aren't part of a local culture. Sometimes a joke that's funny because of the way it's spoken in North America doesn't make any damn sense in China! So at times, localization teams become part of the writing process, helping to shape a regional actor's performance to fit the idea for another culture. A second component in both our in game and cinematics is specific to the audio team. Our sound designers put a lot of love, thought, and iteration into how a champion sounds. Riot KarateMonkey spent ages hand placing the sounds of Urgot's mask respirator! We have to create entire "recipes" for local teams to use in creative ways to get the same kind of processing on their actors, and reproduce the original tastefully for their language. This isn't simply following steps, but actually listening and making sure it sounds good for the language. Finally, in our documentaries like Legends Rising or Live/Play, there are sometimes _GIANT_ teams of translators that we hire to help in subtitling and making sure that non-english dialog is edited correctly. I don't know Thai, so for Live/Play Fight, at the end of an edit I'd have a translator sit with me and listen and help make sure I wasn't cutting off any words. I remember for an episode of Live/Play (I think :/) it was almost _impossible_ to find an isreali translator. Why? It's not just that they need to speak the language in question, but that they need to know how to translate _League Of Legends_ into their language. There's a lot of colloquial terminology to League that, unless you're inside the community, you simply don't know. I mean, think of the first time you heard ADC, gank, jungle creep, CC, Nexus, backline, TP. Even if you know your language, it doesn't mean you know the word or concept behind a word. Translators have to be League players, community members, writers, _and_ know their craft!
I think I know what you mean. For example Master Yi's "Wuju hand me that potion" line would be difficult to translate into any other language but english, so there would be need for another, still fitting, joke to replace it. Still, I'd be interested in getting to know the process more and well, knowing what it would realistically look like as a job. Where should I even begin?
: Honest, I'm curious with the answer as well. As someone, who prefers to read the lore in my native language, I really can say that the guys who are doing the german translation really are not the best choice, to be honest.
Happens to me in other games aswell. Sometimes you just have to look at the translation and go "Honestly, I could've done better..."
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: I've noticed this too. I don't know if this is intentional(It may), but it feels really awkward given every other ability casts as soon as you enter the required range.
Maybe it has to do with the duration of the hold when walking into range. i.e. if you hold the button while walking into range, it will register it as a button press because the spell is meant to activate as soon as it is able. Meaning you would have to hold the button **while already in range** for it to work properly. I'm just speculating though. It's just really annoying when you wanna insec them with the fear and it doesn't work.
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: Skarner's current state and his future as a champion
I didn't like the spire change mainly because it felt like it gated Skarner's fighting ability to the zones. You used to be able to pick a brawl with anyone no matter where but after the changes it felt like you could only really 1v1 people if you were in your own cozy spot of the jungle. Which tended to make him weaker in lane.
Mortum (EUW)
: They can keep the skin, just rename it to something like "Asylum Warwick", and simply make a new model and splash for Feral!
> [{quoted}](name=Mortum,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gciPYXRz,comment-id=000300030000,timestamp=2017-01-11T16:56:54.569+0000) > > simply I don't think that word means what you think it means.
: I agree with Riot dropping the ball on this one, some of my favorite features of the Old Feral Warwick were those broken chains hanging from his hands (NOT NICKELBACK STRAPS), and that sick bloody scar on his back (which is now gone). I don't understand why Riot would do this to a great skin. Also, His claws are so small compared to the other skins, that green fridge on his arm takes up almost all the space. Riot, please take a look at the youtube video and look in the youtube comments, many people are saying they dislike this. PS. Feral - existing in a natural state, as animals or plants; not domesticated or cultivated; wild.
The worst part is, I don't honestly see Riot making a change on this. The splash art would need a whole do-over, not just tweaks and the model would probably have to be built again from the ground up, which I doubt they'd manage within one patch (or make effort to do) I seriously hope they prove me wrong, though. EDIT: Legit called it, Riot Reav3 just confirmed they're only gonna mildly tweak the splash art to better fit the in-game model and that's it. Guess Feral Warwick won't be Feral anymore. ( Link: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/ZGU806gf-warwick-skin-feedback )
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Gunpoint (NA)
: Feral Warwick isn't Feral anymore?
I loved Feral Warwick on the old model. It was the only one that really looked truly beastly whereas the others, with armor or somesuch, retained a measure of humanity. I'm really not a fan of the ripped up 'asylum outfit', or what they call it. Though I have to say the cage on his face is kinda cool. Then again, in my head, the Feral Warwick kinda fulfilled the fantasy of this being Warwick's natural state. Like he could really be this terrifying without much of the enhancements. And somehow the brown fur just looks really... Docile? Like a house dog, for real. And they could at least make the spell effects green (Like on his fear explosion, like Tundra Warwick's is blue white and Firefang's is orange red). I mean, Feral Warwick is a Legacy 975RP skin. If they don't change it to be more badass and satisfying, I might just want to buy the Tundra Warwick instead which has kickass blue effects on just about everything even though it only costs 520RP. I really hope Riot dials back on that one. Feral Warwick could be so much more.
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