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: Exiled Morganna
I just want to say that people should rightfully call it "Nordic Morgana" instead of Exiled morgana, because it's not Exiled morgana, I've said it elsewhere as well, but the only thing that's the same is the colour scheme, literrally nothing else carried over from the old skin which makes me incredibly sad because I thought Exiled was one of the most elegant skins there were with the dress and such, but now it's just a "brute" skin of sorts, the theme has completely changed. Before she had a royal red and golden gown, which looked incredibly elegant and feminine, now she got the "viking"-look, which is not at all what her old skin was about, I wish I could refund this skin now, because I know I won't ever touch it as it's nothing like the old skin. I would rather keep the old skin than the new one to be completely fair.
Don Lupus (EUW)
: No offense intended, but I think you are a bit nitpicky here. While I agree that Ghost Bride (too much grey on it because of the tail-wings) and Blackthorn Morgana (now random-plant-witch with red VFX instead of a tree-spirit) are definitly not as impressing as they were pre-rework, the overall quality of her skins has increased. Exiled stays true to it's original color-palette, but the new norse-themed outfit, hairdo and makeup look gorgeous and now that they recolored her abilities, the skin is really really good. Lunar Wraith is a biiiig improvement IMO. The new model looks splendid and finally delivers the Geisha-like fantasy of the concept. The old model just looked super-messy. I agree that the wolfe-sound missing is a downer, but that's pretty much it. While I can see how people would prefer a more poof-y dress for Bewitching, but I still think that the model is a big upgrade while still staying true to the original feeling of the skin. I would have preferred them to stay true to tge rune-ish VFX of the OG, but I can live with the new bubbly VFX. HOWEVER I habe to admit that the texture edit you posted looks much better.
> Exiled stays true to it's original color-palette, but the new norse-themed outfit, hairdo and makeup look gorgeous and now that they recolored her abilities, the skin is really really good. I disagree, it looks masculine and viking-themed, that is a complete 180 from the original skin. Having bought the original skin from back in the day I got it because it was the beautiful and innocent angel that had her wings ripped, but she were still wearing very elegant clothes to symbolize her being an angel, and therefore were exiled. But the new one is just a Norwegian theme, the only thing in common with the old one is the same colours, but that's such a bad revamp. Imagine if you took "Ghost bride morgana" put her in a pair of wants and a ponytail, and the only thing that was the same was the colour scheme, would you then be saying the same thing? I mean it's such a bad argument that just because the colours are the same it's good? really? Sure the skin can look good on its own, but it's NOT an exiled Morgana skin. If you look at the skins you can see there's clearly no family bond, so to speak. It's just lazy.
Ellirra (NA)
: Morgana Rework isn't Finished Visually I'm still salty about Exiled Morgana, they should just rename it to "Norse Morgana" because there's nothing Exiled about her, the only thing in common with the old skin is some of the colours else it's a completely different skin with nothing in common thematically.
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: Champion Concept: Bringing back old Karma as a new champion
I miss the old karma, I don't think the "new" karma rework has anything to do with the old karma besides her spells mirrors the old karma's in very little ways. The old karma was a nice support who I loved playing, the new karma is a damage dealer like lux and morgana. I'll agree with some in the comments, her w was really the only thing that was a bit weird about her kit, but I liked her way more back then, mained her even, now I barely even touch her, she just doesn't feel at all like karma, or the karma I used to play, loved even. but I'll agree with some other guys, if they do bring her old kit back, don't make her outfit slutty, I liked her dress, one of the only 2 champions to actually have a long dress (morgana being the other) part of her charm.


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