: Yeah, what's the return for removing her r-q combo and reducing her passive damage? Mobility from passive and stickiness with lower cd e? Not enough compensation.
> r-q combo Tbh there is no need to compensate for the removal of something that shouldnt have existed in the first place. Getting the R reset before the Q even hit the target is just obnoxious and still works if you Q-R fast enough
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 8
How about taking a similar approach to **Yasuo** like u did with Akali ? For example remove(/weaken) some defensive features like his passive shield? Doubling crit rate is a strong enough standalone passive. He also has other defensive options : Windwall (W) and hyper-mobility through multiple targets with E and benefitting early on from lifesteal. Alternative nerf : Make it also proc through minion damage (similar to MF W) Another thing that should/could be removed (alternatively) is **R automatically placing him outside of turret range when diving**. How is the existance of this mechanic justified? On top of that he also gets full passive stacks for the shield. For me this falls under the same catergory as Akalis _now-removed_ under-tower-stealth.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
Current status/thoughts on **Conqueror** ? You guys wanted to reduce systemic damage by stripping away power from several runes, but it (aka one of the runes that grants the highest amount of "free damage") remains untouched? Any details?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
On Akali : I guess removing the stealth under towers is the right call. On the other hand, Q heal is imo crucial to help her get through the early stages of the game. What you could do is add a CD to the heal. So that you cant get of 2 heal procs with Q-W-Q combos. You could compensate that by buffing her base health/regen
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
Is there any chance to bring out a balanced version of Maw WITHOUT Lifegrip? Like why is it there in the first place. Why give a defensive item with such a strong defensive passive, a strong offensive passive on top of that?
Rios240 (NA)
: Is there annie chance that annie's gonna have her VFX rework? Sweetheart Annie and Frankentibbers Annie need some love...
Sweetheart Annie is a 750 tier skin and is intended to have no particle changes. Frankentibbers on the other hand could definitely benefit from some thunder-y particles
Zapzya (OCE)
: I am very keen for Anivia, so much potential for cool effects (pun unintended). Side question, with updates like these small VFX and SFX changes, can we expect changes to champions animations as well? I decided to give Mordekaiser a go, and while he feels alright to play, one of the most unsatisfying parts of him is the fact that his posture does not change at all. Even when you Q and he swings his mace like a madman, he continues to stand completely upright, which makes it feel like there is very little power in his swing at all.
Mordekaiser is an overall mess. Wouldnt expect much work on him til his VGU.
: Hi! Could you please take a look at the Omega Squad Teemo skin? The AA animation feels way different than Beemo or Little Devil. Thank you!
Thats because its an legendary skin and uses a different/new AA animation. Beemo and Little Devil are 1350 and therefore still use the base animation. Its intended to be like this
Zelnick (NA)
: Keep the same voice actors tho.
Its only an update to VFX and SFX = Visual and sound effects of abilities. No VO updates.
: I only use the little devil Teemo skin, is that one going to get updated? Also a bit off topic, do you think Shaco will get this treatment or are you waiting to give him a proper VGU?
Quite unlikely that they will update modern skins with modern VFX like Little Devil or Omega Squad Teemo. This should only affect the outdated ones.
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: Hey, Is there any chance that Brand {{champion:63}} will get any visual effect change in the near future?
Brand got new VFX with the Mage class update in 2016 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KnNIc1F-bU There are worse offenders who havent been updated yet
Sirhaian (NA)
: Visual and Sound Effect Updates: Anivia, Dr. Mundo, Renekton, Gragas & Teemo
Does this only affect the base skins or older higher tier skins - like Blackfrost Anivia or Corporate Mundo in this case - as well?
: Community Patch Notes
There are some gems in here. But also alot of bad changes. Sooo, changes that I would love to see ingame : Ahri, Ashe, Blitzcrank, Caitlyn (only R change), Elise, Evelynn, Gragas, Irelia, Janna (MS buff only), Jinx (current favorite), Karthus, Lissandra ( minus W radius increase and E dmg red), Yi, Rakan (maybe a super smol compensation nerf), Poppy (only passive change), Reksai, VI, Zed, ( Zyra (need 4week test cycle on PBE for this one but looks promising) ) Lashers, Dorans Ring Conqueror, Aery
: > Orb of Deception: Now counts the outgoing and incoming damage as two different instances. I'm pretty sure that's already the case for Vastayan grace. What do you mean?
Vastayan Grace procs upon 2 "ability hits", not 2 spell hits. The change is solely intended to make Electrocute work on Ahri like TLD did (2 orb hits + aa = proc)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 22
TL;DR : **Do you plan to/would you consider removing Katarina's E cast delay to make her feel less clunky/more satisfying to play** without directly increasing her power ? Personally I feel like Katarina is in an ok spot. Out of the assassin reworks, she was defintely one of ,if not, THE most succesfull ones. But many Kat players are upset since there have been changes to multiple assassins (+ current Fizz changes) to make them feel more "*satisfying to play*". The addition of the grounded-daggers and their activation delays made her better but also more fair. Her new kit is completely designed around her E resets and hyper-mobility. In the past her E cooldowns and thus the refunded %amount have been nerfed. That nerf was fine but having the cast delay on top of that just makes the spell usage overly unsatisfying when trying to escape in clutch situations, often causing her to be hit even after the blink.
Foucz (EUNE)
: Why was riven ult cd increased over the years to prevent her snowballing , so she cant ult you again after you come back (same thing with darius). But {{champion:99}} is getting those weird buffs that push her in this direction ?
Lux R is a skillshot that can be dodged while Riven R (and Darius R) significantly increase your combat/trading power (on top of having a second active skillshot)
Reav3 (NA)
: Hmmm...that is......interesting
Why does this sound like "Oh...crap we forgot!" {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Rioter Comments
MasterXY5 (EUNE)
: I have just playing AD {{champion:55}} {{item:3089}} and It's so cool, it actually made sense for the first time. She is carrying lots of knives and then she builds magical items like {{item:3285}} or {{item:3089}} . That makes 0 sense and it's stupid. I main {{champion:55}} (I'm level 7) and when I first read that post about making {{champion:55}} AD I was like "THANK GOD. AP IS PERFECT FOR HER". But thematicly speaking it's 100% AD and it solves some issues honestly. When I play {{champion:55}} if I'm fed I will get them all or, if I'm not fed, I might die so easily. When I played AD {{champion:55}} I didn't have that feeling and it felt AWESOME!! I mean it was just a normal and I know I might be wrong, but I would like to see more AD scalings on her. 1. And one more thing: I would REALLY REALLY like to see crit on her ult daggers since it would be so cool to support crit builds since she should feel like a crit champ (and animation is just awesome). She should feel more of a crit champion, I don't know it's hard to explain. It just makes sense to see that her dagger sometimes REALLY REALLY hurt. And that's the definition of Critical Strikes. But I'm not sure about that whole idea sinse it would just make her too similar to {{champion:157}} maybe? It could make her less unique, for sure... I don't know but I would appreciate if you take a closer look to AD {{champion:55}} and Critical Strike build! Now, if you don't make her AD, she should at least have some kind of interaction with her basic attacks (against, it just makes sense for here theme) Anyways I trust you RIOT, love you, just keep going, you are doing perfectly!!!
Well Im pretty happy with Kat being AP but beside that , you got a good point. Her kit should somehow enhance her auto-attacks. All other melee-AP-assassins have something to enhance their AA´s. Akali´s passive , Ekko´s passive+W passive+E, Kassadins W passive + W active..so maybe also give Kat something for her AA´s
Shxrks (EUNE)
: So no more ward jumping?
Yep no more wardjumping :)
: i still dont feel like she is without counterplay and can be easily shut down at all stages of the game. Taking out ward jumping on her is a huge mistake on the development teams part.
1. This rework will help her to be not that ult-reliant. So getting CC`ed will no longer shut her down completely. 2. As for ward jumping I will copy/paste an older comment I made : even tho we are all sad about ward-jump removal, the reasoning seems pretty plausible. There was too much power on wardjump since it was a reliable escape (even tho you sacrificed the actual power of the ward ( = providing vision) for it). Without wardjump Kat wont have a "reliable"/free anymore but she will be much more rewarded for good positioning and coordinating with her teammates. There is another thing Im curious about: interactive units - like Thresh Lantern, J4 standard, Reksai tunnel etc. Even tho there was no confirmation for it , I believe that Kat will still be able to jump on those units since they are not as reliable as wardjumps and have a more strategical component
: Don´t screw this up... a behind Katarina is a freekill and without her ward jump she is even more defenseless... For now the Kata rework sounds to me like a huge and unnecesary nerv... I know she needs changes, i know she isnt perfect, but just dont screw the hell out off her... Higher Shunpu use sounds great. But the ward jump part... it would be fine with me if we would trade that for a higher shunpo range... Shunpu + Sinister Steel not instanteaneus? That equals no damaage output and no way to really hit enemies... Well I´ll see how that Katarina thing evolves... Just one thing... Kata was the first champion I learned, the first one I got attatched to and if she is destroyed I probable will cry for ages. Just don´t break my adrenaline adicted heart...
-> She needs changes yes and im pretty confident that these changes will fix her current issues -> More Shunpo resets are great. But yeah even tho we are all sad about ward-jump removal, the reasoning seems pretty plausible. There was too much power on wardjump since it was a reliable escape (even tho you sacrificed the actual power of the ward ( = providing vision) for it). Without wardjump Kat wont have a "reliable"/free anymore but she will be much more rewarded for good positioning and coordinating with her teammates. There is another thing Im curious about: **interactive units** - like Thresh Lantern, J4 standard, Reksai tunnel etc. Even tho there was no confirmation for it , I believe that Kat will still be able to jump on those units since they are not as reliable as wardjumps and have a more strategical component -> the current combo E+W is instantaneous. Post rework E will still be instant but she will get a completely new W which will of course still provide damage like the current W does ( maybe even more since its not instantaneous anymore)
: Will Kat be receiving any splash art and/or visual updates somewhat like malz did? Or like how pretty much everyone is getting splash updates recently?
The current splash updates are for champs who received a VU in the past, but no new splashes. Katarina already received updated splashes when she was reworkd back in 2012. Even tho her splashes are already outdated again, she is currently not eligible for a splash art update. Even if , she would be at the very bottom of their "list" because 1. she already received a splash update and 2. because of the huge number of splashes that need to be updated. For the rework : We dont know if Katarina will get any texture updates like Zyra and Malzahar , but her base splash will stay the same since its quite new. However she will receive completely new skill particle and sound effects + a few new ability icons
Rofex (EUNE)
: I dont know about any of you guys, but im really excited cause of this rework <3
Same o/ This/next week we will see the reveal ! :D
: So talking about Kha' Zix, is he getting another really big nerf, but instead, he deals significantly less damage from his isolation? I don't really get what you guys are trying to do with him >.<
They are making the evolution choices more impactful. Khazix is all about adapting to his environment and his evolutions are gonna be more unique with their individual strenghts and weaknesses. Depending on how you choose your evolutions, based on the combat situation , you are gonna end up stronger or weaker. You are gonna profit from choosing the right evolution but also gonna suffer when evolving the wrong ability in a certain combat situation.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sinista Blade ,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Tnfw1WW6,comment-id=02d30000,timestamp=2016-10-02T12:53:10.617+0000) > > As far as we know, Fizz was very close to be the 4th BIG rework but they chose Katarina over him. He will only receive smaller changes instead. Iirc mostly changes to his W dmg to get rid of Tank Fizz Id agree that there is more to work with, with Katarina, her gameplay is missing something that Fizz has, character if u ask me, there is much more to be done for Kat that she would need more attention and I could see her getting bigger changes. Fizz on the other hand would require much less work: Fix W. I mean I am not sure how much it is going to change, but I am positive that even if thats the ONLY thing that they change Fizz will come out as a much better champ over all. I mean I would also like to see them fix his main passive as well as it also seem it grants him extraneous power for free, but its not as big a problem, and if you ask me, honestly W just compounds all of Fizz's problems, so with it being changed, Im happy. reading some of ur replies I see ur quite informed ^_^
IIrc they said they want to change W + take some dmg from E and shift it to somewhere else in the kit. Haha thanks ^^ I just read the red posts and rioter comments cause Im pretty hyped about this class update. I actually just answer the same questions over and over because people just wont read :D
MasterXY5 (EUNE)
: Wow, how do you know that? You just got me hyped here :) I will see their work on my Katarina in a week, can't wait, dude EDIT: It's probably gonna be Thursday, it's always Thursday when they reveal something new, isn't it?
Meddler said that (eh I will see if I can find the source link). But he said that to a comment about Talon. I dunno if they will reveal the updates together or individually like the direction posts.
: But... what are his new abilities??!?
Wait for the reveal. They said they will reveal them around the second week of october
Noctilum (NA)
: Will he be getting a visual update as well?
Only new visual and sound effects for his abilities.
: Will any of Talon's splash arts get updated?
bedbox (NA)
: hey i bought a chroma skin and it wont work. what am i suppose to do? i cant even refund it! there goes my money for no reason
Wrong place my friend. Write a ticket to the support
Solarc (NA)
: My main concern is that removing the speed / reliability of her assassination will result in her being built tanky. Ekko had a similar concept when he came out - he was supposed to have a healthy assassination window. Since it was too long and unreliable, people just built him tanky and used his utility / base damages. Considering bruiser LB top has previously been seen in competitive and you're taking an Ekko-ish approach, I have a few questions. Are you testing to see how well Tank LB will perform in her new iteration? What will you do if Tank LB becomes the preferred build? Will you be willing to revert the changes should something similar happen?
Due to her not having passive %HP dmg like Ekko and Fizz its very unlikely that Tank Leblanc will become a thing/the preferred build
: Is this going to be a rework that fails again? Because I don't want my main champion rendered useless from an unnecessary rework. I think she's really balanced and has its counterplays if I'm not blind. I read some Riot comment about "possibly removing the secondary mark on Q" and "delaying W" but whilst "keeping the same damage" and "increasing the skill cap". LB is all about bullying early game, roaming and feeding teammates and end the game mid-game without chance of a late game because that's when LB struggles to carry. But with the delay on W it is now easier to apply CC on her and erased immediately. If this is what increasing skill cap means I don't think Riot has its head straight. Also betting that people who play against her and lost are the primary source of complaint - but if Q's 2ndary mark is removed how is it going to maintain the same damage? It does sound like a QQ please don't remove op dash rant, but trust me I've been people that play just as fine as any other one should be. I've been people that successfully stunned me after W'ing and removing the damage kills its identity. Do admit that all your reworks are close to non-existent or simply bad and you're just removing a champion that also adds excitement to LCS matches and mine as well that's difficult to play against but a LB suited for low elos esp. in high elos where seconds do make a difference in life and death. Tl;dr LB doesn't need a f**king rework - If this is definite, RIP LB, you'll be missed.
Sorry to tell you this : But it is definite
Sur Taka (EUW)
: would be fun if W copies you and reactivating swaps position with clone^^
Funny idea but VERY unlikely that they take away her only gapclosing/wave-clearing ability
: @Riot So, if you have any ideas, what does {{champion:107}} update look like?
Go check Rengar Update post and read through the Rioter comments
nono73 (EUW)
: ***
Zed wont be reworked , so congrats you are not going to prison. You may get banned for this statement tho
: is ekko even an assassin though?
He is an assassin but his kit makes him more effective as a bruiser/skirmisher. Thats what they wanna change
: Is Shaco getting a rework?
Only small QoL changes. Nothing else til a bigger rework
Joshuą (NA)
: I really want to know how they change ekko. Which abilities will changed ?
Abilities that MAY be affected are : Passive and W passive , since the goal of the work on Ekko is to get rid of Tank Ekko
: Will talon get a visual update
Nope. These are only gameplay changes. BUT he will receive **completely new VFX and SFX** ( = Visual and sound effects of his abilities). Same for Katarina
: Akali: is a tank now XD Ekko: is fine the way he is Evelylin: is fine the way she is Fizz: maby Kassadin: why would you? Katarina: as a nearf? Kah zix: almost garenteed Rengar: also almost garenteed Shaco: Needs one Talon: Who? Zed: as a nerf probably Dear god when ivern comes out and starts making bushes for rengar and kah zix.......RIP
Akali : Will get smaller scope/QoL changes. Candidate for a full VGU. But will get affected by Stealth system rework Ekko : Basically Akali´s problematic : Is a Tank now. That is being worked on. (Potential removal of the high %dmg and or several utility/cc effects) Evelynn : Same as Akali - Will get smaller scope/QoL changes. Candidate for a full VGU. But will get affected by Stealth system rework Fizz : Smaller scope changes to get rid of Tank Fizz ( -> W %dmg ) Kassa : No work on him as far as we know Kata : No more facerolling -> more hard/skillful plays that are also more rewarding Khazix : Emphasizing the fantasy of a evolving beast that adapts to environment -> Making each evolution choice more unique and impactful. Affected by Stealth system rework Rengar : No more "one shot the same squishy over and over again to gain Necklace stacks" -> Affected by stealth system rework Shaco : Same as Akali and Eve Talon : New passive + more agile/skillful play by replacing E with a new movement ability. Quote : "Talon will be SITUATIONALLY the most mobile character in the game" Zed : Small nerf could be possible but nothing else
: Diana{{champion:131}} can one shot people so fast whether she gets fed early game or not, she keeps on catching up late game. I think she should get a rework.
Diana is one of the top candidates for work in a class update for Divers
: Hopefully some Rioter still check this, cause I am not sure where to post this that i would reach the Rioters other than this and still have the same effect. This is because it pertains to Fizz and since I am not aware of there having been a post Riot has made on Fizz this seems toe be the best place to put it. I am not going to rant about how broken or unfair Fizz is or how annoying he is to play against (the annoying part is just part of Fizz's character I guess) Rather I would like to make a few points about his design, and things that I think Riot may already know could be addressed to make Fizz a better champ for everyone considering the topic and point discussed in the main Post. Overall I agree with Jeremy Curios on youtube that Fizz is actually largly balanced. I think that the only time he feels especially oppressive is when he gets ahead, which I suppose is the point of Assassins: If they are doing their job correctly and are playing smartly to outplay their opponents as they should be aiming to they will have enough gold to invest in more Damage. One of the main problems that could possibly contribute to FIzz's oppres-fish-ness once fed is that he can also invest successfully in tank items and still largely be a damage threat. For one think it would seem to me at that at 2020 health at lvl 18 Fizz is not only a bit healthy to me not only as an Assassin, but in addition as a champ with a spell that grants Invulnerability. Thats what makes tank builds on him so much more effective: The mobility, the invulnerability, and the ability to still deal tons of damage. Of course you know how this can be fixed should you chose that Fizz should not be a tanky Assassin, nerf his base health, or health growth, or nerf his base damage/ AP and boost his damage/AP ratios to entice him to invest more into damage to get the same amount he normally would. I am not saying that a healthy/slightly tank Fizz needs to be completely eradicated, but extra care should be taken with heavy damage dealers that bring a lot of tools to the table. Secondly I am sure that you are aware of what many could call less that optimal design values on Fizz's W, with what some might call invisble power as its passive, but I am sure that this is being worked on. (And with the resolution of this Tanky Fizz still dealing tons of damage might be resolved) In terms of bring utility or something else the team other than damage I see potential in Fizz's passive. Firstly I think it to be slightly unbalanced that Fizz's passive always be active in the form that it is in. It would make more thematic and mechanical sense if Fizz's passive were only active during and for perhaps 3-5 sec after he has activated an ability. Why should a FIzz standing completely still, still take up 14 less damage from AA? that seem pretty unbalanced to me, perhaps it should be included that only while moving that the passive be active as well. In addition to this the passive could bring something to the team that I'd like to call a name, but if I did Riot wouldn't be able to use the cool name that I have in mind. What if Fizz passive (during/after using an ability) left thin trails of water that allies could see, that granted a ghost and ms buff to allies in the trail. This trail could last up to 5 sec, and perhaps Fizz could also use it to get out of a bad fight if he went in too deep.
As far as we know, Fizz was very close to be the 4th BIG rework but they chose Katarina over him. He will only receive smaller changes instead. Iirc mostly changes to his W dmg to get rid of Tank Fizz
: When can we be expecting the information to come out on these new changes?
: Hi Riot! About the Kha´zix rework, Will u buff him or nerf him? I love khazix (Hes ma bae(no homo)) and i main him. So if u nerf him i wont like apreciate it so much because i think he is balanced like he is and it wouldnt be fun if u changed him now after like FOREVER. Plz just let him be like he is, would apreciate it! Love ya!
I think we have to wait out and see if they end up stronger or weaker after the rework. A shift of power in the abilities might cause them to feel weaker even if they arent. But yeah..we gotta wait and see :D
: DONT TOUCH EKKO!!!{{champion:245}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Ekko has to be touched and will be touched. But mostly just tweaks to kill of Tank Ekko
: As far as we know he's not getting a Visual Update to his models. He's getting new VFX (and SFX too I think). New splashes for him we don't know of, but you never know, they might surprise us.
The current splash update project they are doing is just for champs who received a VU in the past but no new splashes. Once they are down with them , they will move to Talon I guess. Kat would also be on the list but 1. she actually received a new set of splashes alongside her VU (but by now they are already outdated again) and 2. she just has so many splashes that need to be updated.
Reav3 (NA)
: Kat, Talon, and LB will all be getting a complete SFX and VFX overhaul. Rengars FX are newer so he is only getting new FX on changed abilities. Talon and LB are getting 100% new icons while Kat and Rengar are only getting new icons for new abilities since there icons are newer as well.
Will Katarina get a Zyra-like treatment for her textures? After 4-5years they are a bit dated
: are we going to get a post on the mini-assassins like we did with the big 4?
There will be new posts for the big 4 with more details etc and a post for the mini reworks
Jeraimo (EUW)
: When is there gonna be a new assassin champion? The last real assassin (Ekko) that came out was over a year ago and I think with the design capabilities that has improved alot over the year you can make a awesome new Assassin.
Read the original assassin update post for some more context, but iirc they said that after solidifying assassins roles and contribution in the game ( = AFTER the roster update) they would be able to create better and more healthier assassins. So Im sure you can expect an assassin for next season (since the Assassin Update will hit live in preseason)
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