Squad5 (NA)
: Ornn changes on PBE
Hey, I run a jungle YouTube channel, my main love is Ornn jungle and the nerfs over the year kinda made that hard. I like the passive shift - including gold efficiency with the bonus items. Might make it really nice in support too given I play him there also. I'm slightly concerned about the W change. I like the unstoppable being brought back for skill expression, and the damage increase would be nice and offset the shield removal in terms of jungle clear, but concerned about the flat CD... it's a 5 second increase at max rank with the shield removal. If the shield was still there in some capacity, that might make more sense to me. I'd have to try it out (I'm not on PBE though) to see with the E/Q changes to see how would it feel. Early game it should be better for the clear but worried about when you have 4/5 points. But with 500 plus games, almost all jungle/support, I worry about removing that viability just to control top lane. Just some of my early thoughts...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
Hey Meddler! Just wanted to ask about Moakai - specifically in the jungle where he has an atrocious win rate and the buffs last round were pulled. I've not been a fan of the jungle meta this year as a tank enthusiast and want to know if I'll ever be able to take him back into the jungler without it almost being considered troll. Thanks!
Meddler (NA)
: It wasn't agreed that all jungle tanks were overpowered. Between that and Cinderhulk also buffing some other champs (fighters who flex to it sometimes) we concluded targeted champ buffs were the better way to go.
Hey Meddler! Any reason why Maokai didn't see any of his buffs? He's really struggling in the jungle and as someone who played 200+ games of ranked with him last year and used him to get to D4, I'd love to be able to actually play him again. As a Maokai/Ornn jungle enthusiast, it's been a pretty sad year of nerfs and terrible win rates :(
Salron (NA)
: How are we supposed to keep track of what camps the enemy has cleared then? This is a terrible change Currently if I see the enemy jungler ganking with 3 CS with double buffs, i'd know they only cleared buffs + gromp and the rest is up for me to potentially steal. Or if they came out with 6 CS that means they have done Gromp/scuttle + buffs + wolves. A sudden spike in 10 CS would mean they did Krugs, etc. Please do not go through with this change.
Came here to say this. That change is absolutely terrible. Good junglers are constantly pressing tab to figure out what camps the enemy jungler has taken. It's HUGE part of counter jungling and keeping track of camp timers. No one is actively saying 'Woah, Yi has 25 cs and I have 5, HOW?'. We all know he took krugs or raptors etc.
: Any LoL splash artists do tutorials?
I don't think any directly do detailed tutorials that I'm aware of, but most skills are transferable and artists develop their own style and workflow. You might well be aware of all this and were just looking for Riot artists in case they existed, but if you aren't then just as an fyi: In this case, I advise finding some of your favourite content creators on Patreon (a few Riot Artists do have them like Zeronis) who also include some form of tutorial every month! Sakimichan is one who has historical done this, another is a smaller artist known as OlgaS. By combining their methods you can creator your own original style while taking inspiration from your favourite Riot splash artists! That and YouTube is an invaluable resource for tutorials. Some Riot splash arts are outsourced also to Patreon based artists like Michelle Hoefner (Arcade MF and Challenger Ahri)
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