: Lucky would mean he didn't deserve to win due to his weak skills but had teammates hard carry him out to victory. Which isn't a pleasurable experience.
: What do you mean "Lucky"? Like you are saying congrats on the lucky win? If so I'm sure you can figure out why they would get upset when you say that.
I mean 'lucky' as in, congratulations on you being the lucky team to win this time much like I compliment my team on our luck when we win. I'm not sure how that is a bad thing.
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Voldymort (EUNE)
: smurf accounts are **legal** reporting them does nothing
So how do I ensure I play games without them?
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: 'Attempting to reconnect' for about 30/45mins
I've got a similar issue. Logged into Mac client (which takes an age to do) and I'm then presented with a page that says 'We weren't able to load this page blah blah blah' and the 'Play' button is greyed out with the message 'We weren't able to create a lobby right now. Please exit the client and reopen it to try again'. My summoner icon is also missing and the number indicating what level I am is missing too. If I leave it for long enough in this state I eventually get the 'Trying to reconnect...' message.
: Wait i thought Yi was disabled on URF due to game health?
Had a Yi in a game last night and he got nearly 30 kills including a pentakill. I also thought Kathus and Teemo were banned too but they are also there. The one game where I saw a Karthus also had nearly 30 kills by the end.
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