: Are you fr? The WW and Nunu reworks are some of the best reworks riot had put out there
Depends on what you liked about them. WW lost his carry and on hit builts and become more of a tank, so for all those that liked going dps WW, the rework sucks. And nunu is VERY different form his og in how he plays, i find him utterly clunky and hate playing new nunu, he lost alot of the things that made the old one fun.
: They asked the Azir playerbase years ago if they wanted to get range nerf or Shurima Shuffle nerf. The playerbase decided to keep the mobility. He was still gigabroken, nothing was solved on that rework and they needed to gut him again. Rioters being bad at balancing doesn't make the playerbase opinions good.
Yes and no. The idea of keeping the shuffel was to turn azir more into a battlemage, but riot for some reason still kept high poke potential and an effective range on his soldiers of ~800-900, so he still is quite a high ranged hyper dps mage. They didn't really pull through on actually shifting him into a short ranged battlemage with the shuffle, but instead he was kept in a similar spot as befor. Now the reason for that probably was that the community was very split on azir('The playerbase decided to keep the mobility.' is a rather missleading statement, as only a part of the playerbase wated that) and they tried to apease both sides, and the result is the exact same shit as release azir... If the cummunity can't make up their mind either, with some wanting this, some that, and other wanting something else entierly, listening to it becomes a complicate thing. What riot needs in cases like azir is to really commite to one curse and accept it even with a part of the players beeing discontent. Ideally they can figure out which way to go together with the champions player base, but ultimatly they have to make the call at some point else the issues wont get solved as azir shows. And if the vote really was clearly for keeping the shuffle, then it's still on riot and not the community that they decided to also keep his **high ranged **dps and thus basically change nothing. He would have needed more drastic changes no matter what direction, and that just didn't happen. Now for OGs toppic, it's a very different matter than azir. Azir had that split between engage mage with the shuffel and save hyper dps carry basically since day one(or rather since the shuffle became a thing), which is why the playerbase is so plit about it. Aurelion never was a burst mage. EVER. There is nothing in his og kit that promotes that playstyle, so i hgihly doubt that any of his playerbase would have agreed on changeing him into a burstmage. There was not really a split in his playerbase regarding that. And from the looks of it, sylas is in a similar spot where his playerbase seems rather unified on their respons to the changes and them seeing him as a fighter rather than assasins. And in cases there the playerbase is unifyed, i think riot really should listen to them when it comes to changeing their champ.
: Just a reminder, a traditionally mid top champ was reworked into a support SWAIN
> a traditionally mid top champ was reworked into a support {{champion:3}} tell me more about it...
: Midalee
Find an legacy server that is on any patch befor V5.2 And once you ever do find such an legacy server, please post it to share the happiness{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Krystab (NA)
: Overloaded Champion of the Year. Vote ! ! ! ! !
Am i the only one that thinks aphelios doesn't really have an overloaded kit? Sure, 5 wepons and 5 Qs, but in the ende, they are all different means to the same end, it's all about dealing damage, mostly through AA dps. Only realy burst is his ult, and only utillity is his slow cannon with a short root on Q. Everything else revolves around AA dps with not aditional utillity, cc or mobillity, not even %hp or truedamage, so i honestly don't think he is any more overloaded than jinx who offers very similar things: high closeranged dps or high ranged aoe dps, a high ranged skillshot for poke, some CC, next to no mobillity and an ult with hgih aoe damage potential. If he's strong, it's because the numbers are to high, which is overtuned, not because he offers to many differnt tools, which would be overloaded. Now, who i really miss on that list is Akali, who is certainly more overloaded than quiana, and most of all Kai'sa. Mixed damage, %hp damage, poke, burst, tankshredding dps, a powerfull speedboost+invis on low cd, extra survivabillity from her ult shield and a high ranged dash for easy target acces(provided your team lands some CC). Oh, and the option to build basically any item she wants casue she scales well every off-stat. The only thing she lacks is a high AA range for save teamfights, though skilled players can compensate that with her ult and invis.
: do you guys think sett is "op"?
'Broken'? in a way, yes...though more a epitome of something that is broken in the game overall. 'OP'? Not at all from my PBE experiences, quite easy to kit. Now the thing that is broken is the amount of tank hate he has in his kit, it's basically the peak of riots 'we don't do tank' design philosophie. High %hp damage on his spamable Q, which on it's own is fine cause as a juggernaut with no hyper steroid and low target acces, he needs to be a threat to those he reaches somehow. Even the truedamage nuke on the W is fine, it's avoidable and it requires him to take damage first in order to do any meaninfull damage. Though i'm certainly not a fan of %hp damage and truedamage in the same kit, leaves little option to built tankiness against him However, what really is broken is his ult. 60% bonus HP of the target as aoe damage. This creates such a massive difference in damage depending on whom he faces. His ult vs squishys has poor damage, but slam a regular frontliner like darius into them and it's 1500+ damage. Now add an hp stacking champ like cho or sion and his ult can just oneshot any backline. and i'm not even exxegerateing. I litterally killed an ashe 100-0 by slaming her cho into her, just that 1 R and nothing else. This means that choosing a beefy champ if sett is open is basically helping the enemie team. If you built hp vs him, he benefits more from that than you and that's just a horrible design. He can't do shit vs the likes of fiora or riven, but if you play a tank, you might as well stay in fountain cause jpining a teamfight helps him more than your team.
: Because he’s a juggernaut maybe?
The only other juggernaut that has **BOTH**, %hp and truedamage is Garren. Sure, most juggernauts have some anti tank mechanics, and that's ok, but Sett really goes way overboard with it.
Magikrap (NA)
: Why is Sett filled to the brim with %health damage and even true damage
yea, it's the classic riot reaction to constant complains about tankiness, tanks and tank items feeling bad. Just throw in more stuff that makes tanks feel misserable. The worst thing is his ult, cause it uses the health of a tank to kill it's own squishys. If you pick chogath into Sett, you can be reported for helping the enemie cause a stacked up cho can deal 2k+ damage to his own backline if used by Setts ult. Going tanky already feels bad, but with Setts ult, building health actually increases your opponents damage vs your team instead of prolonging your live... Then there is his W. It can store alot of damage which decays quickly, and it depends on the actuall POST mittigation damage he recives, so building resis on him actuall lowers his damage, so he even has a mechanic that makes resis even worse for him than they already are for anyone else.... The sad thing is that he would be a great design, he plays fluid, has counterplay, is rather simple yet with some decent potential for skill expression, has enough utillity to help in teamfights even if behind, yet not to much to be overbearing if ahead. But the way he is tuned, he's just living mockery for tanks and their stuff, and that's disgusting.
: I kind of wish riot would give her AD scalings on her Q and E at least. Maybe even her passive. Since we aren't talking about aram specifically and I'm assuming you are talking about support leona instead of jungle/top, buying damage for her is rough. TF gives her a lot of stats and the passives work well with her, but it's too expensive for a support. People get an Iceborn early instead, which I understand, but you really shouldn't be getting armor/mr before getting HP. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/items/leona Generally speaking, buying offensive items at all seems to hurt her, or else they aren't popular enough to really talk about. Statistically only BC,TF, and frozen mallet have a good winrate on her. She really needs to buy beef and doesn't have the income to go damage.
i think the point is more that EVERY support item gives a bit ad or ap right now, and he wants to know if ad or ap is better.
: Leona AP or AD?
Maybe i'm a bit biased from playing toplane leona, but for me it's 100% AD. Sure, she doesn't have direct ad-scaleings, but her AP scaleings are REALLY low aswell, and what most people don't know is that her Q doesn't just reset her AA once, but actually twice(if you rightclick your target imideatly after the shield bash, you will get another AA-reset for a quick triple hit). This means she actually has a high ad/on-hit ratio on that Q if fully used. Also, for early bot fights, you rarlly have full 100-0 bursts, most fights are a bit more scrappy, and with her high CDs, ad has just sooo much more value in extendet fights Also, some quick math on her burst if we asume you land E, follow with AA-q-AA and then get another AA of thx to the stun. This would mean her combo has a total ad and on-hit ratio of 4.0 The total AP ratio of her q+w+e+ is 1.1, and unless you use E befor the engage(whiich usually is a stupid idea cause it warns your opponents that you are looking for an engage) you will have 0.4 of that ratio only after 3 sec dealay, which means you could add in another ~2-3 AAs to increase the total ad-ratio to 6-7 If we are very generous to AP, we throw in the ult and say you only get off 6 AAs in the fight, which makes it a 6.0 ad ratio vs 1.9 AP Now if we look at the support items, it's 24 ad vs 40AP, so the AD-one gives 144 damage to the all-in while the AP one only adds 76, so the ad one is nearly twice as much damage! Now there are some other advantages for AP as it's magic damage and mr overall is lower than armor, and it's on aoe. However, your goal usually is to lock down and burst a priority target, so the aoe part isn't a big deal, and AD also does allot more after your combo is on CD, especially since the only low CD skill has basically a 2.0 ad ratio thx to the resets. Also, if you look for an damage option as support, there are 3 items to look at: {{item:3025}} , good defense and utillity, but also nice extra damage on the Qs for a reasonable price(rather high end for support, but not totally out of reach) {{item:3050}} , lots of damage potential and extra cc for lowish costs, but requires your carry to actually follow up on your engage, so not always usefull in soloQ {{item:3001}} , if you have solid magic damage followup from your team, the 15% amp is massive. However, the high cost means it's only a good option if fed or if your team has high magic damge, aswell as your opponents so you also get high value from the MR Fun fact: the 15% amp gives leonas combo upt to 120damage from base damages alone, **without any passive procs**(though E and sometimes ult usually hit outside the aoe) which equals 60 APfor her
: Riot has not released a new tank in 28 months
Guess that depends on wethere you call the new gallio a rework, or a new champ release(cause that's basically what it was)...though even that was quite some time ago
CyberPhobic (EUNE)
: Ok so can we stop pretending Mordekaiser is fine?
>To be fair, I dont think its the champion, its the fact that with Ravenous hunter + Conqueror your aura is healing you for 30% of what it deals, which is alot and granted most people go visage it turns out to insane levels of healing. don't think that's it. First off, ravenous is reduced on aoe, so it's 19.6%, not 30 But mostly, the healing is based post mittigation, old conqueror was pre mittigation, so once your opponent has atlead one mr item(even if it's just {{item:1033}} ), old conquerors healing would be higher. And that amount off vamp can be used by everyone. The reason he's strong is becuase he's strong, not because of some op rune interactions. If anything, it's his interaction with {{item:3116}} +{{item:3151}} and his passive, grinding away %hp just for beeing close
AhernfVy (NA)
: Too many champions have the counterplay of "just don't be that champion vs them" now
I generally think agree, but i really think you do udyr wrong...
Skniddlz (EUW)
: Mountain Hexes Kinda Suck, change my mind (pls do, i really dislike them)
I have mixed feelings for them. I totally agree with point 1 and 2, if you don't get a uinit that can use it well early on and get a fitting composition around that, it's pretty bad, and switching up the setup later on is horrible with mountain. However, for me mountain has the most desticnt meta from other elements. The current meta comps work on any element, but transfering from druids to a singed/zed goodstuff comp can be less effective at mountain, so some of the meta comps are a bit worse. But mostly, it enables some carries and with that comps that won't work in any other element. It's ideal for elector/warden, a orn with ~600 more hp lategame can tank alot more than usuall which oaried with electro can contribute to alot damage. Some champs that usually are either to squishy or lack damage like jax or yasuo can just get titanic and become carries for your team(got first place vs meta comps in both cases), and you can really get hypercarries cause the hp sticks to the champ even after you move it away, meaning you can get 3 items+the bonus hp later on. So while i really dislike the early luck dependency and snowballiness, i also love how it creates oportuinites for comps that wouldn't work with any other element, shakeing up the stale meta a bit.
: I think Ravenous Hunter needs a nerf or rework and here is why
I don't think ravenous is that much of an issue. Kasadin, Zed and kata don't even get that much out of it, and ryze has plenty off other issues anyway. I also don't think it's a big factor on Aatrox. Don't forget, unlike conqueror, ravenous only is 33% effective for aoe. so it's only ~4.6% heal on most skills. For Aatrox with conqueror, he heals for 45% of his damage already, so it's ~9% more healing compared to without it(49.6% instead of 45%), so revitalize gives him more healing below 40% hp ontop of better regen, more healing from the passive and more healing from allie heals. Add in a deaths dance and ravenous gets even less relevant for him. It's rarly a big factor for laneing when sustain is the most impactfull due to the stacking part(unless an early bot fiesta escalates or something), and later on most champs usually profit more from the other options. And if Zed can't go for other options despite wanting them cause of mage harras, isn't that more a sign that mage harras is to oppresive and zed lacks other options against it? Though in my ecperience a good zed can easily go without it and get the better options... I also don't see how one can complain about the spelvamp rune but be fine with legend bloodline, the 12% lifesteal that can be obtained just by farming are much more impactfull and already have sigifican't impact in lane where it's often at +5% befor the first item is finished, which paired with a dorans and conqueror adds up to alot sustain.
atorelle (NA)
: Looking To Transition From Support to Top
WHY? SAVE YOUR SELF BEFOR IT'S TO LATE!! Seriously though, toplane is in a horrible state and one of the most misserable experiences this game has to offer, and that comes from a former toplane main that started in Season 0 If you want to transition into a role that can carry games, jungle and mid are what you're looking at. But if you really want to go to the desolate island of missery that is toplane, you certainly can bring poppy there, especially vs squishy-dashy type of champs like riven, yasuo or irelia she can be really strong. Orn imo is the best toplane tank atm, not the easiest one but neither the hardest, so if you like tanks you should give him a try. If you want carry potential top that isn't that hard to learn, i think trynda and jax are a good start. With sanguin blade, their splitpush gets rather disgusting as long as you avoid getting collapsed on. However, as a support main you should probably have a decent enough read on the macro for that. Toplane lissandra is also a very underated option, she can easily deal with nearly any matchup with her ranged waveclear and good disenage, while also have good all in once the opponent is poked low and a great setup for ganks. She also has alot playmakeing potential to transition a lead onto the map, which is where most other toplaners have alot of trouble if they can't just win through mindless splitpush. As for toplane tips in general: Since you come from support, i expect your not very experiecned at CSing, so i recommand to practice CSing in the practice tool till it comes naturally, learn how to read minions to anticipate which minions will be focused down first. At some point, you will CS well while beeing brain afk, which means you can put your attention elswhere in lane to see proper openenings for trades/harras or read your opponents intentions to avoid such things. One thing that really helps, especially if the matchup is in your favour, is indentifying which creep your opponent will CS next and then you can position closer to that and just smack him with an AA as soon as he goes for the CS. Especially with grasp, that can be some good harras if you pull it off a couple of times. Another important thing is playing around CDs, but that's the case in every lane. As for overall tradeing, that's mostly an experience thing. Over time, you will get a feel for how much damage you and your opponent are capable off and mostly at what lvls/items the powerspikes of you/your opponent kick in. Many people get confused when they dominate a matchup for some levels and then suddenly get smashed. The most common spikes for toplaners are tiamat, sheen, phage and the first complete item. Then there is the lvl 3 spike(lvl 2 for some) and obviously lvl 6. One of the best examples for such a spike is Irelia. She synergieses well with sheen, and her ult is a very powerfull spike, so many irelias play on the backfoot early on, and once the get sheen at lvl 6/7 they suddenly all in you 100-0 cause they get a massive power spike from both lvl and item at roughly the same time.
: What beats glacial/poison?
Only thing that helps is just pure luck, if you gett strong units 3 stared and perfect gear(3 star sivir with frontline has the potential to shred through them befor the glacials ever reach her), you can beat them, but all in all, poison is busted, singed is as close to free win as it gets and while olaf is not as much of an issue on it's own anymore, paired with singed and poison that take care of casters and absorb some aggro, he often is able to still do his thing and become stupid. Though that comp is more like nobles in set 1, it quickly falls apart if you don't find the singed, so while it's near unbeatable if you get all the pices, it's winrate isn't the best as it needs a tier 5 for the late which makes it very unreliable.
Ratrose (EUW)
: Suggestion hotfix on Renekton
Main way to fix it is fixing PD, that items is broken and completely shuts down Assasins and IE users completely with nothing they can do about it. It's one of the reasons this meta is so focused on mages/summons as they are the least affeced by PD
: Is it just me or is the Warden buff worthless?
Given that you always face 7 others and thus multiple different comps means any buff that hard focuses either armor or mr is rather pointless. To make things worse, any Physical damage heavy comp will have atleast 2 dessert for 50% armor shred aswell... I think a % boost to both armor and mr would be nice, it would empower defstats gained from items so you can choose wether you need more mr or more armor that way while giveing decent baseline tankyness vs everything but truedamage.
: TFT Balance Issues
I think one issue you've forgot is ocean. While i think the idea of the buff it self is fine, the way it is implemented comes with huges issues. Right now, there are only 5 oceans in the game(and lux+quiana), with 2 of them beeing mages, two guardians and 1 tier 5 This means the number of comps that can actually use them is very low. Sure, you can squeeze in the two guardians in many comps for the 2ocean bonus, but if you want the 4ocean bonus that really starts to be impactfull, you're basically limited to mage+2guardian(which also is THE meta comp, and that's no cooincidence) Now if you look at the mage+warden stuff, they basically have 60% of all CCs(ignoreing glacial) in the game, and with the high managain those CCs get a very low CD, which is a huge part why those comps dominate as much as they do. Imo the ocean buff should change to a 3/6 with 25/55 mana gained. This makes ocean quiana and nami more interesting and nerfs the ocean for mage comps from 35 to 25 mana. Also, i really hope they add some other oceans to open up the buff to more comps.
xWARx (NA)
: the other 3 still have hints at the old kits however aatrox is completely devoid of his style but his name no care at all in the champ design to keep the old one just complete new.
Sorry, but if you think gallio or urgot are any closer to their original playstyles than Aatrox, then you clearly never played them(more than a few test games) befor the reworks. No one denies that Aatrox has been basically removed, but claiming that others like Gallio, Urgot or Karma don't share that fait is plain bullshit and pretty ignorant towards their former mains.
Crashyy (EUW)
: Resolve rune tree "Durability and crowd control", seems to do more damage than both of those traits
I think the most outstanding issues are that the keystones are damage focused rather than defensive. Grasp needs the healing and damage values swapped, currently it's 4%hp damage ans 2% healing when it imo should be 4%healing and 2% damage Aftershock should to loose the damage portion, instead the 'expolsion' should apply a .5sec 90 % slow and increase the defstat duration by 0.5 sec for each champ it hits And while we're at it, lower conquerors heal to 10% but increase the adaptive stats at higher levels a bit so there is a clear destinction between cinqueror(damage focused) and Grasp(sustain focused) Right now only champs with poor off scaleings would pick grasp over conqueror, since they both offer prettymuch the same.
: None of resolves runes have crowd control.
i think the 'and crowd control' mostly reffered to effects that get triggert through CC, or help against CC. Though even in that regard, the current resolve falls flat, only aftershock and font of life(so basically only aftershock) trigger of CC, and only Unflinching gives some tenacity.
: [Discussion]: How to fix Glacials
I think the per target cd would work well, the main issue right now is that your units often can't respond at all, they won't even get a cast off despite full mana. If they had some time where they can't be CCd, that would be a masssive boon already. The second option sounds pretty weak unless the numbers get bonkers, so not a fan. Another option impo would be a stacking up as slow, maybe 4/6/8 % as slow stacking up to 6 times
: What does it take to play a good Malphite?
The most important thing as malp is a solid strategic read on the game. While he's supprisingly good 1v1, he's still not really a great splitpusher, especially not later on. Mid to late, he's all about that ult, so it's very important to use it wisely. Going for a solo kill with it can loose you the game if it means you don't have it up for baron/elder. So haveing a good understanding for when to group and when to fight around what objective is very important on malph, as his kit mostly revolves around that 1 big teamfight ult. This also means you need to know how and then to engage. Simply pressing R when your rnrmirs are grouped isn't enough, it's just as important(if not more) to be aware of your allies. The two most common fails i see on malph(or other hard engage) is either gooing to far with a maxrange flash ult and then wondering that theri team couldn't instantly cross 2 screens to foolow up, or engageing after allies used important CDs and again wondering why there's no proper followup. All this is theoretically basic game knowledge, but for malph it's far ore important than for someone like jax or qiyana, cause he has very little to offer beyond that one ult that makes or breakes a fight and has a rather high CD. Qiyana can fail her ult and still scrap some kills in a split fight or go splitpushing, jax has his entier kit on a ~7sec cd, cause his ult active is a nice to have but not needed to contribute in a fight. Malph has his R every min, and if that doesn't lead to something meaningfull, he'll pay for it while he waits for the CD. Also, never be that malph that only uses his ult to finish of lowhealth units, those are the worst. They end with great KDAs but still lose the game all by them selfs, it's worse than inting...
Tokishi7 (NA)
: The balance team took a sabbatical, they'll be back in time for season 11.
: Why do we even have champion classes?
>making them easier to balance and design nope, the only purpose of the classification is to help new players so they have a rough idea what those champs are supposed to do. As for you complaints about skirmishers and battlemages, that's all just damagecreep. If you compare jax to talon or diana, he will never be able to do as much damage in a single rotation as they do, but with how high damage overall is, he will delete a squishy just aswell while the others would simply overkill. Same with battlemages, their kit certainly is more focused on sustained combat patterns(victor an edge case, he's just as much controll mage as he is battlemage) but the overall high damage still allows them to kill quickly, just with less down time then others... If overall damage is lower, the desticnt patterns for those champs would be more relevant instead of everything bluring into burst.
: Tried Warden a few dozen times and still can't get it to work
well, there is alot magic damage in most comps, and those that do mostly physical damage usually have easy acces to desert, which is 50% armorpen with only two units Armor alone just isn't a very usefull stat
Porglit (NA)
: Let's talk about Cloud (3)
yea, i mean, it still offers similar options like mountain, giveing faster acces to cloud as you don't need a tier 4, and it opens up assasin/blade or assasin/mystik for the 2 cloud instead of hardlocking you into blade/mystik(though thx to yi that usually happens anyway) But still, it'd be nice to have a 3 mountian bonus(maybw 2000-2500 shield up from then 1500 of 2 mountains), and could 3 could really get 5% more dodge(so 10 more than the 2coud) to make 3 cloud comps a bit more rewarding.
: and you know now that i think about i've never seen in any ornn games people do this. because *it requires the game to be late enough to the point where people can afford either 2 botkrs,2 black cleaver,etc. *by the time games reach that point i'm pretty sure almost everyone dies near instantly so having some more black cleave procs or percent health damage really won't make much of a difference. * its extremely costly. * you will almost never see this happen because most people are unaware that ornn masterwork items stack with their regular versions. *due to all of these reasons this is basically a non factor/non issue. and most importantly. there is a limited amount of item slots. there are not that many champions that would want double botrk or double black cleavers rather then another core utility or defensive item. if riot ever increases the amount of items we can carry while at the same time increasing average game time to 40 minutes or so then yes,maybe you'll see people take advantage of this but most games are decided and over long before anyone can afford double black cleavers. and seeing as this isn't some free benefit i don't think riot will go out of their way to nerf this or remove this.
I think the mian reason you don't see people do this(besides games rarly going that long) is that no one expects this to work...
Deecoyy (NA)
: Blade of the Ruined King and Might of the Ruined King
I wonder if that works for other stuff aswell, like double ludens proc or another 25% crit damage from IE...
: New Conqueror is better against squishy targets than it is against tanks ?
Squishys dying faster than tanks? Working as intendet if you ask me.... The point of Conqueror is not that you melt tanks(not anymore), but that you simply ignore their lowish damage with the sustain and thus still easily come out ahead in the 1v1 extendet fights.
Doge2020 (NA)
: I know it has been a while since this was posted lol The problem with the alternatives that you recommended is that they don’t have the reset theme of the comp. I think some good Alternatives that fit the comp would be Taric for support, or Irelia in top. To make the team less reliant on snowballing, Ryze would be a good pick for mid lane. Another plus is that his regular itemization would him tankier than most Katarina’s.
>The problem with the alternatives that you recommended is that they don’t have the reset theme of the comp. 'Ryze' Sorry, but i don't see how that fits the reset theme any better(if you look at OPs comp, it's about resets on kills, not things like ryze Q)
: Unpopular opinion: Aphelios isnt as hard to play and master as riot thinks.
Hard to play is not always a matter of mechanics his mechanics are rather simple, but he still is rather hard. You need to always be aware of waht weapons you have, what comes next, how much amo, how is the CD on your secondary skill, what bonus effect would currently apply to your ult and so on, which is quite a burden of knowledge and makes it really hard to do well with him without experience. but beyond that, you also have the fact that he is an immobile carry with not to much range and little defense and only sometimes CC, who has to adjust positioning and playstyle to his weapons. Target choice and positioning in teamfights is alot more complicated for him than for the average adc, and that's the point most player struggle with already as adc. His mechanical requirements are low, but the amount of required knowledeg, tactical skill and planning goes definitly beyond your usual LoL champ. P.S. there is no RNG for him, the weapons have a set order that can change base on how you use your wepons(aka which of the two active ones you empty first), which is a big part of the planning skill involved with him. A good aphelios can manage his weapons so that he has his desierd teamfight combo ready when dragon comes up for example.
BlackXIV (EUW)
: Exactly, sadly the boards are invaded with frustrated solo laners who are happy about the changes and shut down the conversation because they think the less resources jungle gets the better it is for them on their little islands. The only point I slightly disagree with is the importance of toplane. Not only they can exert the most pressure with heralds but they can always choose to sacrifice a wave or 2 and teleport on objectives (which should actually be the norm if they care to win), especially when they're ahead.
As a toplane main(well, **EX-top, playing mid now because of the changes**), i have to say that toplane never had as little influence as it has now. Dragons are just so damn important, and winning botlane gets 4 people ahead oppsed to 3 in the top, so botside dominance is sigificantly more impactfull. Tp is a rather usless spell in soloQ, it doesn#t help with dragon if your team doesn't give you a setup, like atleast a ward in the area whilst contesting it. Most dragons are taken uncontested by the team that has controll in the botside, since the first two dragons are pathetically weak and can be soloed by many champs without any risk. And later on, dragons often fall in a few seconds, so you can't reactively use TP, and for useing it proactive, you need a level of teamcoordination that you rarly find in soloQ, most of the time TP atempts end in a death cause your team retreats and you can't cancle. I found it to be more effective to walk bot when Dragon comes up and use TP to get back to lane. But quite frankly, you can do all of that so much better from midlane and don't even need TP(though it still is a solid choice) Again, succesfull TPs require a setup that rarly can be provided by a loosing botside(in soloQ), so it doesn't help with dragon controll, it just helps reinforceing controll** if your team already has controll** The only time top really has high impact is when it's a splitpusher snowballing out of controll, and in my mmr that usuall requires a counterpick and a jungler or mid that goes top for dives, cause most of my opponents can play save enough to cut their losses and prevent a full scale snowball in a raw 1v1.
BlackXIV (EUW)
: What laners don't understand about the Jungle changes
Well, for most people with a brain(so sadly not many), that was the expected outcome. Dragon controll more important when ever, toplane potentially more jungler dependent to shut down sanguin splitpush and also respawning herald, so map presence and controll is needed even more than befor. No comeback xp means falling behind vs a strong invadeing jungler is basically game over. Weaker early junglers can't really play the game without massive backup from their lanes. It also means you can't contest objectives which at higher level is basically gg, cause dragonsoul is so damn overpowered meaning dragoncontroll=win. On top of all of that, the raw reward for powerfarming isn't that huge **while the first clear xp is the same but with now more pathing variance, so earlygame ganks are better than ever!** So what this means is that you either have a fastclearing earlygame powerhouse like udyr that farms away while shutting the opposing jungler whilst easily soloing drake early on, or you have a strong early ganker that can snowball into powerfull skirmishes like jarvan or lee. it also means Toplane mostly can hope/dread some early ganks and then it all shifts bot for dragon reasons, and whoever got the more succesfull early ganks can then procced to steamroll toplane as it then becomes a 1v1 island. Though ultimatly, what happens top doesn't matter at all, it's all about the 4vs4 on the botside...
BigIdea (NA)
: That's not my team you're looking at lol. I'm the one with the 2* tier 7 and tier 5 units with summoner/light/crystal/warden comp. Lost to a bunch of 3 star tier 1 units.
In that case, the issue is mostly that crytal and wardens synergies suck in this set, and i asume lux is your other light, which means you have no light unit that really uses the AS well. It also comes down to items, zed without items, assasins and ele doesn't do much, lux is decent on her own, but without the right items it's not enough to carry your damage, and other than that, you had no DD. And sadly, TFT is like the Rift, tankiness means NOTHING in the late, it's mostly about damage, and the the mage/infernals 3 stars had plenty of that. As for why wardens and crystal suck: - His setup is nearly all magic damage, so the armor of wardens means nothing at all - Asides from the mage casts, all damage is spreat out over many instances of small damage, dianas abillity is split in 6 damage instances, zyras plants are many instances of lowish damage, the inferno dot...crystal just does shit vs 90% of set 2 cause it's POST mitigation and very few champs really deal enough damage in one hit to cross the 100 damage line. Tarik for example has enough armor with the warden bonus that an even 250 ad would not trigger the crystal effect cause post mitigation, it's only ~100 Again, the sad truth of it is that your setup just lacks damage, especially if diana takes out your lux, and crystal+wardens are amongest the weakest synergies, and scarner without predator is mostly a waste of space. Riots balanceing is bad, and you happened to opt into a non meta comp...
: They removed it from every other champion except Tryndamere at least.
Till they buy their first item... Don't get me wrong, it's great that lucky crits no longer can dictate the early lane, but it's just beynd me why they keep the crit RNG at all after removeing all other RNG **and even haveing a succesfull prototype of non RNG 'crit' with Ashe**
: Don't forget trist, an adc all ining you lvl 2.
The big difference is that tristanas all-in isn't RNG based, you can play around that. Tryn however does either nothing or just murders you purely based on RNG, and that's an entierly different kind of bullshit. It's not a matter of balance/power, it's about designprinciples, and i for one think RNG in a **competetive PvP **game is bad design.
Heroboy10 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sire Hippington,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=J544ZGlr,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-11-25T14:32:22.688+0000) > > Set 1 already felt RNG heavy, but set 2 is just so much worse in that regard, and i blame mostly the pool reduction for it. Did you noticed that now is more easy to collect 3* level 1 units despite RIOT decreased the pool ? Maybe they did something and didn't tell us.
it's more easy to 3 star for units that no one else has, cause the number of other pices you could get also is alot lower, and gets further decreased by other players takeing them. But most of the time, those champs aren't taken by the rest for good reason, cause they either only work for certain comps(orn) or are simply weak, so even if you can 3 star them, they rarly can compete with those 3 stars of the actuall meta comps. And for the 3 stars of popular picks, there will usually be only 1 lucky dude getting them rather fast and the rest has hardly any chance for 3 staring it after that. This usually results in 3-4 people haveing all the good stuff at lvl 3(or 2 for tier 4 and 5) and the rest has to opt for weaker comps or live with 2 stars and less chances on the tier 4/5 units.
Smyrage (EUNE)
: Set 2 is full of broken interactions and balance issues
I think many balance and design decisions are rather questionable in set 2(especially keeping glacial and the entier idea of summoners and mages also beeing rng based till you get all 6) However, the by far biggest issue for me are the changes to the pool size. Imo reduceing the poolsize was a massive mistake that destroyed the mode for me. There are usually 3-4 players that get it all with multiple 3stars, often not even sacrificeing their econ for it, and the rest struggles even getting 2 stars. It's all about beeing lucky to get the good units upgraded first, and then the rest has bad chances finding them. it leads to many frustraiting games where the ones that aren't lucky ust don't get any chance to compete cause the core pieces of all the strong comps are gone. Now there are people that will say 'just adapt to another comp', but that comes with a massive disadvantage while makeing it easier for your opponents to get even more in the process. If scouting was less inconvinient(why isn't there a quick overview on tap like other autochess games have??) and if 2/3 star units would refund thier full goldcost, mabye adapting would be a bit more viable, but even then it's a big risk, cause with how fucked the RNG is, there is NO gurantee to ever get another setup running. I had MANY games where i choose to go for units that no one else used and strugglet getting them to 2. Games where not a single ashe comes with no one else haveing her, but 2 people haveing a 2star olaf and another 2 haveing a 2 star annie. Stuff like that is just beyond frustraiting and alot more common in set 2 then it was in set 1. Set 1 already felt RNG heavy, but set 2 is just so much worse in that regard, and i blame mostly the pool reduction for it.
: Elder Dragon Unnecessary
I'm not a big fan of the dragon execute either, but honsetly, the only unnecessary thing that happend is you guys not only going for elder instead of easily finishing, but also allowing the to steal. Given how far ahead you were, your opponents should never be able to approach dragonpit without getting cought in a fight and die, and there certainly was no need to rush elder with their jungler alive and with steal potential. Though still, the elder is quite a massive swing and in less onesided matches, he can mean one slip up on either side ends the game which is not ok.
: Why are people complaining about dragons so much?
For me, the reason is simple: 4 dragons is nearly GG cause of the dragon soul, which means dragons and with that botside have absolut priority, so toplane once again remians an island. Jungle and mid both HAVE TO play around bot to maintain dragon controll. This also means botlane will be all about early lane dominance to help with that. Dragon should be an option, but with how powerfull the 4 dragon advantage is, everyone is forced to put all their focus on it, which heavily limits strategic diversity. This means top will be either ranged cancer or sanguin abusers splitpushing till either team's 4 man won the game regardless of their Top's doings...
: Jungle is now a trash role to play in, used to love jungling, now its one role i refuse to play. It simply feels like dog shit to play. Constantly behind in levels is bullshit. Level 6 to the laners being level 9. Support is now a trash role to play in, cause you can now only succeed with champions riot wants you to play. Tank supports are now dead, they cant get anywhere, only poke champions are permitted bot now. So diversity is completely gone. Top lane is now a trash role to play in, it has been a horrible role for a long time since there are very literally zero top lane mains in riots balancing team. But now its even worse cause you AGAIN can only succeed with the champions that Riot wants you to play. Simply put, Riots focus on streamlining and "making things exciting to watch" is ruining this game more and more every year. And if you have played a long time, and look back, you will realize this game is a pile of dog shit right now, and we are all the abused wives to Riot being our drunken violent husband. They just keep beating the hell out of us and making it our fault. But in reality, we just dont know where to go to if we left league cause nobody has succeeded in making a moba just like old league yet, but when it happens ill be moving onto that and letting riot die alone.
> But in reality, we just dont know where to go to if we left league cause nobody has succeeded in making a moba just like old league yet... pretty much the biggest issue, since i've lost all hope in lol returning to it's roots. The sad thing is that Dawngate actually was just that, a moba that felt pretty much like old LoL with it's own twist, but because lol WAS old lol at the time, dawngate couldn't compete and got shut down by EA. If Dawngate was released after S6, i think most LoL veterans would have switched sooner or later...
D3L3T3D1 (NA)
: Enemy signed causes my backline to wander
i feel more annoyed when he causes my melees to stop attacking and instead chaseing him... Singed would be an incredible strong unit even without his poison simply cause he screws up the pathing AI of his opponent so damn hard.
BigIdea (NA)
: Can someone explain what makes the highlighted team so strong?
3-stars are a big factor, especially on diana and vlad, and he has 3 inferno, 3 mages, 4 ocean and 2 wardens, and we don't know the items. you have 2 rangers, 3 light and 2 mystik, NO YORIK(the core for every light setup) and your 3 star vayne probably gets destroyed by diana every fight. and again, we don't know the items, which are a massive factor for the game.
: Why is sanguine blade a thing?
yea, that item is a massive mistake, paired with the xp increase, it just turns toplane into snowbally splitpush crap. There is no way to compete 1v1 vs sanguin blade, and your towers dropp faster than a minion wave vs that shit. If they wanted to have an as option for splitpushing assasins, they should have returned the AS on ghostblades active. And if they want a lethality+sustain item, they should just rework deaths dance, cause that should be THE sustain for ad-casters...
: he was speaking generally. Ryze cass and vlad are not the norm. Also he did say split-pushing so idk what you're saying.
toplane(which usually is the relevant lane for splitpushing), those 3 are the norm, with some victor and swain potentially...
: Goodbye Season 9 and Good Riddance
>.... in just one season I have to disagree on that, the game gradually got worse since s5, with a massive step in S6 and then another big one with runes reforged. It's been a steady progress, S9 just is the lowest low so far, but it's mostly alreaddy existing issues beeing amplifyed and not S9 in particular causeing the problems. And looking at the preseason so far, i don#t see much progress beeing made. Sure, the mountain dragon changes, infernal nerf, klepto and sohjin removal aswell as conqueror no longer doing truedamge is nice, but tankiness remains a non factor, toplane gets fucked up even more thx to sanguin blade(that shit is just as bad of an idea as spear of shojin was, if not worse...), vision still hardly exists, and new designs remain overloaded....
Cycera (NA)
: Can Annie not be this season's win condition?
annie? you play a different tft version than i do apparently... In my games, it's olaf, malz+yorik with atleast 3 summoner+3light, shadow(mostly kindret) or poison, then there are IE kah unless he runs into the OD hardcounter, and the 4+ 3star comps where it doesn't matter what comp, they just outstat by the raw number of 3stars. Then there is 6mages with the cap item on a decent user(one of the few cases where annie is really relevant) or a fed lvl 2 brand. And the worst of all are infernals, usually with malz for the shadow+summoner splash. And yes, it includes annie, but she's not the main reason it's strong... Annie isn't bad, but she really doesn't seem like a wincondition to me.
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