: PSA: If your top laner does NOT have prio DO NOT invade the enemy jungle.
That's not just about toplane. If you invade top, you need toplane prio or atleast neutral, if you invade bot that counts for bot, and if you invade anywhere, you need to have prio mid. That's why lane prio > everything else for high elo midlanes and competetive. If you have the winning midlane, your jungler is free to do as he pleases as long as he respects the sidelane situations. If your mid looses, your jungler will always be on the backfood, take long but save roots and have a much harder time impacting the game.
: So do you guys feel like fixing Shyvana any time soon?
Is this a TFT complaint or about SR? Cause sadly, this one time they did a good job of transferring a champ from the Rift onto TFT, cause her most populat builts go full AP, ult away from opponents and play her as a poke mage with E spam, which is basically what she does in TFT, ult away from opponents and spam fierballs from afar... I'd love to see her getting fixed into a strong scaleing melee brawler in both modes, but guess that's not gonna happen -,-
Ratatouka (EUW)
: champs starting the fight with mana
That's intendet, some champs like Shen have starting mana to make sure they have a chance on useing theri abillity befor dieing.
Barkley (NA)
: You guys know professional poker is a thing, right?
Those are poor examples and not directly compareable. The reason for that is simple: There is a big difference in the amount of RNG-systems involved, the impace of it, and the amount of options to interact/react on it. Lats look at some examples: - Poker(Texas hold 'em): you basically have two RNG systems, the hand you are dealt and the cummunity cards. your hand is unknown to others, so you can bluff and this is basically the core part of poker, it's less about the cards but more about psychology. Sure, it helps to know probabillities to asses how likely it is for someone to beat your hand, but it's just as much if not more about reading your opponents and their body language. This is enabled by face down hands **and analog play with direct contact between the palyers**. It's not about what each player has, but about what each one MIGHT have. And your options to interact with it is to fold, pass or raise. Another imortant factor is that the RNG fully resets after each round, it doesn't matter what cards were dealth in the round befor, each round is fully independent, reduceing the impact of RNG in a single round. You got bad RNG? just fold and cut your losses. - MTG: The only RNG(exept for very few card effects) is the start hand and the cards you draw each round, and with mulligan there even is a mechanic to mitigate the start hand RNG, while building your deck properly and haveing tutor(search) cards reduce the RNG impact aswell, so you can manipulate the RNG. You also have incredible much options to play(what cards if any at all, what targets, who attack, who blocks, what effects to use and so on, and since you don't know your opponents hand(usually) and often not even their deck, there also is the psychological factor and the potential for bluffs. Unlike poker, the cards stay on hand/on the field for etendt periods(sometiems even till the game ends) and thus the imapct of the Early RNG carries on the entier game, which usuallly gets a bit mitigated by playing best of 3 matches. - Heathstone: Basically MTG, but with an huge extra layer of RNG on MANY card effects(main reason I prefer MTG by far), and less psychology as it's online so you can't see your opponents face to read expressions. In TFT we have: - RNG elements - First Shared draft it's random what pieces are in direct reach for you, sometimes you have a strong item/champ combo directly in fron't, sometimes it's the Negatron braum...though that could be fixed by proer balanceing - Items and champs in shared drafts - your personal drafts - The amount of items from creeps - What items those are - Many of the in fight effects like crit, dodge and glacial - All but the in-fight RNG do carry on till the game is over, if you have less/worse items than someone else early on, that most likely stays that way till the end, especially since the changes that make low/no items in later round less likely. If i have less items then some one else past krugs, that will not change till the game is over. - Interactions: - what champs we take from the draft(if any) - how much gold we spent on xp, which with the above leads to manageing our gold overall - what items we grab from the shared draft(lets be real, 90% of the time you pick the item and not the champ that carries it) - whom we give what items - how we place them on the field So comapred to the card game examples, you have no option to bluff, you have MUCH more layers of RNG, each of the interactions have low impact compared to the RNG. What champions we take from the draft is heavily influenced by what we get to choose from, what items we give whom depends mostly on what items and champs we get, so strategie mostly comes down to menaging your gold and a bit about setup building. Tactical decisiionmakeing would be adjusting hte placement of your team, but that only is a relevant decsion IF you know what your up against, which till it's only 2 or 3 players left isn't the case. And unlike Tradeingcardgames, you have no deckbuilding to manipulate the RNG and no mechanics like mulligan to reduce the RNG impact on the oppening hand. If you'd translate TFT in it's current state into a Tradeingcard game, you'd have heathstone(lots of infight RNG effects) with a random **size**start hand(how much items you get from the first creep waves), and between 1 and 3 start mana(reflecting the power of the first units you draft) and on top of that you don't built your own deck, but both players use the same class with the same deck which isn't any optimized to mitigate RNG. In hearstone, you usually have 15 different cards X2 in your deck, so after drawing half your deck you can make a good guess on how likely it is to draw a specific card. In TFT, you have over forty different cards with ~half of them beeing stacks of over 30, so even with it beeing a shared deck between 8 players, the chances to get a specific piece stay really low all game long. All you can say is that the chance to NOT get a certain piece is quite high especally on high tier pieces. If some one has a lvl 2 yasuo, you'r chances of getting a lvl 2 yasuo yourself are pretty damn low. Doesn't mean you changes to get yasuo are 'high' if no one else has one, just not as close to zero as in the other case. in terms of texas hold'em, it would be with randomly between 0 and 4 cards as a hand, and you can't fold or bet but always pass, and instead of haveing the comunity cards count for all, it would be N+2 cards(N is the number of playeers) and each player would grab one of them, and after X rounds, each player chooses 5 cards from his hand and goes all in. ------------------------------- TFT has alot of potential, but right now you have to little options to properly and **impactfully** react on the RNG, and it's just WAAAAAY to much layers of RNG with basucally no atempts on mitigation for any of them.
: Gold Garen (zekes, GA) Gold Lucian (Ludens) Gold Tris (Rageblade and something else) Silver Kennen (Ludens) Silver Pyke Silver Graves Silver Mordekiser Bronze Sejuani? Cant remember the bronze. Person in First had 2 gold champs Person in Third had 0 gold champs Not remembering the enemy comp (Would be cool if there was history for TFT)
three big factors: you lacked a proepr comp for synergies, only two small buffs(2nkight, 2gunslinger) Most of your oieces were low tier(1 and 2 goldcosts) Your lacked a proper hardcarry in terms of items(unless the other item on tris was IE) Luden's on lucian is nice early, but not that impactfull later on, on kennen it's a bit better but still not as impactfull, and rageblade without any ad or on-hit isn't enough on tris. And the items on garen are kinda wasted, he gets nearly no use from the AD as his base AS sucks and his skill prevents him from AAing for quite some time, and him haveing zekes most likely means the 'aura' buff is applied to the frontline rather than your backline. Later on in the game, teamcomposition is very important, and higher tier units at silver can easily keep up with low tier on gold. A silver Seju is stronger than a gold Garen for example, she'll be just as tanky with a more impactfull skill. Also, haveing the right combination of items on the right pices can make a big difference. A silver tristana with rageblade, shive and IE will deal alot more damage than a gold tristana with only rageblade, especially if you get the full 4 gunslinger buff ontop.
: Hm that Guardian buff...
{{champion:30}} press R 3.. 2... 1... Ace Seriously, if they want Guardians to be any usefull, the buff needs to grant MR aswell...
KingMack (NA)
: Pirate Nerf Necessary?
I think you understimate what twisted does to pirates. I played on PBE alot, and pirates dominat because it's so damn easy now to get 3 of them early. And getting pirates early snowballs alot because you reach higher interest faster aswell, increaseing your gold advantage vs others even more. It's quite common to go for pirates till you hit the 50 gold sweetspot and then sell some of them to transition into a proper setup. As for wild, i think you missed out on one MASSIVE change that makes me wonder if the gnar nerf wasn't a bit over the top. As used to always scale with a 1.0 ratio, so no matter what piece, Wild would always give up to 0.35 increased as and recurve would give 0.2 increased as. Now it uses base AS as ratio instead, which for most pieces is ~0.6. This means most champs will now get ~0.24 AS from wild and 0.12 from recurve which is roughly 2/3 of the previous value(0.35) despite the compensation buffs and equals 5% per stack on wild and 12% for recurve for the previous system. So actually, unless you have fiora, AS was nerfed quite a bit across the board. On top of that, shapeshifters got nerfed from 100% bonus hp on shift to 60% which is why the gnar nerfs feel a bit much all things considert. The rengar buff just makes up for the AS-changes Eve was underwhelming befor and just used to get the assasin buff. Don't get me wrong, i agree that wild was rather strong, but once again, it got actually nerfed rather hard with all changes considered, and while i think assasins and crit overall need nerfs or get changed entierly, i think that's not a reason to keep specific assasin weak. I'd rather see nerfs to the trait or the actually strong assasins(hello ninjas, ghostblade...) As for pirates, i'd prefer Twisted beeing changed and getting tier 3 which would delay the bonus and allow for more power on individual pirates. Mf is strong, but tier 5, Pike is still good, but no longer op, graves legit sucks with the low HP and it was a horrible nerf on the wrong spot, Twisted is rather weak aswell while GP is actually quite decent after the buffs. i'm actually not sure if i like the goldgain traid overall, it just has such potential if gained early by accelerateing your econ alot, but it's not really statisfying and hard to balance.
: Laundry List of Fixes
I disagree with your last two points. First off, the shieldamount gained by kassa is affected by AP, so with a 6 sorc boost he gains twice as much shield, and he gives Sorcs some frontline which enables sorc comps to exist without going for knights or brawlers first. For the other point, with how many pieces you have, haveing some combinations doubled is bound to happen, and sometimes it just really fits the thematik. Void still needs atleast 1 non brawler buff, and the 2 brawler boost is not very relevant later on, and guardian would be incredible unfitting for reksai. You sai Graves MF are fine cause of the tier difference, yet somehow Anivia(tier5) and Liss(tier 2) is an issue? Lulu veigar needs one other sorc AND one other yordel so still rather specific(and Veigar sucks if he's not ahead in lvl) Nid gnar only get the 2wild buff which isn't that huge, and for the full boost you still need 2 other classes, and then there's still 1 shapeshifter missing, so getting full wild and shapeshifter is still a very specific comp.
: Can we give Miss Fortune Asol's ability targeting?
All those skillshots should use that targeting, especially Ahri...
Theorex (NA)
: Damage comparison from 2017 to 2019.
1 gane each is way to small of a samplesize to get any relevant conclusions. There are many possible reasons why the total damage dealt in 1 game is highr than in the other. Teamcipositions alone have a big imapct. For example: in your 2019 game, there is alot poke and little engage on both sides, which usually means alot non leathal damage that inflates the damage per kill ratio. There are just way to many different factors to get any relvant information from just compareing 1 game in 2017 to 1 game in 2019....
: For anyone who still thinks TFT is heavily Stratedgy
you missed two important RNNG factors: In fight RNG(crit, glacial, demons...) Matchmakeing(phaseing the currently strongest or a counter setup multiple times in a row) Then there are things that increase the RNG impact like the hardcounter designs. Got a carry with SotD? Good luck dealing 0 damage to PD users... Run mages and face a Dragon comp? to bad... Have a fed 3star darius? Face morello/redbuff and get 100% heal reduce... such hard counters in a mode there you can't directly react to them are just bullshit. IF you would see the enemie setup befor the fight and could adjust positioning acordingly so your darius doesn't face the redbuff dude, it would have some skill check, but right now, tactical decisions are VERY limited untill it's only 2 or 3 players left. Sure, there is some skill involved, and over many games good players win a bit more than they loose, but RNG has a MASSIVE impact on the game.
: Carousel improvement - after selection auto-move to limited area outside the carousel
agree, just recently someome cause me to miss a spatula that way. If i want to bump people of track, i'd play mario cart...
jorgeeo (NA)
: The Worst thing about TFT that should not have been delayed
>I know that RIOT changed it in the PBE and the changes will be part of the next patch Actually, they changed next to nothing, you still can get to wolfs without any extra items, you just get compensated with a little bit gold or xp if you don't get items, but it's not nearly enough given how much impact items have, and most of all it's just not what we wanted.
: Out of the 3 reworks (Irelia, Akali, Aatrox)...
Pretty close between Irelia and Akali, though i'd give it to Irelia
Lucrudis (EUW)
: Does yuumi (Sorcerers spatula item) increase spell damage?
Yes, cause gnar will now be a sorc and thus increase your total number of sorcs to 6. Also, sorc buff doesn't only apply to sorc, but to everyone which is why elementals or some pieces like varus or Aatrox work very well with them regardless of yuumi. Also, yummi her self gives 20(40 on PBE) spellpower regardless of the sorc buff.
Ñaofumi (NA)
: Buff full knights and sorcerer comps
I don't feel like sorcs really need buffs, they work well for me. The only issue is that you can't do shit vs demons which are very common after all the buffs(atleast on PBE), cause no mana ->no spells ->no sorc Knights also have massive issues with manaburn given they have the lowest AA dps of all classes, but on top of that their perk doesn't scale well and with 3!! tier 1 pieces, their lategame sucks even more, they are basically meatshields+Seju(unless she gets manaburned ofc) To be honest, asides of still to much rng, manaburn is my biggest issue with TFT right now. For many comps it's basically like glacials but with higher proc chance and more damage, it just prevents your champs from defending them selfs.
Lovelle (NA)
: I did play in S2. I often ran Trundle and GP jungle/top , at least until aoe champs took over the jungle while rushing support items. I could've sworn LW gave 40 flat pen back then, amd Brutalizer was the only other flat pen item. They both didn't become core on nearly every AD champ until the pen formula was changed in S3. That's when tanks started getting shredded by AD casters rushing brutalizer/cleaver/LW.
LW always was % and core for any AD that wanted to scale into late. Flat pen was brut, the SotD active and flat shred from the old as+ad cleaver % existed, but it wasn't an issue. Now in S3, additional % shred from the reworked cleaver was added and the pen formula was changed while tank-iteimsation took the first big hit with Warmongs reworked and FoN removed. Befor that, ad-casters did some damage vs tanks, but not to much. But with cleaver and the pen formula changes, they also started beeing threatening to tanks while the shred made tanks more vulnerable to adc aswell, and the pen changes also cause mages to be more threatening vs tanks which got worse after morellos was buffed to be the got rush item instead of athene's(more ap for less gold, less mr on mages-> damagecreep) Aditionally, liandries with the %burn got introduced and BotrK came as a more convinient %hp option with less pay offs than old madrets
Lovelle (NA)
: Hardly any of the Resolve runes scale well into late game, which kinda sucks seeing as they aren't that strong early game to make up for this. Ranged casters seem to make better use of the Resolve tree than the champs it was intended for. I don't think the game will ever be balanced until either keystones or %based penetration are removed. One of them has to go for tank itemization to actually scale well. Adcs wouldn't be hurt by this change, since they would do tons of damage late game regardless. They didn't need %pen in S2, and they definitely don't need it now
>They didn't need %pen in S2, and they definitely don't need it now ...i don't think you played in S2, did you? LW with 40%oen was THE core item for any ad-champ, and it wasn't a big issue as tanks were tuned around that and raw damage overall was lower, especailly from non adc sources. Supports would barly scratch tanks, same for other tanks, and mages had actuall CDs so they tried to get them on high priority targets rather than the tanks, leaving mostly bruisers and adc as threats for them. Now we have supports like pike executeing them at ~20%hp, mages are a dps class and tanks them self all have %hp damage to hurt each other ontop of adc doing even more damage while tanks have less effective itemisation.
Crashyy (EUW)
: Comet is bad on tanks because it's not supposed to be for them. The rest of the runes in the Sorcery tree aren't good for tanks either.
>Comet is bad on tanks because it's not supposed to be for them That's a rather stupid argument. Comet is bad on them cause it scales poorly without ad/ap past the early lane. It doesn't matter if it's 'supposed' to be for them. >The rest of the runes in the Sorcery tree aren't good for tanks either. I disagree, more mana is quite usefull for many of them, some of them benefit alot from the ms after ult, the CDR is quite nice and frees up your built, Waterwalking is supprisingly good for roams and objective controll, and scorch isn't bad as it's all base damage and doesn't need ap/ad to scale.
: change the knight synergy from flat damage reduction to % damage reduction
Either that, or increase bas armor for higher lvls on units, which would scale with the flat DR as it's post mitigation. 20-35 base armor is just pretty poor overall, and with how well magic damage scales, some more mr would be fine aswell. But so far, knights only get tanky with the noble buff as they get the armor to go with the DR, and even then mages setups or a random akali will delete them. Also, tanki itmes need buffs. Armor and MR work like on the rift, now figure how strong that 20armor is compared to 20%as or 20 AD... And crit needs to be scaled down or changed competely, those numbers are beyond stupid. it turns assasins into a raw RNG shitfest, eitehr they crit and one shot or they don't and get oneshot as their stats are actually shit and they rely on the absurd crits.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: 1 cost units what do you expect ? think of it like a 3star 1cost unit is 9 gold a 2 star 3 cost unit is 9 gold a 2 star 5 cost unit is 15 gold now which of these is harder to achieve?
maybe i should have been more clear about WHEN i head them. It was shortly after wolfs, no one had 2 star tier 4 or 5 and many of the tier 3 were still on 1 star. I have no issue with tier 1 falling off later when tier 4 and 5 pieces get to lvl 2, but at that point they should have been strong. also, 3 star tier 1 might have the same gold cost as 2star tier 3, but it's alot harder to get as you need 9 of the same instead of 3 so they should still be better.(yes, the pool of tier 3s is smaller, but it's still alot harder to get 9 instead 3 of the same) And for many other pieces, that's the case. A lvl 3 tristana can carry, lvl 3 Zed with assasins can just delet, Nida lvl 3 won me more than one game, and with the right items Vayne can carry at lvl 3 aswell, and all of them can do so even later on. Kassadin with the right setup also has alot potential. But the 3 knights and WW just remain cannon fodder.
Rioter Comments
: kayle ult
Same with nidas heal, love it when she heals that full hp spiderling instead of the half hp WW
zepdrix (NA)
: Is Elise sleeper OP?
Well, with demons she is strong as she's one of the few actuall frontlines for them, and her spiderlings can mana burn aswell. But other than that, she's still pretty weak, and what causes you to win is probably more that Varus. Varus is pretty OP for tier 2, his skill does more damage than aurelions for less mana with higher AA dps and he has a strong origin/class combo and can scale wuith mage and dps items alike. Also, since the buffs, demons are also pretty strong and totally dumposter all non AA reliant comps, especially knights and sorcs. That manaburn is just so devastateing for many setups. But again, elise withotu demons is still shit tier, her base stats are so horrible that her lifesteal is pointless, she's just a meatshield that can easily proc the manaburn from demons. Imo demons should get changed completely, manaburn should not be that broadly aviable, it just negates all cast dependent comps and feels shit to go up against, it's like glacial with more damage and a higher proc chance if you don't have AA only carries.
Hvsao (NA)
: They did fix there shit, its being released next patch.
nah, they didn't. I played on PBE and seen their 'fix' On PBE, there always drops atleast 1 'mystery box' from each creep wave. That box can contain random components, **but also a random number of goldcoins or XP**, so you still can finish the first 3 waves without any aditional items, but instead 2 gold and 2 xp which fucks up high roll strats with hardly any real benefit. Only thing they really fixed is Dragon always dropping a complete item.
: make garen a tier 2 unit and buff him back up
Well, after playiung PBE, i've seen the base stats. To top it all up, Knights exept for kayle have beyond garbage base dps, and haveing slightly more base armor with for average hp(for melees) hardly compensates for that. One of the bigger issues is that morde seems to pay a massive price for how broken the stupid phantom mechanic can be, lowest AA dps in the game, very low base hp and a weaks skill with only 15 armor more than ranged pieces. Darius imo could also use a buff and getting tier 2, and msot of all the 100% heal reduce needs to be removed from morello/redbuff, it's just disgusting how a lvl 3 darius gets usless because the opponent has 1 specific item. 100% counter is just horrible design. As for garen, i'd also like to see the magic immunity beeing changed into his W with something like a 25/30/35% damage reduce, freeing up more power to revert the spin and maybe add another 50 base hp with him beeing tier 2. Though same goes for brawlers and some extend assasins(which compensate by the INSANE crit damage) and blademasters. Overall melees have way to bad base stats compared to ranged given how fucked up pathing is for them on the to small hexfield board. I think knights and bravlers deserve better base dps, and blademasters need more base tankiness. Another issue i have is that tier 2 overall is alot worse than tier 1, the pieces are barly any stronger, cost **twice** the gold, have heavily reduced sell value once combined(**WHY???** selling a lvl 2 hurts already without loosing gold) and they are harder to get to lvl 3.
: Yeah the statikk thing needs to be fixed. Dealing ((# of targets) * (100 spell damage) * (4 bounces)) is a bit insane. Pretty sure they rolled it out to PBE 100% intentionally knowing that this interaction was busted for the sole purpose of generating more popularity for the mode via featured Twitch streamers channels having another "OMG SO BROKEN" video to put out. But that's just my suspicion, could just be they spaghetti coded again.
I think it's neither of that, it just feels like riot once again makeing a change without wasteing any though on the consquenses. I guess they always intendet to have gunslingers interact with on-hit, but never really checked how strong it is if it properly works.
Cibreca (NA)
: Does Aatrox not spawn anymore? Are all champs of a tier equally spawnable?
In theroy, all champs of the same tier have the same 'spawnrate', which gets lowered the more of them are already in the game. However, the marvels of RNG have it that you might stil struggle getting Aatrox to lvl 2 when others have a lvl 3 Draven despite no one else going for Aatrox. The chance is not that high, but it exists and so it's bound to happen eventually, just how sometimes people win the lottery despite the chances beeing insanely low. Now add morphies law to that and you'll never find what your looking for....
Kei143 (NA)
: Lots of trump card games (poker, black jack, bridge and even uno for arguement's sake) are based on RNG. It's how you decide to work with the RNG that makes the game fun.
Poker is a horrible comparsion. In poker, you can fold, you can bluff and you get a new hand every round. In TFT, you always go all-in vs one random opponent, you can't bluff, and you stick with the 'hand' you got through out the game, you might be able to alter it a bit every round, but especially at later round, theres not that much changeing, so if you have a weak 'hand', it usually stays a weak 'hand' for quite some time.
: Soon it won't even be comparable. Trist and Lucian are about to get a massive gunslinger buff (no longer plays animation for multi-hits, just fires multiple bolts).
and properly procs on-hit(includeing managain) Gunslingers on PBE are free win, all you need is one {{item:3087}} and GG
Teh Song (NA)
: (TFT) We need to nerf Pyke, but not because he's op.
Well, the noble buff could use some changes, it's OP the first few levels but drops hard later with vayne and fiora beeing really weak individual pieces and garen after the nerfs only beeing decent. Even if you get all 6 nobles, leona is not great for a tier 4 and Lucian only is strong with items while kayle also feels a bit meh for a tier 5. This tricks many into thinking vayne and noble are strong cause of how they perform early, especially paired with garen and knights that also are strong early and drop hard later on. Another issue is that many other options are simply a bit to weak or just lack the early pieces. Gunslingers/pirates is decent and easy to get, and the pirate boon accelerates your econ alot so it's never a bad idea even if you loose in the early, while noble goes well with knights which is the other easy to get strong early perk. Sorc often have issues getting theor comp together early, bladmasters need help(especially fiora), assasins aren't to great early and also often struggle getting a comp going, void buff sucks cause armor is nearly non existent if you don't face guardians or noble, and reksai needs buffs, shapeshifters are very dependent on getting lvl 2 pieces so they have a chance to shift befor dieing, and even then one of their early pieces is elise which could easily be the worst peice in the game, and then we have braum who is very underwhelming and needs a teir 4 for his perk. So yea, it's no wonder that vayne+knights/noble and gunslingers/pirates are the most common comb, as they are the most reliable to get with the best earlygame(or save gold gain in case of pirates)
: Yeah well remember when Riot announced the "classes" around season 5 and they said this wasn't going to affect the game, it was just to inform players of what champions did and nothing else?? But then the balance team was changed over and the new one ignored all that, they design and balance champions according to the rules of their "class" now and are rigid about it "Well Ekko is an AP assassin so he shouldn't function as a Tank" sounded nice at the time, but was a warning of things to come.
though to be fair, in the case of tank ekko and similar things, the community was a driveing force aswell, there were countless posts asking to nerf those builts to the ground.
Scazie (EUW)
: Every change since season 4 has just homogenised champion gameplay
Pretty on point On top off that, champion kits and itemisation have also become more streamlined leading to only one type of built beeing viable and also champions off a class feeling nearly the same, and for many of the meta champs they also just have to much in their kits leaveing them without distinct weaknesses. One of the greatest examples of that was the maokai rework. The removed the one skill makeing him unique, his aoe damage reduction, and replaced it with an aoe CC ult, which is what 90% of all tanks have on their ult...
: If Yuumi may start with a point in her W, why doesn't Azir?
cause azirs early lane is opressive enough already, his W alone allows him to zone most opponents at lvl 1
mack9112 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sire Hippington,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jd9Rf9Bt,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-13T00:08:59.892+0000) > > The issue with toplane tanks isn't the dueling, I either win or stay even in most matchups with picks like orn or nauti, the issue is that you don't scale well with the gold compared to other picks, which is why those champs work in the low econ positions of sup and jungle as the CC they provide will always be relevant. But the team fight potential of tanks far exceeds the same oriented top laners. Renekton is a great example as he is only relevant mid to late game if he has a lead.
Thing is, you first have to find proper teamfights which in soloQ is not easy, especially with the poor state of vision. And even then, without proper coordination, most fighters that just solokill a misspositioned opponent can impact fights better than tanks while haveing the option for splitpushing. Esepcially picks like Irelia or Camile can totally wreak chaotic fights as they usually happen in soloQ. And even in coordinated play, you rarly see toplane tanks in proplay this season, a sion or orn here and there and that's it. you don't need items on them to bring the initiation potential, and that's basically all you want from them, so they are palyed sup or jungle instead. And for the Renekton example: If he **doesn't** have a lead in the midgame, then he's bad and has no one else to blame. I play a lot renekton, and it's nearly impossible to **not **have a lead if you know what you do and most games end befor he falls of.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 12
> > As a quick recap in terms of TFT in 9.14 we’re expecting we’ll ship: > > DPS meters > A new unit (Twisted Fate, 2 cost Pirate Sorcerer with Pick a Card) > A lot more visible stats when you inspect a unit > A lot of balance changes > A lot of bug fixes > Changes to how PVE rounds drop rewards > Reworks of some items > Win/loss streak UI improvements > And more Are the current PBE itterations final? Cause i have some issues with them - DPS Meter is nice, but it would be great if we also could see the damage dealt by our opponent - The win/loss streak counter is a nice adition for the UI - Twisted doesn't feel right for me. I feel like him beeing a tier 2 enables pirates to early and causes balance issue, meaing the individual pirates either suck and only exist for the aditional income or they are good and the buff is OP so early in the game. I think he should either be tier 3+ and buffed acordingly, or pirates need a different bonus. Also, stop with the RNG, him throwing random cards makes him rather trash, you can't rely on him for the blue card utillity which would be interesting, you can't rely on his CC and he doesn't have the numbers to really bring the damage. he's there to dig for gold and thats it. - Seeing stats is great, but it doesn't help to know how much AP i have if i don't know what AP does on each piece. It would be awsome if you could add AP scaleings to the tooltips, and clean them up while at it, morgana still stuns for '2%' and Shyvanas tooltip really doesn't explain what she does very well - The drop rewards are a scam, there's not other way to put it. Sure, you get a drop from every wave, but that drop doesn't have to be items, it also can be 1gold or 2xp, which is hardly any better than nothing. Just gives us 1 **ITEM **min per creep wave, thats all we asked for, not stupid mystery box shenannigans that still leave us empty handed - Balance and Bufixes. Since we don't have any proper changelog for the PBE balance changes on TFT, i probably don't know all those changes, but for those that i noticed: - The Poppy buff is awsome, her abillity finally feels worthy of a tier 3, but her base dps are abysmal even for a tier 1, and she's tier 3 - pathing and melee AI still needs work, especially when assasins and zephyr are involved, i honestly feel like a big issue is the mix of hexfields and a to small battlefield. DAC and co feel alot better in that regard. - The gunslinger trade properly working at any attackspeed and procing on-hit leaves them insanely overtuned, espeially with {{item:3087}}. In neraly every game i played on PBE, the top 2 were gunslingers with atleast 1 SS. They really need some adjustments, or they shouldn't proc on-hit vs the aditional targets. - Alot of the previous balance issues seem to still be there, and now with the stats displayed it's not hard to see why: Most melees have HORRIBLE base dps, many tier 2 units are straight worse than tier 1, base armor is so low acroos the board that the void buff is pointless unless you face either nobles or guardians, with 25% crit chance, IE and the Assasin buffs are clearly overtuned, Elise basestats are horrible, morde has the weakest base stats and weakest skill of all knights, and if it's on purpose cause of phantom, then just nerf/change the phantom perk. base as is so low acroos the board, no wonder AS items have priority so your champs attack more than once a fight. - The Gunblade buff feels good, not sure if it's strong enough to compete but it atleast doesn't feel as usless as on live - The spatula items giving more stats is awsome, but not sure if it's enough to compete with force of nature which seems a bit op. - lower gold costs on lvl 9 apriciated, but it's just 6 gold less, lvls are still to expensive later on. - Not sure on new zeke's, it feels like mostly an assasin items as they can afford to position in a row, for most other setups it just doesn't feel right. I actually prefer the life version. And if stacking them is an issue, then maybe remove item stacking all together as it causes quite some issues not only for zekes
SirPurrr (NA)
: you're forgetting passives defensive items may be a bit on the weaker end but they're not terrible and tanks have special synergy from masteries and their kits I think Deadman's & Frozen Heart could use a bit of help but others, such as Randuin's, Thornmail and Visage seem decent
cause other items don't have passives? Duskblade is 91% gold efficient with two strong passives IE is 111% effective without the increased crit damage BC is 100% effective without the passives Trinity is 97% efficent without the passives Sojin is 97% effective without the passive Ludens is 104% effective without the proc And don't try to tell me those items have worse passives than the tank items...
mack9112 (NA)
: Idk in my coordinated matches the team with the tanky frontline seems to come out on top. My zac ramnus sej Nunu junglers are still pretty strong and tank supports are pretty good too. The ultimate issue is tanks struggle to be in top lane because that lane is designed around dueling so if you are a tank while also being a strong duelist then you are usually busted... aka tahm
The issue with toplane tanks isn't the dueling, I either win or stay even in most matchups with picks like orn or nauti, the issue is that you don't scale well with the gold compared to other picks, which is why those champs work in the low econ positions of sup and jungle as the CC they provide will always be relevant.
: Is there truth to the "Never gank a losing lane" strategy?
well, never is a bit exteme, but it's generally better to play around strong lanes, as it more likely ends in succes as you get kills more easily and are more likely to win 2v2 should a countergank happen. This doesn't mean you shouldn't gank a loosing lane if it's overpushed and an easy kill or if your nearby anyway, but given the choice, it usually works better if you play towards your strong lanes. There are also some matchups where one side initially looses, but with a lead it can easily turn around so even if it's a weak lane initially, getting it ahead can have a huge payoff, while other matchups will losse the 1v1 even after succesfull ganks so getting them ahead doesn't do much.
: It's so horribly designed it thresholds not even on %HP, but FLAT HP, which also for some reason scales on 3 separate stats; level, bonus AD, and lethality, so it means that it scales into late and gets stronger when Pyke stacks typical AD assassin items. Good luck being executed at half HP. Better yet, it ignores shield. If your HP checks the threshold test. Kiss goodbye and no amount of shield will save you because reasons. And it resets! The show never ends! What's next? And it duplicates kill gold, too! So Pyke can't even run into the gold-sink problem that high kill threat champs are fundamentally balanced by, where they can sit on too much gold they don't even use leading to a starved and lost team, since he basically just duplicates kill gold for his team. Isn't that just lovely... ... And absolutely appalling?
you forgot to mention that it also has a fairly high range unlikr darius and cho, while not beeing dodgeable without instant mobillity and without bodyblock unlike urgot, all while also beeing a gapcloser so it's hard to focus him while he can easily chain the resets unlike darius who still has to get close to every target woth no inherent mobillity in his kit... Seriously, i really like the idea of pyke and his base kit, but that ult is just beyond busted.
: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oPBWFc3E,comment-id=0003000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-11T22:29:53.231+0000) > > No problem. I’ve played a lot of him because he’s my favorite champion. So feel free to ask any other questions you get. > :D I've seen some streamers run IE and Shiv on him in addition to Duskblade. Is this just a meme thing or is it like a super leet high elo thing?
SS IE is mostly when you are fed, it has insane damage potential as his passive amps the crit and shive proc aswell, but it's expensive, not to reliable cause rng and squishy. What i find supprisingly strong is Trinity if ahead, cause the spellblade proc also gets amped by his passive and you can easily get 2 of them in one combo, the extra AS makes it easier to weave AAs in your rotation and the over all stats are quite usefull. Also for the duskblade+ult thing: The ult puts you 'out of vision', which is why it resets duskblade. However, that only happens if you stay in them for >1sec, so if you spam that R and imidiatly get out again, you won't get the reset on duskblade.
: Rewards For Doing Badly > Rewards For Doing Well
I really don't feel that way. Maybe till krugs, aiming for a loosing streak is fine, but past that you just drop to low and a single bad fight can be the end. It's also risky, cause if you get that 1 win in between, your econ is totally fucked, so it fully depends on beeing the only one actively tryong to loose. And it only works if you still get a decent setup+items on your bench, else you won't be able to recover in the midgame. Winstreaks give huge gold advantages on top of NOT loosing live, and haveing a winstreak usually means your setup is doing nicely already, so you can save gold for interest which in the long run gives a huge advantage. Ofc if you get an early loss in between your gold isn't that great, but still better than for interupted loosing streaks and you still have more health and most likely a better setup. As for the shared draft, i think the main issue is item balance right now. If some items weren't as clearly overpowered(mostly the off items) with others beeing rather weak(most def items), beeing 1st pick wouldn't be as bad. and even then, i rather have the health, gold and an already working setup than getting that itemadvantage unless your lucky enough to get multiple spatulas from it. Also, it's really the only thing that keeps your hope up on an **unintentionall **loosing streak, else you could just as well leave if you drop to 50 befor reaching wolfs So far, i havent seen much loosing strats, and most of them dropped out early, cause even when their setup got to a strong point, one fight vs assasins with crit luck or some prema CC glacials and they are out... On a winning streak however, if i reach wolfs as one of the top 2, i finish the game as one of the top 3 90% of the time, and the 10% are insanely bad luck with not getting ANY of the pices i want from there on. Doesn't matter what strat you go if RNGsus hates you.
: Kayn didn't even touch ashe. your q was interrupted, zyra hit her ultimate only, while her plants did pathetic damage because she's lvl 14 and kayn has a bit more health than base so he obviously built a health item, as well as being levels ahead can't believe this post is getting upvotes
actually, the Q did connect, but since he's so behind and didn't channle for the full time, the damage was barly enough to get through the aery shield from nami.
GigglesO (NA)
: Assassins are too tanky for their mobility + damage.
Sure he walks away, non of those thigns does alot damage on it's own Zyras ult is mostly for empowering her plants while keeping enemies in plant-range with the knockup, just that zyra in this case had only 1 plant that hit someone else. Ashes ult is for the stun, the damage isn't that high. and other than that, she only hit 1 W and a single AA Sions ult **point blank** doesn't do much damage either, his W got destroyed befor poppoing, and the Q without AD while beeing behind in lvl isn't that impressive in the lategame, especially if not fully channled. On top of that, he got a heal+aery shield from nami while beeing 2 lvls up on sion and ashe and 3 lvl on zyra, which probably also means that he had alot more gold than them aswell. we also don't see his items, might have BC and Maw for all we know...
this would make playing vs Aatrox alot more fun Especially as Rammus "YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL ME?" "Ok"
: is there any counter whatsoever to glacial comps?
Well, assasins and critluck can burst them befor they get the CC, A fed ranged champion that stays outside of their reach while his frozen frontline tanks can also work, AP-Varus and Aurelion worked for me vs glacial so far. But yea, if they get decent luck on their procs, not much most comps can do later on.
Shahamut (NA)
: Prior to juggernaut, Skarners lcs presence was actually zero. But he had a much bigger soloqueue presence, and a much larger group of mains. Skarner has no damage. Ez example of what I'm talking about: Skarners ultimate, at max rank, has 200 base damage (100 x2). Prior to the jug changes, you could forgo a stun from your passive and do bonus damage on your ultimate, I think at max rank, your ultimate could deal 700 damage base if you used all 3 of your passive stacks. Your Q scaled with bonus AD, but also had a base value that was around 80 dmg. That's 160 dmg when charged. (Skarner currently will deal about 120 ish when charged) His E used to have a base damage of around 240 I think, with 80% AP scaling. Now it's only 250 IF you can land the slow AND get proc the stun. Otherwise its 140 and 20% AP. Compare his numbers to Nautilus for example. Skarner has NO dmg.
One little hint to get your facts straight: New skarner has also a total ad ratio as physical damage on the ult, adding 120% ad total which is ~170 at lvl 18 just from basestats. Also for the comparsion with nauti, his raw base as+ad and the spamabillity of his Q still give Skarner more dps than naut, even autside his crystals. just that dpsing as a immobile melee is not a very realistic scenario and compared to similar champs like udyr or mundo, his damage is nealry non existance. Notsaying skrner doesn't need love or work(i personally would love a revert to his OG state, or a mix from the OG and first rework, i really miss his old healing mechanic), but i still think we should stick to facts when discussing him. However, i think the ult doing low damage is totaly fine, else it would once again consume to much of his powerbudget. my main issue with current scarners damage is that his Q feels meh and 'charge' mechanic feels pointless without the old stacking buff or the very old slow and that his AS sucks outside of the crystal zones. Other than that, i really miss meaningfull AP ratios and more magic damage. Beeing hybrid both in damage and scaleing once was scarners thing, now his E and ult do half physical damage shifting his overall damage profile alot more towars physical, and his Ap ratios went from greate on his OG state, to ok in the first rework to barly any on the live version.
: He's secretly really good but let me tell you why nobody plays him, and its actually really simple. He's a big scorpion with incredibly boring and outdated quotes and lines. And his kit is very boring.
I love him beeing a big scorpion, i love his lines and i loved playing his Original version and even liked the first rework. The only big issue is how his current passive forces him into jungle(i liked him toplane) and how his ult holds back the rest of his kit, despite beeing removed by 1300g. even though i like that ult, i could totally live with a different one if it means his base kit can have solid numbers again. Or with it beeing a skillshot like Dehaka in HotS has, though maybe removeing the passive pillars would free up enough power for his basekit to be statisfying again.
: No, not necessarily. It means that armor is bad in soloQ because you are trading your own agency for that of your teammates. It's a lot easier to impact a game when you're able to one shot an opponent rather than rely on your ally killing an opponent. It's always been this way. People have been recommending grenade Amumu since season 6.
Just that you see similar things in proplay. Gragas for example is nearly always built AP and rarly tank, cause it all comes down to have as much impac with your initiation as possible.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 5
I'm not against the idea of **SOFT**-counters to make some picks have a more dfined niche, bit i feel like many of those changes are more **HARD-**counters instea. Outright destroying shields is massive, i don't think anyone would pick nauti or sion top if renekton is still open, cause he would just shred them appart with nothing they can do. it would also make Blitz a massive issue for many enchanters that now can't really help their carry after the hook conects, while he also collaterally fucks over Nauti and other shield depending frontliners. Even the poppy changes feel like overkill. She already is a strong counter to dash heavy champs, i think i have ~90% win vs riven and irelia on her. Boositing her abillity to deny mobillity even further pushes her from beeing a softcounter into beeing a hardcounter imo. As for Leona, i just don't feel likey anone connects **Leona** with **Anti DoT Champ**, it just isn't her niche and feels wrong on her. Also, i dislike flat DR **pre mitigation**, i'd rather have a lower value **post mitigation** so it synergieses with getting def items. it also feels wring thematically on her. Dots are usually poison, burn or curse, while Leona runs around in her massive shinnig armor with her big shield, which doesn't really imply her beeing resistant vs such things...Usually poison and such is used to by pass heavy armor and not countered by it. If you want to give a tank flat DR vs dots, take Galio, cause anti DoT used to be his niche with the old W, and a stone gargoyle not beeing very vulnerable to poison and burn makes sense. Kled is for me a similar issue as Leona, i never Looked at Kled and thought ' that dude is clearly anti sustain'. it just feels very tacked on and kinda out of place for the raw sake of giveing him a new niche.
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