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: Is reksai viable as an assassin? I haven’t tested that myself but theoretically speaking if I had a kaisa I would do triple void assassins (kaisa khazix and kass) and leave reksai and cho for brawler frontline to decorner, then most likely build towards six assassin (probably eve, zed, rengar) and leave gnar for the final unit for wild bonus for rengar + some more cc/displacement Although now I really wanna try assassin cho just for the fun of it. Will it be a mistake? Probably but wish me luck
all voids work as assasin, the crit/truedamage combo is just to strong. Reksai has more base dps than kassa and can heal/agrodrop so imo she's even better than him And cho has the highest base ad of the void, so his crits will hurt.
: Garen main, insights into rework.
I like the AS scaleing, his E will work just as well with ad as it did befor(still 10ticks with the same ad scaleing at 18 thx to base AS-growth) while opening up more options. What i hate on the other hand is the ult change, as if we needed more truedamage in this games. Tanks already were fucked in teamfigths when they were villains, now they are always fucked. I also don't like the W nerfs, if he's pigeonholed into anything with the rework, then it's tanky builts cause they nerf his inate tankiness that enables more agressive builts. I'd prefer them leaving the ult and the W alone and see where the E changes alone land, and if he needs more power i'd rather see it given to his Q spped/silence or W or even his E ratio instead of truedamage on the ult.
: is RNG really random?
that's proof that it's random. if you were guranteed to find tris in that scenario, the system would need to be rigged. Sure, the chance to not get that trist is like 1 in hundrets, but with millions of games played every day across all regions, it's bound to happen every now and then, just how sometimes people win the lottery despite the chances beeing waaaaay worse than that. That's the issue with RNG. It looks all fine if you look at the average across many, many games, but for each individual game played it can be a total bitch and you can't rly on anything.
: We've been wrong all this time.
Definitly agree on that. I never had much issues with toxicity, but i still found my self enjoying the game alot less over the last 3-4 years. There are plenty things playing together for that, the most notable are: - Snowballiness - Damagecreep/powercreep - **a design philosphie that overloads kits and doesn't give any fucks about the 'play against' part** - they disrespekt veteran players over and over. A masterie system that doesn't take into account the 4k+ hours i spent on the game befor they were implemented, still hardly any ~~ip~~ blue essence sinks, dumping all over mains when it comes to reworks, which most of the time are remove/replace missions, removal of old game modes...they just don't give a damn about the original player base that made the game big.
: My reasoning behind knights is simply, a low Brawler count team generally dies too quickly post round 4 to really reliably get to #1. also think Ranger lasts better into later rounds than pure Void, unless your void comp has some Sorcerer centering (1 Shot Cho) Kass is generally a reliable 268 AD Assassin who can take a team apart If he's assassin.
The brawelr/wild setup has the advantage of not relying on another tier 5 nor a specific item. Yes, the midgame can be a bit of a hussle, but getting the late is more reliable and peaks at lvl 8 already, and the full setup imo is stronger as wild+void turns basically your entier setup into threats with two powerfull aoe CCs to back it up, and no PD or yordles to counter it.
: Here's the team I think we'll see once Kai Sa gets introduced.
i think if you replace kassa with cho, it's getting somewhere, also drop the kayle or garen for an reksai cause you need 4 void for the buff next patch, and you'd need more assasins unless you find a ghostblade.... However, i don't think many setups will be built fully around her, cause as a tier 5 she'll be to unreliable to get. I think it's more likely to see her appear in normal assasin/voidsassin+brawler or ranger comps replaceing some low tier pice once you find her. Else, i think the most likely would be {{champion:31}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:121}}{{champion:150}} {{champion:76}}{{champion:421}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:19}} (4)void (3)assasin (4)wild (2)brawler Lots of CC one free spot for either: (3)shapeshift (4)brawler (2)ranger And those boosts snyergies well, makeing kasia and kah crit for truedamage with increased AS while they can't miss, so there is no defensive option against it at all. either you kill them first, cc lock or die.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
>TFT PVE Drops Overall i like the changes to drops, but not the other stuff. However, i feel like there is still to much possible discrepency from early rounds. Sure, by the time you kill raptors everyone is more or less at equal loot, but if the majority of your loot waits at wolfs+raptors while most others get it upfront at krugs and minions, you're at a sever disadvantage earlygame which cripples your econ and leaves you at low health by the time your loot finaly evens out(if you don't drop out befor that...) I really dislike the increased level up costs, it's very punishing for players with a bad earlygame increasing the issue mentioned above and leads to win-more effects where people with an already strong setup get more gold and can affort level ups to keep winning, while players doing poorly early have a hard time makeing up for not haveing 2/3 stars by getting levels and a good comp cause they lack the needed cash. I also don't like shrinking the pool of tier 3s. for many comps, tier 3 are crucial and if you don't get them to lvl 2, you're screwed. With a lower pool, you're even more RNG reliant on just getting the core of your comp working and whoever gets the current meta shit first basically wins cause the rest now has little chances of getting that aswell. TFT already head an awfully low pool compared to the other auto-battlers, why shrink it even more? As for Spatulas, yes they drop much to frequently atm. However, i really like them beeing more common when they used to be, after all they are the most intteresting and fun item in the game, so i hope you don't go to far with reduceing their drop rate. Also wouldn't mind replaceing hurricane with brawler's glove, would help with the currently OP ashe builts and open up more compositions, and after the heavy nerfs to brawlers, i feel turning champs into brawlers should work just fine.
: What if Warmog's gave bonus HP based on your resistances instead of the healing? Would it become the tanky equivalent of a {{item:3089}} / {{item:3031}} ?
that would work, but again, i have no issues with warmongs beeing the sustain item, so maybe have a new item useing that effect.
: Would you say there are any items that need reworks?
{{item:3022}} permaslow on a stick just isn't a healthy concept, maybe add {{item:2015}} , 20%as and give it a decent slow on energized attacks(with lower values for ranged, if needed even melee only) ---------- {{item:3149}} does to much things at once, as, ad, %hp, sustain and a duel/all-in/kite aktive. If a %Hp damage item is the go to rush item on many champs regardless of wether they go up vs a full squishy comp or a tank/brawler freighttrain, something is wrong. %hp is a scaleing stat that is more relevant later on when your opponents have more HP, or vs opponents that rush hp items. It should never be a default rush option, and for high hp champs it just feels bad that counterbuilding them has no opportunity cost at all. ------ {{item:3161}} either reworked towards it's original idea of giveing some flat DR, or just removed. The CDR stuff is just an balance disaster and no change will change that. ----- {{item:3193}} Imo the only thing that item achived was turning cho into a monster for some time. I really like the idea of increased stats in teamfights to make it a strong def item for teamfighting champs that isn't as abusable 1v1 in a sidelane, but it just has to much power stuffed into a long cd active, and that's really not what you eant on a tank, you don't want to be tanky only for 4sec in a fight every 130 sec when DDs these days have like no downtime at all. Imo they should scrap the active double down on it as a defensive teamfight powerspike, maybe increase the cost to 3k, add a 10%armor/mr ratio that is doubled when the passive kicks in and change the recipe from chainmail into {{item:2053}} +{{item:1029}} and add 150%healthregen and the pointrunner passive -------- {{item:3026}} turn it back into a purely defensive item. If people want that revive, they need to pay some actuall damage for it. ---- {{item:3124}} I think the version with the aoe-on-hit at max stacks had alot potential, it's main issue was that it came together with phantom hit's on devourer breaking on-hit junglers aswell as not haveing ranged drawbacks so hurricane users would escalte quickly. But now, there woul be no phantom-hit if it was reverted, and one could simply turn the aoe into singletarget for ranged... ------ {{item:3042}} Only Ez and since some time Kaisa use it(though kaisa only cause it's the cheapest way of reaching her ad-breakpoint), and imo it just fails it's concept and is uneccesarily niche. I for one want a heavy mana item to **prevent becomeing weaker in long fights**, yet muramans high mana costs and **CURRENT** mana based damage just mean it's weaker the longer a fight goes. Additionally, if i invest into an early tear and give up alot early-mid power, i want an lategame item as reward for stacking it, like {{item:3003}} does. Manamune however is rather low budget and gives a midgame spike that falls of later on for anyone that isn't EZ, and that midgame spike comes with some dealy aswell... Also, most ad-casters mainly use AOE-skills, while the manamune passive only benefits singletarget, which is part of why so few champs use it. ----- {{item:3748}} Doesn't need a big rework, but imo it currently is waaaay to burst heavy with it's active then it should be an item for tanky-**DPS**. imo the active can use a solid nerf, with compensation buffs to the stats and/or on-hit. Imo {{item:3230}} should be the burst focused option of the two as a full damage item, but right now {{item:3748}} just gives alot more burst if the AA-reset is used properly. ------- {{item:3083}} doesn't really need a rework, but we need a proper substitute for it's previous versions. Tanks REALLY lack a proper raw HP item to back up low Hp items like {{item:3110}} {{item:3193}} or {{item:3190}} , which is what the older verions of warmongs offered, while the current one **requires other hp items to ACTUALLY FUNKTION at all.** --------- {{item:3145}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3152}} I feel like the raw hextech line is flawed, mostly because they all built up on {{item:3145}} and it's damage proc. {{item:3030}} has a to poor slow to be relevant, but because of the hextech-herritage, it's damage is to high to really allow more utillity. However, with glacial augment slapped on, the active suddenly does what you want it to do and it becomes strong, but **ONLY** with glacial augment. With less damage on it one could make the slow meaningfull on it's own, and maybe rework glacial which also is only used for that combo and nothing else.(exept maybe {{item:3905}} ) {{item:3146}} once was there for hybrid stats+**SUSTAIN**, with some utillity to spice things up. But right now, the active does so much damage that it also is a burst item that instead of beeing used for sustain on hybrid champs, it's mostly used by assasins for some sustain/utillity without sacrifceing burst for it. be real now, on what champs have you seen this the last time, asides from akali? Cause the champs that i see useing it now and then are Ahri and LB, and Kennen to transition from an ad lanebully start into an AP-teamifght built. Imo it should be focused more on it's hybrid nature(maybe X%ap are added as AD, and Y% bAD are added as AP) or sustain and loose the burst. {{item:3152}} was supposed to add mobillity for imobile battlemgaes, helping them to get outplay potential through mobillity. But thx to the damage, that for some reason requires dash right into your opponent instead of outplaying with a sidestep, it's basically an assasin item that gives them a bit more gapcloseing but mostly some strong low-budget burst with some emergency waveclear. Imo it should have no damage, or less but simply in an aoe around the destination so you don't need to dah straight towards your opponet, but with either less cd or more range to really give it more outplay potential. Maybe add a ~3sec self grounded to it so already mobile champs can't just double down on it, though without damage on the active it might have enough opportunity cost to prevent that.
: Uh, can you like, not do this Riot?
Just anothe step in the endless damage creep. They nerf her shield rather hard, then revert the compensation buff and notice she's 'weak' and instead of giveing back some of the shield power, they just buff her damage by quite a bit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sire Hippington,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=gE8OmzKY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-13T11:11:59.691+0000) > > Morde needs alot more mana which he gains slower due lower AA dps, and he only hits two tiels in a row compared to Aatrox's full 1tiel aoe which means up to 7 targets. > Morde was trash and can use the buffs. > And Aatrox seriously should get his base hp nerf reverted, he's not in a good spot atm. > > Kaisa though...that one is pure bullshit. 3perks that all focus on damage and a high tier ranger then rangers are already really strong, aswell as high tier void/assasin then void assasins are strong already...what could possibly go wrong > > {{champion:31}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:19}} for void/wild/assasin so you can't dodge the truedamage crits and room for either a 4th brawler, 2end Ranger or 3ed shapeshifter Morde doesn't gain mana slow, because he's a front liner. Like any Knight, he gains mana from being HIT.
it still needs rather long compared to Aatrox, and if he gets to much focus, chances are high that some CC effects from items or glacial/demon shut him down befor he can cast. I really don't think morde actually doing damage with his cast will be a big issue.
: Why is Riot giving a single, True damage Synergy 3 Assassins?
Morde needs alot more mana which he gains slower due lower AA dps, and he only hits two tiels in a row compared to Aatrox's full 1tiel aoe which means up to 7 targets. Morde was trash and can use the buffs. And Aatrox seriously should get his base hp nerf reverted, he's not in a good spot atm. Kaisa though...that one is pure bullshit. 3perks that all focus on damage and a high tier ranger then rangers are already really strong, aswell as high tier void/assasin then void assasins are strong already...what could possibly go wrong {{champion:31}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:19}} for void/wild/assasin so you can't dodge the truedamage crits and room for either a 4th brawler, 2end Ranger or 3ed shapeshifter
: Just look at those Riven buffs on PBE. Lmao
even if she needed a buff(which she doesn't), just straight up increasing her burst like that is about the most stupid way to go about it...
: Kaisa is not an ADC, Pyke is not a support, and Jax is not a fighter
kaisa is ment to be an assasin/adc, and i'm fine with that, gives her something more unique. What i'm not fine with is her hp procs that allow her to shred through the frontline like it's nothing(asides from everyone shredding through the sidelane like it's nothing after 3-4 items-,-) Pyke is just one big mistake, no matter if support or sololane, that ult alone is just so bs... Jax is just a result of damage creep. Fighters always had assasin aspekts, especially if a bit overtuned or fed. At the current state of damage, anything mobile automatically feels like an assasin, and in jax's case we also got shojin which is another big mistake that should never be allowed to exist. However, it's no different from irelia or camile whenerver she's any strong, or akali beeing an assasin but haveing the sustained damage pattern of a fighter to take on bruisers and tanks....current jax is not the issue, but just another symptome of the fucked up gamestate we have.
: Aatrox dropped to 42.75% Winrate this patch
well, gutting his sustain vs anyone that isn't an imobile melee while also totally shafting his waveclear...what ould one expect?
Ralanr (NA)
: Right, but you rush one or the other depending on your match up. It’s not like you’re rushing BC regardless of your opponent for a spike.
well, those that can't make use of {{item:3001}} usually either rush {{item:3751}} into an mr option or {{item:3211}} into {{item:3068}} /{{item:3025}} vs magic damge, which feels really bad as you are forced into a component befor building another item.
: Glacial Buff needs a nerf, BADLY
it doesn't need a nerf, it needs a rework. If you gut the numbers, it just becomes some cheese rng shit where it's usless half the time and in some matches it gets lucky for the same ol permafreeze. Still won't feel good to play against, but then it also will feel bad to use. Though on-hit items, especially with gunslingers, are just as bad....the entier chance based CC on AAs is a horrible concept.
Ralanr (NA)
: A big strength to tanks is that they don't have a powerspike item that need to rush in lane. Do you know how fucking awful it feels when you're behind on someone like Darius, and you're still stuck building your core while your laner has two items on you? Tanks don't need to get fucked harder.
i'd say {{item:3068}} or {{item:3025}} are items you need to rush in lane, else your wavecontroll just sucks. Some can go {{item:3001}} aswell, but one of those is mandatory on sololane tanks to have the needed waveclear.
puśsý (NA)
: What tanks need
I really miss the og warmongs, a big pile of health and regen that stacks up with CS and takedowns. It helps to sustain through lane, it gives bulk vs any damage(though back then %hp damage actually was a rare thing so that really worked), it scales into mid/late, and current bruisers wouldn't ant it cause it's a big investment with no damage that needs to be bought rather early because of the stacking mechanic, so they can't just get BC, steraks and then warmong
Riftn00b (EUNE)
: I fail to see what trade-offs Jax has now
{{champion:24}} Imagin i head a real weapon...{{item:3161}} ohh, there it is!
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=preternatural,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9aQpcEVx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-11T02:26:45.909+0000) > > kogmaw out damages kaisa by a lot a lot. I checked and and that's actually true. Kog deals 24-25k damage per game, Kai'Sa does 19k.
the damage/game stat is usless if we don't also know the average game time. 2-3 min more can make a huge difference for the total damage per game, and kaisa tends to end games faster then kog, so her average gametime probably is a bit lower. Another factor is playrate. Kogs playrate is so low, he either is played by diehard mains or as a counterpick, which would mean he often is picked into frontline heavy teams, which obviously results in more damage dealt compared to fighting vs a squishy poke/kite comp or a 1-3-1 strat. Looking at **isolated **stats alone tends to be more missleading than helpfull. Not saying kog isn't doing more damage, but kaisa still kills about everything quite fast enough while have so much more tools to find the right target or stay alive
: We knew how Kai'sa would turn out.
Imo she needs to loose the %missing health damage, instead give her a flat dmage that gets increased based on missing health. She has the best backline-acces of any adc, so why should she have %damage to burn through frontlines so easily aswell?
: There's something about the card slot that I truly don't understand.
Just had a game with just a single ahrie across all players for the entier game, and two veigars. No one went for them, and i couldn't get any more than those. Hpwever, 3 dudes went rangers and all had theri kindret early and ashe/varus/vayne at lvl 2, one even ahd two lvl 2 ashe and one a lvl two kindret. 3 players went for cho, two got him at lvl 2... but getting my ahrie or veigar that no one else uses to 2? Nope, hat sheared pool is a lie... edit: followed by a game where i got my garen to lvl 3 befor finding a second darius...
: yeah true, squad tower D was a remake of legion, but starcraft II is probably one more people are familiar with since warcraft 3 was a bit of an obscure game in its own right. But yeah games like castle fight which spawned clash of kings are more real time type combat, as opposed to turn based like in the other games. But yeah. we need to voice to them their mistakes. People who play tactics games play tactics games because they are games of skill and because they are NOT games of chance. It kinda shows that riot is losing touch with their player base. Why do these developers think that pc gamers will get on board with these crappy mobile games?
>Why do these developers think that pc gamers will get on board with these crappy mobile games? Cause sadly alot actually will, especially from their new playerbase. They already turned league into more of a flashy casual game compared to older seasons, there are more than enough people that play tft just for some quick fun inbetween rather than getting really invested and competetive. I feel like core players, especially for tactic/strategie, are a minority and since games these days are all about the big money, minorities aren't served well... Back when LoL started, i felt it was a **strategie/tactic** game from core gamers for core gamers, not focused on what appeals to the masses but on simply the game and it's dedicated playerbase. Now i feel like all their deccisions are based on what **they think** can yield the biggest profit...
: How to fix Lissandra Ult
Honestly, what i'd like is her loosing a bit damage on that ult, but therefor adding a heal to her selfult and mabye increaseing her basehelath by 50, allowing her to be some kind of frontline.
: Incase you devs didnt know, this is the original that the genre is modeled after. Squad Tower D
the original would be legion td fromwc3, but tbh, i feel like [Castle Fight]( or [Holy War]( are much closer to the concept - and also without all that RNG. The there is also gem TD which used the 'combine X of the same to lvl up'.... And the first Standalone PvP autobattle probably was [Art of War: Red Tides]( But yea, i agree on the rest, if they keep it as a RNG infested autochess clone, it might work as a casual game especially if ported to mobile, but it will quickly fall of as a competetive game and stay fae behind it's potential. If they instead tried to make an PvP autobattle base on league and shaved of unneccesary RNG, it could become a great game.
: Lvl 6 assassin kass beats 6 nobles 6 knights?
He had all 3 voids as assasins(i asume) and 3star(so he's just as lucky as you if not more with his setup), which is a massive hardcounter to your setup. Your setup has tons of defense, but no damage at all. And the thing with 6 assasins is that they deal so much damage, especially as 3 star, that they can actually punch through defense. Unlike the normal game, assasins here tend to counter tanks instead of getting countered(if it's just tanks) cause they have the by far highest dps with their crit. But even more importantly, half of his setup was **VOID**, so truedamage which means they just don't care about the nobles and knight buff anyway, so what you effectively have left is a random bunch of 2stars that die to quickly to get use form the on-attack heal. So even if he only had 1 yomuu's and thus just the 3 assasin bonus, the truedamage is enough on 3 lvl 3s to deal with your setup, cause you simply don't have damage to kill them(unless you have somne really absurd items, and even then, vany ewould be the only actual carry in that setup and if she gets assasinated it's over) Void assasins are currently prettymuch on top of the foodchain atm, especilly if you can get more than 1 ghostblade. And getting all 3 of them 3stared is just gg...
: How to lane as Lux against Zed and win
if more poeople would adapt, i think zeds winrate would be 45% or less... Most (traditional)assasins aren't that strong right now, they just prey on the stupid and weak, punishing mistakes and snowballing hard from there. I'd argue that atleast 50% of the mages that face assasin won't alter their runes and early builts or skillorder, then they die to an all in and the snowball starts. Just recently played orianna vs fizz, used boneplate and shieldbash(people forget that it also gives bonus resis on your shields ontop of better trades), putting 3 points into E befor maxing W and he was not once even close to killing me in all-ins, while i would heavily outtrade and zone him for the entier lane. Shielding mages if used right should never have issues with assasin, unless it's that new overloaded breed like qiyana, irelia or akali that just don't stop bursting.
: The problems with this theory: Knights in their paired synergies already do well. Noble and Glacial Knights both do their jobs in Noble/Glacial Comps. Poppy does her job in Yordle. So buffing the champions themselves would also buff those comps. On the flip side, if you just buffed the synergy; They already do their jobs as a Synergy in other champs than their main. In Noble, Knights allow you to survive until round 5+ with just a (2) buff. In Glacials, Knights allow you to survive until the last round. So the question isn't going to be, "what do you buff?" The right question: What new Knight units do we need, that have offensive power, but don't synergize with other teams? That's the only way you could correctly buff knights as a standalone.
All those comps only get knights 2, in rare cases knights 4. What knights need is another rework on their perk, the current one is good early anf falls of hard, and if it's strong later on, it just removes any dot/high-AS comps form the game. Just recently had a game with Kennen as my carry and a Garen aswell, 3 others went knight comps and i did nothing. I managed to swap into a sorc comp with aurelion, and he just nuled them off the earth...sadly at that point i was so low that getting matched vs the void assasin dude with a 3star ghostblade kassa once was already the end. Imo knights could use something similar to elementalists/sorc: an inate passive. Give them 20 flat damage block baseline and think of a new perk that helps them more at funktioning as their own instead of just beeing meatshields that trigger origin perks. Another issue for knights is that they have 3 tier 1 units, which really doesn't help 4-6 knights to be any viable later on...
: Sigh.... Akali buff with the implementation of crit items and crit based Assassin Synergy?
as long as PD still also dodges vs her, it won't matter and she'll still be easily neutralized... I just hate riotes rock paper scissor design lately, hardcounters just don't feel like a good way of balanceing a game, and it even gets worse when you have to relie on RNG to get that counter...they can justify akali beeing absurd because one item can basically remove her from the game, just how some heals like Swain are broken, but not striktly OP cause GW is so overtuned aswell...the entier TFT balance feels like DotA, everything is broken but it's 'fine' cause it gets countered by somethin that is just as broken...
: Wild champs are poor and their buff is bad
The main issue for wild is that they basically force you into shapeshifter, and even that isn't bad but rather annoying as it limits your overall options. The buff it's self is really strong, it's just alot effort to get it. They would work well as support for rangers/gunslingers, but provide to little frontline unless you get tank gear for them. WW is the only true frontliner, and as a tier 1 he falls of later on and Gnar only works as frontline if he gets items and/or lvl 2, the rest isn't frontline at all. If there were some more wilds, especially as frontline, they could be strong for more comps other than shyvana+aurelion, with maybe alistar or rakan as wild/guardian it would be alot stronger for many comps.
: 1 mr item does not count as itemizing against someone, especially when that someone is full build and has pen and a magic resist shred.
actually, not going for mor mr but instead getting more HP **IS** itemizeing against eve, cause with charm+void she'll ignore more than half of your resi anyway.
: Maw yes but only because of the MR, PD no. If we take Vayne, for example. We say she's level 11 and has PD but no other defensive value against the Evelynn (which would be normal imo) she has 1296 HP and 34.4 MR. She's taking 35.6% reduced damage. Evelynn at 2 items level 11, Runic Echoes and Lich bane. She will have 18 AP from stat shards, 19 AP from Absolute Focus 8 AP from Gathering Storm = 45 AP; +80AP Lich Bane + 80 AP Echoes. 205 AP. In this scenario Eve ult does 800 damage pre-buff and 960 damage post-buff. Vayne is 30% HP (389) and gets a 320 HP shield for a total of 712 eHP. The 800 damage is reduced by magic resist. Eve will almost certainly have sudden impact active reducing her magic resist to 22.1%. Post resistances this means the Eve ult does 623 damage pre-buff (and does not kill by 89 damage) and 747 damage post-buff (and overkills by 35). This **looks a lot more relevant than it is** because we're presuming that Evelynn **does not land charm** and that the Vayne is perfectly at 30% with PD untouched. This is also effectively a simulation of a fed Vayne since she is at the same level as the jungler. **The reality is that the Vayne here dies, pre-buff, pretty much 10 times out of 10. ** For the record, in this same scenario Evelynn's combo without ult does 1432 pre-resistance damage. If Eve lands the charm Vayne's resistance is only 16.4%, or 1197 damage post-resistance to Vayne's 1296 HP + 320 point shield without even landing any autos (Eve will always land one and will often land 2 for a total of 172 damage pre-armour). Evelynn's ult thus does some 400 overkill damage. As I say, with Maw it's more relevant because of the magic resist. That said, not many champions want to itemize maw of malmortius right now. Even Maw users will get killed through it by 3 items.
even maw isn't that relevant because of the %mr shred on her charm. It mostly helps her vs bruisers and tanks, but squishys die either way regardless of the buff
: Evelynn required a nerf so they nerfed Q cdr by 10% now they say she needs a buff and guess what...
the buff isn't as strong as i looks. First off it's 20% increase in damage, not 40%, and **it only increases the execute.** Now the big think here is that eve hardly had issues killing targets in execute range with it, If she struggles it's cause she doesn't get them into execute range. it mostly causes her ult to overkill targets in execute range instead of just killing them. Which means it mostly helps eve when she's not doing well by keeping her execute viable, but for eves that are doing well it effectively changes nothing. Not saying she needs the buff or that once again slapping more damage into the game is great, but it's not an apocalyptik change that will break her, and it's most likely less impactfull than the 10% cdr back then, cause that CDR affects her clearspeed from lvl 1 on.
: Any number of times stacking... no. Confirmation.
The AS bonus is infinitly stackable, it's just that AS has a hardcap at 5.00 If you reach that and still get more bonus AS, all it does is mitigateing the impact of FHs AS-slow
: What is wrong with my build ? I always end up 5th place.
very squishy and little CC, not a good combination
: I don't understand how some champs can not EVER show up in my card slot.
Just won a 37min game with glacial/ranger(double mallet on rangers is beyond stupid if you make it to the lategame) took me 25min to find my one and only varus for the entiere game and i was down at 30hp at that point, and only one other player had a single other lvl 1 in the entier 37min, only 2 varus across all players...
: New Background Idea: Celestial
**Background Buff:** 2: All celestials start with 25% mana 4: additionally, all allies start with 25% mana(so a total of 50% for celestials) --------------------- **Aurelion Sol:** Imo should get changed to tier 5 with that, double origins is rather strong especially if it's as easy to achive. Maybe boost his start mana by 25 and base damage all ranks by 50-100 to make sure he's worth the 5g ---------------- **Taric:** Imo 1 gold is a bit low for a 2 target stun. Also, enableing early guardian is a strong addition. As a tier 1, i think his small aoe heal, mabye paired with the passive proc for some damage and interesting on-hit synergie would be more fitting. Else i think he would make a good tier 3, which give some more gateing to the guardian bonus and would allow for the stun to hit one tiel behind the target aswell, or let him use his W shield befor the stun, fitting for the guardian theme. ----------------- **Zoe**: Sonds fine, though probably needs either splash on her skill or a low manacost of 50 to be worth it though, else the damage woul need to be higher. -------------- **Bard: ** I don't think the ult is a good idea, especially as a sorc, it will hurt you more than it helps. Imagin him useing his ult right befor Asol does, it would just be a desaster. things like that just don't work when you have next to no controll over the timeing. I'd rather have him use his stun and mabye have meeps as a passive, every X hits he deals some magic damage to his target and the 3 tiles behind it. ---------------- **Soraka: ** I don't like the idea of her beeing a noble, they already have a strong lategame and a tier 5 unit, adding a soraka on top of kayle would probably be broken. Elementalist also doesn't seem fitting, and other than the noble double origin, i'm not sure if she quallifies as a tier 5. I'd rather have her not a noble and therefor tier 4. --------- -------------- New class to fix some issues: **Spiritual Guide: works like guardian, but with MR** Could be used for Bard and Soraka, solveing the 3 sorc issue and the ankward elemetalist on soraka. It could also be come with the addition of karma as a 3ed guide
: God tier line up:
Unless you get garen to lvl 3, i think seju would be alot better than garen. She's just a much stronger unit, much better base stats with a giant aoe stun, and as a glacial you would only need 1 more to get the 4 glacial bonus, which especially with a FM on another ranger can lead to lots of CC. She also doesn't need any items to be good unlike garen, so you have more freedom that way. IF he's not lvl3 or atleast very close to it, i would replace him with seju as soon as i get one. And the noble buff you loose isn't very important at that point, the 3 noble is a pure earlygame boost, in the lategame the single buff on a **random** unit just doesn't do much compared to other perks.
Jbels (NA)
: Tier 5 Characters are not worth their price point
Disagree asdies from anivia. However, the main issue for me is that most tier 5 really would love some items, but since they show up so late you usually have all your items already put into someone else and can't remove them.
Lapis (OCE)
: What are some "pulled because of backlash" things you actually liked?
I would have loved ARAS, but i definitly see why they pulled it. Stuff like that only works if you play with similar minded people, ideally as a 5 man premade. Playing it through matchmakeing with random mates was rather bad, to little time and tools to discuss who goes there, to many people that are totally lost on their champ or are straight trolling, very lobsided games cause of a first time midlane leone feeding a otp Ahrie...the idea of makeshift teamcomps is very compelling to me, but you need competent teamates that are flexible enough to really pull that off. Else i really would have liked the Lee changes way back, they actually did look interesting and would have shifted some of his power away from his opressive early.
: Who is the weakest 5 gold unit?
{{champion:34}} by far, she'd even be meh for a tier 4 unit... She does way to little damage for how small the aoe is and how often units just walk out of it, and while the AS-slow is nice, it's not nearly as powerfull as some hard CCs like Seju or Cho, her hp and aa dps are not great either. She really should either br tier 4 with maybe a small damage buff, or she needs something done, like expanding the area from a 1hex-aoe to 2-hex aoe over the first 2 sec, or increaing her damage with each tick, or make every 3ed AA a frosbite for some magic damage that crits vs targets affected by her ult.... Glacial can make up for a bit of it, but that RNG shit just isn't reliable and Elemental is fine but nothing more right now. {{champion:21}} still is wonky, she is very powerfull, but her ult aim sucks and so she's very hit or miss, either beeing usless for 3 sec or totally wrecking a fight. {{champion:80}} seems to be a bit overnerfed given that guardians also got a big nerf, but only a bit {{champion:157}} is ok at best, can be strong with some items or if lvl 2, but still not nearly as strong as kayle, karth and swain, and imo he should be the strongest individual pice given that he can't trigger origin synergies and requires a specific placement that kinda excludes him from guardians aswell as locket and zeke's, so i wouldn't mind some small buffs comming his way.
Porglit (NA)
: Mathematically evaluating the assassin rework
I think you left one important part out of the comparsion: Burst New assasins are more reliable, but old would have a higher potential to burst down a pice and prevent it from impacting the rest of the fight. A lvl 3 Zed befor could kill most lvl 2 backliners with a single crit, now that potential is gone. Though anyway, Assasins will never be a comp that gets top 2 as long as {{item:3046}} doesn't get changed, it just shuts them down to hard. Throw in the current rise of yordles and guardians and full assasins just are easily the worst comp right now.
: Is anyone else convinced Riot doesnt know how to balance Toplane?
That's implying that they know how to balance other parts of the game, and i honestly doubt that...
: thought riot talked about removing the spins every 3 levels in favor of the attack speed scaling
they removed the ticks every 3 lvl, but he therefor starts with 8 instead of 5 ticks, and it scales with his base AS growth per level, which is ~49% @18, granting another two ticks with the AS-scaleing on PBE for a total of 10 ticks past lvl 15, while live garen needs lvl 16 to reach that
: His E should already have the potential to crit as is.
yes it has, but he didn't want the AS that most crit items give, so crit builts were not that great.
: so is crit garen only viable option for his E to do damage now? he can't reach same number of spins with just TF right?
he reaches the same number of spins with just levels, trinity will push him to 12 compared to the old 10, so anything that works on live still works
: Ok Garen lost the on hits on E
His E can crit, so the zeal items are nice. Trinity also is a good item vs squishyer setups(which are most setups these days) In terms of his E, not much changes other than it beeing slightly stronger at about all parts in the game while makeing zeal items and trinity more potent on him. His old E reached 10 hits with 30base damage and 40%ad, new spin reaches 10 hits just from his base AS growth with 33base and 40%ad, but can also go beyond that with aditional AS, so he will do the same damage with tanky builts but have more options for agressive builts. I'm actually rather happy that he lost the on-hit, Garen just isn't an onhit champ and shouldn't be turned into one. And while i love them removeing the vilain mechanic, i do hate the truedamage ult, as if tanks needed another 'fuck you'. I'd rather have that power put into either his Q ms/silence or his W instead of nerfing the W to get the truedamage...
Porglit (NA)
: Luden's CD, or bug?
Pretty sure it has a CD
: Noble is ruining this game
don't know, don't have much issue with nobles, only kayle lvl 2 in any comp is cancer, and jinx/draven are still obscene with **ANY **frontline, and nobles simply can easily fit them in. certain items, hextech, kayle lvl 2, some hyper carries like jinx, draven and karthus, those are the real issues
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