Phridolin (EUW)
: ehhh... **NO**
this being more monochromatic and being spacially inbalanced is a hard fact
: i disagree, the purple hair added more visual depth and personality and the complete lack of fur looks soooooo bad. this is wayyyyyy to monochrome
Reworked irelias posture is designed with having something at the back in mind, the other skins fulfills it with her hair but frostblade has short hair so removing the fur leaves a lot of wasted space
: Frostblade Irelia splash and ingame tweaks
i disagree, the purple hair added more visual depth and personality and the complete lack of fur looks soooooo bad. this is wayyyyyy to monochrome
: Diana "changes"
Id prefer if they just added a passive to her e or r that would give some mana back and not mess with anything
Rioter Comments
: It appeara,we just have different views on this matter,but what I really don't u understand what's the problem with making her vastayan? She's still a gumiho,it's just that that they are branch in the "evolution" of vastaya.
well do you know what a gumiho is beyond a variation on the nine tailed fox legend? between that and the fact that the orphan left in the wild, raised by animals and end up with magical powers already exist within the game in nidalee but thanks for having this conversation with me i really needed to get that off my chest
: She's still curius,maybe less cunning,but more intelligente. They weren't forced into making her vastayan,but IMO they did make the right call. The concept she was based on is still intact(Gumiho/Kumiho). It's fits her pretty well. I theory,if they kept her old lore.How would she evolve? What she possibli do from there?
Well it's not as if theres gonna be added more to the new so why ask where the old was gonna go? I didn't say the writers were forced to make her a vastaya. I said it was a forced move (it's an expression) And making her a vastaya does take away from being a gumiho they are fundamentally different But most of all I dont like the personality gelbug (or what he's called) gave her. It feels like a teen story to me. I like how the old lore is more open ended, it gives you the core of the character yet leaves some of the more personal preference things up to you... The new lore doesn't really respect the core that was set up very much. If we look at gangplanks new lore it's a different vipe hes older and less energetic but you could see gangplank becoming like that with age. With leonas new lore it's pretty much exactly the same character but just in greater detail, with diana It's mostly the same, it's just shown in a slightly different light (although it does mean her new quotes doesn't match her anymore). With pantheon it's a little distracting as was noted to be childhood friends with leona In his original lore, given he didn't have much of it, but it's highly questionable how they would make his only noted relationship go a complete 180. with Ahris (like with pantheon) it feels very disconnected as if it's seperate universes (and like diana we also end up with quote miss-matches as her new lore doesn't have her at all confident)
KoKoboto (NA)
: Great now whose gonna fill in the sex fox trope.
It was never there in the first place :P
: They kept; -Wanting to be more human - the remorse she felt the more and more lives she took Especially that.A creature that seduces her victim and toys her emotions,before killing them.Only to find love with one and then killing him. How do you not pity her? What would you have instead? A fox-wanting to be human? Where would that end? When she's fully human and loses her powers or when she decides not steal lives and turns back into a fox? Since it's now more of a urge or addiction than just a desire the reason for not stopping is more legit.
Does it really have to replace curious and cunning with addicted and angsty? Did she have to be forced into being a vastaya and go away from the concept she was based on? The new lore doesn't fit her character in any way, just because the new lore is longer and has drama written into it. Next thing they do is prolly saying that "Stray Fox" is also a part of her new lore
: ***
The irony is that she was more empathetic in the old story
: >Most of the community was always the opinion that she had to sleep with someone to steal their soul.,which was never confirmed nor denied. The only real good part of her lore update. :/
Well the Gumiho which she was based on would eat you heart and liver. really sexy stuff right there
Nylisa (EUW)
: well the fact that, one person knows they have a way to get rid of a nasty memory that haunt them without any pain. and decide its too precious too let go says some things about them. but the question is, did she do it because she was too dependent to that memory? did she do it because she just couldnt let go?...or did she do it because she knows dealing with such memories,learning from them and learning how to move on while these burdens are on your shoulder only means growing up?
She still is more cold blodded in the new lore. and a story of maturing with mamorie manipulation really doesnt fit her character. it feels like this story was put on her simply because somebody demanded that Ahri be included in these changes
: Pretty much ruined her for me. The one thing that shouldn't have happened was giving her a lover. Every time I think "I wanna play league" I remember her new lore and I just get depressed and don't wanna play anymore.
Just repeat after me: I do not adhere to the retcon! now your turn
: I'm not seeing the problem. I mean they kept most important part of her old lore and gave more depth to it.
How? she isnt even the same species anymore. her motivations arent the same. tell me which part of her lore they kept? killing people? And i personally dont find more depth in the new lore. Angst and heartbreak isnt really something id ever acociate with her either. please explain
: My thoughts about the Ahri lore change
: What goes through your mind when you pick a champion?
Who do i want to play and what does the teamchomp need to be somewhat competent. meta slavery isnt my style
Nylisa (EUW)
: Garden of Forgetting, One of the most beautiful lore updates in a long time.
somebody get me some bleach please. i want to leave a not for myself that says: ''you know its not worth it and just forget reading this retcon. sorry to rain on your parede but it made me nauseous
Nylisa (EUW)
: i use to think of ahri as a shallow character with no deep emotions and just walks around and suck people soul out for her own selfish purposes because of the way her story was delivered before, it was too simple and over the top. but this changed everything about her for me!
you prefer overly angsty characters or do you just have trouble getting a character out of simpler writing?
Nylisa (EUW)
: "how I always imagined her to be. Not a cold blooded killer,but a creature tortured by her nature.Someone with empathy." yes! up to this point this is how i use to see ahri because of the way her story was delivered! but now it changed thanks to Jellbug!
She's more cold blodded now than in her old story
: Thank You RITO for Ahri's story
Why ohh why does this retcon exist? we went from a Fox who wanted to be human to Mowgli and continues riots new mission to pile angst onto her. You already had a character riot why are you remaking it? {{item:3070}} {{champion:103}}
: he might be referring to the stealth changes on evelynn where the time she needed to be out of combat went up but idk
he is refering to back when she got nerfed into the ground for no reason, where she dropped to a 34% winrate and was widely known as a moveable ward because all her streagths was remowed
: Don't even try. :D Judging by the number of upvotes/downvotes of op and some comments local visitors are not familiar with anatomy or sports.
Matake (NA)
: I'm sorry but you are mistaken and obviously you feel entitled. > [{quoted}](name=ilovemnms,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OWAy4jrc,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-09T06:51:53.899+0000) > > seriously this is the biggest fucking nerf to an already under powered champion I've ever seen. you haven't been around long enough to know that Evelynn was reduced to trash tier once upon a time
"biggest Nerf to an already underpowered champion" Evelyn wasn't underpowered when she got nerfed
: Ashe should be more muscular than Tryndamere
Not really the most important muscles for archery is the back muscles
: Message to all players gold and lower
I think it's because of the changes to the game. Things have become less stabil towers used to be something that took effort to take down and dragons where stacking power rather than flat bonuses (I dont want to talk about the gold drake) and the items are... Well not exactly what they used to be
Leo1024 (NA)
: As A Player Who Joined In Season 6
Startet season 3 at zeds release. Like the game, hates riots new philosophy.
: Ignis, the Flame Weaver
I'm rubber and you are... On fire! You smell like burning. Ready to set the world on fire?
Trick2G69 (EUNE)
: people actualy liked the new kog,riot just couldnt balance around him.
They liked him but not as much as old kog
: No one thinks edge of the night is out of control?
The real problem here is lethality as a stat. Because lets have champions be able to stack their Amor pen that will make up for ghostblade being a little overtuned in s6 have a nice day champions who can't build armor
: pref mid. can play everything but adc.| That stutter step man. It kills me.
: You can tell who is an old school player and who isn't by how much they hate autofill
: Dang Whipper Snappers! Talking about queuing your lane and pick intents! Back in my day we didn't have no pick intent! Our pick intent was first come first serve and last pick was the ward whore. You darn kids and your gold income items and your redemptions and the Donkey Kongs.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: You example is _almost_ correct. Let me fix it. >If you sell a car in 1994, then buy a new car in 1995 and it gets destroyed in 2007 then when you are sitting in 2008 and reminiscing you say: "The car I had in 1994" and "The car I had a year ago". That's the difference. First was Ahri with no damage amp. That's the car in 1994. Then Ahri lost raw damage and got a damage amp insead. That's selling the car in 1994 and buying a new one in 1995. Then she lost the damage amp and got MS buff. That's losing the 1995 car in 2007.
Well it looks like we have had a little misunderstanding. I was talking about the charm amp. I had quite honestly forgotten about the Fox Fire nerfs. What you said confused me ( I was like: Orb always did this damage)
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Seems like I forgot to respond to the first part. >No we arent. Yes, we are. She originally got the damage amp on Charm in Season 3 at the price of having a lot of her damage reduced.
How would it be going back to when she orginaly got it as opposed to when she lost it? If you buy a car at 1995 and it gets destroyed in 2007 then when you are sitting in 2008 and remenicing you dont say: I had a car 13 years ago you say you had a car just a year ago. Or are you just trying to flaunt you superior knowledge of the game?
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: >Did you seriously just use the weaknesses of an assassin as an argument for winrate? You are the one who brought old LeBlanc's winrate into this. Not me. >Also the old Leblanc didn't loose kill pressure by maxing distortion Right. I shouldn't expect people to know anything about League of Legends 2 years in the past. FYI, she was reworked TWICE, not once as you think. That's why for some people, myself included, there are TWO versions of "old" LeBlanc.
Right I totally know nothing about the game. By reworked twice are you feeding to her changes in the middle of season 3? Because that is more like a gameplay update than a rework. I brought up "v2" Leblancs winrate up as an example where winrate doesn't reflect the strength of a champion
: Deciding to main support.
: What's the dumbest thing you did when you first started LoL?
Fidlesticks solo bot with heal and clarity! Fun times
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Are we talking about old new LeBlanc or old old Leblanc? The old old Leblanc was unable to wave clear if she wanted to have any kind of kill pressure, but focusing on kill pressure made her extremely easy to counterplay. All you had to do was to shove her under tower. The old new LeBlanc starved her team of kill gold and if she herself wasn't able to end the game, then she'd lose because the rest of her team was weaker then the enemy one.
Did you seriously just use the weaknesses of an assassin as an argument for winrate? Also the old Leblanc didn't loose kill pressure by maxing distortion
: And he has no mobility... like noooo mobility... Ever saw a Vel'koz running from you because he threw Q randomly or because he dashed three times? Ahri is mobile with less range, Vel'Koz immobile with longer range. Still more skillshots :^)
And more CC and WAY MORE DAMAGE, besides while they both are midlaners they have different roles, it's like comparing irelia to rumble
Beldair (NA)
: Karma was actually designed for both solo and duo.. Morgana was designed for Duo lanes...hence why she is a Support/Mage.
My point still stands. Also Morgana has her primary role as mage and support as secondary, got played mid back in the day and, has an ability (tormented soil) and passive that is completely selfish, and has the ap scaling's of a midlaner, she also predates the Metagame we all follow today. Karma being designed for both doesn't change much
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Then we are looking aaaaaaaall the way back to Season 3.
No we arent. And winrate isn't indicative of a champions strength just look at old Leblanc
: So does Vel'Koz but he has skillshot in every ability, not just two of them.
But all of his have range. Loong range I might add
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Nerf or removed the Q speed buff and she's fine. The point is that it removes most in-lane interactions, since her main poke tool is also her greatest disengage. Ult not included.
If they take that away they will have to revert her damage nerfs
: These type of posts tempt my hand just to write "git gud"
: Fun fact: riot consistently nerfed many champs who were able to solo carry except: lee, ahri, vayne, riven, yasuo.
Fun fact: Ahri is on a 2 season Nerf streak unless you count sass as a stat
: But {{champion:103}} isn't picked in the LCS.
Because she gets countered by cassiopeia and malzahar and a little by ryze too and a lot by syndra and [cries]
Oelyk (NA)
: To much sex appeal. Please nerf.
While she is quite charming she at least dresses more conservatively than half the female roster
: You aren't wrong, but this argument is a bit weak. _Every_ champ is weaker when their ultimate is down. It isn't really a valid weakness. It's like saying when an ADC is too strong that their weakness is that they're "squishy" or they have "no escape" (which {{champion:222}} , {{champion:21}} , {{champion:110}} , {{champion:96}} , {{champion:22}} , and {{champion:202}} have all been OP -- and nerfed -- in the past despite having these "weaknesses.")
He said when she pops it. Aka when she starts fighting
: Aatrox needs a nerf. He has so much in his kit. He has great waveclear with his W and E, great pick potential with his Q and burst, mobility with his Q and E slow, great split pushing with his ult which has no mana cost and a low cooldown.
And he revives 😱
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