: It's an assumption that is not your place to make, because you do not know the individual well enough to accurately judge that. And it's offensive because referring to people that way is always done in an insulting manner, you're implying that they're less than other people and you're using a developmental illness as the means to imply that. Just stop, it's not productive. If anything it makes it harder for people to work with that individual in the future because it makes them more defensive and less open to discussion.
well let me explain this with a simple analogy. 2 people are arguing about the color of the box. Well the color of the box in actuality is red, the 1st person says this box is color is blue, the second person says no you are wrong it's red. Now seeing these two are commenting about the box people come around and tell the person who is wrong the actual color of the box which was red. But that person being too persistent continues to shout no it's blue. So me watching, I come to the second person(correct person) and say, hey man he is either trolling or he is color blind. Now in no way I am making fun or being offensive or harassing anyone. It is what it is. How are you trying to blame me for that. Any way I have made my stance clear, I won't be commenting to you anymore. And about this > If anything it makes it harder for people to work with that individual in the future because it makes them more defensive and less open to discussion. Now that's a good thing, if I don't know how to build a rocket I shouldn't be spouting nonsense about that particular thing of which I have no fkin experience of OR of which I donot have any proof/documentation of. Sorry to say this interaction is non-productive for me, so I would be excusing myself now. Thank you for your comments.
: Referring to people as mentally handicapped is a line I'm not okay with being crossed. Next time leave that crap out and just give the info you came to give. I won't be reporting your comment, but you'd best delete the insults before a moderator finds this, or before someone else reports you.
what's wrong with being mentally handicapped? he might be I don't know, I am just assuming the way he is acting. It's a mental condition, that prevents people to be able to perform certain tasks. Kadeem(twitch streamer) has is too, sorry to say but I wasn't harassing or being offensive. Since the person is not getting what people are conveying to him, it just might be possible that he may have issues. I am just assuming from his replies, I don't know for 100 %. If I was harassing I would have replied directly to his comment and told him or made fun of him, which in now way I did. But since I don't know, I am only replying to your reply about his condition.
: Promo Teasers
Yeah made a [thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/FemPzaTd-request-about-new-champion) about it 15 days ago about Pyke's release only received hate. I don't exactly know the perfect timing to create a thread I guess.
: Everyone who has ever posted here saying they regained honor status has said it took more than a month, sometimes more than 2 months. There is no evidence to suggest that it would ever take just one week.
When you get banned even 10 game chat banned your honor gets locked. Unlocking it takes about 14 to 20 days, if you play regularly. <Removed by moderation>. After you unlock the account you then have 3 checkpoints before you level up and depending upon your attitude it can take from 2 to 3 weeks just to get to one check point with consistent regular play. I have both a level 1 (2nd check point)[got banned on 3rd of last month, from level 3 to level 1) and another level 3(0 checkpoint) account. I am just amazed at how people continue to lie and bs repeatedly even after they are told the truth.
: Heartwarming story, faith restored in riot
sorry doesn't make sense. If we are going by analogy, graves father was a great hero towards graves, so for the summoner how does Riot support becomes biggest superhero for him/her in the end for giving 1 RP?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
@Meddler From the graph's I can only take that exp and levels have become higher after 10-14 mins for all junglers while comparing 8.10 to 8.9 and the gold is lowered also exp/levels have lowered before 14 mins. What it is not showing is how it has affected the jungle diversity meaning the pick rates of champions. Also these graphs do not show the difference between the jungler levels for each team(winning team/losing team) compared to the last patch. Meaning if jungler is ahead how ahead he is compared to last patch and if he is behind how behind he is from the last patch.
: Umm all im hearing is nothing changed so whats your point. Skuttle still dies fast so not sure what your crying about. Also any jungler can get collapsed on in the river so again nothing changed. Is skuttle still worth gold yep does it still reveal yep does it die fast yep so what changed ohh wait nothing
sorry i was taking about above gold ranks. Sorry if that was confusing. > Skuttle still dies fast so not sure what your crying about. When some one reads a reply as 'crying' that's when I stop entertaining them. This will be my last comment since you don't have the mental capacity to understand what I wrote. The reply was to the initial comment by kha zix main, as to why he is not on the list of OP. To me personally it doesn't really matter if kha gets nerfed to a point of 40 % WR.
: Bro scuttle has nothing to do with him. 1 scuttle at a time vs 2? What are you talking about. I can make up crap to skarner is bad bevause of this patch ivern is bad? Like really come on
skarner is great with these scuttle changes u cant contest against a skarner with his spires 1v1 and you would lose a 2v2 in that area too because of his cc. The reason I mentioned kha is because he has stealth and is hard to catch usually in the jungle, because of so many bushes. In river near scuttle there is only 1 bush and there is no direct path for kha to jump for escape. That's why i said if he get collapsed properly in river there is no way he escapes. And since you are collapsing on him he is obviously not gonna get his isolation damage off. Don't know how big of a nerf it is to him, have to wait till next patch to see how well he does but it is still at-least a nerf.
Yuvn Ti (NA)
: I'm a khazix main and I'm even surprised you didn't say hes bs
he is indirectly nerfed this patch. Kha main advantage was uncertainty were he is on the map. With the scuttle change you exactly know where he is, and most of the time he cant get away if he gets collapsed upon properly, cant say the same about shaco, with boxes and his R, way too hard to catch a decent shaco player(more than 80-100 games on shaco).
: > [{quoted}](name=l Ryden l,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zLszEZJr,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-05-22T17:43:01.264+0000) > > You&#x27;d figure you&#x27;d get used to it by now. It&#x27;s been like that? 7 months? I don't think the new runes have been out for 7 months, tho. Or maybe it is, idk.
2017 nov, dec, 2018 jan, feb, mar, april, may. 7
: Revert the jungle change
Concise and to the point.
: The F-ing New Guys at Riot are repeating mistakes from 7+ years ago.
Be ready for Pyke bois. They release things as OP because OP sells. Who would buy zoe if she was released as, in current state. But when you see 1-shoting clips people run to get their hands on that champion, not because of lore or the looks or whatever, but because of being broken and OP. Sure there will be some people who get really hyped for a new champion because of other stuff than its utility or damage but if you compare them against those who want to play OP stuff, the number would be very low. The issue is money here, and sure there are way more greedier companies than Riot. I am not blaming Riot for trying to milk maximum, because in the end Riot is a company just like every other company.
EraiSeRz (EUW)
: Rp not added in my account
contact support and wait for their response.
Rioter Comments
Remus Wins (EUNE)
: PYKE Actual Voice
Well this clears it up, Pyke is an ass person.
because it is highlighting an issue, that will really ruin the fairness of the clash tournament. It doesn't matter if he gets banned or not the issue is that there are plenty of people like him, so yes it won't be fair. And now as it is not in beta anymore people won't be enjoying it anymore since all it will give is super stomps 20 mins games.
: Just going to point out that pro players hate the jungle changes, and these were mostly done out of complaints in the general playerbase of jungler having too much impact.
Except that had a simpler solution of lowering early jungle spawn time and decreasing the exp for early jungle camps. This however does the opposite making the ahead jungler have more impact. They forced JvJ interaction by fighting in river(but usually its not 1v1 now in the river over crab), that's just to force LCS/proplay fights for better/clown-fiesta/exciting viewing experience. This change has nothing to do with normal play, if it were for normal play their is no fkin reason you don't take the simpler solution.
: After playing LoL with my wife.
and then they both left the game{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Fefnil (EUW)
: This patch though
its sad and funny at the same time, because its kind of true.
: https://imgur.com/xiosBuo 1W 10L B4 https://imgur.com/afbJS79 1W 9L B1 https://imgur.com/H5zdU3s https://imgur.com/t9VbB6s Starting the same rank game on the same day! The same kind of losing streak 5 games. Get a 1 victory and then losing streak. WHY! One player stays in B1? One player stays on B4? (Can not find the results of other seasons)
> [{quoted}](name=P4 Silent,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E0xZXyoP,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-05-19T09:21:26.752+0000) > > https://imgur.com/xiosBuo > > 1W 10L B4 > > https://imgur.com/afbJS79 > > 1W 9L B1 > > https://imgur.com/H5zdU3s > https://imgur.com/t9VbB6s > > Starting the same rank game on the same day! > > The same kind of losing streak 5 games. > > Get a 1 victory and then losing streak. > > WHY! > > One player stays in B1? > > One player stays on B4? > > (Can not find the results of other seasons) what does this have to do with the pineapple on pizza?
Rioter Comments
: They're champions that are getting compensated for attackspeed being removed off of Machete.
why not add that in patch 8.10 then where the exact machete changes are happening? these are small changes and It's delayed about half a month from now.
Meddler (NA)
: Those new items are ARAM only so we're not worried about their balance impact in combination with the other changes. They're also being handled by the Maps and Modes team, so development on them's not taking time away from those other projects either. Art discussion's not my area of expertise so I can't tell you what exact current thinking on the team is around Pyke's bandanna. Generally though when we go for differences like that one between teaser/splash and in game model it's because what looks good in a picture focused on the champ and what looks good on a tiny in game model are very different. We optimize for the standard play view for the in game models as a result, not a zoomed in look at their face in a way you won't experience at all during regular play.
> Those new items are ARAM only so we're not worried about their balance impact in combination with the other changes. They're also being handled by the Maps and Modes team, so development on them's not taking time away from those other projects either. Ty for the reply, Sorry mb for not seeing the heading while scrolling through S@20.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 16
Can you do something about Pyke's bandanna? Teaser's bandanna would be nice if it gets added. Also can you stop adding more items on PBE like Lifeline, Spectral Cutlass, Bloodletter's Veil and Ghostwalkers, they need to be added on 8.12 PBE cycle not the current one, so that you could focus more on balancing the already changed items. With bot lane changes, solo kill gold changes, shutdown down gold changes. I personally think you are adding way more uncertainty with more newer items.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: I wonder how much they were paid to do this.
i just wish, they paid them a little extra and made _**them **_do the last part without helmets instead of actors/stunt artists. That would have been even more funnier.
Caekie (NA)
: "Can I copy your homework?"
Bounty hunter. Wait till you see the new PBE items, Kunkka is sad he can't sue Riot :(
Rioter Comments
: Moving towers? What the f*ck.
1st Video) You don't think it's fair that he barely killed you with USING HIS ULT while on the other hand you missing yours? Tbh you both played that poorly. 2nd Video) Yeah I wonder why mundo didn't die, with the constant dps coming from the adc who built executioners(ohh wait you didn't even had an adc), and its not like mundo had already completed his Spirit visage (which HE DID btw and this UNIQUE: Increases effectiveness of all sources of health restoration by 30% including health regeneration, life steal and spell vamp for those who didn't knew). If you slow down the video and think about it then you would answer it your self. Who is even hitting mundo? You in the start but you died to jinx zoe dmg, after that who was hitting him? Fiddle ultied and walked through him, fiddle is level 10 and mundo is lvl 12 so mundo has 2 points in his ult so he regenerates 75 % maximum health instead of 50%. After that who is even hitting him? braum? lee sin who just autoed him once? or ryze who managed to hit him to proc braum passive. There was no dps to kill him, he should have lived 100% of the time if that fight played out 100 different times. ___________________________________________ Sorry if you want to complain about mundo please do so with pleasure, but when you bring out bs videos to justify your point then sorry I would want to speak the truth and truth is harsh. (In that fight) no morellos on ryze or fiddle and you want lvl 12 mundo to die, sorry to say and this is not rank shaming, you need to be self critical. And what 4v5? even if it was 1v5 you need to hit skills shots to kill the damn person. Who is ryze hitting, just watch the video again and again and tell me is mundo even been getting hit? _______________________________________ Btw Mundo has a nerf coming up tomorrow, but even with that nerfed mundo if he was in that game it wouldn't have mattered a bit. Because you and your team were plain bad, sorry if its harsh but that's the truth
: Pyke - Ult Kills by him grant 300G for TWO Damage Dealers
he is probably better as a jungler. Just my opinion, would like to see how well is his clear.
: i believe riot said that they are allowing duos with solos was for practice of pros in bot/support to be able to que together
flex queue is there then, hell even bring jungler if they wanna.
: How selling Announcer Voice Packs Can Reduce Toxicity
I think what we need is a motivator pack. Like if enemy got 1st blood,kills Announcer motivates, _its ok, its only start of the game your team will do better _ Enemy gets baron, _It's ok, you can defend this I believe in you_ If you get a kills or objectives _you are doing very good, keep it up_ some thing along those lines. That would definitely calm/stabilize the mood, from behind or even ahead for rational thinking.
Ernie (NA)
: New Players Will Never Know About This Old Gem
You can't put it without the frost prime video on it, was great at that time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VZ9s28CTBs Also how [disgustingly horrific Riot's defense](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/HiL2aHMU-riot-lyte-is-trying-to-tell-us-the-majority-of-us-prefer-dynamic-queue-over-solo-q) was. Riot's Lyte to be exact, man that guy was such a douche.
: Just a quick reminder.
this one https://78.media.tumblr.com/99db3bb191433a7529598ea9d3f3e32e/tumblr_p62joqtpca1qjtxoeo1_1280.jpg
Shàdòw (NA)
: I just finished my chat restriction, and am at honor level 1 and locked. im only upset that clash is locked but its still pretty harsh for you to be reset to honor level 1 even if you were nearly at level 4 like i was (i was honor 3 with 3 checkpoints)
> I just finished my chat restriction, and am at honor level 1 and locked. ya, it would take 14-20 days just to get it unlocked, and after that there are three checkpoints before you get to level 2 that's another 1 or 2 months depending on how much you play. I was level 3 too, haven't tried clash, but have a smurf account which is level 2 second checkpoint so... It's good to have smurf accounts in cases like these. My advice would be just play ARAM's and stuff and avoid chat, would take the least amount of time to get you back, but that least amount of time is still ALOT of time.
: But y tho
its called 'helping you to push the wave so that you could reset' or 'getting some tower damage'
: > [{quoted}](name=Hópe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m6Q4Yulc,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-13T18:23:13.213+0000) > > I hate his kit i hate his invisibility i hate everything about this fucking bug. Riot has 2 Junglers on their play test team, guess what champ they main?
they wouldn't be diamond then with 60% WR if kha-zix got nerfed. So if they wouldn't be diamond then they wouldn't be on play-test team. Ends justify the means. Of-course I am gonna give out shitty feedback on kha-zix nerfs if I am only there in the first place abusing that champion.
Proxy345 (NA)
: 911: Whats the emergency?
: the stronger the region, the more toxic it is in most cases and it's no coincidence "toxicity" is really just people being competitive and actually caring about the game. if no one cared, there would be no emotional involvement and thus no toxicity. would you get mad if you lost in candy crush or something like that? most couldn't care less and in fact these rather extreme definitions of toxicity are turning people into casuals who no longer care about the game because they've been conditioned not to by Riot's own system. on this server, you can't even talk about builds or strategy without being considered a "flamer" or "negative" it's way beyond what used to be considered verbal abuse (personally attacking someone... not just gameplay related comments) or negative attitude (giving up on the game @ 5 min etc.) you can stay bad in your little "toxicity free" bubble or you can learn and let a competitive game thrive. the cuts and bruises to your ego will heal soon enough and you'll have grown from it both as a player and as a human being with a thicker skin. the more you try to censor and control people, the less people will want to play (especially serious games) or even to use chat at all. there is a mute button and only serious harassment/inting/afking etc. should be punishable. stupid shit like "ggez" or "your build is awful because it lacks void and they're stacking MR" does not qualify. the worst part is that the true ragers who instigate and harass for no reason can't even be called "pathetic losers" because that gets you into ban territory yourself. it verges on absurdity and it hurts the game more than Riot can possibly comprehend. the system is completely off the rails at this point and getting $ from new accounts won't save it from the damage inflicted long-term. right now it's actually punishing victims and serious players who CARE.
The real question OP should ask is _Why is toxicity more punished in NA?_ There is mute button, live with it. I can bet there are lesser trolls in KR, because that would just be time wastage to them. They see a troll they open and move on to next game, where as in NA there is probably like delusional mentality _no we can win 4v5_ never surrender, it 3 kills 25 with enemy getting all towers, no we are going to play this out. I guess better servers have reasonable people and not just blind SJW's who try to defend little children from harmful words.
Deadpan (NA)
: Finally, honor lvl 2 after a 14 day ban. Here are my thoughts on honor progression.
Got chat restricted on my main start of last month got honor locked then started from level 1, currently sitting on level 1 second checkpoint. I mean why the fuq is it honor locked in the 1st stage? that already takes 14 to 20 days to get it unlocked and improve after wards. Only playing ARAM's and normal's sheet, I get tilted by retard-ness very easily, in these modes I usually don't give a damn, any ways with the current balance it's not like I am missing much. And I see alot of players with honor level 4 and 3's in ARAM mode. That's just how the mode is free honor level farming. Got honor level 5 last year on my main and honor level 4 on my smurf, by that ARAM farming, probably only took me 2 to 3 months of it. By losing an ARAM you don't lose any thing, you don't lose rank you don't lose LP, so what's there to flame about... nothing. Happened last year too I got 14 day banned in the start of year or something, took 3-4 months to be able to receive rewards finished with honor level 5. But this time it is awfully taking very long and I only got banned for 4 games out of 29 ranked played. Of course those 4 games I lost, but my team was just plain shit and I could't hold my self from writing the truth and telling what it truly was. Was it worth it, no, should have done it, no, I should have done it in a way system didn't catch, those team-mates truly deserved the flame though. I look back and would still say worth. > The less competitive the game mode the much less likely that players will be toxic. The higher elo you are the much more likely players will be toxic due to their own ego. That is totally true I complained last year about on EUW boards and the SJW replies I got from sheeters who don't even play ranked. I left that euw boards then, at-least here on NA boards there is more diversity and roam for discussion. Their on EUW boards SJW sheeters are grouped like it's some sort of their hangout place, half of them level 31- level 33 (and no they aren't banned like this account, they just don't play the game), just there to ridicule any one talking sheet about Riot and their bs system.
: What is the point of this post? It offers nothing to the discussion, and it's literally just a rant. If you're going to post "i hate x champ" at least give some insight on what you would do to improve it, rather than just go on a tangent and whine about it.
duhh, Lower his damage numbers or remove his R free bush stealth evolution or give a reasonable counter to invisibility like old {{item:2055}} or pink wards so then you able to see him and kill if he missteps(instead of sheety after image, which does jack sheet). There are so many solutions, Rioters just aren't doing anything. The problem might be the khazix main play-tester and he is just giving them the wrong feedback. I forgot his name, I asked him a couple of times in play-test talk with no reply.
: Streaming unranked to challenger Playing Twitch jgl w lulu top
13 votes in less than 30 mins with so few views. Definitely self up-voting , gonna downvote and move on.
King Lego (EUNE)
: Champions' names in Arabic meaning.
Isn't Jhin much closer to Jin? which mean a demon or a creation of/from fire.
Mannny (NA)
: So I went 31/6 and at the very last second when we're killing the nexus, my team forfeits
Person who has the most gold on the team should have the power to veto. This way no more premade votes harass, and if the person with the most gold is already surrendering it definitely means a lost game.
GodCarry (NA)
: I truly believe I was wrongfully banned. Please tell me what you think.
I am glad I don't play in NA, otherwise all of my accounts would have been perma'ed instead of one.
: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/masteryi/jungle/diamond
you could have shown gold+ or even plat+ stats, he is still below 50% on those. its in silver/bronze where people cry about him.
: Iceborn Gauntlet is a core item on those champions
https://i.imgur.com/1hiGrU2.png Me likey likey.
: Who else is hyped about the new champion? [Pyke: The Bloodharbor Ripper]
Pyke or feed. Hope he isn't very squishy other-wise it would become Pyke and feed.
Rioter Comments
EkyonKun (NA)
: Wait. Did Riot actually fix something that was broken before it became live?
Lewl I just viewed the vote result 'I will wait for the live patch'. I guess most us really believe the incompetence of balance team. Sorry if it's harsh but it surely seems like the truth.
Azadethe (NA)
: Meh. I think D5 has some room to throw an opinion. He may not be able to argue on a scientific level, but if D5 is having a problem with Shaco, so is 97% of the community...... that are lower than D5. Personally at a high elo and low elo meta, {{champion:55}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:11}} are getting more toxic, because of either having one of the most insidious assassin kits, or from changes to {{item:3124}} and soon Essence Reaver, or how {{item:3072}} synergizes with {{champion:157}} 's shield to create vicious cycles of shield after shield on a champ that can spam kill. I mean...... why did Riot add that little (but HUGE) change to Guinsoo's where after 3 stacks, Melees get full charged on it? Yi is almost not even on the ground to target anymore and soon, he's going to have less than a 1 sec cooldown on Q with the new Essence Reaver. Yasuo building 3-4 Shields is just stupidly OP as well. Shaco.... you just have to know his Camo duration, and have vision on him when he enters it.
don't believe some one about his rank when the person comments ABOUT RANK from a level 30 account un-ranked account. It might be just OTP bronze silver gold plat sheeter trying to justify the brokenness of a champion.
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