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: Diamond1 / Master Attackspeed went down No longer "Steals hp" Does less dmg with Active If you are Yasuo/zed player item is definetly not even an option anymore
What a scrub. Im Challenge, rank 1 in all regions.... Plz.
: Wait, neither Tryndamere nor Xin Zhao saw hardly ANY win rate increase, let alone a "spike" when new BoRK was introduced in patch 7.5. Tryndamere - Win rate patch 7.4 - 51.3% vs patch 7.5 - 51.5%. Xin Zhao - Win rate patch 7.4 - 52.6% vs patch 7.5 52.7% Hardly what I call broken...
Tryndamere is at 52.7 % from, and is such an unhealthy champion a hard gutting should be in order... I doubt Xin had this winrate of 52.6 % in 7.4, do you have a source? If so, we may need a direct nerf for him as well
: I prefer bork being strong, over edge of the night being strong
: Man, just chill. A fat stack of the champions who have benefited from the new BotRK have been either really weak, like {{champion:236}} or have been completely out of the meta for a long time. The second something becomes good doesn't mean it should immediately be stomped out the very next patch or something. I mean, just nerfing certain extreme cases of champions who are doing too well makes more sense to me than to ruin {{item:3153}} for every other champion that is just finally starting to see play again
Don't stomp it out - just give a -5 AD nerf. Kog + Twitch will STILL be the best ADCs, and "in the meta" - but they can be countered and outplayed, unlike now
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Actually I think that new botrk is weaker
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: Bring back the "Report for Unskilled".
I had 3 games today where i did the vast majority of dmg of my teams, got 5 KDA in total, but it got ruined due to highly unskilled teammates. I also HARDcarried 3 games with unskilled players. I would be so happy if i could report them, and then get a message that they have been set down a division - they really needed it (3 or 4 botlanes died at lvl 1 for example).
: I don't see what the problem is tbh. She's a highly mobile mage assassin. She should be allowed to pop a squishy if she lands her CC. And she's squishy as sin herself. One good CC chain and she's dead. Just catch her after she uses her ult and attempts to re position herself to pop one of your carries. I guess if her winrate is too high they can tone her numbers down slightly but, unless I missed something in the recent patch notes, it's not like she's been buffed directly? Just play champs that counter her hard.
She is mediocre in lane, until she uses her ult to fight. However, u can still read her and stun her, or juke her charm. If that is not healthy, idk what is. However, her numbers are overtuned - i would like her sustain to be removed or only vs champions - if u get poked down in lane, it should stick, so she is at even more risk when going all-in, instead of healing back off 2 minionwaves. She has needed a small nerf in 3 seasons in a row, with a 53 % winrate :)
: umm... just want to point this out 55% win rate.. you said he was "hotfixed" if that is still his win-rate AFTER the hotfix... then i think it didn't quit hit him hard enough.. and even in bronze and silver its still 53%...
Op.GG says 52 % but is bugged ATM... While not in dire need, another nerf should still be on its way for him... I wonder how all the Shaco mains will whine then
: As someone who mained shaco for a long time and plays him rather often, Fuck off. I don't care about his strength or damage or anything. His playstyle changed. It's not even worth ganking until level 6 anymore. If you're playing Ap shaco, your clears are complete shit, so by the time you're level 5 with q level 3 (when you can actually use it for ganking) the solo laners are already level 6 and can kill you because you have no damage or ult. The bot lane? suicide to try something there with stronger early game junglers always looking to get a snowball going and sitting around there. Ap shaco has very little damage alone, and the only reason he did/does so well was because of his insane synergy with items. That's where pretty much all his damage came from when he had the massive winrate. There's a reason his first items are lichbane, gunblade, and runic echoes: he can apply them all instantly. Any champ can build those items and instacheese squishies, but only shaco can't be seen until he wants to cheese the said squishies. It's not even a fun playstyle. It just feels gimmicky and shitty. Moving on, AD shaco is much weaker until lategame than before. the level 2 cheese on an enemy jungler? sure, if the enemy was mentally damaged. Wards are a thing, you know. And if you didn't ward and survived the level 2 cheese, he boned himself because he relied on his e to clear camps without losing too much health (AS slow on monsters). If laners played completely safe, shaco naturally fell off until very late game if he didn't get the ball rolling. So I'm sorry if you think all the shaco players were bitching, because rito turned my/our favorite champion into 1. a gimmicky piece of garbage, or 2. A champion with a completely different playstyle that is noticeably weaker until 40 minutes.
I had a friend that played around 15 accounts to Diamond with old AD shaco (season 3 and 4). He mostly did it with up towards 30 win-streaks, as the cheese is so danm reliable. Is all sub-Diamond players braindamaged?
: meanwhile. Supp mains have been crying for as long as i can remember about pretty much anything. Top mains cried about range and "isolated lane qq" Adc mains joined in now cuz useless class. it's nothing new and the shaco mains were crying about the ad crit build. AP was the best jungler in like the western regions and i think Koreans played Bruiser shaco.
I can agree to that as i am a mid-lane main :D
: Do you have to be so rude about a champ getting a majority of his kit changed and thus his identity? And no one who knew how to play against Shaco let him "cheese the enemy jungler lvl 2 for Free Elo." Sounds like you hate Shaco and just want to laugh at the people who were upset about his identity and kit being changed despite an overwhelming amount of players stating he was the ideal assassin.
His identity was "Below Plat/Diamond, cheese enemy jungler and win from there with minimal effort". The hard-hard-HARD gutting of that "style" and "identity" was 3 seasons overdue - and still u whined about no more freelo. Just be happy for what you had
: If I say that award goes to Morde, how many downvotes will I get?
They more like complained their champ was OP, and was shoved down botlane for no reason, which he only won because of extremely busted numbers - making him permanbanned.
Knalxz (NA)
: Yeah how dare those people not like that their most enjoyed play style got gutted because Riot doesn't actually care for diversity. Fuck those Shaco mains for wanting to keep their love of the game intact, damn whiny bitches. Sarcasm...but honestly if anything it'd go to the Boards community.
You could basically get to mid plat by killing enemy jungler at red -> killing him again at wolves -> jungler went AFK -> any of ur losing lanes u could gank from beyond vision and get fed off him -> huge lead and mostly a 4v5 at 10 minutes. "Most enjoyed style"... by far the easiest way to rank up. I had a friend that played around 15 accounts to Diamond only with this cheese strat.
: People who go through the trouble of learning to play off meta champions and one trick them, usually do so because it's the only champion they've found that really clicks with them. I'm not a shaco main. In fact, I hate playing assassins. But, I think it's really sad when off meta champs with a cult following get turned into monstrosities like rework Shaco. Even if the play style wasn't changed by basically forcing him to go AP (and it certainly was), all the people that OTPd Shaco are basically unable to play him now because of his ban rate. As a otp myself? I really hope my champion is never so strong that I'm never allowed to play them. This isn't something we should be celebrating just because we don't like the champion it happened to.
My point is they complained about him being trash tier, and were *absolutely sure* he was gutted. It turned out he was the most OP champ... just showing they are not even considering him good even when extremely broken
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: If shields are truly a problem that needs its own counter, I might suggest having % damage deal double to them (or just a higher amount).
Shields are inheriently very healthy, but giving the supports a way of dealing with them would give more flexibility and power for the supports - i think that would be nice
: yea they exist and every champ can get them and every champ has it built into their kits its CALLED DAMAGE {{item:3190}} for example gives UNIQUE: Grants a decaying shield to nearby allied champions and yourself for up to 2.5 seconds, absorbing up to 35 +35 per lvl (based on level) damage (90 second cooldown) (600 range). and lets say its the supports 4th item in... so lvl 10-12ish so it would shield about 35+350 for total of 385 shield for 2.5 seconds... lets take a popular damage carry champ at lvl 11 {{champion:157}} hits you with his ult doing 300+150% bonus ad plus For the next 15 seconds, Yasuo's Critical strike icon critical strikes ignores 50% of his targets' bonus armor i think his damage would out exceed the amount of shield that {{item:3190}} gives
If we give supports an item that is something like "Active: Deal 400 damage" it would be broken, and not very "supporty"If it however is "Remove 400 shield", it seems a lot more balanced... For example, the support could then help an assassin killing the adc, which he cannot do if the ADC has his supp
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: Ziggs is great for sieging. You zone defending champs into a smaller spot with your minefield then poke them down. Just because he doesn't function exactly the same as Xerath doesn't mean he isn't a poke champion
In my experience, it just doesn't work.. Where are you going to create a zone where you can hit them reliably, if you are sieging a tower? Hte bst you can do is zone them _away_ from the tower and proc passive on it... But it's not really poke. I have never really done it as Ziggs, nor have experienced it against Ziggs, but with Xerath it happens evey game...
: Honestly poke mages become very strong whenever assassins fall out of meta. Its always been like this. {{champion:99}} {{champion:101}} and even champs like {{champion:110}} in the bot lane are becoming more powerful
I disagree with Ziggs being a poke champion. If you stand and siege a turret, Xerath can reliably poke the squishies down from 1400 range - something which is impossible for Ziggs. He effectively has 850 range if the oppponent is paying attention, vs 1400 range on Xerath.
: Unless his Q hit box is changed he doesn't need a nerf. He's a siege champ, taking towers is his business!
*only* taking towers?
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: Riot, Can You Make Another Mage Item That Gives Magic Penetration?
It always bothered me that you can only get 30 Mpen from items. It should be possible to punish no-MR builds by just flat pen. When a melee champ is lvl 18 with not a single MR item, you still have to buy void staff for maximum dmg - just from innate MR. That is kinda stupid
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: Don't worry. There's still an arsenal of champions with way more oppressive early games and easier mechanics to use against all the salty Yasuo haters.
Name one? One that has an equal lategame and has been able to do so for nearly two years? I'll wait :)
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Danjeng (NA)
: I have trouble playing Xerath on purple side
I played Xerath for 600+ games. I dont know what the champion looks like, cuz i never see him on screen :D Jokes aside, you need to learn playing with unlocked camera for Xerath. Start practicing today; a very important tip is to use space A LOT (its typically my 2nd most pressed key) to snap back to your character - this REALLY helps :) And if you try it, will u tell me how it went?
Ralanr (NA)
: Doesn't DL use camera lock?
Thats why his snipes on Jhin always miss..
: Remove the slow from Jayce's melee Q
Serioulsy, STFU about Jayce. You will only be happy when he has no abilities at all, and no ranged attacks... L2P against him, ban him, or simply uninstall the game. Don't get me wrong... Jayce could use a nerf, but all the BS u has suggested to nerf is things Jayce has that makes him less feast-or-famine. You are not qualified for a Jayce nerf discussion, you bring only blind hate towards the champion.
Cipse (OCE)
: I mean, it's nice that you've realized all of this but I seriously wonder how the toxic players in general don't realize all of these points. They're so obvious.
I am exclusively toxic when the toplaner goes 0-3, 0-4, 0-10... by mostly solo deaths. It cannot be my mistake that the toplaner neither can 1v1 lane nor understand that when he has died, the enemy is stronger than him
: As a non toxic player, I can tell you that: - I DO perform worse when i'm raged at, - that I have more game/map awareness when my teammates have a positive attitude
Lets say you are 0-2 in lane (solo kills) I tell you "Dont die solo again" Do you: 1. Ignore me and play exactly like u did before, probably resulting in more deaths? 2. Hug tower and play as safe as possible, so i/the others have a chance to carry? 3. Say "F*ck you dont tell me what to do" and start intentional feed? 4. Think i'm toxic AF and go AFK? Honestly, what do u do? I would really like to know
: Jayce has more than hp/level than Jax, Shen, Garen, Mundo, Galio, and others
Jayce-hater spotted. You NA ppl can't be trusted with any descision what so ever
: If Nidalee and Elise got their melee bonus resists removed, Jayce doesn't need them either
So bad idea. Nerf ANYTHING but that. Anything. He will basically never be able to go melee if he is even, creating an even more feast-famine style champion. You are just finding things Jayce has in his kit, and trying to take it away in order to gut him. How would you react if they suggested to remove the stacking from Nasus - cuz the other juggernauts doenst stack damage? Or removed Jax' stun? Or Mundos AD steroid? Just because u dont know how to play vs doesnt mean he should be hard gutted...
: Diamond anything can make something seem half-decent. I saw an Aatrox main the other day who made the Champion look amazing.
Im mid-Gold, and played Jayce well the whole season, as well as most of last season - around 58 % winrate in 200+ games. He is only trash if you dont know how to play him, like Vayne for example
: Jayce has always been a problematic champ to balance Right after his release he was pick orban in season 2 worlds, so they had to nerf him Then in season 3 he was a problem for half the season, so they had to nerf him Jayce has always been either 100% pick/ban or trash
He was very viable with around 49-50 % winrate for a long time before worlds - just not very popular. He can easily balanced - in fact, Riot gave him a buff out of nowhere that pushed him over the top (changed bonus damage from hammer form to AD scaling and lower mana cost). If Jayce is forced to build tear again, he will be balanced. Easy!
: Unfortunately, Garen is following the trail Gangplank did before he got his rework
I think Garens kit is fine as it is. GIve him a better HP scaling or something is OK, but just numerical buffs. He is a very simple champion that excels in SIlver and Bronze, but is - as you say - practically not an option at higher elos. He is basically the opposite of Lee Sin; Lee should simply not be played by low elo players, as they lack the mechanics to utilize his (very high) potential. To pick Lee in bronze is like picking Garen in Master - you are likely losing your team the game, or requiring another player to hardcarry. But this is not a problem IMO, with 131 champions left to choose from, both the Master and the Bronze will surely find something he likes.
: Hell, I'll just play him mid >_> At least Assassins are making a return
Metasheep play him top - Mains like me play him mid, the real lane for Jayce! And i played vs a metasheep in a mirror-matchup, he got destroyed early even though i went Tear and he didn't....
: i dont think pigeonholing jayce is a good idea. rather he needs some bigger changes
But i actually like his kit the way it is! He hasn't been a problem for 2 years, now he is OP, just nerf him instead of reworking him just because reasons
: Did Jayce get played in Worlds recently? Barely saw the guy and now the boards are full of people crying over him. Anyway, giving manacost on a transform ability is a bad idea - there is a reason none of those have a cost. The ability's main function is accessing the other half of a champion's kit and it barely does anything by itself. If you have to hit him, hit him somewhere else -- like reverting this last manacost buffs.
Though about this, but if you are OOM, you basically only have access to AAs anyway. This is not true for Nida and Elise, so they can't have a transform manacost - but Jayce needs mana to do anything at all.
: Riot claims they try their best to not force playstyles.
His build path is incredibly flexible after tear - try for example {{item:3004}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3047}} vs full AD team, it's so broken! "Forcing" tear is okay IMO - look at Cass, playing her with no tear? Nah... But if her manacosts were halved so she didn't need tear, she would be incredibly broken, a bit like Jayce is :)
Rioter Comments
: I hate you. Riot logic: Ashe is played for a summer split. Nerfed four times in six patches Jayce dominates worlds? Buff buff buff. Whyyyy {{item:3070}}
He hasn't been buffed since worlds, but was buffed in the patches leading up to worlds - and before worlds he was barely picked, both in pro and normal play. The main problem is the tearless build, which dominates because Riot stupidly took away his manacosts...
Pupel (NA)
: Confessions of a Nasus main
Confessions of a Xerath main * Yes the range is that long * No you are still not out of range * Aaaaand yep i can hit you from the Fog of War * Good job of going 10-0 Jinx. I hope you dont mind entering each fight poked down to 30 % HP * My ult is a zoning tool * Until i have rylais - then i hope you, dear immobile squishy, likes to get taken out from 4000 range. Have a nice day!
: You know how easy is for her to hit you with her Q, slow you and then proceed to combo? You either play at real max range and try to never ever get her close enough (which means losing your tower because her waveclear is better) or risk her continous combo hoping to get a perfect stun with some poke already in. Edit: As a fact, look at her top counter ({{champion:134}}). She has a similar Q mechanic plus an AoE stun and a point and click ultimate.
Syndra shits on Cassio so hard - we are talking if the skill are even, Cassiopeia should get killed multiple times in lane.
: Played against Cass as Xerath and once she got Rylai's nothing stopped her from charging up to me after barfing out the w poison and facerolling me. Great gameplay, I sure was outplayed.
Honestly, you are bad at Xerath then. If you are better than her, solokill her in lane so she falls to your poke the rest of the game. If the Cassio is good, farm from range an punsh her with E->W->Q if she runs (slithers) at you. In teamfights, aim for her. If she can reach your team, you can reach her - use ult early if necessary to get her low. I main Xerath and Cassio is not a problem
: Surrendering needs to be changed....fuck this game
This must happen very rarely. For me, i think i have 1 in 50 games where there is an almost full DC from minute 3 or something, and u cant remake. That would statistically make it 1 in 2500 games with 2 DCs. I have never encountered such a game. You will probably do it once every 2 years if you play 5 games a day. Chillax, there are far more pressing concerns for Rito.
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GoatPope (NA)
: ...wouldn't it be better to ban potential threats to your team than YOUR OWN TEAM?? You are potentially making someone play a champion they are far less comfortable on when you do this. Also yes I'm sure you get 100% win rates with certain champions you can carry on your team. That's why are are the best player in the world kappa
i have a 66 % winrate on Xerath in 2 seasons straight. i perform badly in maybe 2 of 100 games, mediocre in 1 of 10 games, and amazing in the rest. Give me the smallest chance to carry, i will carry. Yi and Teemo are two of the hardest champs to carry, as their contribution to their team is negative if slightly behind.
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