: Fix your death recap rito
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289907116444221440/607390085440208916/Screen04.png What do you mean? I thought your team mates are supposed to kill you and that Volibear got a rework with Savagery D:
: Can tenacity PLEASE function to knockups and suppressions????
Well QSS works for suppression but in case for knock-ups, how about some kind of magnetic/gravitational pull boots that speed up the whole knockup- and landing animation a bit? And I'm not gonna explain how such a thing could exist because Viktor can literally disable all rules about gravity in a transportable field with his W and his advanced science while we have archers like Ashe and many swordfighters {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: In Morde's new joke he literally swats a Poro away
My Name is perfect for spamming his joke
: This new singed skin is, honestly, the best funny skin of league
: The true backstory and cause of the star guardian alien invasion.
I can't believe my creation is still around and known x3 AND SOMEONE MADE A SG CUSTOM SKIN FOR HIM!? O_O ...they become sparkly so fast ;-;
: Ahri Charms your Main...
{{champion:91}} x {{item:1036}} http://i.imgur.com/1u5l1TF.jpg
MagÊ (EUW)
: Your main Called you for help
{{champion:91}} : I lost another blade. Me: ...Again? -sigh-
: > [{quoted}](name=MTT Mettaton EX,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=IuaPAobN,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2016-06-10T18:48:59.203+0000) > > For how long do you draw already? {{champion:91}} is my favourite champion and I got some basics down with digital painting but I always wondered how one can create such awesome artworks. Have you got any advice where to start in learning that style? > > Thank you in advance, you did a great job! I drew a little pretty much all my life, but started more seriously 1 years and a half ago. I'm starting University in 2 months. But i pretty much learn by myself, with try and mistakes. If you need base to starts with, I mean Youtube is FULL of tutorial and different artflow! Try to find your own! Good luck my friend, never give up ! {{champion:91}} For the win
Thank you for your response, I'll give my best! > {{champion:91}} Live and die by the blade.
: Rival Talon - League of Legends skin concept
For how long do you draw already? {{champion:91}} is my favourite champion and I got some basics down with digital painting but I always wondered how one can create such awesome artworks. Have you got any advice where to start in learning that style? Thank you in advance, you did a great job!
: Whatever it was, it also told them the solution was going Xerath support.
Hey, I like Xerath Support D: ! Not as good as Vel'Koz tho xD
Gimpy89 (NA)
: they should explode like teemo shrooms
Insert a balloon and get a hidden needle xD
Poske (EUNE)
: > Yes, it was a botgame. Yes, that was with fullbuild and also yes, i was going for a Q-centric build. I can pick any champion and one shot with pretty much any ability ... from 100>0 bots Why gunblade? Doesnt that give ad ?
Gunblade gives AD aswell, but his Q transfers AD to AP with a 1.0 scaling so he gets more damage than with Luden's Echo. The active also deals around 500 AP damage and slows, while also providing heal by 15% of every damage dealt. The Hextech Revolver beforehand modifies your AA Damage even more - you don't rush Gunblade though. Before his rework he already could onehit squishys in lategame (in a real game, not Botgame!). With baron buff Viktor can easily achieve 1000+ AP and fire dragons make it even scarier but don't count on it. I would provide footage of real matches but curretnly I have to play with a Netstick and the lags are horrible.
Poske (EUNE)
: Viktor rework is Horrible. The whole Wombo combo support niche direction is flat out retarded
I was playing Viktor before his first rework and until he became a solid pick due to the LCS. The changes made to his scalings are absurd - while Q became godlike, the iconic laser had to suffer. http://i.imgur.com/uLz8EA2.png http://i.imgur.com/JxgDlkU.png Yes, it was a botgame. Yes, that was with fullbuild and also yes, i was going for a Q-centric build. And still it was just the Q+AA+Gunblade - no Marksman or Mage could survive that with their low amount of HP (the Gunblade isn't even needed in that case!). He oneshots squishys, he twoshots bruisers, threehits towers with the Q amplifier and fourhits tanks - with a 4 second Q ability. The gunblade heals him and you can easily do the Elder Dragon by yourself with your Q-Shield and Heal. I don't even wanna talk about teamfights and CC-lockdowns, you can see it as a nice "bonus". http://i.imgur.com/XUjITFy.jpg They made Viktor like most of the other Battlecast's - if he gets to lategame, shet gets real. He needs positioning but punishes VERY hard.
: Did somebody say...characters that make you doubt you sexuality? http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/undertale/images/7/7b/MettatonEX.gif/revision/latest?cb=20151104094751 _AW YESSSSS!_ We need Mettaton Taric skin so badly!
Oh my, how rude of you using a hidden camera darling~
: Who was your first champion? First main?
First Main was {{champion:30}} , but the First Champ was {{champion:56}} .
: What do you call a Braum supporting an Aurelion Sol
U got dis http://pre12.deviantart.net/2728/th/pre/i/2016/115/8/b/umad_sol_by_commander_squall-da08c8m.png
Rioter Comments
: @Riot, Definitely Not Vel'Koz should turn into a tripod
Since I already listen to War of the Worlds' Soundtrack when playing Battlecast's (especially Vel'Koz!), that would be icing on the cake.
: Boom Boom Blitzcrank's new splash art is "wrong"
http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/sites/default/files/styles/scale_xlarge/public/upload/arcade_veigar_splash-banner_0.jpg?itok=4f92w85u Look at the "Q"-Letter. Look at it. The splash ain't even mirrored so tell me how that could happen ö.ö
: {{champion:103}} *Does the thing in the picture* Me: Hey, uh... Shen. {{champion:98}} ? Me: *Gestures towards Ahri* {{champion:98}} ...I don't see the issue. Me: The issue is you're not returning any gesture. {{champion:98}} *Shrugs* I suppose some things must be done. {{champion:98}} *casually walks up to {{champion:103}}* {{champion:103}} *Ahri's eyes light up as Shen approaches* {{champion:98}} *Walks past Ahri and teleports off* Me: SHEN! {{champion:103}} *Looks heartbroken, tears well up in her eyes* Me: N-no, no, it's okay! He's... different from other men. I'm sure he was just shy. Yeah, that's it!!! Me: (murmuring to self) I'm going to freaking kill him...
: {{champion:82}} (looks at me) {{summoner:31}} ...what? {{champion:82}} She's looking at you. {{summoner:31}} She can't be looking at me, you're the one with abs looking like they were chiseled out of granite. {{champion:82}} (watches Ahri wave at me) She saw me, looked surprised, then pointed at you, then giggled like a schoolgirl. {{summoner:31}} ...well she did attend the prestigious Runeterra Academy... so, you're not pulling my leg? {{champion:82}} As amusing as it would be to do so, no. (shoves me in her direction) Go ahead, champ. {{summoner:31}} ...I'm not sure I can do this. {{champion:82}} (grabs me and tosses me towards her, nearly colliding into her) I'm sure you'll find a way. {{champion:103}} Are you alright?! {{summoner:31}} My spleen...
K no, this time I'm way too lazy to draw a comic like the one with Riven xD
: Someone has to draw this scene.
I got you covered. http://pre15.deviantart.net/35d8/th/pre/i/2016/091/c/3/little_lol_scetch_based_on_a_forums_idea_by_commander_squall-d9xc34e.png But why does it look so small ._.
: Will we ever find out what this is?
It's in Creator Viktor's Recall-Animation aswell: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130906013237/leagueoflegends/images/b/b1/Viktor_Recall.png http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120802032044/leagueoflegends/images/8/8a/Battlecast_Cho'Gath_Specs.jpg The mentioning of "ANV" at the top right corner of Battlecast Cho'gath Primes Blueprints. It's probably scrapped tho and at this time Vel'Koz wasn't a thing. Yet Vel'Koz is shown in Creator Viktor's Splashart (Vel'Koz wasn't released at this time) and Battlecast Skarner Alpha is seen in Battlecast Cho'Gath's Splash (The last battlecast skin is shown in the first one's splash...). Tl;dr: Could be Anivia with a chance of 5%, otherwise it's either a new champion or someone who can thematically fly. Let's not forget tho that Battlecasts are mostly creatures from the void - And ironically most of them are lategame monsters.
sp441 (NA)
: *OOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEES* *If you have spotted my hammer, that only means one thing* *You're excited for the premiere of my rework* *How rude...* *Lucky for you, I've been aching to show it off for a long time* *As a reward, I will make your last living moments...* {{champion:44}} ***...ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS.***{{champion:44}}
OH! Are you promoting my brand?
: http://38.media.tumblr.com/fb2e3e70e52aa6548ed9144c7a861912/tumblr_nvbggzQs5B1r94yi6o1_500.gif
: Did You Know: While near Thresh's lantern, you can right click to move to Thresh
Hywel (EUNE)
: I think {{champion:91}} would be much much worse
The times when you aren't fed and can't kill the Vayne with AA+Q alone cuz she tumbles away right after... They're gone now o-o
{{champion:17}} : This thread fills you with determination. {{champion:1}} : Determination. {{champion:143}} : You IDIOT! {{champion:16}} : Would you like cinnamon or butterscotch? {{champion:30}} : OH NO! YOU MEET ALL OF MY STANDARDS! {{champion:24}} : you're gonna have a bad time. {{champion:429}} : You're gonna have to try a little harder than THAT. {{champion:63}} : I would offer you some water, but I don't touch this stuff. {{champion:74}} : OMG I DID IT! {{champion:53}} : Toodles! {{champion:44}} : Oooohhh yeees! {{champion:59}} : ...it was nice to meet you. {{champion:85}} : hOI!!!!! i'm tEMMIE!!!! {{champion:105}} : ... man, I should REALLY go home... {{champion:60}} : Don't look so blue, my deary~ ...I think purple is a better look on you! Ahuhuhu~ {{champion:75}} : SOMEONE PET ME!? {{champion:56}} : REALLY NOT FEELIN UP TO IT RIGHT NOW. SORRY.
Tuss (NA)
: Dang it, you got a better deal on the Tahm pack than I did.
http://i.imgur.com/hbmiX6U.png I got 70% lol
: The true Dunk Master storms the court
Rioter Comments
: The part starting at 1:13 must be in the dance as well. Aaand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2a0gGKNB24 because reasons.
Yep, definitely the part at 1:13 because it's easier to identify from which the dance is based xD
: This is happening with every Vel'koz skin, it's something to do with Thunderlords or it's something else.. {{item:3070}} {{champion:161}} {{item:3070}}
Nah, I never use Thunderlord's, I hate that thing so it's something other. Btw, it's not just Vel'Koz. I tried Zilean and I was a racing kart driver for 5 minutes xD Here are screens: Expanded Vel'Koz: http://i.imgur.com/GJsfQIy.jpg Driver Zilean: http://i.imgur.com/QRlp4eC.png http://i.imgur.com/oaGyRLQ.png http://i.imgur.com/rVaL6oC.png
: kog'maw is kinda hot garbage right now.
On-Hit Kog'Maw gets his powerspike a bit earlier and maxing E in lane for waveclear + carrying blue mana regen runes is a pretty good waveclear to survive most early game matchups, he just isn't a good choice to engage but works great with Braum or sustain Supports like Soraka. But yeah, overall he isn't made for SoloQ, he relies on peel later on since he's the standing hyperturret lol
: Don't Complain About Mundo
Yeah the thing is, I was a Kog'Maw with {{item:3123}} or let's say {{item:3033}} , with my W, attack speed and {{item:3153}} . I didn't even scratch him all that much altho he was solo-tanking the frontline. Normally I had the same attitude with Executioner's and stuff, but this is ridiculous. I wonder what I was doing wrong.
: Replace a word from a champion quote with "Booty"
Kneel before {{champion:30}}, our booty lord! "Agony, ecstasy, peace. Every booty has a beauty all its own." "So many booty's await." "We all have a place among the booty. We have only to accept it." "My booty begins." "Join the booty of death." "Booty." "Revel in the booty." "I am the booty!" "My booty, smite them all!" "Your booty has come." "Release your mortal booty." "Rest in booty." "Sleep now, booty." "Booty envelops you." "Hear my booty." "The rhythm of your booty slows." "I sing the word of booty." "It is booty." "I crave the booty." "Ah, the booty of death." "Die by my booty, and rise anew." "Sleep without booty." "Silence, booty." "Booty for metal." "Join me in this booty of demise." "It's time... to wake the booty." "Booty out - forever." "In the end, only the booty shall remain." "We are booty." "Hear the elegy of the booty." "I can give you booty." "You all die, why not choose booty?" "Have you ever felt a booty?" "You are only the booty." "Solace comes with a still booty." "Booty, all will wane." "The Shadow Isles sing louder than any booty." "What booty is life?" "Booty is what I offer." "Death is but a booty." "Death is a booty all will hear." "Follow my booty, and slip away." "You have been dying from your first booty." "The faithful never fear the booty." "Booty hunger, booty tire, booty fear." "May booty free us all." "You will forget breath, you will booty love." "Shed no tears for the booty." "You are the booty burning unto nothing." "You are a doomed booty." "Booty is the herald of your salvation." "BOOTY is the only heartbeat I need." "Amp booty up." "Booty diver! Gotta' get away, get away!" "We totally topped the booty in the Freljord!" "Booty is blacker than the blackest black... times infinity." "I'm putting your name in my little black booty." "Do you have a moment to talk about booty?" "What's the incantation again... yes, erm... oh, right, booty!" "Listen, mortals, as I speak the word of... my booty." "Dear diary, I've met a wonderful booty today..." "Sorry, I'm booked through... er, brrrr... booty." "When the going gets tough, the tough get a booty!" "What have I done? Created booty by simply rocking! That's all." "What is that sound? It's the pounding of booty's hammer on the anvil of time!" "Urgot, hm, I highly recommend booty at this point." "I will shred your body, and burn your booty!" "Your booty will be excruciating!" "Life clings like a booty to a soul!" "The booty of your life will be brief." "To feel the booty of death for the first time... I envy you!" "You deceive your bootys. I will enlighten them." "Death's horse needs no booty." "You are but the booty, Hecarim. Remember who you truly serve." "Your light is but a booty in the infinite dark." "Lucian! Booty her!" "Abandon your mortality, and find your precious booty." "You can always join booty, Lucian. It will be bliss!" "You give the dead purpose, Mordekaiser. I give them booty." "A shell of flesh or a shell of metal? Both ring booty." "Sion, we must free your booty from the prison of flesh." "You are only the echo of greatness, but I can give you a booty again!" "Booty has more meaning than torment alone, warden." "You may shackle the living, but the booty must walk free." "Abomination, you have cheated booty too long." "You are on the booty of liberation, Varus." "I am become booty!" "Gaze upon booty and despair!" "Behold your booty!" "The booty means nothing!" "You can't kill the booty!" "The booty! Listen to it!" "This is booty!" "Time for my booty!" "Cross booty."
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:112}} Main... used to get trolled for picking Viktor, then out of nowhere he's a God tier mid... k
: How it feels when you use Shaco's clone
: The Tahm Kench Cookbook
{{champion:30}} : Listen, mortals, as I speak the word of... Tahm's cookbook?
: I see no reason to ever play Nocturne when Vi and Rengar exist
: I play GP which means I am disabled I guess :(((
I laughed harder than I should...xD
Ipols (EUW)
: I never Kill an afk and I never play ranked, I'm a man of honor
A {{champion:7}} once spared my life while I had a DC for 1 minute. Well, got in a conversation with her and ended up gifting her a skin in the result screen. Faith in LeBlonk-Playerbase (a little) restored. o-o
: Community, choose the next skin.
http://i.imgur.com/MNs1zCf.jpg ... Hey, that's a challenge.
Count Zubat (EUNE)
: Those lvl 2 Teemo invades would be scary, especially if he would take smite and ignite.
{{champion:17}} : Dun worry team, I got that. I'll gank Botlane with Smite and Ignite. Muwarharhar! {{champion:17}} : Wait, Mordekaiser and Sona Bot? Is that Karthus in the Middle...? {{champion:82}} : So, you picked Smite and Ignite? Good choice! Ready guys? {{champion:37}} : ... {{champion:2}} : I hope your tiny ears can handle my drums...PFFT- I can't say this with a straight face. {{champion:30}} : I'LL %&§$% YOUR &$§$% §&$! REQUIEM THIS &%&$$%! {{champion:83}} : _sigh_ Here we go again... {{champion:17}} : ;-;
: Not sure if it's me, or is the link corrupted. ,_,
I checked it and 3 times it didn't work. The 4th time I got a heartattack thanks to my volume X_X
Rioter Comments
: If everyone that raged
{{champion:45}} http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/3/30/FinalBossVeigar.move16.ogg
Rioter Comments
: Is it just me, or has pathing and minions gotten WORSE lately?
We need way more {{item:3046}} s. Stronghold Dancer with Tank Stats. Runic Dancer with more raw ad than crit, useful for bruisers. Forgotten Dancer with magic stats. Gem Dancer for supports which can blind all enemies in range for 1 second That or we need a new enchant for our boots! >:c
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