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: oh okay. But is that since the re-cannonization? I did debate heavily between the two though.
super galaxy rumble had (has?) a recall line in front of tristana (and he calls her "baby")
: Hmmm... I think I might need to make a break up section for them and Gangplank and Illaoi
"I used to have a crush (or girlfriend? can't remember). Until you started talking to your guns"
: Shipping for Newbies
about {{champion:81}} +{{champion:99}} , it is somewhat hinted in the lore: play an aram game with {{champion:81}} on the RED SIDE, some times when you spawn the shop keeper will say ezreal special lines (telling ezreal he should become a researcher for example) but a line in particular is : "Is it true what I heard about you and, Miss Crownguard? hmmhmhmm???" (with the voice of an old man speaking about love to youngsters, you know what i mean) So yeah, {{champion:81}} + {{champion:99}}
: No death recap screenshot m8?
my friend was playing mf, but it was around 1200 from ramus w, 800 from thornmail and 150 from thunderlord
Skorch (NA)
: Bronze players "Bronze to silver is a joke, when i get to Gold people will know what their doing." Gold players "Gold to Plat is a joke, when i get to Diamond people will stop flaming." Diamond players "Everyone is a joke, im actually challenger and NOT hard stuck here, once i get to Challenger ill be where i belong." Challenger players "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Gold elo (gold 4 to gold 2) is in my opinion the best elo concerning player attitude (maybe high dia and master too but i don't really know): in bronze there are many feeders, trolls etc, people think they're in elo hell...they rage a lot and insult people... in silver people can't play as a team, they give up really quickly, will flame immediately when something bad happens, will ALWAYS blame others in plat people are arrogant, they think they belong higher (witch is sometimes true, but their attitude makes them lose), since people know how to snowball, the smallest mistake and they give up... In gold people are rather cool. Most got to their objective, they will get the necessary rewards. people have a pretty decent level, usually sportsmanlike
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FireToa (NA)
: Kayn/Rhaast Name in Chat
lulu and all polymorphed beings
Keyrtyn (NA)
: too many champs cost 6300 IP, please lower some of them to other bracket.
read this done by riot support: every time they release a new champion they reduce the price of the oldest 6300IP champion every three releases they reduce the price of another champion (based on ease to play age..) I do believe they should update and announce the champion getting reduced BEFORE actually doing it
they said they'd add it this patch no? .....
Valse (EUW)
: Make Medieval Twitch's load screen legacy border more clear!
: Something I Noticed About the New Omega Squad Splash Arts
look at the vertical lines on the splashes, like an old picture or a frame from an old movie.. why would all the splashes be separated? usually a skin line has all member in one splash. these are individual memories of the teemo's friends before they died
: Its a sash. So belt-area
didn't know thanks for correcting me :)
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: Kat's father? No, that was a general who also beat Talon and went missing. Now it's implied Swain killed him after betraying him.
Swain betrayed general Ducouteau Urgot was betrayed by Swain general Deucouteau went missing Urgot has a taunt with Katarina about her father (which is Ducouteau) ... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Eggbread (NA)
: IP Sink Idea: Your Own Personal Poro
I agree with the Idea, but a few requirements: - poros MUST run away (in fear?) the moment damage is dealt to or from a champion and either: - you must be able to toggle poros (if possible individually) for all people who don't want it - or the poros are only available in normal games, poros are disabled in ranked
Rewt (NA)
: If they added this id immediately turn all poros off.
You have the right to do that, and I believe I would too in ranked games, but not in normals (if they at least make the poros run away when in combat with champions)
: Riot, we need a pants item.
qss is a banda i think
Pops R (NA)
: Jhin's board of horrible jokes.
why don't you make these posts have 64 upvotes instead? and 16 for the comments?
: posting in epic bread
make this 16 upvotes dude
garren9 (NA)
: If I got 4 dollars for every time I got a quadra kill as mastery level 4 jhin with 4 items
: Lee's Ultimate is getting nerfed on PBE!
remove the snare before his ult :'(
: Friendly reminder to everyone!!!
i'm a simple man, I see poros, I upvote
: Yasuo windwall should have a cast time and a shorter duration. Nothing is worse than yasuo using windwall after the projectile has passed through its range and he can somehow still block it. I would prefer yasuo windwall to be more proactive a skill than a reactive one. It should be easier to bait.
no. eigher a cast time OR a (very) short duration a cast time makes it a precautionary ability and the short duration makes it reactionary
: Let's count how much AP we have lost since the beggining of season 5
: Can Riot please not ruin Viktor and Zaun?
Zerenza (NA)
: What if Tiamat built into an AP item?
call it hextech hydra man and make sure you say it's melee only
: Every 3 hit proc has a visual stack indicator except for Brand's
: How you know it's going to be an enjoyable game
ME - Technically that counts as a ks jungler - :3 jungler's premade - YES REPORT HIM PLEASE ME - but it was beautiful so i'll let it pass
: I know, but I'm used to it and I don't PrtSc so much I'd need to get used to it...
borderless mode won't give you any difference really (no really) only difference is for recording/screenshotting, and when you're looking at something else, you can see the game behind it (instead of your wallpaper)
: Ye, when I printscreen, it just goes black :')
that's because you have league on full screen put it on "borderless"
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: I really like their green hat, my best guess because of that, is that it's Teemo (Happy Elf Teemo). He is also carrying a stick or something.
Zerenza (NA)
: Why aren't more items Melee only.
make their passives/actives melee only I seem to recall yumuu's active lasted for half the time on ranged champions
: Poro Model Change (aka Where are the eyebrows???)
the new poros look less flufy too...
Augušt (NA)
: Camille's ult is what Xin Zhao's should have been
piltover was always better than demacia annyways
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Is Bounty Hunter's current bonus % damage ever gonna be shown as a buff in-game?
Bunnymap (NA)
: Less IP cost = less effort required by players to get champs for free = Rito gets less money from RP
the whole point of the champion sales was for people to use rp on champions, it wouldn't make any sense to put the ip prices on sale too the prices of champions should be permanently reduced
: What do you think is the most Balanced Champion in the Game?
every ionian champion is centered around balance right? (not zed)
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: Should turrets do more damage? Poll included
rather than the first turret I think the inhib and nexus turrets should deal more damage.... if you're a tank you can tank them for ever
abdul569 (EUW)
: Having a bad day? Enjoy some poros
I sent you a friend request let me add you to the handsome poros club
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: By the way, I'm going to be taking GP to level 5 this weekend :^)
want to queue up with me to reduce the level of your oponents?
: So Riot can add plants but-
riot can implement plants but Graves can't have an overused joke?
: Game Is WAAYYYYYYYY to zoomed in
Can we get it in spectator mode too? i see it for large teamfights at the lcs, can't we have it too?
Sniperkaj (EUW)
: Lets say you are 0-2 in lane (solo kills) I tell you "Dont die solo again" Do you: 1. Ignore me and play exactly like u did before, probably resulting in more deaths? 2. Hug tower and play as safe as possible, so i/the others have a chance to carry? 3. Say "F*ck you dont tell me what to do" and start intentional feed? 4. Think i'm toxic AF and go AFK? Honestly, what do u do? I would really like to know
I start playing safe, wait for the jungler or ward more? buy a pink? telling me not to die solo isn't considered as flaming in my eyes don't worry
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: Things i have learned as a Toxic Player
As a non toxic player, I can tell you that: - I DO perform worse when i'm raged at, - that I have more game/map awareness when my teammates have a positive attitude
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