: Blitzball.
So... {{champion:85}} ? I mean, in german what you just said literally means "ball of lightening"...
: Yeah, but they could atleast make them look less incompetent. You don't get to be the biggest nation out there if your Soldiers drop like flies.
Hmm I want some lore about a random Noxian Warband that just does their everyday duty and life. Ya know, some sort of weekly or monthly series (ressource-easy: mostly written story with some art to accompany it), that just shows us who these people are, what they fight for, their victories and their failures... If Riot would just start digging on the gold mine that is their lore, but noo, instead a freaking CARD GAME, Magic the gathering has a more regular lore output than League of Legends {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: The question is, will they stop making all Noxians be the scape-goat "army of dudes that die en masse to show how cool this other character is" crew?
Well... they are the largest miltary in the world. Simply going by chance if you have a character in this world beating up some soldiers, then simple prohability states that you got a very very high chance those were Noxians. The only comparable mass-military powers are Demacia, who is known to be smaller but more specialized, and potentially whatever Azir has cooked up yet, he won't be using sand-puppets forever and the residents of New-Shurima will want to protect their new home too. Also Noxus troops are spread accross the entire continent and even further. So if you run into soldiers, these are the ones you gonna meet. That's the downside of being an extremly expansionistic empire I guess.
: {{champion:6}} "I must admit, i have a thing for **legs**"
Makes me wonder what he thinks about {{champion:60}} then...
: The glade is an area corrupted by the void before it gets totally consumed.
Uhh any proof for that claim besides it being both some shade of purple? Also going by how it is described that Glade itself appears to be ancient itself, and I doubt Void corrpution is a thing that takes a lot of time. They tend to be quite... efficient about that sort of thing.
: For those that haven't heard the aforementioned track, here it is: https://youtu.be/PmnLRSHJSg8
A thanks for posting it. I really should have put it into the post but I kinda forgot... so I will just upvote you so it's on top of the discussion for all who have not heard it yet ^^
: Please. I've been wanting this ever since I saw the name of that music piece.
Yeah same, I even made a thread back then, but I guess it has faded from the collective boards memory after all this time. So I made a new one :D
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: > At first there is the problem to why she's the only "divine spirit" showing herself in human form on Runeterra. Everyone forgot Soraka, who is a god that became mortal thanks to WW. But I guess her lore is meaningless with WW's rework now.
My guess on her would be "exiled targonian entity with forced amnesia" - given the "ancient greek" vibe Mt. Targon has going, it wouldn't be a weird story, as gods temporarely being reduced to mere mortals as a punishment or curse, has happened several times. Aurelion Sol is kinda intrigued by her, so that's the biggest clue to it.
: There is only one true god of Zaun and its {{champion:6}} URGOD
Ironically especially he would refuse such position. With the new lore he appears to be some sort of super-anarchist who opposes all hierachies. "There are no rulers, only survivors." A god would by definition be superior to humans, thus establishing a hierachy. Literally the last thing urgot would want is to be 'ur god ^^
THE475 (EUW)
: They do say in jinx's lore that some see her as a "spirit of vengeance " so you might be on to something here... Good work !
As a character she makes a lot more sense that way, because if she wa sjust some madwoman she would have the character depth of a puddle...
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: Assassins should never have an execution in this game simply because of how mobile they are with a pretty fast burst already. It makes their snowbally kit even faster, which is not that great.
Dunno, isnt "bam ya dead" the assassin theme? If you are low HP and out of position then they insta-kill you, that's, like, their entire thing.
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Rouwhorst (EUW)
: > The biggest problem of the game appears the be its "historical baggage" that runs deep in the game, and it all crosses over with that a champion is supposed to be: a POWER FANTASY. Those are exeptional characters, they are like the superheroes and super-villains and super-grey-characters-that-meddle-somehow-and-are-relevant of this world. So no matter the archetype, you want to feel powerful. Exactly this. I will give an example to expand this: **Assassin** When i play assassin I want to be able to look good, prepare my assassination and kill my target without much problems. Two major situations: a) I get my job done, I feel reasonable satisfied (assassinating is imagined in 3D, so there is always something lacking) The enemy feel horrible for getting killed that fast without much counter play b) I do not get my job done, I feel terrible for not being able to execute what the champion fantasy should be doing. The enemy is slightly relieved for now there is a treat less.
The problem is that assassins should be those who pick off low health targets. Like, absurd mobility, but most damage being in the variant of % missing health. But the higher you go in rank, the fewer the occasions to do so become, and instead, so players have at least something to do, the role is "murder the hell out of a full hp target that is out of position". Pretty much a burst mage with the inherent weakness of "no mobility" removed. And to balance that it falls into the very binary "very op or very useless" pattern again...
: When it was a lot simpler, what I called the "balance triangle" existed in a few aspects of the game. With lane comps, there was the sustain>poke>burst>sustain concept. With roles, there was the Nukes (Assassins and AP carries) > ADC > Tanks > Nukes. There was little variance from that which unfortunately put melee carries like Yi and Trynd in the dumpster. Then we know of the time when Xin came out being a 6 man team on his own. IMO, bruisers were the problem, because that was when roles started overlapping. You have a tank that resists being nuked while also being able to take out squishy priority targets on their own. I know it isn't the case now, but that was back then when tank items were so strong that even ADC were taking one or 2 sometimes. The thing is, when roles start overlapping you end up with a champ that's... to put it in Riot terms... overloaded {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} where a number tweak will either gut them or turn them into gods. Not that it's a bad thing, as it does make the game more interesting, but can be balanced, Riot just has to be careful as to how to deal with them (and/or their items). The way bruisers have now kind of assimilated into League is a good sign of this although there are still some left at the bottom of the barrel IMO.
The main problem with bruisers it that neither their damage nor their tankyness is between a wall - and if it even was so thin - of mechanics. With Xin it's mostly "mash all buttons and rightclick them to death". And there is also a reason "better nerf Irelia" has become a meme at some time, because she functions kinda the same way. Once she's fed she takes your team apart 1vs5 and there's not much you can do about it - or at least that's how it was back then. Currently bruisers neither have to work for their tankyness, nor for their offensive, and their extremly binary design makes them either gods or utter garbage. Riot struggles a lot with appealing melee combat abilities - heck, even the ability of the new champ is pretty much an automatic Yasuo-dash plus Q-spin. So many interesting things you can do with a weapon like that and so little has been realized... makes me sad tbh.
: My god a constructive post that provokes thought. Sadly it will probably quietly die. On the topic of your actual post, you do bring up some interesting points, do I agree with them? Not completely, but I do see what you are getting at. I agree that there are some deep rooted issues in League that need to be address to make the game better. Sadly though those issues would require a lot of work. Actually with the amount of work that would be needed, they might as well just make League of Legends 2 and actually give us a fully stable game engine. I would be willing to wait for something like that, even more if they allowed accounts to transfer.
Well then I shall do my best to keep the conversations in this thread going, no? Although at some point we already are in LoL 2 or 3... the game I play today does barely resemble the amateurish product I picked up more than half a decade ago. It changed and evolved... and just because one of these development steps is a bit bigger than the others it doesn't mean it's impossible. And the work will habe to get done, soone or later, so they might as well face the inevitable and get on with it - at least that's what I would do as the most efficient course of action.
: >But with an inherent weakness of the core-design removed, that can only lead to problems. because melee characters come with their own weaknesses and they usually fill a completely different role. where ranged ADs were originally meant to be the champions you pick to take objectives because of safety, melee AD carries were the champions you should pick who would actually wreck a teamfight because of their stronger combat steroids. if anything ranged champions are the issue because now they do both, almost across the class not a single marksman is actually 'bad' in teamfights anymore. not to mention that riot has been giving melee carries _unique_ strength profiles that can't be said for marksmen, arguably the most generic and outdated class right now. obvious bias but to me ranged carries and the emphasis on them has dumbed this game down to an absurd degree. and i'm kinda tired of people saying that hard counters are bad. picking strategy should be part of the game. any active effort to reduce that or remove it entirely just ends up with a game that constantly feels samey. i can't remember a single champion that's come out since i started playing that i would actually say is a 'risky' design, and there've been like maybe 6 releases that i thought were good and brought something new
Melee carries need to be superior to ranged carries to not be irrelevant, or else they get kited and their effect is zero. However, like that ranged carries would be irrelevant, so they gotta deal enough damage to still be important even if they get that brutally murdered. That damage however might be used by them to fight the melee carries, so now those need more power... and here we got an infinite loop already that can't really end well if you ask me... And yes, hard counters are a problem. If the game is over on champ select already, and the next 20 minutes are just "playing it out" with a completely predictable result - I doubt that that would be a fun game for anyone. Frustrating for one side, boring for the other.
: > [{quoted}](name=Speedweeb,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=usV3svKK,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-05T06:01:35.739+0000) > > To be honest I don't like the reddit crowd - its good enough for shitposting and memes, but when it comes to actual discussion the people over there are... not of my liking, to remain polite here. Not sure what causes it or if I'm only encountering the weird corners of that site, but I can't really brag with any positive experiences with them. I mean the big two include 4CHAN and REDDIT. I highly suggest not going to 4chan unless if you're looking for porn of literally any variation. Or unless you're a trump supporter. Either way, Boards hold like literally nothing better than reddit other than a stronger circle jerk of a hive mind. I mean obviously this doesn't include you but for the majority, this is true.
Hmm I think the boards hold an advantage, mostly in the fact that they are a lot less Esport-centred - or that here it got outsourced from the gameplay board into its own little niche where I neither have to read or see any of it. And 4CHAN is never an option for civil discussion, that should be obvious. That'd be like going into the smelliest, dirtiest, and ranciest pub in town, then lay into the gutter behind it, and try to hold an academic conference there. As you might have guessed, my opionon of that site is not exactly high either.
: Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts. This requires not that the writer make all his sentences short, or that he avoid all detail and treat his subjects only in outline, but that every word tell. - Strunk and White, Elements of Style I've noticed the same thing as you have. However, I have more to add. Riot has worked hard to adapt archetypal characters to their game, and for the most part champions follow their design philosophies. Philosophies such windows of power, power budgets, role, etc. all factor into how riot designs and balances champions. As a result most of their champions are balanced. I do, however, agree that some archetypes are problematic in a team based PvP game. Archetypes mesh together in unique ways in mobas. In every lol game there are several ways to deal with problematic archetypes. For example if one faces extraordinary healing, then one can choose to counter said healing with burst and grievous wounds. Riot is progressing towards a game in which nearly every archetype will have a counter. Look at their more recent (as in over the past couple seasons) for evidence of this. Not only are there ubiquitous counters, but archetypes work together in different ways. Some archetypes support each other, for example healers are much stronger when paired with archetypes that need sustain. Divers are much stronger when paired with hard engage. Because of how flexible each team can be, archetypes help players build and counter build teams. For the reasons I've stated I don't really think any of the archetypes you mentioned are problematic. Rather I think it's just that certain champions can be unbalanced. This can happen with any champion, and any overpowered or underpowered champion feels bad whether it's a healer, tank, mage, or anything else.
I am not sure if the comment on the style of writing is constructive criticism or a compliment, and at this point my sleep-deprived brain is too fired up by coffeine and self-destructive brain chemistry to come to a proper conclusion to that. Anyways, back to topic: the problem cannot be solved by having certain archetypes cancel out each other, that's what got us this horrid damage creep in the first place. Imagine if every archetype was a pillar holding this game up. At some point other pillars can make up for pillars that don't fit well enough and prevent things from breaking down completly. That however doesn't change the overall instability or potential tilt in the architecture. Maintaining the status quo to prevent things from getting worse is a legitimate strategy, but that also prevents things from getting better. Wouldn't it make more sense to just lift the whole thing up, get the unfitting pillars out and then place the game on a bunch of specifically new-made ones? Sure, it would be more work, but way more effective in the long run. The problem with these specific archetypes is that simple tweaking doesn't cut it, and this game has by far not the depth that to every archetype you can cook up something that can counter it. At least not yet, and at the current pace we will take some time to get there, which would be a challange in itself to get it right, given that competitive games function best on simplicity. Generally your statement of archetype interaction is true, it does only really work with those that do not stand in direct conflict with the nature of the game itself.
: These type of posts usually don't got upvoted or completely forgotten in the boards; the circle jerk of posts that are relatively identical in nature crowd out the boards because people don't spend enough time to read things. This post is pretty great on that type of thing - but should probably be posted on Reddit rather than LoL.
To be honest I don't like the reddit crowd - its good enough for shitposting and memes, but when it comes to actual discussion the people over there are... not of my liking, to remain polite here. Not sure what causes it or if I'm only encountering the weird corners of that site, but I can't really brag with any positive experiences with them.
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: oh lord no more near sighted please, I hate that mechanic
Eh, I don't find it that bad - it's less lethal than getting stunned or snared, but not as unimpactful as getting a 10% slow (old Sej passive) or something like that. A quirky little thing that might have its place in the game, at least in my opionion that is.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Speedweeb,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4Vyove5P,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-03T00:10:37.914+0000) > > Nah. for the "lawless vigilante" we already have Vayne. Cait is a cop, she's part of the institution of the Piltover Police Force, if not even one of the higher-ups there (if there ever is a full relaunchI wantr her to be complaining about paperwork - even in our modern world that's a lot, now imagine the whole thing in a pre-digital age where the typewriter might not even be invented yet). She might have been a vigilante when she was a kid, but now she's the opposite of that. > > Also her weapon feels and looks absolutely unspectacular, that's something that should also be fixed... Vayne is not a vigilante. Vayne is a demon hunter; Demons are not people.
Dunno, but I think some decades ago people said that about beings of their own species just because of a difference in skin color. Limiting the term "people" to just the homo sapiens out of all sentinent species in Runeterra does sound a little bit racist to me...
Aleccat (NA)
: I actually agree with this, but for different reasons. Caitlyn is not steampunk-inspired like a lot of the other Piltover champions, which doesn't mesh well with what her identity as a Piltover champion should be. If she was Demacian, maybe her identity would be cohesive, but she's not, so.... In regards to the utility ADC thing; Caitlyn is a street vigilante more than a cop. While being a utility ADC might fit her design as a "cop" better, it wouldn't as a vigilante. Either way, she likely needs a relaunch just so that her character has a cohesive identity.
Nah. for the "lawless vigilante" we already have Vayne. Cait is a cop, she's part of the institution of the Piltover Police Force, if not even one of the higher-ups there (if there ever is a full relaunchI wantr her to be complaining about paperwork - even in our modern world that's a lot, now imagine the whole thing in a pre-digital age where the typewriter might not even be invented yet). She might have been a vigilante when she was a kid, but now she's the opposite of that. Also her weapon feels and looks absolutely unspectacular, that's something that should also be fixed...
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=gabetheguy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4Vyove5P,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-02T18:01:20.460+0000) > > nah. say what you want about her design, but she's relatively balanced as is. no need for a rework smh. Doesnt she still have an above 50% win rate and an above 20% pick rate? 50% win rate with maybe 5% pick rate is balanced. Its the same reason why lee-sin is broken despite his "balanced 48% win rate"; he has a 30% pick rate. Caitlyn needs changes to realize her theme- and unlike the OPs opinion, the cop aspect is secondary to the sniper aspect. To that effect, her headshot needs to be something that stacks when she ISNT attacking and her W needs to have a passive where her basic attacks against stationary targets are headshots which deal 60/70/80/90/100% damage. Combine that with her trap amounts scaling with level and you have a fairly balanced champion that better realizes the sniper theme... ... Although a complete rework to make caitlyn like an actual police sniper wouldnt be out of the question as well. Visually shes very out of date.
Yeah, why bother with small changes to an outdated design that will need an overhaul anyways at some point, when you might as well take the extra steps to make a design that is a) easier to balance and b) won't need any rework attention in a long time. She's one of the older champs who will need a rework, so we might as well get over with it I guess.
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: Oversaturated outside League? Most defintely. And you're prob right that people are tired of it. Keep in mind that Aatrox's lore was written before the overhaul, so a more current lore would be more in depth. Also lol, blood soaked cardboard.
A game like league, especially with a playerbase this massive, doesn't exist in a vacuum. Effects and status of popular culture will strike their way into this game more than often. And yes, that's what he is: a one dimensional character with blood as a running - or rather dripping - theme. The description is most appropriate in my eyes.
: but not soul eater?
Ya gotta be careful with the copyright man... (Although a Soul Eater inspired skinline does sound interesting...)
Sharjo (EUW)
: My personal stance on edge is that I don't have an issue with it really because it's just not my thing. I don't despise it, I just doesn't appeal to me. Xayah and Kayn are champions who only resonate with me in that their other halves, Rakan and Rhaast, are that much more appealing to me because one is a flamboyant, loud as all hell pompous twat who dances on people's faces and the other is a chaotic killer who just revels in what he does. The spectrum of design for champions is wide and varied and at the end of the day the champion teams will make what they want. They try and vary things up such that we don't get inundated with the same thing a lot, but they're gonna make champions that resonate with themselves and hopefully resonate with other people. The people who made Xayah also made Ivern, Aurelion Sol and Kindred. The people who made Kayn also made Camille and Taliyah. The people who made Rakan also made Kled, Jhin and Tahm Kench. And that's just mentioning the ones I recall for definite. Xayah's writer FauxShizzle also wrote Bard and Ekko. Rakan's writer WAAARGHbobo also wrote Illaoi and Rek'Sai. Kayn is his writer's first champion (sorry I can't remember your summoner name!). Kayn's gameplay designer also did Lucian, Azir, Tahm Kench and Taliyah. Overall I'm not concerned about what Riot does with its champion releases because I know the breadth of creativity they have brought to the table. I mean look at Rakan's team: fabulous bird man, irrate crazy yordle on a lizard, masked mentally disturbed serial killer and cross roads demon in the form of a catfish. That's a pretty large and varied assortment right there. Design trends like this tend to appear because the teams will try to move away from doing too much of the same thing, which sounds weird since we've had three "edgy" champions, but do you think these teams will instantly hop back on that train now that they're leaving it? No, they'll hop on a new one, heading in a different direction. Potentially in a direction they've never went to before. Potentially it'll be fairly familiar. Either way it'll be an effort they pour their heart and soul in to and that's enough for me. All I care for in the end is that what comes out is something that is worth having in the game, whether it personally resonates with me or not. So yeah, I'm not all that fussed. (Also it makes money less of an issue when the champions aren't ones I'm gonna play and the skins coming out are for champions I don't care much for, which is a blessing sometimes)
Well for my taste they have been on the "teen"/"edge" team a tad too long, but I shall hold my judgement until I see the next new champ after this one - should come fairly quick if two pods got free with xayah and rakan released. But before that the Urgot rework has my full attention ^^
: I am quite certain Rito hasn't lost their touch with designing "unique champions" AKA "champions who are not edgy looking" Becuase I feel this is what it boils down to. Riot has consistently shown it can give its characters depth, whether by VO or short stories. But the moment their new champs shows the hints of the stereotypical "cool edgy anime " traits people flip and act like Riot has never made a creative champ in its life. I mean, chill dudes. Give them a chance to release everything.
Well to be honest what they delivered with Aatrox back then wasn't exactly helping and the guy still has the presence and personal depth of a blood-soaked cardboard. My claim is that the market for "cool edgy characters" is kinda oversaturated to the point where people are just sick of it, also a possibility.
: Let's be honest guys.
I don't see anything special on it, most of his appeal coming from the emphatic reaction his "crazy grin" causes. You got a slightly disorted symmetry with his hair and the weapon blade, and the staff is a close parallel to his chect muscles, which togther could also cause an aesthetical reaction. Overall the artwork is too "shadowy", and while this is an intended effect, the few colors we have are kinda suffucated out of it, even the red that is supposed to shine dominantly in contrast. But what do I know of art lol, if someone here is a professional artist I'm curious to hear their opinion on it.
: You'd be surprised how many people would hate on this for "anime" and "edge". Wasn't aware edgy anime held the monopoly on the power struggle between a man and a living weapon market. Smh.
The trope of the cursed object corrupting the hero with the promise of power is as old as fantasy (The Ring in Lord of the Rings?!), heck even antique mythology at some point. I think the market is a bit oversaturated, that's my view on it.
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: So, basically every marksman kit would have to be redesigned so that they are far more defensive. Why would every marksman have their damage toned down, when their main form of defense got removed? Support meta becomes purely shield/heal bot because ADCs would probably need the defense. Or you can consider the most obvious answer. Marksman are shafted so hard by that change that they no longer are played. A mage or better yet a dps mage is taken bot instead. EDIT: in the event that lifesteal was instantaneously removed, marksman would probably become either so strong because they can afford to build only damage and the meta we currently have is enforced to such a large degree, that it probably becomes some sort of multi support meta based around protecting the ADC. Or they would instantly be dropped in favor of a more reliant class because they now have no defense.
Well some older marksmen would need some kit changes, but with "abilities" I also mean something like Jhin's ammo-system: even without lifesteal or item-based crit, that fourth shot is still gonna hurt A LOT. Generally I really love Jhin's design, and he should be a shining example for the "sniper" marksmen. Yes marksmen might be played LESS. But is it always better to take a mage over a marksmen in every case and teamcomp? Mages run out of mana and are gated by cooldowns. Even with some of their powerbudget moved from simple right-clikcing into their kits, traditionally marksmen are by far more consistent in their performance, as mana and cooldowns are usually not that much of a deal for them. This consistency makes them also good at taking objectives, even if that power got tuned down a little. Also shield/heal suppots don't become mandatory. The classical "you don't need to shield the adc if the enemy is already dead" still applies, you just gotta trust your mage skills when you go for that supporting strategy. Adc would be picked less, so then they are in line with all the other champions and classes, and no longer double-madatory every single game.
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: I dont accept the Retcon that riot did over summoners. So i still stand by the original lore. Therefore to me SR is a man made battle ground, rebuilt from the rune wars and used to settle disputes between the various factions of runeterra as opposed to another wide-scale war. Other such Proving Grounds, are the Twisted Treeline, The Howling abyss, (preiviously) The Crystal Scar, The Magma chamber, and The Entirety of Bilge-water, But only during the harrowing---------the summoners Knew of the harrowing and would routinely send summoners and champions in to defend against it, during the harrowing champions from the shadow isles would be too powerful to be summoned at all. all the non human champions, were actually captured by summoners and forced into the service of one of the factions, or choose to help in these disputes. i dont like that they chose to retcon this in response to the introduction of godlike beings like aurelion sol, and kindred. this is because i feel viewing Valoran as a special snowflake of a Magical country, home to an organization of mages so powerful that together they can control beings like kindred and bard(even if for just 30 or so minutes a day) makes them so interesting.
Tbh I'm kinda amazed how hard you people of old lore go into denial. I do admit that it had some kind of simple and amateurish charm, but barely anything beyond that apart from being restrictive as hell. Standing with the original lore makes you either look like a dunce who can't go with the times ("Back in my time everything was better!"), or like an arrogant elitist ("I loved lore BEFORE IT WAS EVEN COOL!"). Either way, not a symapthic role to take on, and one that won't make you look good in any way. The monsters and horrors of Runeterra were just not scary enough in such a setting. If there is an institution that could possible hold control or a leash on them, then they will ALWAYS be less scary than their equivalent in a world where not even the potential of such control exists. And the job of monsters and horrors is to be terrifying after all, so their flourish more in such a setting, obviously. The special snowflake country looks amazing for maybe 30 minutes and then it exhausts itself, barely comparable to a wild and free world, where story can truly unfold as interstate and -tribe relationships are free in a field of natural anarchy and not chained by some dubious magical world goverment. But then again what you accept or not is irrelevant, but I'm sick of you old-lore folks to come out and ruin the mood every now and then. Luckily it's getting less and less with the time, but still... can you please stop overglorifying the amateurish and chaotic scribbling that was Old Lore?! It was mediocre at best, and I think I might even be able prove this scientifically - sfter all these soon-to-be 10 semesters of Media Studies can't have been for nothing, no? If you hate new lore so much, and with old lore being dead and buried for good, why the hell are you still here? Every opinion on old lore had become null and void ages ago, and an argument on these leads to absolutely nothing -.-
: Maybe the rift haven't been able to check any third party lol website with all the win rate 'n' stuff
It's kinda tricky to get good internet in Runeterra, but I predict that once Piltover and Zaun invent it, the meme-culture will be PHENOMENAL!
: Damn, long post. But I like where you're going with this. Good idea!
That's considered... long? Oh. It appears my university work has kinda screwed my perception on what amount of text is "long". I kinda just wrote this down as a silly idea in a few minutes tbh <_<' But thanks for the praise :D
: Interesting idea! That said, I actually don't agree with it because of a few flaws: * How does it signify who to bring into the scenario? Considering how old it is, this machine probably wouldn't have concepts of power, strength, etc. of things that are more recent like Hextechnology. More importantly, this would mean that the simulation puts someone like Garen, who is just an above-average warrior, on the same tier as Aurelion Sol, a celestial star god. It doesn't help that the scenario somehow makes situations where these characters are somehow weaker. Graves, guy with shotgun, defeating Bard, the embodiment of cosmic balance? * In what scenario would it try to solve? On the actual scenario, let's say that you're correct. What is the battlefield we're trying to solve? Am I supposed to believe that this is accounting for a 5v5 what-if scenario if these characters were given constant power and legendary weapons? In what circumstance is it really pertinent for a warring faction with unlimited magical power to ask what would happen if Aatrox threw down with Poppy? Sure, this goes back to "It's just a game" but the problem is still here. * People have been there. Sorry but that dude in the hot-air-balloon probably isn't a construct. These flaws aside, I don't think you're far off. However, rather than a simulation, this is an arena that calls to those who have burning purpose or an overwhelming desire. It's why every league champion has some powerful or world-spanning goal they wish to accomplish. When two desires meet and they directly clash (See: Jarvan vs. Swain), they're unknowingly sent to this field of battle. The magic of this area means that those who die will come back but when they do return and the battle is over, they don't remember a thing. This is a simulation, in a way, but a simulation using real people. It might have been an institute of war at one point and these makeshift battles could settle disputes but these days, you just wake up in your bed with a sore back and no clear idea what you did yesterday. Likewise, some guys are just there to profit. Say what you will, Hot air balloon guy gets to interact with amazing people and make a KILLING in the process.
To One: "Impact" is an abstract size completly independent from the technology and magic used. Everything you do as a sentinent being is to interact with the world and therefore change it through your interaction, if not ever so slightly. It's kinda the whole "you can never jump into the same river twice" thing, because a) the river ever changes and b) your presence in the river has already changed it. And in theory, the leylines this global magical network IS in some sense the world, or rather "Its magical nervous system" if one would compare it to an organism. So everything an individual does is somehow reflected in their "effect" on the leylines, even if it is ever so insignificant. There was just an minimal limit somoene once set on what beings are considered "relevant" enough to be copied as champions - and there is probably also a limit in how powerful a being can be recreated. Also the shown power of the being in the rift doesn't exactly need to match their actual power. It needs to match the power they have already displayed on the world, therefore having done "impact" with it and the data being in the network, so to speak. Bard for example is immensely powerful, but he always interacts with the world in very indirect and sublte ways. And that's why he's just a support and not a magical being capable of lifting the entire enemy base and banishing it into the night-sky, at least not on the rift. To two: I guess it's an abstract combat simulation focussing on the impact of powerful individuals. My current theory is that the rift is without guidiance and currently running on some buggy auto-pilot mode - like a buggy computer program stuck in some sort of loop, repeating itself over and over and over again, unable to turn of by itself as long as it is fed by energy. And just like in all simulations, you can run smart scenarios, or silly ones. There's an "who would win simulator" where you can send 300 spartans vs 1000 romans and see who would win. You can ALSO send 1000 chicken vs 12 T-Rex. The latter makes a lot less sense, but is still in the realm of what can ba simulated. Without someone actually simulating certain parties and carefully selecting all individuals involved for the calculations, the knownledge gained is practically worthless, obviously. To three: we both gotta admit that the whole burning desire thing sounds cheesy as fuck, and would have extremly weird implications for the entire lore.
: {{champion:121}} "I will soar over them! ...and past them... and crash next to them... and sink under them... you know what, I really didn't think this through." {{champion:107}} "Ditto that. I regret ulting you."
{{champion:254}} *currently ulting on Kha* "I made a very bad choice here..."
: I can see bioluminescence dropping in and giving her usual warnings (what I'm saying isn't necessarily canon) and then talking about it.
korg023 (EUNE)
: It is very hard to write Lore about actuall League gameplay since it doesent make any sense. It is a MOBA its endless battles between same Champions and sometimes mirror matchups happen like wait there is 2 Lucians? Like how would you describe lore behind that sort of gameplay? Doesent make any sense at all. I get it that all champions have story and Lore and it does make sense, but when it comes to strictly gameplay and goal it just doesent. You destroy nexus and there is another battle and another and another and it just goes forever. Why would anyone want to fight so hard to destroy nexus crystal if it doesent matter,if its gonna be there next game :D Maybe only way to put this in lore is to describe it as sport between champions to kill time in between actuall quests they take outside of the rift. Idk would like to hear your opinions on this matter.
As you said, it usually doesn't make sense, unless it is somehow separated from "reality", meaning it is either staged (for performance or sport) or simulated. The theory of the "simulation artifact" as I call it kinda would explain how mirror matches and endless repetition are possible, as you can technically simulaze everythibg that usually couldn't happen in reality.
: -Facts -Theory Makes Sense. -A Sense of Humor. -Well-Thought Out. All around a really well-done post, Congrats! :P As for the theory itself, I think it's more then possible. The only thing closer we could get is a confirmation on a Rioter.
Thanks. Yeah a response from a Red would be nice, but they rarely frequent the lore hoard it seems...
: actually if i remember correctly the rift is an old battleground between the protectorates and the magelords, Probably up there with structures because of the giant magical crystals, which are probably naturally there, which would make sense because this area also seems to draw magical creatures both from runeterra (elder dragons) and from the void (baron). It's up in the air if the area was initially controlled by magelords or protectorates, but it is worth assuming that both parties managed to stake about an equal claim on the area. As to why champions get summoned there, there is no reason. in ye olde days the lore was actually tied somewhat to the battles on the rift, but these days the lore and the game are distinctly seperate. This was one of the reasons why the old lore became retconned.
The battlefield and the artifact theory don't exclude each other. It could be possible that the battle itself only made the conditions to change the mountaintop into said artifact. Ancient Runewars had unpredictable effects on the land, vaporisation, petrification, reconstruction... and that's only the cass we directly know of...
: So basically plot of Doctor Who's Extremis :D
All I know the term extremis from is marvel comics... would you mind telling me what season of Dr who this is from?
: {{champion:136}} and {{champion:432}} kinda fuck everything up though...
My guess is that the rift is limited to how powerful it can make its recreations. Obviously that'd be also a flaw that could have caused the downfall of the builder-civilication, as they couldn't fully measure the power of an enem they had to face.
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