: It's actually Famine, not Hunger. Also, I have a possible idea for what the 5th Darkin's weapon will be.
Ah well, semantics, but there is a fine difference between the two terms tho. So, what is the mysterious 5th weapon then? Lemme guess: Sona's instrument? - because every crazy dnd group needs a bard. We now got a Warrior, a Rouge, a Ranger, #4 possibly being a mage... so yeah, all we are missing is the bard.
Dinopawz (NA)
: Seeing true Varus would be like looking into the Ark of the Covenant, I suspect.... :-) https://media.giphy.com/media/L4caiF7GTkgJa/giphy.gif
So kinda like in greek mythology where if you look at the "true" form of a god it reduces you to a pile of smoldering ashes?
: I think this theory is coincidence and long shot thinking. Riot has continuously showed us that they are straying far away from cliches - and nothing is more cliche than that trite biblical end of the world nonsense about 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. They picked a scythe for Rhaast because they didn't have a champion who wielded a scythe before. Rhaast also doesn't encompass death any more than Aatrox or Varus. The Darkin are simply bloodthirsty on the while. I can see how you think Varus encompasses pestilence, considering how his kit works. But I think that's also coincidence because his kit was based around his old lore of Varus being infected by a lingering corruption. The new Varus is just out for vengeance and blood. So yeah, I think it's coincidence and nothing more.
So we have a bunch of demonic dudes that want to bring and end to mankind with 3 of four iconic weapons present. Yepp, sure coincidence, bruh, totally. Aatrox literally thrives in the whole War-thematic, and Kayn is a freaking assassin. You know, THE ONE PROFESSION THAT KILLS PEOPLE. A soldier fights, a executioner is only the tool of the law, but an assassin is the profession closest to death. As for Varus... the medival idea of pestilence is different than what it is today. None knew bacteria and stuff, they just thought some maniac is shooting people with insivible arrows that carry a curse (something that goes back to Apollo in greek mythology). It all just fits too well.
Beastrod (NA)
: When did everyone start caring about lore so much?
They don't care, I think most of them are just hung up on the whole homosexuality thing but don't wanna be see as "that kinda person". Let's be real, the majority never gives a shit. I've ran a fanfiction and lore blog for years, together with other people who did the same. We were a small circle, completly insignificant compared to the whole mass of players. Even here on the boards for the last years you only had the same dozend faces being the prominent posters (Greenlore, Malicious, Sharjo, etc.) and that was it. It only got a bit better with the recent events, but when it comes to old lore, most people seriously don't really give a shit and only say it because it makes them stand out like hipsters ("I liked lore before it was cool"). Typical disgusting human mediocrity if you ask me.
Rioter Comments
: Nicely written post. I can see you got a lot of dislikes with only 19 views but I agree, it really does not matter. I mean I just want a VO to go with it and I'm fine. Also I like the half-pun {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Yes obviously he needs some work done ingame, but gameplay wise he's on the very easy side of things: move blight to his passive, make a new basic skill for W, and you're set. The visuals are also set as well already, no need to tinker around with that much besides some touch-ups, so all effort can go into the VO. I expect big things here tho, three different speakers... it's not going to be easy to write good dialogue for that, when it also has to fit into the pace of the game.
: Varus lore thoughts and how people forgot how to criticize or judge.
I think there is a reason he took two bodies at once. One of them was literally dieing, and the other one might not have been able to truly "contain" the Darkin, What use is a vessel if you know it's going to break sooner or later? The Darkin are not weird body-hopping aliens that can just jump from one person to another. There must be conditions for a person to qualify as a suitable host - probably also the explanation why Aatrox is doing to Tryndramere, he's possibly trying to create himself a body he can unfold his full potential in. Varus was not exactly in the position to chose where those two fell into his prison. Taking both of them was the only ticket outa'there he's gotten in several millenia, so obviously he's going to take it. Even if it might come to bite him in the ass in the far future. Who knows, maybe as much as he tries to corrupt them, he in turn gets slowly affected by the two human souls inside him? The chaotic journey of that trio has only just begune after all...
: Irelia might be the new darkin?
Not quite. With her soul bound to a blade, she's not really a "Darkin", but more of a "Darkin Imitate". Like, the same thing, but much younger, with no clue about her potential or the thing that she is now. Irelia could be an "human imitation of a Darkin", so to speak, which would change pretty much nothing of her story, because she still got her old body to wield the posessed weapon. While this would almost change nothing with her old lore, I think in future Darkin lore, this might be extremly relevant.
: Well the "new shit" is what's canon so :/ Aatrox is not just showing up randomly, he's enacting vengeance on the people that defeated him. He doesn't feed off of war. Vengeance isn't like some sort of drug for the Darkin, vengeance is a way into the mind of the mortal, to get them to surrender their control. Varus craves vengeance from himself because that's all he cares about now. Kayn is a much more powerful person than almost anyone who has ever wielded a Darkin weapon (the flame-haired woman held Varus but only for one battle) and also much more convicted to himself. He has a willpower not easily manipulated like Varus' would've been.
Yepp, Kayn is literally the last person you'd trust a Darkin Weapon with - that's why he's the perfect candidate. He's not righteous, or zealous, or of incredible wisdom that he could put against the Darkin, he's just as bad as Raast. Possibly even worse. Those two wrestling for control is not Raast wanting to kill or Kayn stopping him. It's a quarrel of who gets to decide and do the killing. There is literally nothing you could corrupt in Kayn, the dude's already fucked up. A righteous man like old Varus on the other hand... probably wouldn't have lasted a week.
Rioter Comments
: Originally it was the community being cool, riot being close to the player base (now they just have a few rioters running around like the person in a Chuckie cheese costume to make face.) The likable characters, the fact league was a good middle ground of mobas not too easy not too complex. (Like Goldilocks story of the bears and their food.) And other aspects. Now, that is tough to say. The community is shit between the Tyler1s and report happy snowflakes. Riot selling out to tencent years back. The push from a decent paced strategic game into this cluster fuck of one mistake vs someone with a brain means the game is lost at least for your lane. (all likely in the name of the sin known as e-sports and catering to the ADHD having new era.) The blatant favoritism of AD based champions lately. It is sincerely hard for me to find reasons to suggest to someone to try league. (Not that many people that don't play exist these days.)
: In this thread: OP hates on GC
Congratulations, you missed absoltely every single aspect on the limited liftime of medial proudcts and the problems arising when designing without this in mind. Reading Comprehension: E minus (not a full F because GC is part of it tho,)
  Rioter Comments
: This story you made up simply tells me you're a teenager struggling with the coming adulthood, and you projected it into Zoe. Why can't Zoe be a kid because she's a kid? Not everything needs to be deep and dark.
Because "being a kid" and "being millenia old" kinda barely goes together unless something is weird. Also I am not sure how this possibly very traumatizing possibility is a metaphor for adulthood. If it is for you, then you surely must lead a horrible life lol. Also sadly everything is deep and dark when your directly opposing faction is the Void, you are part of a hyper-civilication in crisis, and your actions can lead to the end of several realities. "Being a kid" implies a certain freedom from conqequences. The moment you have this much power, you can't just "be a kid" anymore. Godhood and the innocence of childhood kinda exclude each other on a very basic level.
: I totally want this to happen holy sh!t new headcanon
Uh what exactly of this all? Hopefulyl not the extremly sad traumatic part because... dude that's just mean towards the poor girl <_<
Rioter Comments
: Wow. It's almost like preseason literally just started, and they haven't made any balance changes yet. It really is odd then that no balance changes have been made.
They might not have made the changes yet, but you can already see the directions this all will go just from how they did the runes. I wrote it in another place in this thread to why, esport watchability and all - oh and trying to appeal to casuals. Which in itself is fine, but if you set that as your most important goal then you might ruin the actual depth the game had. No one needs a HotS 2.0 lol.
Metleon (NA)
: No one expected the new runes to create balance... It's that if they changed something before this patch, there's a good chance they would have to revert after this patch changed everything.
No but I expected them to already point into a certain direction. They threw out an old system and put in a new - that in itself is not a problem. The issue is that the new system as it is now does absolutely nothing to even remotely counteract the well-known issues we have had for MONTHS now. I see the direction this is all going, and I do not approve of it.
bàn (NA)
: I'm just waiting to see how this bullshit affects ESPORTZZZZZ. Because they'll most likely balance it out on how the runes peform there.
Oh this entire mess if obviously made with esports in mind, but probably not in the way you'd first suspect. It's not about balancing on pro-level. It's about IMPROVING SPECTATOR EXPERIENCE. The thing is tho: a video game is something you PLAY, not something you primarely WATCH. So gearing a game towards watchability is obviously pressing against the core principles that made it a good game to begin with. Faster matches, more damage, RANDOM THINGS FLYING AROUND AND GO BOOM!! Who gives a shit about immobile champs? No one, they are not funny to watch or make big plays. Even trades? No, we want people to go for the 1vs5 sole-hero narrative and GET AWAY WITH IT, because that is more "exciting". I said it five years ago, and I will say it now: the esport focus will be the downfall of this game. An esport is supposed to be a nice side effect of a game being just that good. A game made to be "ESPORTED" in front of an audience is pretty much doomed to fail with the non esports crowd.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:421}} was also the first champion to not see the old summoner's rift
What about this guy then {{champion:64}} ?
: I mean she looks like a fkin anime character hardly looks human
I wonder how you can even play this game being this blind. If you cannot differenciate between two drawing and animation styles from OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE WORLD then I am not sure how fucking bad your eyes must be.
: May I point out that the range on her w is also decreased and her move speed reduced in 3 different places. Her late game health and Q cool down are nerfed as well. While it is true that she is gaining some things from these changes it is difficult to effectively argue that a slower moving Janna with less health and a longer cd shield who is probably going to be within auto attack range more frequently is not a more interactive or counterplayable option.
Janna has movement speed directly scaling with AP, and you get an ardent anyways, and probably an athenes too, since you are THE shield giver... and given that movementspeed is kinda softcapped I doubt this will make much of a difference either by the time you get your T2 boots. As for the decreased W range... usually I drop these on enemies when they are already closing in, it's not really a chase tool, so not much loss here either. And the health... at some point a squishy ass mage is a squishy ass mage, some hp more or less ain't exactly doing much when the enemy adc hits you for 600+ per shot. All these nerfs are aimed at her early laning, the part were she was barely oppressive. Sure a Blitz might get a grab on her, but then she just builds her ardent, has her shields levelled, and all is business as ususal. To compensate for that, Janna players will be even more passive and non-interactive early, they just sit back, watch the adc farm and collect some coins. Risks taken here: none.
: 80% increase to early cooldown "Love tap" Euw players cant do math it seems
80% increase in the first minutes of the game, then effectively nothing. You know, the first minutes where you are the least needed unless your adc is a brainless turd that'd die regardless of how many shields you have? Janna's power never was or is her pre-six laning. Nerfing anything there would be like taking power from somewhere Janna players never gave a shit about in the first place. Sure the number sounds big on paper, but that's just a noob bait making you think Riot actually cares for balance before shipping their skin ^^
Jbels (NA)
: It's a placebo nerf. Riot does these sometimes when they want to stall out nerfing a champion that's too strong but they know they're pushing a skin for. Same happens with placebo buffs. Ez recently got an AD ratio change to his Q that did jack shit for him. But ooo look, Star Guardian Ezreal!
Yepp, same thing, except here it might be even a mini-buff given that Janna got compensation in other areas. So we have one of the higest winrate champions in the game - and buff her, if even a little. Welp, WHAT COULD POSSIBLE GO WRONG?
Rioter Comments
Davaken (EUW)
: I googled the "Only 1% of players uses RP" statistic and I couldn't find shit. My problem with the math, is that you just assume so much that the actual numbers used feels completely useless. Also, considering that the actual income of the skins has no impact on the wages that the artists earn, this math is based on pure speculation, and doesn't even prove a valid point.
Yes, but let's be honest, 1% of the playerbase sounds like a reasonable approach. I doubt you just find something that specific via google, you'd have to scan red-posts of the last 4 years to possibly find that. And probably it's more than one percent of players. I mean, let's rewind back to before league had 60 million plus players, why would they bother with a feature only expecting it to be used by 1% of their entire playerbase? My numbers were chosen in a way that it would give a possibly low but realistic result, even if the actual result might be much, MUCH higher. It doesn't change the fact that skins are pretty much "easy money", even if only a fraction of a fraction of the playerbase buys it. They are low in production cost and time, but bring in a load of profit. I mean, just look at the champs that got the skins: Janna, Yi, Fiora... none of these champs have big particle or model work. You can't tell me that this is something a professional team worked months and months on... low input, big outcome -> massive profit. And obviously since he potential profit is just massive it's not weird for Riot to meddle occasionally with game balance in a way that will make these champions be strong and popular by the time their skins hit. Or less meddle than to "conveniently forget" to nerf a cerain champion for some weeks, that'd be the less obvious thing to do. They are a capitalist company, not an artist collective - a game studio is always a weird hybrid of both of these, but I sometimes wish they'd put less focus on skins and more on actually awesome content. As of right now it feels only like they make profits with skins so they can fund making even more skins...
Davaken (EUW)
: Some very qustionable statistics and math.
Yes, given that artists don't necessarely earn that much a month, and that there might be a lot more people buying the skin, the actual profit this skin will bring might be much higher. The "Only 1% of players uses RP" or something was something a Rioter said some years ago, so that's the part I'm somewhat confident in. Taking 1% from there as potential customers is just me picking the lowest number possible that might still sound reasonable.
Ekkô (NA)
: I should have bet money when I saw the lack of Janna nerfs. I told my friends "Betcha they're going to give her a skin before they nerf her".
She's the highest winrate champ in the game with massive popularity resulting from that. Not giving her a skin would be economical madness - if an average skin with 0,01% of the players buying it already rakes in that much cash, then just how hard is a skin for a super-much played champion going to hit? I'm not exactly happy with Riot just doing the economical thing and only pumping out skins left and right instead of proper gameplay content or content in connection with lore. It feels not like they make the skins to support their studio making other cool stuff, it's more like they sell skins so they can pay for the production of more skins, which will give them even more profit. And who can blame them? It's the thing that brings in cash, and that's not even accounting for any money from the Esport sector...
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: The problem is that we don't have enough Hentai of them yet.
That is also a matter of grave siginficance but not exactly one you can call out on the boards...
: We're combining the skins into PROJECT: POOL PARTY. Please stand by.
So that means a skin for {{champion:267}}? Robot Nami. Not sure how to feel about this...
: But this basically is the first 10-15 chapters. First we had SG Lux. It was going to be stand-alone but the people fuckin' loooooved it. So then comes the 2nd batch of SG. No real plan to add any actual lore behind, just more dope skins they know will sell. So they have the 1st team battle the baron. Now with the 2nd wave of SG - we are actually starting the story. The first wave was more of a setting and feel for the story. This new wave of SG came with actual lore and only tells us the very beginning. If we get more SG sets I am sure we will get a fleshed out villain/someone summoning these void monsters.
The problem here is that we have a character-overload. Five protagonists can do just fine shredding random goons. But ten of them? Makes the mindless goons look absolutely useless, as they now get shredded twice as fast. Usually in the "fighting goons" stage you assemble the team, and then have it together to face the first villain. The mention of a secondary team often comes after that (mostly because they came to check out all the ruckus caused by the heroes beating the villain). Going by conventional dramaturgy we are missing at least one proper villain here... Well, I hope we get one, or this is just one of those momens of "well they liked thing X we sold to them? SELL THEM MORE OF IT". and all we get the next time are even more Star Guardian skins with not a single villain in sight.
  Rioter Comments
: i mean at least in tohou you don't need to deal with other people getting in your way and autopathing.
Also you do not have to command attacks with the same way you command movement, which is by mouse click. There is a reason controls and attacks in Bullet Hell games are seperated, or else you get the typical "you wanna move but you now klicked one of the countless mini-mobs, stopped, and attacked it. Congratulations, you killed it - also you now die because you are hit by the projectile you meant to dodge. This, and the thing about other people, obviously.
: Also, for lower level players that aren't level 30 yet onslaught is near (pretty much) impossible for them.
Yes given the fact that there's a limit of items to use makes masteries and runes much more important, so if you don't have that, good look. At the same time this event is already hard for me, who is on Platinum and feels somewhat confident on how good he his at dodging and predicting stuff, as well as navigating his champ properly. Now imagine that on Bronze level...
Rioter Comments
: Actually, it's because you're being immature. You're free to have your own opinions, but no one will respect them when you phrase your issues like a toddler upset that someone else is playing with their toy.
What "toy" do you mean? The cheap cash-grab they threw at us? Seriously? You accuse me of jealousy? My points still stand valid, no matter how I phrase them. But it is always like that on these boards, you write something negative about Riot, and unless you crack some really good joke or meme early on, the fanboy-brigade will downvote you into oblivion. That's why I hate this reddit-like system tbh - especially since with a community like this game has it there shouldn't be any sort of voting system. That just fucks things up beyond believe with the people you have here.
: > [{quoted}](name=TouchFluffyTaiI,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mkzj3zyx,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-07T21:42:17.240+0000) > > You&#x27;re complaining that you don&#x27;t want to buy new skins. No one cares that you don&#x27;t want to buy the skins, so stop making whine posts and just move on with your life. no hes complaining about a retarded game mode that is meant for promotion with a useless event and nonsense missions.... riot just says PLAY OUR IMPOSSIBLE MODE AND PURCHASE THESE SKINS INSTEAD!....
Neither the missions nor the gamemode are any good - so what is left of this so called "event" then?
: It is also set up to make you fail. The levels for the quests and such are designed so you only die,no other option,so ontop of premades you have to hoep your premades stay with you intil you get levels that are passable,and not ones with over 500 monsters you are unable to reach outside the portals.
At least one level is set up as "almost impossible", that I would have seen without five years of Media Studies with focus on game design. It's so freaking obvious that I wonder if either Riot doesn't know better or if this is just how little fucks they give. This gamemode is nothing but a massive repetitive time-sink. Apparently someone there thought "well, the longer they play the more succesfull it is, right?" and that's generally a sentiment that ruins videogame developing. Or they apparently do not know what the purpose of a boss in games is besides being "the end". People grind through endless metroidvania-corridors, enemies and puzzles to get to the next boss, because bossfights are what actually brings UNIQUE challenge and what is fun. Also, they have some personality, as opposed to faceless mobs. They could have easily done the following: "Tutorial Level" -> "First real Monster Shredding" -> "Mini-Boss" -> "the walking thing" ->" Set Up on limited location" -> "Mini-Boss #2" -> "Monster Shredding #2" -> "Endboss". Again eight segments, but this time a lot less repetitive. But apparently they couldn't be bothered to come up with a single new enemy besides giving herald a random bullet hell attack and overdrive the dash it has. As I mentioned before, they were just too cheap to put a single grain of effort into this event.
: You're complaining that you don't want to buy new skins. No one cares that you don't want to buy the skins, so stop making whine posts and just move on with your life.
I would buy them - heck I considered even taking money aside for a bundle. But with prices like this? Ah yes, I see where this is going. People like you bought it and now don't wanna realize they have been effectively scammed. Have fun with that cognitive dissonance lol.
Speedweeb (EUW)
: Nah Riot, I think I'm gonna pass this event of yours.
Ah yes, let the fanboy downvotes commence. What would the boards be without you just surpressing every opinion that goes against your beloved Riot Overlords?
Rioter Comments
: Indeed, I'm just unhappy of the characters chosen (though Ahri fits indeed the "going against your fate" character) but I'm really liking to see Riot putting effort in giving lore and story to a skin line that can explore other story telling compared to the canon one. The skinline needs Taric and Aurelion Sol as characters though :3
Uhh I think we can just put Pink Taric in there seamlessly. He's like this super strong hero who gets called when things get too dark - but none ever wants to talks about him or be the one calling him, because he's just too... well, how do I say this... he has a lot of... "presence" that is a bit too hard too handle for people at times. Completly agree on Sol tho - he needs a fancy dress and sparkles. He'd absolutely ROCK that outfit.
: There's probably already some floating around on doujinshi site or something. If you just want to get that "fix".
We both know that there is a massive difference between an official publication and some random (mostly likely pornographic) fan-works. This is not me wanting my "fix" (well not just), but I see potential that it could be extremly awesome. More reason I do not need to ask for it.
Rioter Comments
: *shrug* Cowboys carry multiple pistols, we know from Ez's color story that the gauntlet's powers have to recharge, and if the Gauntlets had different powers why only take one and leave the other behind for Ez to find? Just sayin'. It'll probably be different because the story is more interesting that way, I'm just saying that in-universe it's perfectly plausible that the two both do the same function, one for each hand.
That is assuming that there are two teleportation gems - which I think is a pretty rare and possible absolutely unique artifact. Ofc there could as well be two, but somehow I doubt it.
: >There is no need for a powerful mage like Ne’Zuk, who was the original owner of the gauntlets, to make the same thing two times, Why not? One for each hand.
It would be kind of redundant to have two items with the same unique passive/active. Just saying.
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