: > [{quoted}](name=Mohrenbräu,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=V06NTjM7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-13T18:15:00.718+0000) > > By "core values and norms" i meant on what norms do players formally agree upon? (meta, summoners' code etc.?) and what do players value highly when playing a game of League of Legends. (Communication, positivity etc.?) > > Thanks for your contribution! You actually pointed out a very interesting point, namely the meta. Who do you think creates the meta? Hmm, well summoner’s code is a little flexible, I would say that the majority players have the kind of sportsmanlike attitude to see your enemy laner dancing in lane before minions arrive and dance with them instead of taking advantage by attacking, for example. But there’s still a lot a players who would get a free advantage without hesitation. I can’t think of many other examples of “summoners code,” maybe not stealing kills unless necessary and letting a teammate get the last kill or two for a pentakill, but for these cases, I think that more players than not would do the less sportsmanlike thing and steal a kill when they didn’t need to or taking a kill away from a teammates penta while they didn’t need to. As for meta, I mean it mainly comes down to what the strongest options are in itemization, champions for each role, runes, etc. Everyone kind of contributes to meta, but it’s mainly pioneered by high elo players who can correctly identify these strongest options and accurately analyze the patch notes for how they affect the strongest options. For example, around the start of I think 2017, the assassin update of 2016 made ADCs really weak compared to other classes, and Ziggs bot lane started showing up in Korean challenger and that was kind of where mage bot lane carries came from in that time in the game’s life. Something that’s just interesting to consider that the traditional roles- 1 jungler, mid and top solo laners, and bot lane with a carry and a support- are only the meta. Riot even said somewhere on their website or a forum post sometime that they do not make that the way the game is played. Obviously they kind of do because of the way that draft queues work, but if 5 people agree on where they go, they can ignore all of the roles. So the way that probably more than 99.9% of games are played is only a meta. It’s rather intriguing to think about.
Yes! i completely agree with you on every single point, and i also felt like the summoner's code leaves a lot of room for interpretations. The part about the meta is very interesting indeed. Players agreed upon playing the game in a certain way, thus making it a "rule" so to speak. The best proof for this is being a "rule" is when players pick champions that are not suitable for a certain lane and other players immediatly accuse them of trolling.
: For me, it is when I can't do shit, you have this terrible feeling of helplessness, you are 10/0, you are killing 3 out of 5 ppl in teamfight and they just can't do shit, so after or near the end of the game, I'm able to say the worst possible things, I don't mean it, I'm disgusted by myself after few minutes, but I can't help it. I'm sad when I'm lossing bcs of my faults, I'm angry when I'm losing bcs of others mistakes, I'm not flawless, but geez, sometimes it's so horrible feeling. Anyway I'm still climbing, I'm still improving and I will always try to keep it in, but from time to time I'll slip and I would be happy to get banned sometimes.
Thanks for your contribution. That is a very interesting point you brought forward! I can speak from experience that I often felt the same way, and this is also something i heard many people complain about.
: That's a gigantic scope, maybe too large, how long is your paper? Consider narrowing the scope. For example narrow it to you and your friends who play. It will be easier to collect information from people you're in direct contact with and easier to understand the cultural and societal norms since you're a part. Otherwise the range of answers and reasons, (I suspect), would vary wildly. And will be too complex to effectively explain. That type of scope would, I think, require a long and well thought out non-biased questionnaire at the minimum. Core norms and values are very dependent on your subjects family for a starter. Like, you'd want to know the family dynamic of each responder, which would be a gigantic task in and of itself. After that you'd want to know the cultural and social norms community each responder. And that's just for starters. Cool idea though and I wish you luck.
First, thanks for your suggestions! The research paper has to be around 20 pages long, so not an extensive paper by any means, but i thought it would be interesting to include some opinions from the community about what they think core values and norms in this League of Legends community might be. When talking to a Riot staff member he pointed out that the summoner's code represents the core values and norms they expect fromt their player base, and i wanted to know what players would express as core values and norms to maybe make a comparison.
: I’m a little unsure about exactly what you mean by core values but I think you can safely call the meta of lanes, itemization, etc is a norm of the game, but I don’t know if that’s what you were looking for since it’s a bit less about the community than gameplay. You could call it a norm in the community because the things that happen in the community can shift depending on meta. People generally deviate from the meta because they want to have fun more than they want to win, sometimes because an off-meta pick is good but if that’s the case then that pick will become meta soon anyways. This is pretty negative, but it’s pretty easy to see that the norm is for the playerbase to be toxic. I don’t even play ranked much due to the toxicity in games, and I almost never have a game in unranked draft pick without a single toxic player on one of the teams. Might not be a norm persay but it’s the closest thing I can think of.
By "core values and norms" i meant on what norms do players formally agree upon? (meta, summoners' code etc.?) and what do players value highly when playing a game of League of Legends. (Communication, positivity etc.?) Thanks for your contribution! You actually pointed out a very interesting point, namely the meta. Who do you think creates the meta?
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Tailypo (NA)
: Yeah post a link to your finished paper please.
Yes of course, once i have finished it, I will post a link :)
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: You're starting from a very faulty, very **subjective** premise for your research paper - Why is the League of Legends community so toxic? It's not. The entire community as a whole is not toxic. The vast, VAST majority of players are not toxic. For reasoning as to why **certain players** exhibit toxicity in this kind of environment, the items listed by R107 Games in another comment are good examples, but I'm still not sure what you're getting at with the assumption that the whole community is toxic.
Sorry, i formulated that poorly. Just to make that clear, in my research paper i am not drawing the conclusion that the LoL community is inherently toxic. I am writing about the core values and norms that are important for individuals in this community, and how and why some people deviate from these norms and values.
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