: There's a lot of exploration going on to make the resolve tree feel like it's got a lot more contextual/interesting choices that you can make. It can be pretty tricky balancing defensive runes lest they become "must haves" on everyone, but there's some pretty fun stuff we're playing around with atm. Currently they definitely don't feel particularly exciting when compared to runes in the other trees - we're on it!
why does font of life even exist in the resolve tree mirror shell/iron skin are pretty lame too just replace these with useful runes maybe make conditioning the gathering storm counterpart there choice available
: Ideas to reduce power creep without touching runes or champions.
turrets + 100 armor -25 ambient/free gold per minute there fixed
: May I ask what happend after you showed up at the van?
Seeing as there is no further response i think we can safely assume that one should not get candy from the man in the white van
: Part of the trick to winning consistently in top-lane is finding ways to work around those counters by out-farming your opponents. If you use back timings and minion wave management effectively you can out-play even opponents who hard counter you. It will be harder to win, but it's still possible. Check out SoloRenektonOnly on youtube, he has a series of videos just for teaching wave management and back timings and other laning skills for playing top-lane.
VERY IMPORTANT !!! This is what wins pretty much any lane
: Most meta toplaners have easy time on mid, because most mages are in a pretty bad shape. They are still played, because magic damage became virtually non-existant in lanes other than mid - only notable exception being Eve - so NOT picking a mage means you will usually end up with full physical damage team, but when it comes to winning the lane they lose to pretty much every non-mage.
well it works with sion because he has xerath levels of poke it could definitely work with mobile fighters as well because of easymode engage what is required though is the ability to shove as easy as your enemy mages are definitely not weak the lack of mr made them really powerful and they have range + waveclear for safety and poke but if you can easymode engage them or poke them twice as hard as they can poke you while ebing able to shove just as hard then you can win easy,
VulDread (NA)
: I don't think aftershock is a problem with top lane tanks. The only one that consistently takes it is Maokai, since he can reliably proc it whenever it's off CD. Everyone else doesn't take it, except for Cho/Naut, whom take it occasionally. Aftershock is strongest with the tank junglers, rather than laners. Tanks autowin lanes by spamming poke and whittling down the opponent. This is the playstyle of ranged champs and Klepto abusers. Aftershock requires commitment, and that's not what tanks do these days.
pretty much ^ get yourself a bit of sustain, a good poke keystone like aery or comet or for shorter trades grasp, press or TLD works too and use that with base damage to abuse the fact that most oponents lack the early allin damage to shut you down lvls 1-3 and after they are too low for the allin use clever minion management to make it even tougher to fight you and to stay ahead in cs and voila you won
Akrid415 (NA)
: Anyone else dying more than past seasons?
SUUUURE But {{champion:14}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} gives no fucks about that
Le Meme (NA)
: She needs a movement speed buff. its that simple.
with 650 range, zone control, and an escape tied to a slow does she need more help to kite or do people just need to git gud
: Top lane has been like Rock Paper Scissors
i just pick my ''toplaners'' into midlane The tilt that ensues when the enemy ''counterpicks'' and finds out they been trolled is hilarious i mean {{champion:14}} mid with comet is hilarious, he shits on every meta midlaner lol Grab your comet Get your ulti cdr to make sure you can generate even more chaos post 6 and ofc kill your opponent more often Get Your CDR rune for early cdr and more AD later combined with ulti cdr rune lets you ult very often early on to crush these demacian plebs Grab scorch for more aids poke in lane or gathering storm if you want more damage for later good now you have infinite scaling HP and AD suck on that Do not forget to grab {{summoner:14}} for lane kill pressure And just counter buy your first item for maximum tilt since they won't be able to kill you Just use some proper wave management to force them to stick into a dead midlane where they cannot possibly do anything but get either poked out of lane or get killed if they stick around Mages are just screwed since they lack sustain a couple E's puts them in kill range just E into ult they have no mobility Assassins cannot kill you or outshove you and if they roam follow with ult While ulting to the other lane they can't even ambush you unless they want to die and if they don't you get there first and they will be too late to help Also works if you get ganks escape with ult into other lane and kill those worms proceed to trade turret + 2 kills + drake for 1 turret at the most Also you are midlaner so you can build damage {{item:3047}} for pesky auto ~~cancers~~ attackers {{item:3068}} or {{item:3065}} as first item depending on matchup might not even have to finish full item as long as you got enough defense to troll your enemy it's K finish the rest as the situation requires Then proceed to grab in any order that suits your needs {{item:3748}} for damage and easymode farming also dat burst {{item:3142}} More damage and more roaming very useful if you get killed too make them regret {{item:3071}} More damage and cdr makes passive even better You will get over 6k health because you are farming demacian plebs and those give 10hp per takedown !!
: What tilts you the most?
{{champion:14}} when people steal my farm just fuck them opens up mid
: Duskblade has been reworked like 3 times and all 3 versions have been problematic
The op part is the vision part of the damage passive imho let me clarify the passive lets you know if you have been spotted as long as you got that proc passive up you are not spotted kinda bs
: I personally have used the statement that the boards are a minority of our population, so think I may have some response that's valid to this post. When we/I say things like that, it's almost always in response to players making hyperbolic statements like "literally every player hates these changes" or "90% of all players don't like this preseason, just look at the boards, and everyone I've talked to has said the same thing". We don't always react to what the boards are talking/voicing frustrations about, but that doesn't mean we're not listening. Take game pacing for example, our first reaction to the boards is not to try and correct the entire game because there's a number of threads where players are talking about the game feeling like it progresses too quickly. Instead, we'll take that and look **globally** both through objective data that we collect such as game length, game pacing, time to turret kills, bloodiness etc. We also run subjective surveys in the client to collect feedback from players **globally** to understand at a higher level what's going on with the game. In regards to your final statement about "why can't the people who love the game right now come here and tell us about it?", the answer comes down to human nature. If you're enjoying something, there's very little reason to go out of your way to talk about how much you're enjoying it, you just keep doing it. When things go a direction that you're NOT happy with, that's when you tend to speak out about how you're not happy. To use a REALLY abstract example. If you go to a restaurant and order a steak and mashed potatoes and it gets to your table and it's a solid 8/10, you're probably not going to sing the praises of the chef to your waiter, but you're also not going to complain about your food. If it comes out and it's a 1/10, the steak is burned to a crisp, the mashed potatoes taste like glue, you're almost certainly going to pull the waiter over to complain about how shitty it is. tl;dr - the boards can be considered something of a "flag" that indicates something is wrong, but rather than pivot immediately, we'll take the time to make sure something is **actually** a problem before acting. Sorry this is kind of on the short side and glosses over a pretty large topic, I was just heading out of the office but wanted to chime in quickly. Hopefully what I said makes sense though, if not I can try to clarify some of it later.
Ty for the response We could use more of these responses on issues, communicating to us what you are currently doing about some of these issues that pop up on the boards. Even if all you say is, this is what we have noticed and we are now in the process of gathering more data on it and we are gathering it in such and such ways. By making it more concrete about what you notice and what you are doing to tackle the issue, and what the end results might look like, for example gathering more data or if the issue ends up (not that) big, we will take the following step i think will help a lot to clarify things. Keeping such a thread at the top of the boards for as long as it's relevant will also help in de-cluttering the boards instead of getting another 1000 similar threads about it. I don't think anyone here really expects you guys at Riot to fix anything instantly or see everything the same way but simply more communication would help a lot already since it makes us feel like we are taken a bit more seriously I think it's especially important here on the official boards since it's well you know the official league boards. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: This is true. Aery can't be dodged unless they use spell shield, but I just don't enjoy that Aery and comet are basically used for the same thing. Deal some extra damage, although one will hit and the other effects things around it. That and Aery was used a ton more than comet anyways because of the fact that it's guaranteed damage and in the span of a few seconds put out more damage than the rune that was made to be for pure damage. I'm mainly saying that they're too similar and one should be reworked.
Yea they are fairly similar in this case i think comet is fine and aery should be reworked In fact it can be done easily, either enhance beneficial spells on allies/self Or on damaging enemy sends aery to them granting vision for 3 seconds then aery returns
KazoKurosu (EUNE)
: By picking your toplane champion before enemy picks his, you're basically asking to get countered
''I'd definitely prefer to outcancer Illaoi with Kayle'' hahaha so true i think you pretty much nailed toplane with the phrase ''outcancer''
: Summon Aery AKA diet comet
the reason people take it is because it is guaranteed damage magic damage allowing for hybrid damage depending on which spell you use you can proc it more often then comet
Rioter Comments
: Can we rework Rylais into a healthier AP item? Pitch your ideas!
AP Fighter item Anyone can buy it but, it won't give much ap {{item:3191}} {{item:3067}} {{item:3082}} + 700 gold 90 Armor 250 HP 40 Ap 20% cdr Unique passive: Frost armor; take 15% reduced damage from slowed enemies and upon getting hit slows enemy attack speed by 15% Unique passive: Winters wrath; every 10 seconds your next damaging spell or attack slows enemies hit. cooldown is reduced by 0,5 seconds every time you take damage, enemies who are already slowed take bonus magic damage instead equal to the amount they are slowed + 10% AP + 25% armor
: Old Champion Name Availability
well if they allow it then with everyone here as my witness i claim the name Sion
: I just won an 18 minute game (last night). By taking the nexus. Backed twice I think. Held off the entire team and took nexus with my adc while mid jungle and top were still taking t1/t2 towers in their lanes. I miss competitive games as well.
yea i have had this happen more then i'd like to admit at that point people just sit out their lane and forget about playing as a team because you a literally waiting for a win/lose coming 10..9..8.. i mean the botlane is 8 kills + fb turret up game is over at that point is see people no longer bothering to participate in anything but their lane after that because they lost all agency anyway
kargish (EUW)
: I feel like Grevious Wounds is an unfair mechanic
the better way to make it work is to remove it from core items and put it on different ones make it not work on health regen so there is at least 1 way of sustaining left and make it less stupid using 1 auto or random spell or dot to reduce healing for a century is dumb af
: Reread the very first line of that post. Then read it again. I made a mistake and corrected myself. Your commentary is meaningless. Edit: Oh wait I misread your statement. LOL is it meant to be ironic or sarcastic because it did make me laugh.
: Simple fix, let Ivern's passive boost the amount of EXP he gets from Jungle Camps for being there friend. He can learn more if his friends are still alive. But seriously, it would seem to help him a lot, since he would be able to just start a Support item instead of a Jungle item. Although, that's just the idea of a player who doesn't really play Ivern.
i like this idea since it only affects ivern really making him work without a jungle item seems like the better solution then trying to make all the jungle items fit him
: Eh I'll concede that. He's strongest after 6 which is still early game sure, but it's also around the time you transition into mid game.
Zelorxon (EUW)
: "noob jungler never gank™" "omg tryhard" "noob jungler camp more" "relax bro it's just a normal" (in ranked we witness the variant "relax bro it's just a game") "don't tell me what to do" (especially when it's me because all i can say in game is something objectively correct and it means that you're not here to play the game but just to attention whore/piss off people) the sound of "help" ping when it's not meant to be a play/baron/turret/inhib/dragon/collapse "noob <champion> do <clearly retarded play>" "no skill champ" any yasuo player that after he suicided 5 times in a row ignoring his lane for 10 minutes "i'm done" the sound of "go away" ping when i'm pushing/freezing the wave or taking cs that would have gone missed anyway without breaking the wave whatsoever because i do know how wave manipulation works" any phrase in broken english or any language that isn't english the use of the word "troller" (dead giveaway that the "person" in question is an EUNE troll came on EUW just to wreck havoc) "stop pushing the wave" especially when i'm trying to get lv2, the wave is already pushing by itself and cannot be slowpushed or we are at lv7 "you are toxic because <insert bullshit reason that isn't toxic at all, unless you're using the word toxic as a buzzword for anything you don't like or trying to provoke and irritate>" ban every single person that uses these phrases and BAM, 90% of toxicity gone from the game, but riot knows their priorities straight. Poro king > gamebreaking bugs
"noob jungler camp more" stuff like that and other insults at the enemy jungler seem to work wonderfully for getting them out of my botlane xD all i have to do is not die to him and we win man tilting the enemy jungler from toplane is so glorious haha especially as a sion main when you can just ult to escape and use it to kill their midlaner in the process {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=AirKingNeo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7Wzu7gZc,comment-id=00000004,timestamp=2018-01-13T19:32:56.230+0000) > > Look at tank items. All 2600-2800. Why? AFAIK, Riot planned for defensive items to be impactful in the mid-game and fall off late-game. Their standard practice for "buffing" defensive items was to reduce their cost and stats.
: Yeh... the timing of 8.1 was a bit confusing and probably set expectations a bit too high for players. Meddler tried to address it in his quick gameplay thoughts - but that particular section didn't get much visibility. The 8.1 patch actually "locked" before Christmas, and was worked on at the same time as 7.24b. We usually would have put more time into the 8.1 patch, but were focused instead on getting some short term wins for top lane and a few other notable areas around the map into 7.24b. To clarify - 7.24b wasn't meant to "solve" top lane, or the rest of the game for that matter, but it felt like there was enough low hanging fruit that getting an additional patch out before Christmas was the right way to go, rather than have a 5 week break between 7.24 and 8.1 At any rate, what this meant for 8.1 was that there was less content than usual, while players were probably looking to it to start hitting on some of the problems that they were feeling - which unfortunately wasn't the case. We have a pretty substantial number of changes going into 8.2 (some have started to hit the PBE), some are still in exploration like a number of new runes/tweaks to current ones. To provide a super high level summary of what our direction for League is - since what you're asking is a super deep question, is to get the game to a point where you feel like you're constantly presented with the opportunity to make nuanced decisions that can help you win a game of League. Whether that's what champion you take, what runes you go with, what items you buy, how you rotate around the map etc etc. It was a large part of why we redid runes and masteries as a system in the first place, the old system provided important decisions, but they weren't particularly meaningful, and very rarely did they ever change (I'm not talking about switching between taking scaling hp vs armor yellows). We have a long way to go yet for runes to be as flexible as we want, but we have a lot of internal focus on adjusting current runes and creating new ones to get it there over the long run. In regards to more in game positions we're also doing some deeper vision/direction setting for where we want to take every position going into the new year and beyond. We're also looking at things like broadening the number of positions a champion can be considered in that are also sustainable to help feed into the idea of being faced with nuanced decision making. Morgana and Zyra could be looked at as the first real foray into this space. While we didn't quite nail it yet, we wanted players to be able to think about taking them in the jungle if they wanted to for a variety of reasons. I would argue that one of the things (and please let me stress the ONE in that statement) that may feed into your perception of the game feeling less tactical, is the fact that the relative skill level of players and their mastery over League seems to be accelerating. When you look at how teams tend to play around the bot side of the map and look to gain a lead from diving a turret with a jungler, or having mid roam down and flank for a 4v2 which then turns into an objective/s. In prior years, if bot turret went down, you'd typically see the adc and support back, buy items, and then head right back down their lane. These days, players have caught onto the idea of rotating that power around the map, moving their top laner to bot, and then taking the top turret further accelerating their lead (this is just one example). As more and more players learn what optimal strategy/tactics they should employ in a game when they want to win, games can feel less tactical/strategic as they become more par for the course. This is a huge reason why we update the game every two weeks, since if left untouched, the game would become more and more about optimizing one or two strategies that are proven to work which would then very quickly become stale. In regards to the comment about fast paced games, I don't have too much for you atm, but we're doing a lot of investigation into general game pacing, game length, bloodiness etc, to find areas where we can tune back some of the more egregious experiences, but I will definitively say that we're not looking at making the average game 45 minutes (right now average game length is 30.5 minutes +/- ~2 minutes based on mmr range and region). The primary things we need to make sure to maintain are the rough lengths of various phases of the game - aka lane phase shouldn't be over at something silly like 4 minutes, you shouldn't be able to close out the game at 15 minutes on one team fight etc. That got more wordy than I intended - please keep in mind this is my personal attempt at summarizing thoughts from a variety of teams though I hope it provides a bit more insight/context. Edit: Oh, and about the Heimer nerf - ask any melee top laner or jungler who's tried to gank a Heimer and you'll probably find their opinion quite different regarding the nerf.
Personally think 45 minutes average is a good game length Trying so hard to get it short is what leads to these annoying meta's where small leads become certain victories instantly no matter what you do that is how it will end up and while fine for the casual player, you know that player who just as easily abandons the game in favor of something new and shiny It's absolute dogshit for more dedicated players and more competitive players, you know those who stick around even in rough times, i'm afraid that if this trend continues you will lose many of them Because lets be honest here nobody likes being held hostage in games which are won by 10 minutes or decided by 1 fight at the 20 minute mark The casual doesn't care he can play another game and wins and feels good about himself But losing before the 10 minute mark because someone did something dumb and there is no real way of making a comeback makes the game totally stale from a competitive standpoint i can't imagine this being a good thing for e sports Or for more dedicated players who play more games because they will all be one sided stomps and that get's stale fast
: Bruh ever played basketball while a little drunk shit's a good time
Been there done that Just waiting till the net passes by before you ~~throw up~~ throw the ball fun stuff {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Why not hotfix vayne?
same reason they haven't touched {{champion:29}} probably has to do with rito's adc boner
nodice21 (NA)
: Trust me I want my 20% active cdr as well so I can reach 70% lol
{{item:3512}} X 70% cdr X 5 what could possibly be wrong with that {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Crimzyn (NA)
: Taric JG - New Meta
Taric toplane fighter {{champion:44}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3075}} Just needs grasp, second wind, demolish, ravenous hunter & taste of blood Shit gets pretty dumb when you are wacking your enemy with near 600 dmg basic attacks Also you heal so much you make {{champion:36}} look like a big sissy You cant 1v1 this
: Overheal and Mundo
well if regen aint healing then why is it affected by grievous wounds such double standards
: no it isn't alistar stays close to his adc and no one can ever touch the adc because of his autolocked spells additionally alistar is way more unfun to lane against than blitz youcan stay behind minions with blitz, alistar has point and click spells that go through minions, less mana costs, has infinity sustain and can roam mid faster than blitz and gank better
and don't forget that alistar is immortal for like a minute with the new keystone + ulti + stoned plate
Bultz (NA)
: Tanks do to much damage
can this die please we all know we are talking about {{champion:57}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:98}} and that's about it as far as tanks with damage goes Then there are the special cases like {{champion:33}} {{champion:54}} yea they will hurt if you are an AD champ/team does this still surprise anyone??... The most problematic thing with those damage tanks is their spammable % damage and/or reliable cc and high base damage {{champion:14}} can't even do nearly as much damage as maokai despite it being 10x harder to pull off so yea maokai is bullshit that doesn't mean the entire tank class is bullshit
: Inb4 new keystone that AoE taunts enemies whenever you cast a skill.
that would be so awesome lol
: If he was considered melee, he wouldn't be able to get hurricane.
good point but, runaans isn't ranged only, it just attacks targets near your target if a melee had 500 range it would simply still work
: do that and i would get challenger with grasp knight's vow thresh and bandit giving 10 gold instead of 3
{{champion:412}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3109}} uh yea
: Probably because for a vast majority of champions, getting in AA range of Malzahar opens you up to eat his entire kit.
are we talking about {{champion:157}} ?? this is getting confusing
: Put a barrel next to the bush, if he tries to go inside drop a barrel in there and pop his ass. Save your oranges for his bola. Then proceed to harass him out of lane. You probably lost because of the elo difference, more than anything.
also drop a barrel in the middle of the wave for good measure you can proc it if he tries to go onto one of your low hp minions and ofc again if he wants to go into bush Rengar in lane is just cheesy because of his level 2 anyway but i always feel like if i can avoid that he is beyond useless or play sion instead and use your Q over every low hp minion and just stop him mid dash so he can either sit back in lane and eat your E or miss all cs xD
: Honestly, the only time a champion should have their mana costs reduced is when they're failing to afford to use abilities after minimal time with mana items or even after buying an essence reaver. Not having to buy any mana items should be an advantage, not some innate ability a noticeable chunk of the lineup has, which I'll list now. Not listing the resourceless or alternate secondary meter champs though. {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:9 {{champion:7}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:83}} That's...too many in my opinion.
{{champion:14}} has mana issues you have to carefully manage your mana or you run oom really fast
Kaìju (NA)
: RFC is not the problematic item, Shiv is
Both {{item:3087}} and {{item:3085}} should not be a thing in the first place it removes major weakness from ADC's And lifesteal should not scale off of crit but just total AD Sustain sure, full health per auto attack fuck off There are many things wrong with adc itemization but there are simply to many adc mains on the balance team for these things to ever get balanced properly
: Said the guy who starts by listing all the things Zoe E is better at while ignoring Fizz ult provides vision, has AoE hard CC and wider hitbox. Yes, sounds like smart guy, please teach the balance team hwo to do their job in being one-sided.
not to mention fizz r is an actual ultimate oh but i think i see your point now you want zoe's basic abilities to be on par with ultimate abilties because that would be proper balance sounds reasonable {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: it wasn't even a low elo game, he only plays normals. it literally doesn't count.
neither do rankeds since s5 ended
: Cuz toplane isn't fixed by buffing a champ who needs a rework anyways. We need a keystone especially for fighters, better stat distribution, a new tree or atleast some minor runes. Actual stat buffs for MR and armor. It's a joke melees are on par with a lot of squishies. We ask riot to fix toplane and make bruisers playable and they come and buff trynd and yi and call it a day.
we need at least 1 more tree we have 3 damage tree's for different damage playstyles catering to most types of carry champs and then we have 1 tree which is shared by tanks fighters and partially supports it's a weird tree and it has some useless options in it as well as some restrictive ones
Diego03 (EUNE)
: I just got a 14 day ban for this
The best answer would have been to say nothing and steal his farm because if there is one thing Sion players hate it's having their farm stolen he would have raged some more and would have gotten a chatban himself instead or he would have ragequit and gotten leaverbuster penalty either way you win
Bilsu (NA)
: Yeah that makes more sense I was just wondering why Riot hasn’t really addressed this way so that’s why I just suggested what I thought. And in my opinion Morellos is just too overloaded in general. It reminds me of season 4 Athenes when every mage built it and they did something about it.
Yes morello's is too powerful but at the same time there isn't really any alternative to it either which makes it problematic to do something about it. Riot messed up really hard on many of these issues, they could have easily addressed this and many other problems of similar scope during the class reworks. Instead they focused on silly changes half of them already being reverted or leading to several followup reworks and tweaks but still leading to problems still.
Bilsu (NA)
: Possible Grievous Wounds Balance Idea
no, sorry to be fair we should not need grievous wounds so much and it should not be on core items nor be so overpowering {{item:3075}} is fine, it's a good tank item sure but it isn't core you have other options here, the GW part is only 1 second on being hit it gives the enemy agency over whether they are affected and it is a very short time Big problem items are {{item:3165}} while this one has a condition the duration makes it not fine, it guts your healing for the remainder of the fight if you drop below 40% hp and gues who is buying this? Champions with burst. . It's also bought 95% of the time {{item:3033}} is the biggest offender imo, it doesn't have any sort of condition and lasts almost as long as morellonomicon, it's pretty much bought everygame. and it synergizes so well with runaans derp derp enemy team can't heal at all First thing that needs to happen is get rid of grievous wounds on these core items and put it on a separate item so a trade off has to be made. The gw won't last for decades but similarly to thornmail version will be short and powerful. Next thing that needs to happen is to make base health regen and it's multipliers unaffected so it doesn't disproportionally hurt fighters and tanks who build some items which give healthregen. Finally we rebalance healing, Lifesteal no longer scales off crit Champions with healing abilities get them re balanced to appropriate levels if needed this includes enchanters That is my take on it anyway
: truly one shot is doing 100% hp with one skill
or with no skill {{item:3031}}
: Doesnt crit work like you roll a dice every tíme you aa?
it's pseudo rng say you have 20% crit that means on your first attack you have 20% chance to crit if you dont then your chances increase the next time until you crit then it starts back at 20% again so this means that with 20% crit you are guaranteed at least 1 crit every 5 attacks but it could just as easily be 5 crits in 5 attacks it was actually random then you could end up not critting for your next 1000 attacks even with 99% crit chance if youyr unlucky basically they did gave crit chance bad luck protection, well protection for the user anyway not for the guy receiving the crits
Agatorion (EUW)
: Karthus + Last Stand.
I like tank {{champion:30}} better {{item:3020}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3075}}{{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} just needs ingenious hunter for uptime on the actives {{summoner:3}} is a good summoner to grab just bumrush the enemy adc and kill him with basedamage every single fight your sole objective is to make the enemy adc as useless as you are {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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