: Would make trolls pick taric if a teamate picks a stealth champ
if i want to troll ill just pick {{champion:223}} or {{champion:12}} they much better at it
: {{item:3165}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3115}} would seem to do the trick with ~15 ap from Quints. This is without scaling runes, any masteries (so you could get more ap, 5% more CDR, or Courage of the Colossus as you wish), Baron, Dragon, Ornn, runes other than Quints, or elixir, _and_ you get the bonus attackspeed to use your insane ap on turrets! But you have no boots and your movespeed would be shit, so there is that. And yes, before you ask, the stacking passive of RoA stacks. It's only the Mana/hp sustain passive that doesn't. And I'm well aware you would have to build and stack up a Seraph's and two RoA's independently, but you used a Seraph's and a single RoA so I figure it's allowed
{{champion:69}} who cares about boots anyway
: Im actually talking about both
I think LB is fine, It's just ADC that are completely stupid now
Maszii (EUW)
: Nasus only to the point untill he has enough stacks to kill you.
yea he does have that nasty %shred now however, you can block a lot of his damage with W and you can cleanse his slow or again block with W not that it matters he has to be inside your E to fight you anyway and he has nothing to stop it if you take {{summoner:14}} into that lane you are {{champion:86}} teed to win tho Normally you can zone him with wave control but the problem is that Nasus can get a lot of early bulk if he wants to through runes and masteries and lane items He can cs anyway and when you want to punish him either the minions focus you as yours push his wave back or you use E and they push back So you need to be actually capable of quickly killing him else he will get the lane pushing back and his passive sustain does the rest Once you get ahead and some bulk & damage then you can just towerdive him all day and just screw him over But you want to use ignite to get to that point if you get camped then there isn't much you can do except pray your jungler isn't a debil and actually ganks botlane/midlane or takes dragons or something
: This is why I don't play top lane.
Thats why you pick {{summoner:14}} instead so you can win lane just leave them to rot while you afk splitpush nothing else to be done about it anyway
: Steraks on melee only is unfairly nerfing proper itemization on three specific cases
couldn't care less about gayce and gnor They are aids af anyway And while i have built it on urgot It's not at all core hell people still build {{item:3022}} on him. . . like why? same with steraks, why? they aren't bad items, but there are much much much much much better options then these They could also make urgot ''melee'' problem fixed
: But it would be even more awkward, since any damage would make it activate, even a support AA. There's a lot of situations where you have 25~50% health and still pushing or fighting. Hexdrinker/Maw only activate at certain health % because you need to take magic damage, which isn't common as any form of damage.
Yea you are right Hadn't thought of it that way yet
: So I just tested a new build for Mordekaiser and then it hit me...
your build misses about 3 or so{{item:3053}} and a{{item:3078}}
: here is what other people already suggested, and i liked. - when lifeline triggers, make steraks ad bonus persist until youre out of combat. (same as maws lifegrip passive) - make the shield decay much slower like you suggested - add 30% tenacity to the shield (the tenacity is lost when the shield is broken) one interesting way to go about it is to make the tenacity, or the shield decay speed dependent on how many enemies are nearby. for example, the more enemies are around, the slower the shield decays on its own.
> [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8Vd4Ky68,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-19T20:15:22.849+0000) > > here is what other people already suggested, and i liked. > > - when lifeline triggers, make steraks ad bonus persist until youre out of combat. (same as maws lifegrip passive) I might have suggested that somewhere I also wanted the shield to activate at 40% hp or so to make it more reliable I mean right now if Caitlin headshot crits you from 1300 range to poke you it triggers and makes you feel awkward Look if i let people poke me down to below 40% as a juggernaut or other beefy boi then sure whatever but just some random poke thrown your way, worse it its one of those ballooning shitboxes, triggering it just feels bad I kinda just want it to be like maw
: Yeah, I do have some issue with the Lux laser in terms of sometimes it feels like if you don't have flash it is a free hit despite already being in motion to dodge.
More then once have i been hit by it when standing like half a lane behind her as she fires it in the opposite direction of where i am Its like it balloons allover the place in a pantheon ult range size around her I get hit by that shit randomly i swear and i aint even anywhere near the lazer it's a straight line how can rito not have fixed this, it's not like its a weird shaped ability or anything
Shåwn (NA)
: Just some things going on in the game right now regarding ADC
most of these clips don't say much the one with faker though says a lot as does the one with bjergsen this is one of the big problems, adc's simply aren't squishy anymore the other being that they spike harder then other classes after gaining half an item so you got about 5 minutes until they are more tanky and have more burst & dps We could gut support power, but nobody want to play support anyway, it's one of the reasons autofill exists. And the other way you can tell is because everyone is bitching about ending up like another support after lane phase ends or you lose. So we should really address the problem at the ADC side first, as for supports their power should be redistributed in a way so they can be effective at supporting other classes too
: Hit Me Hitboxes, hit me! [Hitbox Discussion, All Opinions Welcomed]
{{champion:99}} R for sure is retarded me {{champion:14}} .......................................................{{champion:99}} ===============lazer============> Somehow i got hit anyway https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn-enterprise.discourse.org%2Fturtlerock%2Fuploads%2Fdefault%2Foriginal%2F3X%2F8%2F4%2F8476d43d8a0a5b6d2563ea3426d3efb4e6124abc.jpg&f=1
: You're doing Nasus all wrong, Riot.
I actually made a rework that sort of had this well can't really remember was a long time ago i might have moved the sustain to a different ability But i made him a new passive, which was his stacks, and they had 2 functions He could now get stacks from using any ability These would make his ult stronger and their secondary function was to make the ability which gave him the stacks stronger like extra damage on q if you kill with q or more damage and shred on E I forgot what all the changes exactly where Anyway i remember making him better vs ranged champions and making him scale harder and with more options because you could stack any ability up but he would lose a lot of his lane sustain
: Did i mention that at some point there were only 2 marksmen commonly played and considered viable botlane? For a lane considered to be exclusive for a class that was the epitome of ridiculous and people called marksmen OP still even then. That was in the assassin meta. I mentioned 5 as the highest number, i can't recall a single time that more than 5 were considered good for the marksmen role. And if you´d check plati and diamond + you´d realize that talon is 13 in plati+ and 7 in diamond, akali being number 8. Meaning that the only reason they do not have higher winrates in lower elo is because players below the upper lvls lack the skill to bring out the champions potential. And marksmen as a whole aren't viable in other lanes other than botlane, the ones that do go outside are exceptions and often using some kind of gimmick to succeed. Like the lethality varus did for instance, or jungle Ezreal for a current example. Midlane Lucian? Only because his E allows him to bypass something that mages need, their big skillshots....well, a few of them at least with Taliyah And Riot only nerf champs going to other lanes if their playstyle could be considered "toxic" or "unfun" to play against, like they did AP janna. And as they did recently with Lucians main tool, his E.
> [{quoted}](name=Thefrostyviking,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1fEOhKNW,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-17T18:44:06.437+0000) > > Did i mention that at some point there were only 2 marksmen commonly played and considered viable botlane? For a lane considered to be exclusive for a class that was the epitome of ridiculous and people called marksmen OP still even then. > Thing is ADC viability and ADC strength or power if you will, are different things ADC influence each others viability a lot too Other lanes or positions are more diverse because it isn't limited to the ADC & SUPPORT duo
: Taric's a king at fighting alongside juggernauts and other CC machines. On health stackers his W will give them an extra 500-ish health every few seconds, and the stun link helps them both stick to targets. If him and a tank stick together and keep his Bravado procs going they become borderline unkillable. Me and a friend love duoing with Taric/Olaf, nothing escapes :P
yea and do not forget the bonus armor which makes your hp and the shields and heals from taric stronger as well he is pretty good with beefy melee's there aren't many others though though i do like it when i'm playing {{champion:14}} and i have a {{champion:26}} on my team i can shoot his bombs and he can throw them on my passive and give me a giant speedboost on top it's just a golden combo if done right
Sciela (NA)
: Why do I do better playing trolly champions?
Kinda like how i only play ''troll'' It's just more fun so you don't get as tilted during the game cos you have fun anyway and while that might not even affect your current match necessarily it does affect the games that follow. Also losing to weird ass troll stuff is frustrating to opponents so they get very prone to tilt which they will as their metaclown brain can't handle it Plus you might accidentally hardcounter people like how i picked {{champion:83}} mid into {{champion:4}} and the guy probably thought oh hes trolling let's do this only to eat a face full of ghouls every minion wave and then having to back because he was oom and could not farm with basic attacks because getting walled in meant flash are death then thinking alls fine after getting tabi and mana to push me in and roam with ult only to either lose herald or drake depending on where he roamed or lose his tower there was nothing to be done about it and ganking a midlane yorick happened to be surprisingly difficult to pull off i mean yea i see you jungler im walling of that poor TF and throwing a handful of ghouls your way have fun being slowed and minionblocked so he kinda gave up after 3 tries TBH i lost that game if i remember correctly but it was fun and i did really well, the TF was pretty tilted tho and the enemy was arguing if my team had done better this wouldve been won from the tilt alone ^^ So yes sometimes doing troll stuff can really throw people off. Though from experience i can say that this works best if you pick a champion with clear contributions to your team whether that is by tanking or providing utility or being exceptional at things like taking objectives and splitpushing Then you can go for those things and your team wont have to adapt much if at all which works best Doing trolly stuff which relies on your team to work best can work against you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal Torment,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PpE5W59O,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2017-09-16T03:47:05.517+0000) > > Ezreal Q procs onhit effects, so yes it procs mallet slow for ranged attacks. > > i tried it. trindy Bork mallet combo is so fucking annoying ecspecially if you are a juggernaut. Yeah it seems pretty busted on paper, you get so much survivability and the extra slow, keeping the trinity damage.
Seeing >Serial Tickler Respond to > Eternal Torment {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: {{item:3078}} {{item:3022}} problem solved Edit: Does mallet even proc on ezreal Qs? I feel like it should.
{{champion:81}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3083}} ftfy
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JMoormann (EUW)
: So is a bad Azir (read: my Azir)... when he is on your team
attackspeed reds/quints scaling resist elsewhere Grab your TLD for a tad of poke/burst {{item:3006}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3083}} finish with {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} whichever you need there you go just farm with regular attacks mostly and use only 1 soldier for pokes/clears it will attack fast enough to dmg i promise and you got tld too with voidstaff you kill people so fast it's not even funny anymore if you are having trouble staying alive pick one of the tanky options If you are feeling adventurous you could grab stormraiders but it wont be usefull until later Or you can be a teamplayer, grab stoneborn pact and build {{item:3116}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3174}} instead, it's what i do on {{champion:63}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I know a programmer, am a programmer, and this would take 3 or 4 days with a team of people looking at the code. This would not be easy, since they also have to make sure it works with all their other already fairly buggy code. There are not exaggerating, thousands of variables which could affect this. Your brother couldnt have made this work in half a month on his own, let alone a week, let alone half an hour. It would take him half an hour to figure out the outline of a net, then longer to make the net. And you know they dont constantly work on the the champ select right? This probably only took them a few days, which is impressive. And when it comes to programming a week is a looong time. For programming, a few days, _is_ a while. Hell it can take a good programmer _days_ to figure out how to fix a single error. (Though they are typically ID - 10.T errors).
well half an hour might be an exaggeration obviously . . but days with a team is too i know he makes far more sophisticated stuff in days on his own don't ask me how it works i aint the programmer i'm a bit of a noob with that kind of stuff all i was pointing out really is that this couldve been done ages ago
: You arent a programmer... are you? This would take a _while_ to logically implement...
actually my brother couldve made this in half an hour. . . hes a programmer btw And by taking a while it's mostly testing if we are being honest So taking that into consideration with ofc some adjustments because mistakes were made then at most a couple days Let's keep it at a week, So no it wouldn't actually take a while it couldve been done ages ago
: omg riot.. this made my day, customizeable champ select
TOP{{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} MID{{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} JUNGLE{{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} ADC{{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} SUPPORT{{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} OK I'm all sorted now
: There's more than a few roles where near unstoppable snowballs can happen right now, and it always seems to involve champions with built in tank shreading. Doesn't even seem to matter if they are facing tanks or not, it just seems to be something about their kits or their item paths that I haven't figured out quite yet. That's just my experience as a lowly juggernaut player though.
well there is 2 reasons first of all adc's lost their main weaknesses, partially from others protecting them which now does involve quite a bit of rly strong items but also because they got real strong defensive items themselves, and a lot of mobility through movement steroids on their item builds which all seem to stack so nicely The second part is simply rito wanting to give everyone ways to kill and fight tanks which they did and while this wasn't so bad in 1v1 scenario's where some % dmg or shred here or there didn't make you squishy all of a sudden but now everyone has access to piles of it through kits and items and then they nerfed tank stats over and over and also the damage you can deal as one and things are complete garbage in the 1v1 tank wise so when you face 5 people doing it you simply cease to exist Building defensively no longer exists as a fallback pattern and you now have to win before the adc gets 2 items rather then like 4 and by then they are twice as tanky and fast as you so simply killing them isn't an option either
: Sion W seems less stacked than newer champion/reworked shields
I do have an idea i think the health farming is fine now after the latest buff And the 3 seconds detonate timer has been there forever now so i'm fine with that The shield strength seems fine to me as well However it does have a lot of counter play and has weaker up time compared to other tank steroids For example maokai can spam a heal as long as his enemies spam spells gragas has a heal and a dmg reduction both with similar cooldown to sion w so again twice the uptime in tank steroids And lets compare it to nautilus shield, nautilus doesn't need to lose his shield for damage it's the opposite, it also goes on cooldown immediatley so he can literally spam it to no end, again way more uptime Other champs don't need to lose their tank steroid for damage and they get more up time too so that is imho the unfair part I do not need for Sion to have more up time on it nor do i need other changes of that nature. The fact that has to choose between tanking or dealing damage is a cool unique thing The counterplay is also a good thing imho But the reward for detonating it isn't In my opinion to make the shield better it's damage should scale with Sion's health instead I also think it would be interesting to increase the AP ratio to allow for more item diversity in his build so he can increase shield strength and damage better with ap. I think he could use a little something to give him a more rewarding W considering it has many more drawbacks then most other tank steroids and considerable less uptime
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: You're just a filthy, biased Sion main!
I . . , i .. Ok i wont deny it you got me there Well for the most part anyway, i'm not a sion main
: This is if you CS well and hit a lot of spells on Champions, so stacks are varied
It's easy enough though i mean all you need to do is poke enemies and make assists/kills to get a ton of stacks And ofc you will want to cs well But i play full tank veigar for a reason I mean i have like huge ap ratio's on pretty high base damage abilities ill be slinging 700 spell damage from range with my tank and i have an ult on my E and a fu button on my R it's kinda funny
: Nasus's Q change wasn't too bad, but the veigar one means we're heading in a direction I don't like
Yea we need more {{champion:14}} buffs i agree his scaling takes too long we need to make the health he farms into flat damage reduction post resistances and then give him an extra 1000 base health to compensate that would be fair
: Most ADCs I see don't even buy last whisper, let alone Reminder, but I'm in silver and mostly play norms. Morello's gives enough stats Riot could literally remove GW on it and people would still buy it. Greivous Wounds is why I'm scared of the anti-shield item riot is making until I see it for myself, because if they don't get it right then shields will just become GW 2.0 - either buy the anti-shield item or be overwhelmed by them, just like with healing
Well granted the mortal is usually built after the core items and sometimes as last item but it has a cheap GW component piece I have some of the same worries about anti shield Riot has a tendency to overload something like putting healing and healing bonuses on everything then inventing an anti heal item to cope with it, usually with little drawback because you kinda forced to get it and then they put themselves into a dumb situation because they cannot effectively nerf healing anymore
: you mean in higher elos where they're smart enough to FORCE you to fight 4 v 5's all day while nasus is afk farming top lane? This is the problem with having splitpushers on your team... If you're not facing actual dumbasses they'll force you to take fights or lose all kinds of objectives and kills. All for what? So he can POSSIBLY scale ?
it works both ways the nasus can also force you to send someone to him to stop his push in which case your team can force 4v3 The trick is to facilitate the splitpush with a teamcomp which has hard cc and waveclear to either stall for him or to be able to force a fight when they react to the splitpush
: Over the years, we have less and less choices and freedom in the game.
yea we have lost some choices however the new runesystem doesn't have to give us less choice they can eventually double the paths and tripple the runes per path having stuff along the lines of stormraiders or cotc or bond of stone etc etc with many interactions with items champions allowing you to create special builds or playstyles will not be a problem i would rather have bigger more impactful choices then + 3 armor or + 3% damage like current masteries and runes as well to a large degree
: Ornn's Awful Passive
i would build an ornn item early to safe space in inventory for other component items i will need/have for other items and thats about the only time i would do it
: or just buy the core item for like 90% of mages {{item:3165}}
Like {{item:3033}} isn't core on 90% of adc I think i'm starting to see the issue with grievous wounds
Karfuss (EUW)
: Won't ever happen, Riot have already announced that they love his 'unique' ward hop interaction, going so far as to create a jungler item specifically for it. If he was ever overpowered, he'd be balanced around it. Although I do agree that a pseudo assassin shouldn't have two gank tools where one isn't an ultimate, relying on one that can never fail should Q miss. There isn't skill expression there. Now if an ally gets behind the enemy, you hop to them and do your kick shenanigans... I'd consider that fine, healthy and teamwork.
{{champion:14}} {{champion:134}} can also throw the minion you throw your q on behind the enemy funny shit Sion can do that to a lot of champs actually since his E is pretty fast you see an enemy braum hopping to one of his minions E it away when he is mid dash Same for enemy lee sins but you can also use it to help allies ( or troll them)
: As tank/juggernaut main I don't really enjoy the current meta/itemization
You don't just make the team weaker with ''selfish'' items you actually make yourself weaker too Those support items like locket, and other items likes stoneplate give you way more effective health yea it aint permanent effective health, but let's face it that doesn't matter, it's there when it counts, the moments when you are taking lots of damage is when you use it to shrug that off and that is literally the only time you need to be tanky, when you fight. So cheaper and giving more ehp when it matters, but they also give more utility for the team If you want to be that selfish tank again {{item:3078}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3083}} is where it's at You can grab cotc or grasp for more bulk too and run defensive runes masteries otherwise with possibly some penentration options in reds and quints Gives 2 massive shields and you can double your hp Also gives you fat triforce procs and stronger basic attacks to boost dps a bunch to get some of that old damage back Works very well on any beefy champ with a form of engage and at least one spammable or multiple semi spammable abilities The shields work very well vs % damage and the health works well vs any sort of other damage I find armor to be very lackluster for defense because it's easy to penetrate for enemies and most penetration items come with 0 drawbacks anyway This build focuses more on the healthside of defense though you should still get a decent amount of resistances to beef up that hp a bit And you will have the damage to hurt squishies a lot
Muzét (EUW)
: 2 years ago it would be: "Hey you've got +10 Armor And +10% CDR watch out!"
2 years ago that cdr would have been worth it right now it's hard not to overbuild it
: Twitch needs an attack speed growth nerf and his stealth duration reduced by 2 seconds at all ranks
if only we had good old {{item:3075}} with 30% return damage you would simply build 1 on each teammember and he would suicide everytime it was glorious
Lohrr (NA)
: His max slow is 47 / 59 / 71 / 83 / 95% (I was guessing around 40%, but also was thinking about times when it seemed I couldn't move).
it increases over time and speeds up to the higher slow value quicker if u run tenacity so it's not 95% for the full 5 seconds
: The best ADCs are always a symptom of the meta
You are wrong We have been in an adc meta since forever whatever type of adc is strong dictates the meta not the other way around
: lucian is mediocre if someting like {{champion:42}} mid that would be cancer
at least you can build {{item:3047}} {{item:3194}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3715}} against him
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: it's time for a teemo skin !
GigglesO (NA)
: Honestly I think a lot of champs, and roles have it extremely nice right now. The classes I think have it the worst right now are the non-CC tanks. They pretty much don't exist anymore. You either build damage, have some really odd gimmick or you just really don't play them. This includes a lot of divers, and champs like mundo....
You can thank the AD buffs every class update and the fat tank item nerfs in the tank update for that one Hell many tanks have it bad too just because cho gath is broken and zac is overtuned and gragas is as fat as ever doesn't make the tank class strong it's just a few outliers that are overtuned or too reliable
Drakylon (NA)
: To be honest, item diversity across the board is dying. We have 1, maybe 2, and rarely 3, builds per **role**, plus a few niche options depending on the champion. Plus, I suppose, a fall-back defensive option for utility mages in case their lane doesn't go so well. I think the biggest problem is that a lot of the items in the game are really just non-interactive stat sticks. There's always going an optimal way to build stats that gives you the most of the stats you need at the right times -- that's just math. And it doesn't help that the few actives and passives we do have are either incredibly general ({{item:3165}} ) or incredibly niche ({{item:3115}} {{item:3100}} ). Riot needs to make more itemization that has clear uses with clear disadvantages. Something similar to the two Hydras, or the Energized duo (before the most recent buff to Firecannon that removed any choice). Items should be phasing away from being mere stat sticks and having more of their power placed into their passives and actives.
Items being stat sticks isn't really new interesting passives and interactions aside this is their main function But we could use some more interesting items for sure Though in large the problem also lies with champion kits as they are often extremely similar, mages ten d to deal area damage and can burst and it scales with ap and they need mana and cdr to do this more often so all mages who can do this build the same items and those items tend to be the ones who give the most bang for your bucks ADC does the same As do tanks Although for tanks they could have more interesting options but then they still need to itemize against as many different damage types as they have item slots so they tend to be stuck with similar builds as well Azir kinda breaks the mold for mages for example as he has different options, he can go bursty, something in between or dps, as far as dps is concerned attackspeed is the best stat he can get, it is stronger then magic pen or AP and guinsoo's is actually the strongest item he can get for dps You can make a million different items for mages for example but most of them still want the same stats due to their kits so you end up with the same problem anyway they again build the same items over and over
: A friend of mine is a big assassin player, and after a game of playing Zed (where he couldn't even get to Kalista, much less kill her), he said something that pretty much sums up the problems with assassins right now: "I don't feel like an assassin."
To sum it up even better "I don't feel like an assassin." But then everyone else is gonna say "I don't feel like a getting oneshot." I think assassins are currently a flawed class design When you lack any sort of real strategic niche and your only validity is the tactical application of killing a priority target then you got yourself a pretty toxic class design that is completely unfun to play against and lacks meaningful counterplay when strong and is pretty useless otherwise Not going to say that assassins could not be a viable thing as a class it's just that riots design is flawed because it's binary and toxic both ways if you can't do your thing then it's no fun to play and if you can then it's no fun to play against And it's impossible to balance on that fine line because the smallest of changes throw that balance out the window Would have been better if assassins excelled at different things and had other uses Like being stronger vs weakened (low health/impaired) or isolated champions. No access to cc or at the most extremely short lasting things like duskblades 0.25s slow But instead had other impairing abilities like applying grievous wounds or near sighting enemies applying attack speed slows, grounding them. So pretty strong debuffs that aren't cc would be cool for this as a class strength as well as being stronger vs weakened targets and excelling at finishing off low health targets To make them more unique as a class with more strategic uses Additional stuff i can think of that would be good for assassins are tools to make them slippery that are not mobility like very short stealth or extremely short 0,25 seconds kinda shit untargetability to throw people off and possibly new effects like subterfuge, which would work like a combination between fear and a taunt forcing nearby enemies to attack someone else then you And good ole tricksters glass ability to disguise yourself This can be done through items and some kit changes And then each individual assassin can have their own additional strenght like better objective damage or waveclear or roaming speed as well as other things like being more beefy or better vs beefy targets or stronger in sieges due to longe range ability which can damage structures or a strong poke ability or more sustain etc etc
: He *IS* definitely weak in *comparison* to how strong he was before. However he is still perfectly viable in the current meta especially considering the option he has of ulting that massive health tank cho gath into his team for 18% of his bonus health.
yea just wait till the {{champion:31}} uses {{item:3193}} and {{summoner:4}} in And then you simply press R for a quadra kill
: The frustration comes from the fact that the only thing that trynd players are doing is split pushing all game.
That and consuming their entire fury bar to heal themselves and then fighting you gaining 10% crit and whoopdeedoo crit crit crit crit crit crit You are and AD champion ? https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Forig02.deviantart.net%2F8bdb%2Ff%2F2010%2F251%2F0%2Fd%2Fmentally_handicapped_rooster_by_tehsilentguy-d2yant0.jpg&f=1
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: A lot of high MMR players consider Yorick Jg better than Yorick top. Yasuo ADC is done in challenger.
Yorick mid is even better then yorick top or jungle if you can play him into a mage or assassin, and some skirmishers and tanks he will be very good but many fighters and juggernauts have it easy vs yorick and a few tanks too don't rly care either because of the setup required to get your ghouls and after you get them they are quite easy to get rid of as they die in 1 attack and most toplaners have enough sustain to deal with that kind of trading in the allin he can deal quite a bit of damage but again it's is uber telegraphed so people can prepare and ask for jungler help Also if you spawn ghouls to fight and miss your E you are double screwed because they auto push lane leaving you vulnerable to ganks as your enemy can now decide where to end the lane push by killing the ghouls in mid you can deal with the poke better then most other champs because you have decent sustain The setup doesn't matter, you simply get ghouls and drop E on your enemy, if they stop to attack the ghouls wall them in You can also wall them in if they poke with auto's to force them to take minion aggro dmg Most of them do not have any sustain so after a few of these shenanigans they get low, vulnerable to ganks and can no longer poke you because if they get walled in they are dead or have to blow flash. He is also quite hard to gank in the short midlane with his wall and ghouls and slow from E Diving him is very risky as he can simply wall off escape paths and target both of you between his and his ghouls forcing your ally to kill the ghouls first or get shredded Meanwhile you get whacked by turret and see your escape route disappear Other then that you can either wall of the laner or jungler during ganks to make the gank useless as only 1 guy can reach you and you just set your ghouls on them and shovel their faces So near impossible to gank properly and will bully the enemy laner Also easy access to all objectives, especially drake after you hit 6 is an easy one to take with your jungler, maiden will provide tanking and damage and you can use wall to close off the enemy pathways to dragon forcing them to use their mobility too early and thus not capable of quickly reaching dragon but most of the time this wont be needed as you just kill it in 5 seconds
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