: Have you ever even seen a gp in your life. How would that work on him if he can tank burst why have a w. If you have no damage why use a barrel. You objectively just made half his kit useless and might I add that you have 30 and 55 armor and me respectively. It would literally take zero seconds to kill you in a team fight and you aren’t a great split pusher so just... why.
apparently health doesn't protect vs burst you learn something new everyday i guess
: "Gangplank is overpowered with Kleptomancy keystone"
why on earth take kleptomancy when you can just get grasp, which is way more stupid on him, demolish because you don't really have to leave top anyway with your ult and then you take overgrowth because you can And then in sorcery take gathering storm since you can just afk push and either win by splitpushing or you can actually scale very hard And for the other rune you take the one which converts cdr into ad And then all you need to build {{item:3047}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} There now you gain dumb amounts of HP and AD and nobody can kill you while you push and poke from a distance bully your enemy 1 shot turrets and ~~teabag~~ drop cannon_ballz_ on enemies across the map
: Juggernauts may need to be looked at
Domination/sorcery for juggies you can get predator and use it to flank or just go elektrocute you can get yourself some nice sustain bonus or more movespeed to add to the innate sustain and either more vision which is always a good thing or more AD in sorcery just get gathering storm and trancendance for the bonus Ad and then you build {{item:3071}}{{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3147}}
: I think it’s technically 12 additional AD from the second cleaver with level 10, and then after that it’s 24 additional AD per Cleaver. But your point still stands. It’s really not worth it compared to all the other stuff you could need or get.
maybe, but you still get the hp too and a ton of AD Might be better to go 4 cleavers into duskblade tho as it gives the same ad but you get the lethality and the dmg proc and the blackout passive
ømg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Khristophoros,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Yf6VEus7,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-13T11:03:32.825+0000) > > A good Ezreal player should not fear any of those clowns, especially the ones who go mid. I expect any serious Ezreal player to Arcane Shift every Zed ult with the correct timing so that Zed lands where Ezreal was before he blinked. That's a thing, just so you know. He's not a good mid because he has no wave clear. Wave clear allows you to quickly shove the lane and play around the map instead of staying mid all game. Assassins like Zed generally beat Ezreal 1v1. We can theory craft situations in which Ezreal can survive a Zed all in, but it's almost always Zed being proactive with Ezreal being reactive in this matchup. You can't expect Ezreal to survive every Zed ult attempt by just using E at the right time. Sure, Ezreal can E as soon as Zed's R finishes its initial cast to widen the distance, but what if Zed still has W? What if Zed does a W E Q W to chunk Ezreal and force Ezreal to E early? That's like saying no Ezreal should fear a Blitzcrank because he can E out of Blitz's grab. Not if Blitz Flash - Ult - Q's you.
{{item:3285}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3025}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} youre welcome
: Really don't understand this complaint about the runes. Even with just Sion, Grasp is even better than before and lets you opt into the bonus percent health and demolish. Aftershock is possible. Summon Aery if you like to play E-poke Sion. Glacial Augment let's you even more easily train people down or land Q's. You can even take Dark Harvest or Electrocute or even Phase Rush if you really wanted. The only tree that doesn't really offer anything is Precision but if you play AD Sion then Fleet Footwork is still possible and the lesser runes make a good splash anyway. How many keystones could you center a viable playstyle around before with Sion? Like two?
> [{quoted}](name=SturmPioniere,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jp6tYvWJ,comment-id=0002000100010000,timestamp=2017-11-12T22:59:39.478+0000) > > How many keystones could you center a viable playstyle around before with Sion? Like two? almost all of them That being said keystones aren't the only runes out there, just because i like grasp doesn't mean i want iron trash There are significantly less options for tuning your champion and playstyle and you wont synergize with all of them it's inevitable i'm disappointed with a few of the new runes as well as the lack of choice or diversity
: its not marksmen (adc) that are broken its lifesteal and crit chance that are, with just 60% crit chance and 1 lifesteal item you are almost invincible.
I have been saying this since season 3 but what do i know i only ever got down voted for it Crit is unhealthy and not very special and the interaction with lifesteal is what makes adc's completely broken Critical strikes should not interact with lifesteal Critical strikes should be reworked to not deal as much damage, but rather they now penetrate a portion of bonus armor. Riot can even add special crit effects which happen when you land a critical strike make some items which have this and then this is where tuff like grievous wounds and bleed effects, grounded effects haste effects and anything else you could possibly want can be added to your crit through items The only thing that cannot be added through crit is burst and sustain and everything would be fine This would also create more natural scaling throughout the game and solidify the marksmen class as the anti tank class It's not that difficult of a concept and they could have done this during preseason 6 already
: You do realize that they could've just added rewards for IP? They didn't have to change the entire system into something this illogical lmao.
it was changed for new players primarily i don't think the new system is all that bad, it needs more work though personally i don't give 2 cents about levels and shit as long as i have the option to just play and get my stuff that way without it going any slower then before ill be fine I mean i only need sion skins anyway and he doesn't have chroma's yet so im sitting on a gigantic pile of BE until he gets chroma's since i got nothing else i want to spend it on anyway The runes on the other hand are hot garbage we have like 0 choices half of them are useless and the remaining ones only a handful synergize with your champion if you are lucky fun times
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: Fun Fact: Last stand works during Karthus Passive :P
: I NEVER leave comments and RARELY ever visit the forums, but today is a really really really sad day. Change is tough at first, always. But, this update/change has completely affected/effected the game play mechanics at its roots. For many months now I embraced that change was coming to this game, but to change fundamental game play mechanics and overall pacing and 'feel' is just way too far gone and downright wrong of Riot to do such a thing to such a large fan base. And all I can do is piece all of the warning signs: champion overhauls, cutesy toonish new champs(ivern) and all the other new craptastic useless crap as well, to one thing: Ghostcrawler ----the epitome of grubby-ass-developer Everything he gets his grubby troll hands on....he destroys. And he does this because he envisions way too large of things, to things, that never needed envisioning or improvements on in the first place. I'm sure building his 'cause' by Preaching to Riot "sustainability"....."we must make changes for the future of the games' success".......yeah, ....OK. ??? 30 million worldwide, right? something like that. well, maybe half that, but still....I think League has been pretty successful! withOUT Ghostcrawler. ..and up until now, had a bright future. But people just gotta touch stuff! Just gotta touch touch touch touch touch! -KaBoooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rune system took away choice, makes good players exponentially OP exponentially faster, makes players that are not good/behind exponentially worse. Every game I have played today went from not fun to just downright disgusting. Win or lose...the key success to league was in its pacing and gameplay itself. ....And Ghostcrawler just took the game play and threw it out the window and replaced the entire game with cat memes to make the game really flashy and tootsie and cutsie! yay! poro's get mustaches too! oh wow! F*******************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Money and Time....just completely destroyed to yet another semi-decade of promises only to turn to ashes and reveal lies. League just destroyed what made LOL fun. Really simple straight forward mechanics with a HUGE variety of freedom of choice on how you played and built your champion. Now, all that choice has been completely abolished for a cookie cutter gimmicky ass rune system that is completely and utterly unbalanced and has no place in league. This is NOT Heroes of the Storm and that's what made League just what it was; League of Legends. A fun very simple MOBA. The simplicity is what makes this game so much deeper than others and makes the replay so much fun. I don't know what you call it now: An updated pile of hopes and dreams turned to ashes.
Ty for typing this for me saved me the trouble Spot on about REMOVING choice and options Game just got ruined even further it went all downhill after season 5
nm1010 (NA)
: The end idea might be the same, but you have different paths you can choose to get there. The videos would've been much better if they showed 2 builds per video demonstrating how people can have _choices_ on how to play champions now.
uh there isn't that much choice though you can pick like 6 runes and you are limited in these 6 as well there is some really nice troll shit you can do though you can get 80% cdr on {{item:3193}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3060}} {{item:2045}} ultimate fu build
: > [{quoted}](name=I Main Teemo 420,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EbWTugyE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-05T10:11:40.240+0000) > > well it's about making the enemy adc kinda useless .. > so you can go in easier on him Starting without a gold item would set you back tremendously for a portion of the game
Not necessarily true I mean technically you are right But if you can gain better stats without one(dorans in this case) and use that advantage to make the enemy fall behind in gold more then you lose out on then it can be worth It is more risky though
: Can we try having really strong towers in Preseason 8?
I want upgradable turrets something ive advocated for a long time Spend some golds make your turret big and fat
: At least they have to make an actual decision between more damage and GW. With mages, they just buy an item that gives them all the mana they need, 20% CDR, a large sum of AP, and then the GW is just tacked on top for no reason as an added bonus. There is no reason to have GW on Morellonomicon other than that is the only source of it for mages. This is why a new alternative for GW needs to be added. One that only provides AP and GW so if you are getting that item as a mage, it is specifically to counter healing and not to supply yourself with AP, CDR, and mana all at the same time.
oh yea for sure {{item:3165}} has been totally broken but so is {{item:3033}} i mean {{item:3075}} makes sense although it's a bit weak right now but i think choosing between damage and utility would be the way to go for APC and ADC You can argue about mortal reminder giving such a choice but at it's core it is still a damage item and it can take away a large amount of gold value from the enemy's build with it's armorpen so there is that to consider would make more sense to just put GW on separate items so you truly have to choose As a tank you choose between health armor and mr and only the armor option gives anti healing and a weak effect at 1 second and even within the armor options you can go for different stuff which might be more useful as an adc or apc you get {{item:3033}} {{item:3165}} anyway because they are so super effective even without the grievous wounds
: I would like GW removed from red book. It is so overtuned with everything that no one actually cares about the GW anyways. They should remove GW from it and add a new 800-1k gold item that applies GW with spell damage and gives a small amount of AP. Passively giving GW to every mage in the game who uses mana and not providing a cheap alternative for tough matches is stupid.
{{item:3033}} has been passively giving GW to ADC's (melee and ranged) since it's release it has the same problem tanks are truly getting the short end of the stick when you think about it {{item:3075}} aint very useful vs {{champion:50}} or {{champion:36}} or {{champion:16}}
Bârd (NA)
: Ahri's speed boost should be on Foxfire
{{champion:103}} W fox fire is there to land heaps of {{item:3042}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Just a quick question: Have you ever thought of making a "maximum" range instead of melee only? For example: "Maximum Range 375" means champs like Rakan/Urgot can make use of this imaginary item whereas champs like Cannon Jayce/Graves can't use it? Not saying this would balance/etc. something but I was curious. Especially considering how many league champs either transform or are psuedo-range with not-melee but pale greatly compared to standard ADCs.
simple yet genius {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: {{champion:83}} +{{item:3078}} +{{item:3053}} + Q = A shovel that will knock your ass 6 feet under.
yea this was already a really good build on yorick but new runes will make him even better armor is as useless as ever so you wont need much of it anyway so you can grab your black cleaver after and then build more cdr with the new runes tag on gathering storm for even more ad over time and you get disgusting damage on your ghouls lol
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Skirting the line between "ADC in 2017" and "ADC in 2017" is a tough one. Ultimately, understanding and building towards the union of what would make designers at Riot happy with the game and also what players find fun, engaging and variant game to game is quite a challenge. Marksmen have a unique power curve, such that just nerfing them doesn't make much of an impact by itself. By supporting a late game fantasy, it almost by definition makes them quite hard to deal with late game. The balancing factor is that both teams have one, so they kind of neutralise each other. Ideally, most designers would prefer that teams can play variant classes of characters in the "support lane", but the way the game is constructed right now, Marksmen are pretty much the way to go due to their tower killing proficiency and late game scaling. Ideally, the best solution in this space is to find something that both players and designers are aligned on (eg. players feel like all roles have agency, designers feel like you can do any number of meaningfully different strategies to win). TLDR is that nerfing marksman doesn't automatically solve the problem. If players are inherently not happy about skirting the boundary between either ADC's being unable to touch tanks or ADC's being too powerful, it's possible that exploring some more fundamental changes to the way ADC's function is a potential option - which of course carry different costs and benefits.
Marksmen sure do have a unique power curve They are stronger in lane then you are They Hit harder first item spikes They out scale you in burst and dps for the rest of the game too Oh and they get to be more beefy Ofc with 0 counterplay because who the fuck needs that right Did i miss something?
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: In mid-season, one of our projects was to increase the attractiveness and general agency of the support role. By giving supports access to income streams that they never had before, they are also much more impactful. For reference, Redemption and Locket also are very cost efficient , though most of their power is in the actives. I would say what players find particularly offensive (though correct me if I'm wrong) is the relatively low skill expression of Ardent's power. So yes, I would agree that the role and items have been power crept, but this needs to be held in the context of supports having less gold income as well.
> [{quoted}](name=Trading Stance,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HiV8tNrd,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-10-10T03:03:59.177+0000) > > In mid-season, one of our projects was to increase the attractiveness and general agency of the support role. How about not making us glued to a marksman and making all our kits and items revolve around them It's **BORING AS FUCK** having 200% of your agency revolving around some entitled little shithole
: Runes Reforged: Resolve Tree Discussion (Iron Skin, Mirror Shell, Conditioning)
I vote we change these runes into something which enhances defensive builds rather then being a bland stat boost Mirror shell +5 MR Absorb up to X (based on mr) magic damage and deal bonus magic damage on your next spell within X seconds absorbed damage decays quickly and upon reaching 0 goes on cooldown for a bit Iron skin +5 armor Healing above 20 refreshes your armor rating reducing the effects of penetration by 50% and cutting all shred stacks by 50% Conditioning + 0.1 armor/mr adaptive every time you take physical/magical damage up to a cap of X Become 0,25% less affected (duration/strength) by debuffs (GW or Slows or Shred etc) every time you get hit with them or for every second you are under its effect up to a cap of X Simple shit all quite useful and all of them need you to build defense to a degree to gain some use out of them
: Only somewhat related, but does anyone have any good ideas for an interesting version of Sunfire Cape that you'd be excited to use and play against? We've been slow to buff Sunfire because the gameplay it brings when it's good isn't very interesting or fun, and so it's at best overly niche right now. That said, leaving it pretty bleh isn't the right treatment, and we would like to do something with it to make it worth its spot in the shop. So if you have any ideas, I'd be interested in hearing them. Buffing its stats or the damage of its current effect probably wouldn't cut it.
here is an old concept of mine i made around the time it's rework got announced https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/01bTEF5a-sunfire-cape-rework-concept Short version 12-29 damage is now 13-30 still + 200% bonus vs minions same range But combusts after you get hit 5 times with a small delay and some sort of increasing glow to warn enemies and the co,bustion has a 50% larger radius then the regular burn Combustion deals 5x damage so up 150 Stat changes 450 Health 45 Armor 100% health regen Less armor but some extra regen to help with early trading in lane One of my biggest problems is the extremely short range starting from hirbox center rather then edge which means if your champ is big like sion or cho you hit them with basic attacks before you can so much as scare them with your aura range Looking back on my original concept one could fix the aura so it's better on bigger champions, like tanks, instead of it being worse Reduce burn damage further to like 20 but increase the bonus damage to minions to 300% Then up the combustion effect by letting it keep the 50% bigger radius and making it deal like 10x damage after you get hit 10 times it could even have a health ratio or add a debuff etc etc whatever it takes to prevent abuse although requiring the taking of attacks already sort of does this In the 1v1 it takes a long time to trigger so it wont add much dps or use there it keeps the wavepush element Early game use is back but at the cost of armor in that particular slot although it should give enough for the early game It restores teamfight use as far as damage goes, the counterplay would be to not damage the tank and thus requiring you to play around them if they bring a sunfire Or you could simply keep an eye out for the combustion and avoid getting hit by it So that would make it more interactive to play around ofc the effect/damage would have to be tuned so it's not oppressive early nor weak in later teamfights as it would now have appropriate counterplay
: Does anyone else feel the new rune system shafts every role that's not AD?
Resolve is by far the weakest and like you pointed out ap burst don't have any choices It's literally catering to AD specifically marksmen allover again just like every class update was more or less a class nerf + AD item & marksmen buff What's even the point of this game anymore Objectives became meaningless everything is paper support is more boring and one dimensional then ever if you don't play marksmen you can go suck a D*ck and not enjoy the game because you are not allowed to have agency Why would i even play this game anymore
Voluug13 (NA)
: On tank meta (no, not bruiser/juggernaut meta) everyone is good except assassins, which are the worst designed role of them all.
pretty much assassins lack any strategic use they are solely there for the narrowest choice of tactical applications
: that's selfish in this case edit: Who am I kidding, that IS selfish as hell. Players already hear a very distinct sound (unless they mute sound, which removes that counterplay) when Sion ults. Making a visual distortion effect that goes on for the same amount of time that noise will play would easily fix the situation, and will not affect his winrate as I doubt giving a 2nd warning as the same time as a warning will even make sense as to decrease his winrate. Buffing Sion for a QoL change is pathetic.
Qol Buff for Qol nerf sounds reasonable to me When i mean more dmg vs minion/monster on Q it's not like i'm saying just get rid of the dmg reduction i mean make it scale down with level You might say it's all the same visual or sound warning but sometimes you can use the fact that people are already fighting and shit is happening which distracts them to make them miss the warning so they might not notice or too late It's a valid tactic which gets gutted when this where to happen while we are making things easier to keep track of, lets show the marks on minions from yasuo E to enemy players as well then
: @Riot: Please Consider a small Quality of Life Change...
As a sion main i would be fine with adding more counterplay and warning If he gets a compensation buff for it Paying attention is also part of this game in your case you cannot help it, so that kind of sucks Sion offers more counterplay to his kit then any other champion in the game adding more is fine but he needs compensation the risk vs reward in his kit is all loaded on the risk side already with minimal reward as is At least they could do something about his abysmal damage vs minions with his Q
: Riot, no, please don’t do this to Ornn..
This ornn buff is dumb and uncreative But uncreative is just what you expect from riot tbh These are the buffs ornn needs 1. They should give the headbutt on R unstoppable and make it not count like a projectile 2. Give both brittle and w less % damage and instead add a flat damage portion scaling with AP 3. More range on E 4. bit more range on Q as well as making the pillar pop up faster to make a W + E combo feasible
: Least favorite aspects of your favorite champions
{{champion:14}} MWahahah i can get infinite health from farm https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fnews.cdn.leagueoflegends.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2Fpages%2Fsio%2Fimg%2Fsio-q.png&f=1 Why u do no damage to minion https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.troll.me%2Fimages%2Frage-face%2Fbut-why.jpg&f=1
: I'm actually curious to how much thornmail will reflect, so if anyone can do the math please do.
: What if Garen's E chopped down bushes for 30~ seconds?
And then we just need a new skin where he wields a lawnmower and swings that around And by using Q he rams the mower over your head making the enemy champion bald for the rest of the game
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: > [{quoted}](name=RiotWrekz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TI88Vl74,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-09-29T19:02:01.388+0000) > > First, adaptive is primarily useful for providing the same option to two characters that want to specialize in different stats. Defense, you generally don't have a strong push to specialize in. As a result, shifting a block of defenses from Armor to MR is sometimes useful, but often you want a more balanced approach. iron skin and mirror shield as they are exist exactly for the purpose to focus on a specific defensive type over a balanced approach. so that argument is pretty much mute. you only pick one of these runes exactly when you dont want a balanced approach anyways. isnt that the entire point of having 2 seperate runes that either focus on armor or mr instead of providing both? as far as the desire to focus on a balanced defense approach goes, this nieche could be filled with the rune slot that would open up by combining iron skin and mirror shield into one adaptive resistance rune. a version of legendary guardian or fearless could be brought back for that matter. their situational effects and uses are unique enough compared to the other two options in that row to make them a specific strategic choice. high focus on a specific defense vs. high, situational, balanced defenses (legendary guardian) vs. sacrifice of early game power to get high, non situational, balanced defenses later. > [{quoted}](name=RiotWrekz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TI88Vl74,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-09-29T19:02:01.388+0000) > > Second is predictability. Offensive scalars are intrinsic to your champion, with hybrids being the outliers. For defense its largely a reactive decision and creating the potential for your defensive profile to switch undermines the ability for your opponent to check your defensive profile and decide if buying pen is a good option vs other items. We don't want to create a way that your reactive itemization decisions can be undermined by an opponents defensive profile shifting in non-obvious ways. the second point sounds like a double standart to me. champions are allowed to change their damage profile mid game and make the defensive itemization of their opponents that theyve built in reaction to a specific damage type partially meaningless is ok, but champions switching their defensive profile is unfair? why exacty? kennen walks into lane with a high ad value on a dorans blade + ad from runes and starts building the ad components for gunblade first and forces us to build armor in reaction to his itemization to survive his poke. he later sells the dorans and grabs a little more ap than ad and suddenly all the bonuses from runes swap over to ap and his damage profile changes from mostly physical damage to mostly magic damage and makes most of our armor worthless against him. this includes adaptive damage keystone runes like electrocute! you guys were proud of strategies like this being possible in the new rune system. it was even explicitly mentioned in the live stream a couple days ago. but it undermines the ability for your opponent to check your offensive profile and build defense in reaction to it. so where is the difference? why is a stategy in context of switching damage profiles amazing and fair, and the same strategy in context of switching defensive profiles not?
It basically means armor/mr is moot People swap their damage or simply penetrate it or both so it's semi pointless to even build any You are better off simply grabbing health instead and if you have slots left use those for damage There is very little reason to even consider resistances anymore The items/runes are half as gold efficient as the damage options with the possibility of losing more value due to penetration and with this new adaptive bs you even risk losing ALL their value You are better off not building any armor or mr but if you do limit yourself to the 1 item that counters your opponents the hardest and just stick to health and damage otherwise
: This Whole "Never Surrender" (a.k.a "Holding A Game Hostage") Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand
the funny thing is is that it is often the 0/17 guy refusing to surrender because he is clearly going to carry the game he just needs so and so item and everyone else to do this and that and it will be fine
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Sohleks (NA)
: Resolve runes kinda look really sterile. I think tanks in the know will abuse runes in other trees as they build their tank items so they have more bite in the department of dmg or mobility or cdr or free gold or w/e Runes must be balanced amongst each other. Releasing shit tank and adc runes because of their current state is only kicking the can down the road and hurts your new system choice/balance. Items have to be balanced versus Items. Champion v champions. Runes v runes. Maybe these tank runes are fine in early game. They just don't seem to scale all that amazingly. But maybe defenses that scaled better would be a problem on other classes...? I think 3 runes being taken by 3 variants of minor ar/mr bonuses is pretty lame. That entire row seems like wasted potential.
But riot has like zero creativity they could have made iron skin a rune which combats armorpenetration would this be abusable? no because you would actually need to build armor for it to do anything Conditioning could be a good rune vs debuffs for example the more you get hit the less effective they are could include things like slows resist shreds grievous wounds etc etc You would need to actually get hit repeatedly for this to be of use which you don't want to happen to you if you are squishy becasue you would die and that is something you would want to avoid It just doesn't fit the playstyle of squishy champs especially ranged squishies but here comes rito +3 armor because if its more other classes might pick it and abuse it {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
SirPurrr (NA)
: Nearly 1/3 of Kog Players Went AP Before the Latest Reworks
all they need to do to make ap kog viable is revert the E nerf And then give his R a mana ratio making it deal more damage the more mana it costs to cast it keeping your R stacked would then result in heavy damage at the cost of mana for example though with the removal of current runes i wont be able to have my full manaregen runepage for things like this or champs like swain/anivia anymore which kinda sucks
GigglesO (NA)
: Stop gimping tank runes
well at least we have iron skin + 3/5% armor they could have done something like Iron skin +5 armor, after healing for at least 20 or consumable you refresh your armor, reducing 50% of any armor shredding effects and reducing the effect of armor penetration by 50% for 3 seconds Would be a whole lot more useful then +3/5% armor which after cleaver and ldr have said their piece about it adds up to like what 8-10 armor late game Already feeling the ever increasing healthpool at +10% after i get 500 cs when game ends before you can even get half of that and items no longer give a shred of hp Seriously anyone who thinks tank runes are strong is debil
hopeful4 (EUNE)
: Do you believe that new runes will have diversity or it will just be 1-2 optimal paths again?
1 or 2 optimal paths i mean when you get useless stuff like +3/5% armor which is really just a the blandest of bland stat boosts and quite useless at that yea i'm pretty sure there will be optimal paths again especially since you only have an extremely narrow selection of choices with only 3 runes per slot and half of them being kinda useless or extremely niche
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Crett (NA)
: i REALLY love second wind. it kills me that overgrowth is in the same tier, forcing me to decide between my two loves. infinite scaling tankiness, and in-combat % regen
well it's a lot better then overgrowth right now ofc there is this thing called grievous wounds though
: this should be one of the resolve runes. they should rework iron skin and mirror shell into a single early game resist rune, make conditioning better as a lategame resist rune, and replace one of the two slots with this.
I completely agree I had some of my own idea's for better resolve runes they are in here v https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/q6dMaou6-anyone-else-feel-dissapointed-by-the-resolve-rune-path Though something which considers range seems like a good idea too
: This will be balanced out, don't you worry. What I do worry is how overgrowth will effect tanks. Cause you will only get a 4% increase per 200 cs. And the old one you could have gotten like 9% increase hp only from runes at the start, plus 5% from mastery. Or combined was 9%? Can't remember. But this will look wierd. Clearly tank meta will be dead in pre season.
Yea 4% at 200 cs is really weak they can simply buff the number though and it will be fine i feel like most of the resolve tree is very weak right now But i'm especially concerned with the armor/mr options Even if they gave double they would still be weaker then other rune options and as long as penetration exists they stay useless and if they are ever stronger they would get abused Something like what i suggested isn't as easy to abuse due to not just flat out giving stats nor is it weak but it is situational yet still worth considering over options in other trees The way it is right now ill never use resolve since it doesn't even have 20% of the power that precision path has
Kloqdq (NA)
: I mean it's really going to be a split-pusher mastery. For example, I am going to abuse the ever loving shit out of this on GP.
Yea i would like to take grasp too except 70 starting hp isn't half as strong as what the other trees give you also have 1 less rune iron skin, Mshell and conditioning are pretty much a lost rune slot so i guess i wont be taking grasp after all
: We've been doing some investigation into tower and minion tuning for pre-season, we're not sure if/what we're going to ship, but the demolish rune would definitely be tuned around whatever state turrets end up in. Anecdotally it feels like it's in a pretty decent spot right now. Pretty sure I've only ever seen it on tops and supports and not marksman in our playtests, though I'm certain it can be a viable strat that players opt into. The idea being that there's a lot more opportunity cost in the new runes than the old system means that a marksman should be giving up something substantial to go resolve over another secondary path. TL;DR - we're looking at some stuff with turrets for pre-season, we might not ship anything, and I haven't seen a demolish abuse case yet internally. Hope that helps!
Oh but this is where you are sooooooooooooooooo wrong I will enjoy playing proxy {{champion:14}} again more then ever
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GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PopcornBunni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=w9RLZRnN,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-28T19:23:54.818+0000) > > But hey at least we get that sweet 60 gold worth of 3 armor wooo Meanwhile in the offence line 20% attack speed 500 gold, 80% attack speed 2000 gold But hey, we have grasp that gives 5 permanent hp every time you use it which I guess if you never stopped hitting the enemy from minute 0 you could get 1500 hp in a 20 minute game soooo realisticaly 1/4 or less of that which is <500 which is 975 gold but lets be realistic here... are you even going to get 1/4 of a perfect grasp stack?
nope you are not any long game you might get about 500 hp from it it's not bad since you still have the other part of grasp it does have nice self synergy
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: > [{quoted}](name=nice table,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=w9RLZRnN,comment-id=0001000000000001,timestamp=2017-09-28T18:00:11.179+0000) > > you usually get hit by more than 1 rotation of spells in a lane ^This. 70 health is nice. 70 health and 5 health/level or something would be better. Manageable upfront stats, but actually worth what you are paying for it.
or possibly early hp/5 or something akin to old dorans shield where it blocks X damage
: Petition to add a Resolve rune that lets tanks PROTECT towers.
Yes! great idea current armor/mr bonuses look weak i vote we get a better one by combining them and possibly replace conditioning for a better scaling one, could still be called conditioning though but more akin to gathering storm except with something which grants ever increasing % of armor/mr adaptive if possible then it would be an actual choice current mirror shell is beyond useless and conditioning is kinda meh iron skin is weak but still better then conditioning since you can use it right away there is really no choice in that part of the resolve tree choosing between early defense strengthening towers or lategame defense would be cool
: Oh my, those Steraks buffs!
{{champion:14}} already liked it, and now likes it even more that enormous shield was always so dope ^^
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