UomoAfide (EUW)
: Project: Reckoning
Wait no Kai'sa, ezreal, Lux or Ahri? Well thank god Jinx got another skin, i was really getting worried there. Good for warwick though. But there still should be no way 15 or so champions get more skins then all the rest of the roster combined. Or maybe they just dont want us to play older champions, i dont even know anymore.
usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
Spidurgot. He shoots webs with Q, venom spit for passive and his ult Strangles a target with a web and on reactivation he eats them.
Kimimi (EUNE)
: Why do Kai'Sa and Rumble have the same amount of skins?
I feel you Rumble players. I had to wait 6+ years for my mediocre at best Urgot skin, and i'm still waiting on a Karthus/Morde skin. (but i still have a few years to go on those, patience is a virtue if you play champs that dont appeal to weebs and egirls)
: Its that time of the year again
Well pool party ezreal, lux and kai'sa are guaranteed at this point, with the possibility for ahri or zed. That leaves one slot open for a non popular champion.
: A fond farewell...
I'm going to miss getting yelling in discord when my dragon didnt obey any commands and just walks off to hit scuttle during a teamfight I'm going to miss ulting the adc and slowly watching them die with my ult + liandri's I'm going to miss running up to the wraiths real quick from mid to casually heal 450 with my W I'm going to miss you my big buggy metal boi https://i.imgur.com/fyQV17C.jpg
: The new arcade skins are cool but Xerath hasn't had a skin since 2015
It just had to be Yasuo. What's next, Battlecast Zoe? Or has Riot given up on the battlecast line since it features mostly monstrous champions and that's not weeb enough to be profitable.
Vıvıd (NA)
: No more login screens????????????????????
The dark cosmic Jhin theme is absolutely brilliant. It would be such a shame it didnt get featured on the login page, same with the Morde login theme.
: They've set Qiyana up to grow.
I hope canonically Morde just splats her into the ground with his mace for daring to steal his spotlight.
: I Know That Star Guardian Urgot is Just a Meme that Will Likely Never Be but...
Spidurgot. His ult could web someone in a coccoon and pull them in.
Rioter Comments
nelogis (EUW)
: Welcome to "What the hell just did so much damage to me?!"
I dont see Sejuani with literally just a cinderhulk on that list.
: Remember when some boards people flamed us for complaining about Rivens compensation buffs?
{{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3161}} What even are cooldowns lmao
Sukishoo (NA)
: REJOICE Mordekaiser skin lovers, the recolors have happened!
This is actually amazing. Did they fix his really weird recall animation yet where only his legs enter that portal to the death realm?
: To all Volibear and Fiddlesticks Enthusiasts
Can they make one of Fiddle's skins a rattling skeleton boi that throws bouncing bones at people with his E?
: Fiddlesticks and Voli are the winners of VGU vote.
Am i the only one who loves Fiddle as he is right now? I really hope they dont change too much about my stickman.
: Marksmen with Melee animations
{{champion:17}} Stabbing their shins with his blowpipe
: Morde is simply perfect.
Let's just hope he doesnt get stabbed out of nowhere by a little girl and it'll ruin all of season 9.
: The New Mord is a Dark Souls Boss
Is my metal man showing some Bone right there? https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/970/518/463.jpg
: Tahm Kench in top lane is filthy
{{champion:82}} and {{champion:420}} are fine into him. But yea his damage is way out of line for a tank.
: Yeah, I'm starting to get the hint I don't belong in this game. It's like I only have a choice of sparkly anime or maybe cowboy anime anymore. Is every League player a weeb and I just happened to sneak in past the guards?
Maybe they'll grace us with some pentakill goodness when Mordekaiser comes out. Or atleast a more mature/dark skinline that isn't all sparkles and rainbows and anime crap.
: The choice of champions in the new skinline just forces a huge "MONEYGRAB" tag to be sticked on it
Great. Another anime skinline. Because everyone who plays league is a giant weeb i guess. Oh and half the champions in this one are also in the star guardian line, really original. You could have Ryze, Zilean or even Ornn as a teacher. But why graves? And why do ez and lux get yet another skin? They almost have more skins than the rest of the champion pool combined. Udyr, Zilean, Xerath, Skarner, Shaco and Rek'sai are all sitting at 1400+ days without a skin (that's almost 4 years.)
: Most Satisfying Sound(s) In League?
{{champion:82}} The deep ominous laugh when you ult someone
: "Oh, cool, there's a new Enchant-"
MFW Morde is almost here https://i.redd.it/7137kkn21arz.jpg
AD Yuumi (NA)
: She can autoattack you say?
: With the reveal of Yuumi, one thing comes to mind...
I'm just glad it's an actual cat, and not some furry weeb human/animal hybrid.
: Yasuo is Unhealthy for the Game
Remove one of his 2 passives and change windwall into something else. anything else. How is windwall still an ability today?
: Is YOUR name OFFENSIVE???????
Haha jokes on you my name is only offensive in China because they havent figured out skeletons live inside them.
Rustypug (NA)
: unpopular opinion
If only Karthus wasn't a dude. That goddamn voice of his...
: Just some Morde I've been drawing recently
The real question is... How large and girthy is his mace? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: 49 days later, Spear of Shojin still exists
If they didnt remove rageblade yet there's no chance they'll remove this cancer either. I think Riot's only regret is that neither are good on Yasuo.
: Mordekaiser Has Almost Definitely Never Eaten a Taco
Mordekaiser can taste any food his victim has eaten by taking control of the soul. Therefore, Mordekaiser has eaten just about everything on the planet, including trees, people, rocks, and the despair and envy of people as they realise they are in fact NOT Giant armored badasses.
Vartius (EUNE)
: Seeing the new Mordekaiser emote, I decided to redraw him in a more serious style
Where are his iconic glowing red eyes? The 3 horns on his helmet? He just looks like deathsworn zed :/
: The three stages of playing Kayle
Could just play vayne and be kayle at level 16, al throughout the game. They only teach that to gray jedi though.
Terozu (NA)
: Why hasn't Yasuo been changed when he has >60% banrate in 9 regions?(of 13)
It's windwall. It's the double crit for no reason, while still having a shield passive. It's having no resource whatsoever. It's having the among highest mobility in the game, at no cost, at almost no cooldown. It's being able to go 0/10 and STILL be a threat somehow. There is so much more wrong with this champion but i cba to type it out. His winrate might not be impressive, but if he's on the enemy team, you just wont have fun. He's the definition of "not fun to play against" Just remove windwall or one of his 2 passives.
Moody P (NA)
: Hey guys Darius here
The more important question is why are draven's weapons called axes when they are clearly far more sword than axe. It's like calling darius' weapon a spear. Also fix toplane yadda yadda nerf ranged all that.
: when a champion you care about gets reworked
I'm both terrified and hyped about the Morde rework. On one hand, he can't possibly be any worse than he is now. But on the other, i love the buggy piece of shit that he is, and i dont want him to lose his identity.
Áery (NA)
: Repertoir on Riven “Frustration over her current state seems to be an especially western phenomenon.
So Riven is getting a new skin is what i get from this. Maybe they'll look into her after she's sold enough units of her "prestige weeb cancer riven"
: Pizza Delivery Arhi leaked
Looks like you're either getting a pizza, or your organs removed in there.
: “dOn’T cAlL uS fUcKiNg GrEeDy” - Marc Merrill
"New champions will be locked behind a season pass, with premium pass holders getting 2 weeks early acces, and rift pass holders 1 week early access" "nerfs will be delayed by 1 week for premium and rift pass holders" "you can upgrade your premium pass to the premium deluxe pass, getting exclusive chromas and emotes"
: The Unsupported Speculation Thread
{{champion:82}} 's mace Nightfall is a darkin he enslaved by overpowering it. The Darkin is more or less fine with this since Morde slaughtered thousands upon thousands of people with the mace, or the darkin conscience in the mace is completely gone.
: Never forget - This existed
https://wallpapercave.com/wp/vX0FfBW.jpg The feared Crotch spike of phallic domination
: How many nautilus per hour = 1 mordekaiser per hour?
Rioter Comments
: I don't understand why mobile/evasive champs get to enjoy strong damage values
The fuck is this "mobility" thing you're talking about? https://img.fireden.net/vg/image/1439/46/1439467237663.png
: Did Vayne sell enough Firecracker Skins yet?
: When you vote honestly in the pick-a-skin poll
i picked galactic gunner too dont worry. The demon one is nice too but the candy one is an abomination imo. But i'm in the minority on that opinion
SS1986 (NA)
: This is on the pbe
That's literally the biggest placebo buff i've ever seen. His early game is unchanged, and he gets 5% more crit at every rank of his ult. Lategame he doesnt need those extra crits anyways. This wont change anything about the champ. (and Trynd needs to build up a fury bar unlike Yasuo who just gets double crit because why the fuck not)
Aseraan (EUW)
: There is no lane karthus tho not since dark harvest got gutted(good ridance btw better delete the rune).
well that's my point. I mostly played mid Karthus and now i cba to play him because he's both too strong and better in the jungle.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vacus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EWagf6e3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-22T22:49:52.674+0000) > > Pretty sure the only people who give a shit are actively trolling. https://a.1stdibscdn.com/archivesE/upload/1121189/f_103573011523681817562/10357301_master.jpg?width=240
> [{quoted}](name=DefinitlyNotVivi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EWagf6e3,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-02-23T01:47:35.767+0000) > > https://a.1stdibscdn.com/archivesE/upload/1121189/f_103573011523681817562/10357301_master.jpg?width=240 You can't just go around posting a picture of half a snowboard.
: Karthus Jungle Winrate Drops 5% off a 5/10 Damage nerf
10 damage single target per cast on an ability that has a 1 second cooldown is significant. They really should have just made his Q do 70% damage to jungle monsters or something to avoid hitting lane Karthus though.
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