: Seriously, how do people die this much?
i die more and am diamond ( it can happen that i play Fizz and end up 25/22 or something) KDA =/= useful player Also silver is really not good lol it's just the skill level of an average level 30 player
: My only issue with the Aery nerfs
honestly i play comet and rumble and it hits at least 60% and i think it was more
Krissey (NA)
: The point is team composition. I notice a lot of AD jungles, AD Tops and AD mids are quite popular and commonly used these days. Talon/Zed/Yasuo Mid, the same old tops as always (Darius, Yorick, Garen, etc...) then of course all the dope AD jungle assassins, Kayn, Nocturne, whoever, etc... So sometimes you need AP to change it up. A bottom laner who can auto attack carry with AP scaling would solve this issue and bring something fresh to the game IMO.
You have one made EXACTLY for that {{champion:42}} (Don't tell me he is hybrid he has the same physical damage as a full ap Twisted Fate)
: "Klepto is the problem" (Ezreal)
But he had a bug dealing double muramana damage so i'm not sure he is that broken
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: Counterplay to a champions shouldn't only.be "buy X item"
Aenaeus (NA)
: Allow me to build against Kog Maw please.
{{item:3194}} {{item:3075}} Together should be good

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