: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
Back in pbe cycle 5.16, there was a lot of discussion about Syndra buffs for her passive to mean more. This is august 2015. Then everything was reverted back on the PBE because there "wasnt enough time to wrap it up", but now there's this huge immobile mages rework. Has her work been postponed to just be released on this new patch? Secondly, in terms of the immobile mages work, the juggernauts saw 4 (and Fiora and GP reworked nearby) toplaners get some TLC, and the ADC rework saw 6 more adcs get kit overhauls. How large is the immobile mage rework, both in quantity of champions and of the level of skill/kit reworks. I assume as always riot want these champions to keep their "feel", and does that mean they will all stay immobile mages, just with more ability to defend for themselves or to all in knowing they will die afterwards?


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