: Lmao just because he compared them to the nazi in some non literal way the sheeps had to come and downvote, kinda ironic how the downvotes prove the OP point though.
My point exactly and the exact reason there is no freedom of expression or opinions that don't conform to the "meta" one.
: I would give the designers a pass every now and then if the balance team reigned in their abominations from time to time. It just doesn't happen, and often it feels like the situation is simply exacerbated by the endless cycle of often unnecessary buffs and nerfs.
I kinda feel that way, thats why I am not bothering with this game anymore. I feel that the designers regularly ignore player feedback to do whatever they feel will get them the most profit and that is simply wrong.
: Riot - Incompetent Designers protected by a Cloud of Hubris Followers
Yup, usual click of Riot lovers... its sickening how predictable this community is and strangly pathetic as well.
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Extasios (NA)
: You know what is better than complaining? Giving solutions! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I am not paid to do that so why should I. Riot employs people to do that.
SrbLud (NA)
: They do keep a balanced perspective...They adress op stats and champs every time we find them...balancing is allways a WIP....it's impossible to be done with balancing....something allways becomes op...
No, they don't... they just worship the champs that bring in the most cash due to their popularity
SrbLud (NA)
: Trashing a game on its boards, while marketing two other games, and you expect us to praise that? How delusionall is that?
I expect everyone to keep a balanced perspective... something the designers of this game are obviously incapable of doing.
: Annie is getting a rework in two weeks bud And you mention 3 champs out of the 140 in the game I don't see any flaws in your logic...nope...none here And annie is screwed if you get a bansees anyways
She is not really, she is not getting her stun passive removed and replaced with something else to make her less toxic. They are only adding an indicator to it.
Sniper 0 (NA)
: HoTS... The game is so dumbed down that it's sad. If a lane gets ahead everyone gets ahead regardless of how they try to influence the game, whether that be roaming or not roaming. This creates a stale game to play and to watch. Not gonna talk about the things wrong with smite because it honestly has some positives and I would play it if I didn't like league so much. Mechanically simple champions are easy to read. Annie has a stack indicator. Her burst combo isn't the end all be all. Assuming you're either new or thats a smurf account but I'm assuming you have very little game knowledge. Also https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/67985944.jpg
With respect, its not so much that. Its how EASY she is as a champion. If she was more complicated by still had the same mechanics, I would not have a problem with her because I could go "Oh... well they played well" but I cannot do that with Annie because she is simply so disgustingly easy, its pathetic.
: I left smite because it felt blurry and unclear. I played it , trust me, but i prefer league because it is a better, crisp, and more well developed game in my opinion
How is it better developed when after 6 years, we still have {{champion:1}} who can kill you will one button press. Yes, real skill there.
: My problem with League and why I prefer SMITE and HOTS
This is exactly why the game is such a mess at the moment, nobody wants to admit that the champions they spam are easy and they do it only because Riot lets them get away with it.
Meserion (NA)
: My problem is that gold is a thing, and creates 2 classes; the rich and poor. in HOTS noone is poor and everyone wants tons of "gold" (experience) so they can level up faster. Also HOTS supports don't feel like a lame duck when it comes to damage, they can actually dish it out if you get the right build.
Agreed, supports like Tyrande are a fantastic example of this because her damage is actually pretty good and she plays very similar to an actual ADC. HoTS also requires less selfish plays since you all level up at the same time.
: My problem with League and why I prefer SMITE and HOTS
Yup and the League parasites already downvote this because they simply don't want the truth and want to keep their freelo. This community is so pathetically predictable.
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: > [{quoted}](name=StarfleetPony001,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JFexRZzg,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-04-20T15:03:51.682+0000) > > That is not true, winning a game is about teamwork and I alone can not win the game for the team. I do not usually play carries and prefer more CC orientated mages because their kits are somewhat more interesting then just doing one skillshot and blasting down 3/4 of the enemies health like {{champion:7}}. Let's use your beloved Karma as an example then, she has 1 hard cc, and a slow (W and Ult +q), while leblanc has 2 hard cc and 2 slows (E + R-E = Snare + slow, + snare + slow) see how Karma has less cc? so why not play Leblanc?
Because I do not want to be a soulless drone that Riot tells me what to play. I like Karma because she has a shield, a good snare and can support a team rather then selfishly taking everything for herself.
: No, if you're truly better then these players, then you would beat them. Link us your league profile (since this account isn't it) and we'll see.
That is not true, winning a game is about teamwork and I alone can not win the game for the team. I do not usually play carries and prefer more CC orientated mages because their kits are somewhat more interesting then just doing one skillshot and blasting down 3/4 of the enemies health like {{champion:7}}.
: What has humanity got to do with anything related to this game? yes it is the most played pc game in the world, but no it does not resemble anything to do with humanity. In your post you have a good main point, which is focus, don't try and stack up kills and play stupidly basically, but you say it in such a way that you try to justify you being toxic/flaming others (here or in chat), and i'd say YOU yourself are a sad reflection of the gaming communities worst people, a narcissistic egomaniac
I try not to flame and unfortunately, my frustration does get the better of my at times because it seems like a really simple concept to me and I just feel that people are disrespectful in this game in general. I simply do not like big wastes of my time, why should I spend 30 minutes trying my hardest to win when my team just throws it all away with stupid, avoidable plays.
: Or...you could just play and have fun regardless of how hard your team feeds. It's really not that hard to carry people who are a little on the slow side.
But its not fun, its not fun to be killed by people who are worse players then you are because the other team has fed them, especially when you work really hard at avoiding unneeded deaths like that. It makes the whole game feel kinda pointless to me and a complete waste of my time and energy.
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: Mage item changes still look terrible.
Because Riot don't care, they only care about AD champions. Thats why these changes are token at best with no real effort or thought put into them.
Meddler (NA)
: Syndra's Q is getting a ratio bump from 0.6 to 0.7 as part of these changes to compensate for some of the loss of damage from the current passive.
Because she's a mage that comes dangerously close to beating {{champion:238}} and Riot can't have that now, can they? We can't have a viable mage beating our favorite assassin, thats why {{item:3157}} was nerfed so harshy and Zed is getting an immunity to {{item:3139}} as well. Thats the truth of that... 100%
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Vianci (EUNE)
: I'm only worried about the range on her W... seems kinda long doesn't it? It'd be nice to be abe to alter it at least slightly.
True but as I stated, she can only do it to ONE champion and not AOE it like {{champion:25}} has on her ultimate, giving her strategic balance.
: I don't like the functionality of her W and the way this whole grounded thing is presented. The way I see it, somebodies going to flash over the W, or use their mobility ability over it I mean, it's just a slow with some damage. I also don't like how it seems like it's a fixed range rather than you choose (correct me if I'm wrong here) I would've much preferred if it were a skill shot.
Yes but she can only do it to one target, meaning, in a 3v2 situation, she could only do it to the incoming midlaner, leaving the support and ADC free to attack. But it would give Karma a unique edge over other supports.
Rioter Comments
: Dynamic queue is part to riot's plan to attract new and younger players and ignoring the older ones
Meddler (NA)
: We're still talking about Karma too, Battle Mage/Enchanter hybrid is the current front runner for us too though. It's not a perfect description, but these class definitions are intended to be ways of assessing champions, not rigid 'here's what a champion has to be' rules or anything.
NO! DON'T TOUCH HER! I DON'T WANT HER TO BE {{champion:26}} and watch you fail completely with a rework for her. She is fine the way she is, she a {{champion:64}} of supports without rediculous numbers like he has. She is balanced and she is fine and if you fuck her up, I promise I will fly to America and go on a rampage. She is literally the ONLY reason I play League now, she's the last champ I like.
Rioter Comments
: Why does Morgana get more damage on her Q then Karma's ult...
Ok, so I was wrong. I fully admit this although I am tired of seeing {{champion:25}} have so much damage on her Q anyway when it is clear that it is supposed to be a CC ability and not the bread and butter of her damage.
Rioter Comments
: If you want to get technical about it, she's actually a Gumiho/Kumiho, not a kitsune. But her mannerisms are/were very succubus-like, so it makes sense for Ahri regardless.
Riot actually got on my case about this comment but she IS a sexist portrayal of woman. You can obviously tell that men are the driving force of this game with this representation. She's basically a Japanese version of a prostitute and she not be in the game at all.
: Why does Morgana get more damage on her Q then Karma's ult...
Lets look at this logically, Morgana's Q has more damage AND a snare. Karma's Ult+Q has a higher cooldown, is an ultimate and does LESS damage. Something is wrong there. For such a powerful CC, Morgana's Q should not do that much damage for nothing.
Rioter Comments
: Trying to take credit from tencent are we?
Both of them are just as bad as each other
: I honestly believe that if you mute a champion's taunts there would be less tilting/toxic people
{{champion:11}} - "You skills are inferior", pfft as if Yi took any skill to begin with.
: I feel as if you're overestimating the influence a single person can even have in the overall game company, short of CEO replacements.
That funny considering League has gone steadily downhill since he joined the development team.
Rioter Comments
: Let's say you have the ability to delete 5 champions of your choice....
{{champion:64}} - Hate his "I'm the favorite so I can never be balanced because my fanbase protect me" gimmick. {{champion:238}} - Badly designed, overpowered, too much mobility and better poke then a mage who are supposed to be the class with poke. {{champion:103}} - Hate everything about her, she is a sexist portrayal of woman {{champion:18}} - Point and Click Bombs are toxic on Zilean but fine on this bitch, ridiculous rocket jump range making her so safe. {{champion:11}} - Should not be in the game, rewards retards and people who can't play the game far too much
: Riot every Karma buff: "She seems to be underperforming :("
She doesn't have any problems and is fine as she is... I don't want to see her changed or reworked because Riot are utterly shit when it comes to support reworks (Still can't get Soraka right and Zilean is so far down on the "not play" list). She is my main and I am happy with her, she has good damage, a good snare and an excellent shield. She just requires good timing to use well. She doesn't need a gimmicky 3 hit mechanic or any of that crap riot insists on adding to everything these days.
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: What I love About Playing Balanced Champions
If {{champion:67}} was deleted, the game would be so much better. She has been a consistent problem since her release because of silver bolts which are frankly rediculous are like she doesn't even need to build any AD at all. She can just kill somebody through by broken ability.
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DrNova (NA)
: Because some people aren't tryhards or pretending they are going pro some day, so they play champs based on personal preference and style and not on an algorithm of this vs that by decimal point of effectiveness.
I never said I was like that, I main {{champion:43}} support who isn't exactly top of the support meta but I just fail to see how Sol can do anything better then other mages can. He requires a bit too much skill to every be viable, especially when easy champions like {{champion:1}} are currently so rewarding to play for very little skill or mechanical knowledge.
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