Nadiri (NA)
: Rework is mistake . Have you seen reworked kayle, literally feeder. I don't even talk about morgana. And yomi or whatever its called is true joke. It is worst champion ever made they feeed all the time
> [{quoted}](name=Nadiri,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8PoGENl8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-02T00:50:28.687+0000) > > Rework is mistake . Have you seen reworked kayle, literally feeder. I don't even talk about morgana. And yomi or whatever its called is true joke. It is worst champion ever made they feeed all the time So it's better to have a rework so horribly made you cannot really counter it at all? Force every game to have that specific champ in it to win like AP Yi in the old days?
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: Nerf Conqueror
Conqueror was made for Irelia, it was the main reason why they made it in the first place. In Irelia's rework she lost her true damage, obviously something riot wanted her to keep but knew it would be broken, so what did they do? Just release a new keystone that gives AD AND true damage in such a short span between Conq release and Irelia release? The entire thing is a disaster made to compensate for what they removed from Irelia, not to balance the game. Her entire rework only caused problems, even Zoe was less of a flop and disgrace, and she was made out from the scrapped old Nidalee they reworked because they could not balance Nida properly, and reused her concept into Zoe. It was never about balance, we all saw that upon Irelia's rework release.
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koshkyra (NA)
: @Riot, when you nerf Zoe... (and i agree that she needs nerfs)
They should never have made Zoe to be honest. Creating a champion where a damage outburst that puts {{champion:238}} to shame with only 2 low cooldown abilities is just the recipe for disaster. She was never made to be balanced, she will be Aurelion. Either broken or too weak. But what is there to expect from the jackass that made Yasuo when he made Zoe?
Lõyalty (NA)
: PSA: Janna is not broken
Janna is so broken there is no counterplay. They even buffed her recently. I mean lategame her shield (which she will always have back) increases AD so hard that one goes from 150 to 217. 67 free AD and with the ardent censor buffs? They even buffed her again, they want Janna to be the new unbeatable bullshit champion with no counterplay because some idiot at riot does not seem to know what balancing is, they usually touch just a few champs and leave the majority to rot no matter their state.
: The proper riven nerf
They are never going to nerf Riven. EVery riven player out there calls her the hardest champ to play but in reality she is easy as shit. You have that combo exploit thing that people whine about being hard to use but the bottomline is simple. She has abilities to neglect alot of slows with movements, she becomes tanky lategame, she has burst, cc, shield that can be compared to Nautilus and low cooldowns with an execution. There is no skill in a champion that has it all. It's just a bunch of people creaming their pants when they use an ability to move to the side from an attack. In all honesty, how is using an ability made to dodge and gapclose more skilled than a tryndamere side stepping an ability?
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nep2une (NA)
: Um... She's one of the highest skillcap champions in the game. And any good player can kick a 'just-okay' or worse Riven player's ass.
> [{quoted}](name=nep2une,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Yr9r9VA7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-28T18:17:34.443+0000) > > Um... > She's one of the highest skillcap champions in the game. And any good player can kick a 'just-okay' or worse Riven player's ass. That can be said about any champion, a person who is a good player with any champ can whoop any other player that is not as good. And calling Riven the highest skillcap? What is so skilled with Riven? Please tell me, and do not try to mention Boxbox.
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: Kled needs to be nerf
He is one of the best counter against all these adc top pick shit. Keep him the way he is.
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Bultz (NA)
: Dark star skins
Dark Star Xerath. When he ults he opens into a black hole or a rift in space and time launching dark matter.
: Nerf Caitlyn traps to max 3 at any given time/and or minion triggers
Caitlyn is just another flawed design like Ryze was before the rework. Alot of unecessary shit and just horrible design and scaling. Her traps being "small" doesn't really matter when she got no cooldown on them and can place them out constantly without any CDR in runes or items. In a teamfight lasting a long time she just put out trap after trap. I've seen Teemo attack slower than she placed traps. Some balance would be nice to that one part when you can't even remove them instead of just allowing all that shit to exist just to be another toxic thing to have like Yorick's Ghouls.
: Good lord the Ryze nerf
This rework of ryze is some of the worst things Riot has ever done. They keep reworking him and just fail more and more making it more broken each time. There is zero counterplay. Mana items costs nothing so that is easy free damage. His Q makes your minions a death trap so you can't farm safely if he go top. He gets a huge ass shield so you can't trade with him and ofcourse he gets reduced cooldowns for the spells he uses allowing him to burst his Q even more making it feel like Gangplank barrel damage 2.0 This champion is just horrible, I know alot of people say shit like "remove this champion" and all that crap but they can literally sell Ryze to Dota 2 and he will fit in just fine concidering how broken he is now. They have PBE that is supposed to test the new horrible things they want to release but all that is used for is just to promote their shit by using youtubers so PBE ain't doing shit except being adverticements. Alot of old league players quit the game and I'm starting to realize why, because EVERYTHING they seem to do lately leads up to turn the game for worse. Can't wait for the assassin rework, where a full tank Nautilus gets oneshot in a second.
darkdill (NA)
: So... since Illaoi considers Nautilus a rival, does that mean our big Titan is undead?
{{champion:111}} is not undead, he was dragged into the deep by a dark force and had his flesh morphed into something inhuman and merged with the suit. He also fought of the mist of the shadowisles alone when it tried to take bilgewater aswell which is not very undead like as all undead are tied to the shadow isles. Maybe the darkness that claimed {{champion:111}} is something that nagakabouros conciders a corrupting force which makes {{champion:420}} his natural enemy. But the most likely reason is that {{champion:111}} simply can't let go of his past and thus he can't move on making him a living embodyment against everything {{champion:420}} stands for. Also that he seem to hate all creatures of the deep aswell which probably meansnagakabouros, for all we know {{champion:111}} may have personly met nagakabouros.
: So Riot's probably going to nerf taliyah next patch. Any thoughts on her so far?
Her Q can deal up to 600 damage with extremely few items, she has high mobility and way to much crowd control effects to justicy her ridicules damage. Concider Gangplank on release. It is basicly the same mistake, either riot will keep her as broken as the old kassadin before any rework and show they got no idea what they are doing with new champions or they will nerf her to high heavens throwing her so far back no one will even bother to play her. To be honest I hope she gets nerfed because her playstyle is too ridicules when it comes in comparison with the old champion. You cannot throw in champions that forces you to pick selective ones because a huge number of already excisting champions will be thrown back and rendered useless. It's what happend to most of them. Mistake after another.
: Cmon Riot, are you EVER going to buff Gangplank?
Problem is that when Riot first thinks a guy is a bit OP they strike the person with everything they got. For like 3 or 4 patches in a row they found a new reason to nerf gangplank until he reached this stage where he has nothing to show for. Olaf can heal as much as Darius reworked Q did upon release with 1 hit on minions lategame, Kindred shreds everything and can jump every 2 seconds or less, Yasuo is yasuo, Bard can oneshot with meeps due to the AP scaling and Tahm Kench is allways fed. (ba-dum-tsh) And with this coming mage change with every AP item giving cooldowns? Gangplank needs a buff so he can do something again. Because the way he is now it's just ridicules. They might aswell remove him from the game because he is as useless as kassadin was when they nerfed his ult before his visual rework where he couldn't rift through most walls in summoners rift. If he is not gonna deal damage then they sure as hell can make him tanky or something.
: Can we nerf Vayne?
I'm getting mighty tired of Vayne, I don't honestly care how much "skill" some champ needs, they should not be made to not be countered. True damage? Knockback/stun? Invisibility? Damage increase and movement speed in ult? Why? It's not twitch that got one escape which wont trigger if minions attack you. Not Cait that has one net throw to gain distance and then might struggle. Its a champ that allways seem to have ult like singed and got more escapes than any other adc due to stealth and movement speed boost and low cooldown on tumble. nerf something on her, it is so ridicules that you leave kassadin in pieces but never dare to touch this scumbag champion. why?
ƒoes (NA)
: Luden's Echo & Katarina
The problem lies more in the katarina champ and not the luden's echo itself, she got so much ridicules damage it rarely even matter if you got champs that can cc her because your squishy team usually die before your champions throws in any CC, if kata could just get some attention like they did to veigar, ryze and so many other champs they broke and realize kata got to much undeserved damage after Luden's came out it's not even fun playing with or against her.
UrPalAl (NA)
: Bruiser Jayce Needs A Buff (Open to Suggestions)
To be honest making changes on Jayce would be one of the best things Riot have done in a while. He got as much cooldowns like Sion in both mercury cannon and hammer form. Why they made it this way seems unclear due to the fact that unlike Jayce Sion can handle the cooldowns because he can take any damage they throw at him, jayce on the other hand is not even half as tanky as sion which means they stripped him of all reasonable chance to last in this meta while other champs like riven, irelia and such got nearly no cooldowns and got a ridicules damage burst, shields or any other form for sustain. Hell even the true damage shit. Please take some insight in jayce and put that champ back in the meta by giving him a propper rework so that we can atleast mix things up instead of seeing the same selected champs in every game. To be a game with over a 100 champions we don't really see more than 20 different ones because most is left out.
Thresh is an extremely populare support champ, they should give him one more skin atleast than just 2. Shinigami Thresh or something else instead of giving champs who allready got like 5 skins a 6th skin.

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