: His work is still a hack job. *shots fired* https://49.media.tumblr.com/0cb72e592f1162c21e44bd1edc1a65b3/tumblr_o54w73hc7w1qjnbtgo3_400.gif
Laughing Fish downvoted {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: {{item:3165}} Literally like the first item in her recommended if I remember right.
Notice the double negative.. forum sheep
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: > [{quoted}](name=Stratego33,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=GGYEUcJc,comment-id=004d,timestamp=2016-05-13T10:42:10.661+0000) > > The following document contains fragments of a medical report from the Gamrana Asylum Centre. They contain a monologue in which the patient describes his hallucinations to the attending doctor. > _ > > Attending personal: Dr. Ana Grams > Patient: Hasco Oh, Stratego33 - you showed your hand a little early there. 'Gamrana' and 'Ana Grams' were simply too similar for me to miss the obvious word trick there, and as soon as I saw it once, I was looking for it everywhere. And boy, did I find it :) I really did like the idea that, in Shurima, Shaco might go by the name Ah'Cos or similar. Of course, with this document being the ravings of a 'mad man', it's hard to tell what might have been real, and what may not have been. It's definitely an account of what happened that day, but from possibly one of the least reliable narrators League has :D The timeline of the opening confused me slightly but that might be down to my own prejudices. It seems odd that there would have been something as advanced as an asylum a mere 20 years after the fall of Shurima - for some reason I always imagine the height of the Shuriman empire being more of a late-Bronze age civilization with the massive cultural twist of being a very magic-rich environment. Institutionalized psychological care, however, isn't one of the things I connect it with. If you'd left off the first line, and implied that it was the ravings of someone today, then weirdly I think I'd have been ok with it :) I think there's something odd about the end implying that someone like Shaco continued to be held by something as meager as an institute too - perhaps if you'd implied at the start that the report was found in the burnt out ruins of a modern asylum, then we'd have the kick we needed. Shaco's promise is, of course, death unexpected - so to end without at least implying horrible violence seems out of his character :)
First of all thanks for the feedback - I truly appeciate it. I never implied the asylum was anywhere near Shurima but I can see why people might come to the conclusion. I guess I shouldnt have been so obvious about the anagrams to make the reveal at the end more powerful maybe I just got carried away with hiding little messages here and there. Again thanks and keep up the good work!
: [fan fic micro-competition] The Last Shuriman Sunset
_This document was dutifully entered into the Great Nasusanian Library 20 years after The Fall by Marzus Krarg, may it preserve throughout time and shine light on what will have been forgotten long ago. The following document contains fragments of a medical report from the Gamrana Asylum Centre. They contain a monologue in which the patient describes his hallucinations to the attending doctor. _ Attending personal: Dr. Ana Grams Patient: Hasco […] I was flying, swimming through the vibrant air. It was golden, the air. Flickering under the heat of the sun…. The sun! Ha! Golden too! And huuge, like a grain of sand... You get it? He? Why aren’t you laughing? Didn’t you think it was… funny? _[Dr. Grams]: Tell me more about the sun, please._ Yeees, yeees, the sun.. Monstrous, evil, vicious, burning my skin, my eyes, my hair. So hot, like a huge fire but bigger , yes bigger and hotter. I hated it. That’s why I… _killed_ it. [Patient breaks into diabolical laughter] _[Dr.Grams]: What happened?_ Yes.. I was swimming through the air but then there was sand everywhere and I hate sand! And it hurt so I killed the sand too, killed them all!!! Die you evil sand, die!! But then I noticed I wasn’t in the air anymore, I was on the ground, walking, and there were people, many people, and I saw them but they couldn’t see me… I wanted to tell them my jokes because they all looked sad, I only wanted to make them… _laugh_. But they didn’t listen, ha, priests always think they’re better than poor ol’ Ahcos. Damn those priests! Now I remember they all had the sun on their robes and I hate the sun, I want to kill it and then I wanted to kill all the priests. They tried to burn me with their sun, I had to defend myself they attacked ME. […] Now the priests were in a circle and they were chanting and they got louder. I could feel the power rising, the air was full of energy and it was moving fast, faster and faster and even faster. Then there was the light again, but not the sun, no, it was brighter, clearer, _pure_. Then I saw two young men, they came into the circle, into the light, into _my_ light. And I hated them, they were trying to steal it from me, yes, they didn’t want to share, I could feel it. I could see their faces now, they were close and I knew them. It was the young prince Ariz and his wizard Xraeth. So I killed them too, filthy thieves.. I killed them, all of them, the priests, the prince, everyone, I pushed everyone into the light and it got bigger, cleaner and brighter and _beautiful_. And then it stopped. All of it. And then: Fire, Water, Power, Explosion, Destruction, Death, Chaos… I like Chaos, its even in my name. Chaos, Ahcos, Hasco, Shaco… All the same.
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ProfDrDeath,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NYThg4ji,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-10-31T20:55:59.345+0000) > > Because a subset of posters in this forum thinks that RNG is inherently bad for the game. > > It is if RNG would utterly trump skill in its effect on the outcome of a match. But that is only true for low, unreliable amounts of crit chance in short trades, aka in the early laning phase. A lucky crit from, say, 4% crit chance in this phase of the game can potentially alter the outcome of the whole lane. Which is why the crit chance mastery was removed all the way back in S2. > > Even in the current system, crit chance essentially only comes in units of 20%+ - only Brawler's Glove has 10% Crit chance, and nobody in their right minds would buy one of those unless there is no alternative or he already has crit. 20%, as a number, is enough to make crits fairly reliable, and thus diminish the impact of RNG. Mate yes if you aa 1231312831293102381 times the crit chance ll be accurate But how many times do you Autoattack Enemies per game? Like 100 times? 200 times? Guess what you can be lucky in Criting Champions however system ll compensate this by making you unlucky against minions or already dead 10 hitpoints champions. I do agree that Crit is more healthy at bigger ammounts. But its still not healthy enough xd
As mentioned before, the crit is pseudo rng not true rng. What this means is that after each unsuccesful hit the chance to crit becomes higher. For example your critchance is 10%, now on your first hit you dont crit then the system increase your crit chance for the next hit to 20% then to 30% etc until you crit after which you are reset to 10%. That way these "unlucky sprees" are extremely unlikely/_**impossible**_. (The actual system is a bit more complicated but the result is the same. Also note that this only works if you dont switch targets, so switching targets resets it back to 10%)
: and refreshes
How about third hit proc effects? We love those right?
: > [{quoted}](name=moberrybusiness,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=krEb32vq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-09-12T02:33:39.083+0000) > > If you didn't share cooldowns on transformation she'd be broken. {{champion:76}}
{{champion:76}} = {{champion:133}} , right?
: Titanic Hydra active cancels stealth
Yes plz downvote bcuz you dont understand it kappa
: I just don't use it right away when I play as Rengar, I mean I still don't really like it on him in general, I'd rather build Black Cleaver then tanky for sticking power and better scaling, but it still works fine. That being said, there still should be no reason for it breaking stealth, whether you can still utilize it or not, that simply makes no sense.
Finally someone who understands it
: Why would you press the active in rengar ulty before jumping anyway?It resets AA'S.
Maybe because you want frontloaded burst and the Enemy isnt just standing there letting you hit him and therefore you want to do as much damage in the Little amoumt of time you have
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9001 (NA)
: Garen Q does not place him in range for E
Really annoying dunno if "intended" or not but if it is intended pls fix this and nerf him elsewhere...
: Cursor changes during [GAMEPLAY] with renekton
: Quinn Ult causes Mouse to icon to be stuck on Attack Move.
Same bug happens on Twisted Fate, although I dont know when it occurs.
: A Teemo rework I plead you all to look at (and RIOT to playtest <3)
I gotta say this is thought out very well, obviously numbers are subject to change. It would be very nice if some Rioter could answer here.


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