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: When did the issue start? I've gone ahead and manually re-synced your Boards profile. Are you still having issues commenting?
is that whats been going on? makes sense now. i was like wtf do you mean my level 255 account isnt valid to post xd
: but you did on my screen?
well in blind pick, there are no roles, therefore unless youre literally running it down trolling doesnt actually exist, even garbage builds/troll runes. however do note people can join the lobby at different times from each other, thus someone can call a role without anyone else seeing.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/560480951939891220/651477916097708036/unknown.png you talk wild shit for someone who actively trolls his team with smite/fleet soraka jungle.
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: Xerath main here best way to screw one over is freeze lane near your tower and let jungle take a few smacks at him. He can't respectively be agressive on you unless he wants to push the lane. Basically your goal if dealing with an agressive xerath dance around the minions so he pushes the lane. If its a passive xerath freeze lane near your tower.
What if he just charges q to shove though?
: > [{quoted}](name=FOR JUSTICE,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=V5flu7RM,comment-id=000900010000,timestamp=2019-06-03T17:31:11.806+0000) > > he doesnt, in his BASE KIT. just counted {{summoner:4}} as well. thats what makes it frustrating, because even if you burn one he still has something to fall back on. and this is assuming you can get on top of him with how long his ranges are. If we are counting flash, then suddenly everyone is mobile. And note. You have flash as well to counter his. So either way he effectively only has 1 mobility spell over anyone.
Generally for poke playstyles, their main characteristic in exchange for such constant poke is a lack of mobility and MAYBE 1 hard Cc peel. Lux, varus, velkoz, and xerath all follow this general rule. Once you get on top of them they die due to a lack or mobility. Regardless if everyone has flash, ezreal now has 2 forms of escape on a champion that already plays so far back. The only other exception to this rule is ziggs, but since ezreal is a blink and ziggs is a delayed dash, he cant input buffer it like ezreal can unless his w is launched about a half second before the skillshot is even cast.

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