Noobface (OCE)
: Im in OCE, patch has dropped, crit changes are live, however, loading screen changes are not.
They did say 9.3 or 9.4... so maybe its still bugged and needs a further fix in 9.4.
iiGazeii (NA)
: 9.3 hasn't dropped yet. Are you trying this on the PBE?
Playing on EUW (9.3 has dropped here) but tend to get a quicker response on NA boards.
Rioter Comments
: bro it's challenger. that's like 1-2 dudes there for each champ probably playing like 5 games lol.
I literally wrote the number of games next to the win rate. I only looked at champs with more than 100 games.
: The number of matches in 1 day for Master Tier doesnt mean anything. its such a low number.
It was 1 week, and 1 week from the ADC buffs. And I listed the number of games, the guy has deleted his post but his argument was that "assassins are garbage in high elo" and that low elo scrubs shouldn't talk about the game. I was specifically disproving that point alone. Not saying assassins are OP or anything like that (although I currently hate the dmg > 9000 1 shotholyfkwhereismylifebar meta - which does favour assassins.)
: no source, no comparaison to other class. Baseless and biased post.
His comment said that assassins are garbage in high elo. By showing win rates from master I sought to disprove that. It's not baseless nor biased. He's now deleted his comment.
: Idk where those sources are from. Not seeing those numbers on leagueofgraphs or lolalytics and and don't give Master+ stats.
OP.GG click - stats -> win rate -> master -> today
: ***
Master tier, win rates this week (only looking at champs with 100+ games): Zed - 65%, 146 games Talon - 70%, 100 games Kha'Zix - 61%, 500 games Rengar, 57%, 300 games Shaco, 58% 250 games If you think this meta does not favour burst AD assassins then I want some of whatever the fuck you are smoking edit: source (stats -> win rate -> master -> today)


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