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: Shadow Kayn
On assasin you have to play really well, you can't afford to throw just like any other assasin if you get behind with it your useless, while darkin form is more useful from behind due to cc, and it scales really well into the lategame because it allows you to shred tanks and duel people highly effectively.
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: kayn
Personally I don't like his skin at all, wouldn;t use one even if it was for free, his classic is gorgeous in all forms.
: @Riot, can you pls hotfix this retarded lethality? Games are trash.
impossible to play tank? Your implying that your dieing as a tank to the guy building lethality? Because you realise that armor items are cheaper than lethality items, if that zed or talon is going to base and buying his 1100 gold lethality item then you just have to buy 300 gold cloth armor to counter that literally.
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Sujiren (NA)
: I don't think Udyr needs stacking cdr, in regards to his pbe changes
None of the early fights lasts long enough for the stacking cdr to start mattering, trust me I have been playing Udyr since season 3, and regarding his early ganks, most of the time it will be one bear stance into phoenix stance before the other guy runs away.
: Heimerdinger?
Is that build even viable though? I mean okay you get those 3 items, but what do you build afterwards? Even Heisendong builds him full Ap.
: Spirit, Abysal, or Veil on Vladimir?
Good synergy with ults healing.
: Spirit, Abysal, or Veil on Vladimir?
Most go, spirit visage from what I have seen.
: Daily reminder that Zac's rework is crap.
Why was he reworked in the first place, old zac was perfectly fine, as was the maokai...
shonggly (NA)
: Best champion to carry mid lane in low elos?
Talon, hardly takes any skill is super safe, can win the game solo basically with his roams, and picks. And in general assasins that just roam around the map and can pick up kills, like Katarina Akali/ Fizz. Akali is the most broken one imo, with her gunblade, she is basically ap version of master yi, just stomps poor cordination and low cc teams, and literally takes 0 skill aswell.
SIyce (NA)
: Thoughts on Yorick?
Your playing him wrong, if you think he has no lategame, just go black cleaver into gauntlet, into more tanky stats, and generally build him like a juggernaut with steraks and so on, his role in teamfight is not diving but peeling with his w and also his damage is insane when he has his ghouls up, so its pretty important to set them up before the teamfight.
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: Can we get a brave Riot member to comment on Why Lee Sin and Graves are in every game?


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