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JMoormann (EUW)
: I've mained Camille since season 1 and these changes will destroy her
: I think it's rather amusing that people only think "kids" don't know how to manage their time. Ever think it might be an "adult" that has to leave for work?
I expect an adult to actually manage his time at least a little better than "... nah, changed my mind. Only 30 minutes left now that I am in champ select. 10 seconds earlier, when I was still in queue, it would have been fine."
: No, the point is they dont. No one ever gets banned for trolling and riot doesnt make it up to you in anyway after the damage has been done, its bullshit!
I won't bother checking how much you've played in total but in over 2000 normal games and few hundred ranked games, my report has been the last drop for someones punishment about 7-8 times. These are some pretty bold accusations, mate. I hope you have some solid sources to back that all up.
: The Twitch Nerf
You listed the source yourself. The answer to your question is right there. "[...], the game around him has become more favorable to the Plague Rat across the season."
... but they actually get banned eventually (?!)
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Ńero (EUNE)
: i signed for the pbe 2 years ago and still didn't get an invite i hope this time i get into the alpha client at least
: The League client update alpha starts now
I just wanted to thank you for letting me in :) I never got to play on the PBE (waiting for almost a year now I think) but playing the Alpha Client is a really good compensation :)
WaC2 (EUW)
: Noob Needs Help
So, I'm not really in the position to give valuable advice but your question intrigues me, so I am going to respond anyway. I'll try to keep it simple. 1. Pick a champion you really really like and spam matches until you feel comfortable on him/her That's why I wouldn't suggest ARAM for new players. ARAM is definitely less stressful but it requires basic knowledge about all roles, all abilities and all item builds. If you spam a single champion you get to learn about positioning, cooldowns and whatnot. By that I mean general knowledge about the boundaries of your champion, like "How much damage can I take?", "How much damage does my full combo deal?", "How much damage can I take before I have to flash?", "What is my primary task in a teamfight?", "Can I splitpush safely without getting caught?" and many others. I would say that the first two questions I listed are the most important to get a good grasp of your champion. 2. Know how to play a specific position Now, this goes kinda hand in hand with the first point, but just so you know, a lot of things you learn about your champion has to do with the role you're playing your champion in. Bot lane plays quite differently in terms of playstyle compared to top lane for example. Top lane, for example, is often known to be a pillow fight lane. The champions that lane against each other are quite beefy and can survive a full combo from the enemy top laner. Bot lane, on the other hand, is mostly the supports harassing each other to let their adc farm as freely as possible. In fact, for the adc it is just a farmfest for the first couple of minutes to gain enough gold for their expensive items as they don't have a lot of damage to kill one of the two enemy laners anyway. I know there are plenty exceptions but to set a general scheme, this works quite well. 3. Key bindings and settings It is important that you feel comfortable on your mouse and keyboard. Adjusting certain key bindings to make them easily reachable is a good way to improve immediately. Smart Casting (with or without Indicators) will make your spell rotation a lot faster. This is just one of many examples. You said that you like to play Jinx so I would suggest that you learn a thing or two about kiting and "attack moving". I don't want to get too much in detail as this post is getting pretty long already but I'll be happy to help you if you want to know more about this. Just know for now that it is absolutely normal to fail as an adc. After all, it is the most demanding role mechanically. 4. The concept of snowballing League of Legends is all about snowballing. If you kill people you get a lot of gold, you gain bonus experience from that kill, you get free farm and you prevent your opponent from gaining experience and gold. This puts him at a disadvantage. When he comes back to lane, you'll be a lot stronger. If the opposite happens to you, you have to know that and you have to adapt. The next trade you'll do with your opponent will most likely end badly for you, so farming up and waiting for help is a better method to come back from a disadvantage. This was something I didn't want to realize in the first few weeks I played this game. I would play it like Call of Duty and expect to kill my opponent although I was under-leveled and died a couple of times to him before. 5. Know when you tilt / when you misplayed because you panicked Because of the last point, League tends to get emotional pretty quickly. Know at which point you're making dumb decisions because you get angry. This is not a therapeutic advice I am giving here. This will come with experience. At some point you just have seen too much shit to get angry about it anymore. If you happen to panic in some situations, this is totally normal. This has nothing to do with your mechanical skill. It just means you haven't encountered this specific situation often enough to anticipate and react fast enough. The next time you'll see this situation, you'll know better. 6. Copy what good players do There is a variety of different formats you can watch or read that teaches about League. I totally get if you don't want to read extensive guides (most of them are trash anyway). What I am trying to say is that there is a bunch of League related content on the internet and I am sure there is something that you'll find entertaining. I'll give you all the input I watch or read and I'll try to categorize them in what they are. Comedic League youtube channels: SivHD, VideoGameDunkey (Rip Dunkey), Sky Williams uncut gameplay League youtube channels: Redmercy, Tekk Twitch streams: Imaqtpie, Scarra, Dyrus Databases that contain useful information about builds, win rates, pick rates etc.:,,,, website to stay up to date with releases, upcoming events and LCS: 7. Stay up to date with the meta By no means should you play a champion only because he is strong. This game is about fun in the first place, so play whatever you want. However, it is always helpful to know which champion, which items or which strategies are strong at the moment. I hope I didn't intimidate or bore you with all this information. I know I was pretty vague on a lot of topics but going into detail and giving examples for every principle would have extended the post even further. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Just so you know, there may be some questions I won't be able to answer because I still have to learn a lot as well. I hope you'll get the results you want ASAP :)
: Thanks Riot. No Seriously, Thanks for the Shop Discounts
225RP This is so cheap. That's like 2 skin boosts in aram. Good for you, mate :) edit: RP, not IP
: As a guy who just started playing again after 2 years...
So refreshing to read a DynamicQ post that is not full of hatred and "I'm gonna quit"
ko36272 (NA)
: I am angry because Goth Annie washed her face
Am I the only one absolutely loving the new Crimson AkalI? I got her last week in a mystery gift and I have never been so happy about a random skin.
DJ Sona (EUW)
: I hope this could be considered, with the client update
The design looks really good and clean. They should only try to make the tooltip a little smaller to not take up too much space.
: When you first started playing the game, and had no idea what the terminology meant
It took me the longest time to understand what on-hit effects were{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I stopped using dynamic queue when I realized I lose more in premades.
That's not surprising. I have many many people on my friends list who ask me to play ranked with them and I know they will just f*ck up where they can. I have like 2 groups of people I actually like to play ranked with. One duo friend from my home town who will hit plat soon and a 5-man premade group of friends and I only do so because I know we synergize well, nobody flames and I personally think they are good. I feel like playing in a premade is less about communicating and more about establishing habits and routine. If 3+ people talk non-stop in the teamspeak, that shit just drives me insane.
: The biggest ones for me: 1. I thought for sure that Illaoi was going to be a secondary jungler. 2. I thought Kindred was too weird of a niche to ever see play competitively 3. Thought Duskblade would be a standard item on champions like Kha'zix, although honestly looking back at it, I don't see WHY. 4. Thought the Cass MYMU was an unsalvageable piece of garbage. Played with it, still kinda held the opinion, then 6.10 came around and it got at least mostly salvaged. 5. Though Taliyah would have a higher winrate.
I honestly have a lot of hope for Cassiopeia. I didn't really play her before unless I got her in an ARAM. Her changes in the MYMU were the most promising of all the champions for me. I've been playing her on Summoner's Rift since her rework and I've lost almost all of my games with her but I will persist. Before, the fact that not hitting your poison would effectively cancel her damage for 4 seconds made it too unforgiving for me to pick her up. She seems ok this patch so all I have to do is get better with her.
: I tried to enjoy normal games, but I jumped into ranked because I got so pissed off at nobody taking it even half seriously. That Lux support that never buys a sightstone and steals your CS, the jungler that wanted to try his cool new AP Garen build, or the mid who repeatedly facechecks and dies and then says "chill it's just norms" when you tell him to stop, and the endless supply of drunks and stoners. The straw that broke the camel's back is when I had a Teemo that was half asleep by his own admission when the game started.
Oh well, I can't say that it's that bad in my normal games :/ I feel like tryharding has become mandatory for normals as well without being entitled to rage at others. Kinda like best of both worlds. I just can't play ranked by myself because my ranking is so low, games tend to just be huge messes with no coordination and ofc the obligatory ragers and afk's. So I'm the type of guy who abuses the DynamicQ system and plays with friends the few times I actually play ranked
: >Talon has great base damages. nobody builds him tank. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} That's because Talon doesn't also have an overloaded kit.
I thought your argument was the pure comparison of damage and scalings on two entirely different champions that occupy different roles? Ekko having a lot of utility and mobility is another story. Your thread you linked me addressed a flawed comparison of damage distribution on two different champions.
: Having more base damage (and scaling) than a pure damage dealer IS what lead to tank ekko. You can build 1 or 0 AP items and still do a lot of damage.
Talon has great base damages. nobody builds him tank. Tank Ekko exists because this build avoids his weaknesses. This way he brings a whole lot of utility and survivability to the fights. Tank Ekko is a lot more reliable while doing decent damage. Not high damage but decent. AP Ekko is definitely balanced if not on the weaker side of the spectrum.
: Except that Ekko's ridiculous pick/ban and subsequent nerfs proved otherwise.
you are talking about scalings and total damage which means you are comparing an ap building Ekko and an ap building Veigar. Tank Ekko and his base damages is what have been nerfed multiple times. The scalings is what you complain about and that's what is getting buffed even further. If you think Ekko's damage output is ridiculous, just wait for the next patch. Spoiler: Riot won't break their agenda of "less base damage, more scaling"
: I have the best one. Basically, the worst assumption made ever was by anyone who disagreed with me on this post (yes, that is my name and I forgot log-in since it's been so long since I've played). If only rito would listen to's simple. A champion THAT OVERLOADED should not STILL HAVE MORE FUCKING DAMAGE THAN A CHAMPION THAT LITERALLY HAS ONLY DAMAGE. Still makes me upset that whoever designed this pos champ was this dumb.
Sorry to tell you mate, but this makes perfect sense. Ekko has high damages on his abilities because they are linked to conditions. The big burst on Ekko's Q is on the way back of the device. His passive does so much damage because you have to hit your opponent with damaging abilities twice prior to that. Same thing with his ult, the damage is hidden behind anticipation. Notice how all his instantly damaging spells do pretty poor damage (way out of his Q, E and arguably W passive). Veigar's abilities are not really bound to any conditions. You probably have to stun with Event Horizon to land your W but that's about it in terms of conditions. His ult is even point-and-click. Also, notice how high utility spells will always have less damage compared to burst-only spells. Compare Orianna ult and Ekko ult for example. This follows the same logic. You always have to find a balance between damage, utility, mobility, ease to land etc. I promise, if Veigar did as much damage with his Q as Ekko does with both instances of his Q, that would feel very oppressive.
: Except you're forgetting one major aspect: Riot's Ego. If they accept their mistakes and move forward with the community in mind, then they can obviously improve it alot. But so far, I've seen very little response from riot despite the thousands of posts about solo/dynamic queue and the person that was the biggest advocate of dynamic queue is now gone from the community. It looks like a sinking ship to me and only riot can fix it.
: I thought Tahm Kench was going to need extreme buffs to at least get to a playable level LOL. Like I thought he was going to be weaker than full ad azir.
You weren't that far off. I remember Tahm being pretty pitiful the first patch. I think he started to rise after ult CD got lowered, regurgitate range got increased slightly and W was made a little more forgiving when accidentally clicking on minions.
: Fun fact, the name Butcher's Bridge is a call back to way back when they were first testing the queue. Us testers originally called the map 'Murder Bridge', since at the time ARAM didn't seem to fit, since we weren't playing the gamemode on summoners rift any more. I do agree that custom maps are cool, and hopefully they bring Butcher's Bridge back in a custom gamemode. edit: Ha! Found the thread where by vote we basically agreed on that name. I forgot I'd suggested ARPG rofl. No idea how I didn't assume that'd be confused with action roleplaying games >_>; Though back then you could only make ARAM games in custom, which is why I was asking about the title. :P
Wow, thanks for the insight. It's so cool to see discussions about a map/queue that is so natural now. Did you test it on PBE as we know it today? Do you still have your account? And why the hell does the name "proving grounds" sound so familiar to me :D
: I also expected jhin to be usedmostly midlane(atleast in competetive), though not because i thought he would be bad bot, but because his kit, especially the W, seemed to be pretty strong for mid if he is premade with his jungler, as he can provid a snare at redbuff all the way from mid. Also, as a champ with little escapes, the short lane is rather save for him. Though one of the most wrong asumptions was bard. I expected him to become a staple in competetive play rather soon after his release as in my mind, he had unlimited potential in coordinated teams. In the end, it too a long time and some buffs, and he still is more a (strong) pocket pick for some teams that out effort into learning the way of bard rather than a generally contested pick.
Bard is love, Bard is life. He's pretty flimsy and unreliable compared to let's say Alistar, but he is so damn unique although his abilities seem pretty basic. I freakin' love that champion.
: I thought ranked wasn't as toxic as everyone says. Boy I was wrong
Enjoy normal games :) League should be fun instead of constant dick size comparison via ranks. At least that's how I see it.
: I thought Riot would actually invest in Dominion and make it a great gamemode that'd last.
I wasn't around when Dominion got released but I would love to have more maps with game modes to go along. I never understood why they removed Butcher's Bridge as an ARAM map. So much work and designing for 2 weeks of being live. Such a waste.
: I heard IWdominate say that he thought trinity force elise would be so broken for me it was that duskblade would be broken
: I thought Ekko would be a melee ADC(like Yi) this was before they released his ratios.
yeah, I remember it was really confusing. He hits his enemies with a physical bat and suddenly has AP scaling.
billxx (NA)
: First time I saw him, the person playing him was saying in all chat that he was "the tankiest champ in the game"
: > [{quoted}](name=Sum Wun Speshal,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=o9m3n5sk,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-24T14:00:39.705+0000) > > 1. I was dead sure Jhin would be played mid lane. The lack of Attack Speed made him impossible to be played bot lane in my head. ? I still play him mid with success.
According to he is played as an adc 86% of the time. I'm not saying that he is bad as a mid, I was just saying that I thought he would be trash as an adc. edit: what I'm trying to say is, I thought he would be played exclusively as a mid.
billxx (NA)
: I thought that bard was going to be a tank.
hahaha, now that you mention it, i built him all tank when he came out because he was so god damn weak
: I thought Gnar adc would be a noob trap.
: Some long time ago, I thought the new Summoner's Rift map rework would suck and make the game lose its identity... Now when I look at some old gameplay I question the sanity of my past-self.
haha, i was pretty open to the new map at that time :D I thought it was overdue.
: I also thought Dusk Blade was going to be stronger.
Valexfor (EUW)
: I thoght they would've ruined Taric with his rework but I was wrong, and I'm happy about that. Also I thought Ekko would've been a mistake... oh wait, I was kinda right >>.
I was very excited about Taric early on :p Yeah, I had the same feelings about Ekko too. Though, I thought his AP build would redefine the meta. Didn't think a tank build would be more viable
Fishtaco (NA)
: I thought black cleaver on Azir would be a good idea...
If the soldier did physical damage, Black Cleaver would probably be first item :p But that got me thinking for a second, haha.
: Except you couldn't premade
: Nah beibg the solo player ina premade 4 is such a bad experience im fine not playing ranked evee again. Tbh normal draft feels more competitive
Normals are fine and have always been for me. Even before DynamicQ i thought that ranked was nothing but a normal draft pick with a system judging your skill at the end.
Skelenth (EUW)
: I thought Illaoi would have Ap scalings.
: I was 100% sure dynamic queue would increase the competitiveness of league. Dear god how i was wrong
Give them some time. I still believe it can be a solid queue system once the flaws are erased :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sum Wun Speshal,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=o9m3n5sk,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-24T14:28:25.241+0000) > > haha, I had the same feeling when a Cho'gath mid completely destroyed our team in one of my very first games. Everyone was just running at him and pressing every button, genuinely thinking they could beat him although he was 28/0 or some ridiculous kda. > > But yeah, every assumption you make in your first 2 months of playing league are probably all wrong lol Pretty much haha, still those were probably my fondest memories of league if I am being honest. Its all downhill from there
: I used to think Solo queue will be back after dynamic queue is released. turns out i'm wrong.
Who would have thought they would actually not release it
Beuhlakor (EUW)
: I thought that Illaoi would be utterly broken in TF. Then I played her.
Feel you, mate. Was about to add this assumption to the thread but 3 felt like a good number of examples :p
: Well the only two I can think of off the top are more me being new than anything, but they were also super wrong, so here ya go: * Used to think MF was the most OP midlaner ever (A smurf crushed a lvl 5 game I was in playing MF Mid) * Used to think Zed was pretty good bot when he got released.
haha, I had the same feeling when a Cho'gath mid completely destroyed our team in one of my very first games. Everyone was just running at him and pressing every button, genuinely thinking they could beat him although he was 28/0 or some ridiculous kda. But yeah, every assumption you make in your first 2 months of playing league are probably all wrong lol
Anonagon (NA)
: Before the details on Ekko's kit came out, I was sure he was supposed to be an AD champion
: Thought Duskblade would be op also lol Also, why the downvote? Had to up vote iit
Happens. I just hope this thread doesn't vanish immediately because of it. I really want to hear some stories.
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Saljin (EUW)
: indeed, but i don't really mind i like dynamic que and played it as solo and premade. i see no reason in the hate, ofcourse you see a bad premade once in a while but for me that happened once since dynamic que was launched. i had more problems with the soloq duo premades who were flaming. and i see people complaining about dynamic que with less than 10 ranked games, normal hasn't changed.
I should do that as well. Next time I see one of those threads I'll check OP's profile.
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