Sundling (EUW)
: Ofc not. I mean that I see people go and say things twice as bad and get nothing even if I report them.
Even went on my smurf and typed the exact same thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sundling,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xn7qgv25,comment-id=000000000004,timestamp=2019-04-05T14:34:32.378+0000) > > True! But so that means if I see a ”%%%” or %%%%%% twice a game. I can send it to riot and get someone a 14 day ban or is this dubbel standards? You're seriously taking this personally? You think they have a double standard against you personally? You serious?
Ofc not. I mean that I see people go and say things twice as bad and get nothing even if I report them.
Sundling (EUW)
: ***
: Zero tolerance means zero.
So that means I can see someone type <*removed by moderation*> twice and they will get a 14 day ban? Seen alot of worse things then this... not get penalized.
: Were you punished multiple times already?
Was chat restriced a while back for 25 games when Vel coz was released.
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Vreivai (NA)
: Why would they be edited? It appears OP said the three-letter F word twice. 14-day ban is in line with that. OP, certain words are considered zero tolerance and will result in a 14-day ban for their use if you are reported for the game in which you used them, even with no prior negative chat. These words are usually homophobic, racial or ethnic slurs. I'd also avoid using the R word, and the C word might be one, too (it's censored on boards).
True! But so that means if I see a ”%%%” or %%%%%% twice a game. I can send it to riot and get someone a 14 day ban or is this dubbel standards?
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: That phrase is considered at the same level as hate speech. It's volatile and extremely harmful to people who are susceptible to suicidal thoughts. I am simply explaining Riot's policies on player behavior as best I understand them. Arguing with me about it isn't going to solve anything as I am not an employee of Riot and I cannot affect anything. If you want to contest your punishment you can take it up with Riot support by submitting a support ticket. There should be a link titled 'support' at the bottom of this webpage.
Not trying to be mean to you/start an argument. Just a bit sad because of the things I lose because of this 1 fuck up. sent a ticket hardly think it will work.
nerak23 (NA)
: > . Im a human cant i be toxic 1 time during a 2½ year period? You know you can be- but this is what happens . Some people are Never Toxic and don't receive any punishments in games, ever. Having said this, you can learn from this punishment :) --- Part of learning is fessing up to what each of us do wrong, no one is perfect... Can you post the whole chat log ? Just to start with ???
I dont have the log for the whole game just copied the log I got from riot. The thing is I worked so hard for diamond in all 3 ranked ques and for nothing? that is such a turn off. holy moly I dont even wanna talk about the lvl 5 honor grind uchh
: > [{quoted}](name=Sundling,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IT0l7ifV,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-09-27T21:06:14.635+0000) > > Im a human cant i be toxic 1 time during a 2½ year period? Unfortunately, the answer to that is no. Riot does not tolerate hate speech. > Sundling: %%% I don't know what you said here, but if it is censored by the boards then it was pretty bad. Most likely you would have received just a chat restriction had you not used such language. Even when teammates are extremely frustrating, that does not make it okay to use hate speech. If you'd like help learning how better to deal with frustrating teammates I've written a guide that outlines how to get cooperation from dumb or unhelpful teammates. it's not perfect but it's a lot of useful information.
Hate speech? im not a racist person. I wrote "kill yourself". sure that is wrong 100% but why cant they just chat restrict me? this is not fair for shit. I wrote nothing racist. That's just a trap. I have been punishment free for 2½ years and when I titl 1 day ending up saying "kill yourself" ye true that is bad but I have 500 h played in ranked this season all lost because of a bad game? how is that fair? Im not proud over myself but for real they perma flame each other the whole game and then they started to blame me where I flipped (kid raged).
: ALL CAPS IS CHARACTERISTICALLY REPRESENTATIVE OF KID-RAGE. You spent all this time and effort to engage in flaming and blaming a teammate for something that happened in the past, when it serves no benefit to strategy and coordination. That's a twofer. You were negative and blaming, while also being unhelpful and distracting. What will work better in the future would be to say, "I need help with my opponent. When can you come help?" instead of ranting about what happened in the past. And if it already happened, yelling at them for it won't accomplish anything so it is better to stay silent.
Ima just copy what I said to him early on. Started asking for help at 11 min u see (in an agressiv way) this is the start of the game Sundling:This is a bad matchup seju do you want me to shove the lane back or push so u can come counter gank/ gank if he is pushing? she answered Randomperson: You can let him push ill do my clear and come Got mad after 11 min knowing that Jax is a scaling champ who has a hard time coming back when behind and you know the feeling when you are taking poke from a snowballing jayce and that crispy wave comes in and then their tanky jgler comes and dives you so you lose like 22 minions. That's where I started to get titled But I believed my team knew that they left me to die so they could fokus on other lanes and im fine with that. but when they started saying things like "report 9x Jax for inting top" and "useless pos" and so on I got so mad becuase I said what I needed to do and there was so many gank options top. She never came and he snowballed then they blamed me, Even tho I died like less then them. Yes it's bad to tilt and I should had muted them but still. Im a human cant i be toxic 1 time during a 2½ year period?
: The punishment tiers are 10 game chat restriction, 25 game chat restriction, 14 day ban, perm ban. The record of punishment is always accessible by Riot, but it's relevance to a current punishment does go away over time. It normally takes between 3 and 6 months of regular playing to drop one punishment tier. It looks like your punishment probably degraded entirely down to no punishment. Extreme toxicity, hate speech or urging self harm like: "Sundling: %%%" causes the punishment to skip 2 tiers for a 14 day ban.
For real? Had my team mates say so many bad things that game. They where so mean and I was the nicest person on the team believe me not ^^. Like they perma flamed the whole game. I rage and say %%% I said most of the things the last 3 min feelsbadman
: > [{quoted}](name=Sundling,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IT0l7ifV,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-27T20:21:36.714+0000) > > what is the whole punishment tier thing? That blocked three letter word + general toxicity is what got you the punishment.
it was "kill ur self" in short :/
: Alternative to perma bans.
Totally agree with you
: You have a record of being toxic and over time The record does not go away with time and each instance adds to the last instance. There is no fall off for reports.
what is the whole punishment tier thing?
Sundling (EUW)
: Got a 14 day suspension after REFORMED
Game 1 Sundling: Been alone now for 11 min still need help Sundling: the fucker has been pushing with no wards Sundling: for 14 min Sundling:I have no farm no kills Sundling: im nothing Sundling: AN DU KNOW THAT Sundling: BEC UR SORRY ASS Sundling: DID NOT CXOME TO ME Sundling: EVEN 1 TIME Sundling: EVEN IF I ASKED FROM MIN 1 TO COME TO BEC OF BAD MATCHUP Sundling: NOT EVEN ONCE Sundling: HE EVEN PUSHED THE ENTIRE TIME Sundling: %%% Sundling: fuck this shit Sundling: do w/e when typing "fuck this shit" "do w/e" we lost 15 s after that
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