: Malphite changes coming to PBE
Unpopular opinion, since I'm not a Malphite player: Q spam is unhealthy to toplane, and should absolutely not be buffed, especially the range. This "gating" your are talking about is non sense in 2019 LoL. With corrupting potion, manaflow band, TP and an early glacial shroud, malphite just can't get OOM. I just don't understand how malphite could have a "bad match-up" on the top lane, when you can just out poke them from a safe range. IMO, the Q should totally be reworked, not only in order to feel good to the player using it (making it more visually appealing is a poor choice seriously), but also to let his opponent have way to play around the Q, that isn't "Buy MR and potions, and out-sustain his mana with your HP"


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