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: Hi I am a Jungle main.
These lanes are just extra camps that also talk to you sometimes. If I'm bored, I just kill them a bunch of times and then they get super mad sometimes.
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: Low elo ADCs are actually pretty impressively skilled nowadays
Hey! I'll have you know we also eat every auto attack with impressive skill as well, thank you very much. But you're not wrong. #"I'm an adc main and half the fucking time I don't even understand my own species"
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Chaos689 (NA)
: Just get random champ shard from the store and disenchant...
I disenchanted some extra skin shards...I have this skin. It's beautiful...
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Eggbread (NA)
: When Riot Declares Your Main as "Broken" and Leaves Them in the Trash Can for a Year+
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Ralanr (NA)
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: Forum Enhancement Kit: F.E.K 4.0 Hiya, can I have my avatar be Setsuna please?
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: When you decide to play a champ with a low play rate
_[Humming peacefully](
: Noxus Vs Demacia
Two kingdoms at war, one walks the path of light with other embracing the path of darkness. One fights for peace and honour, the other crushes all with pure strength. Now is your time to choose a path. Do you claim your Birthright, or do you fight for Conquest?
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: TFW proteins have names based on video games
I like this thread.
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: Favorite quote of your main
{{champion:203}} "They shall only hear my voice" "This will hurt. Lots!" Also "I see water! They are called tears" is one the best taunts in the game.
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: Game: A champion gets ONE little bug that completely breaks the game.
{{champion:222}} Super Mega Death Rocket (R) Executes champions with over 50% health. {{champion:203}} Third auto attack of Mounting Dread (E) Deals damage equal to 100% of the enemy's health. {{champion:99}} Laughing applies Lucent Singularity (E) slow to nearby champions.
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: Forum Enhancement Kit: F.E.K 4.0 Prince Xander. One of the strongest and most intimidating men in the entire Kingdom of Nohr. Also best husbando next to Male Corrin. Can I have him as my avatar plsss?
Krizonar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cheese3394,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=3V6I7JvK,comment-id=0810,timestamp=2016-10-14T12:59:07.293+0000) > > pls ty snooPINGAS usual, I see > [{quoted}](name=Soulsie,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=3V6I7JvK,comment-id=0812,timestamp=2016-10-14T18:24:01.928+0000) > > - how very selfie
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=3V6I7JvK,comment-id=08100000,timestamp=2016-10-14T19:32:47.736+0000) > > snooPINGAS usual, I see >
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: New rotating game mode idea. NCTOGLC. ( No certaintlyT champions or Gypsylords, allowed. )
: If you ever build deathcap first
{{champion:134}} ✓ _Seen at 16:20 pm_
: Our Evelynn vs their Evelynn
nep2une (NA)
: When I look at the Syndra balance debates
I was hoping the clickbait would lead to an interesting and unique perspective. I'm sad to to say I was wrong.
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: How punny are you?
A pun war? I want in on this, but I most warn you I won't pull {{champion:1}} pun-ches. Instead I'll surp{{champion:13}} you with my material. You might as well be digging your own {{champion:104}}. If you fight me, there's no {{champion:86}}tee you'd survive. Even if yo do, you'd be {{champion:63}}ed a failure in the eyes of many. And {{champion:432}}s will sing of this tale, and it will {{champion:245}}ed by future generations. Can't help it really. Meiby it's just part of my per{{champion:37}}lity.
: Hi, guys. This is a thread about balance.
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: With proper replays I might actually be able to make some Mordekaiser guide
And I might show the going-ons of low elo games.
AhmCha (NA)
: When people cringe at your puns...
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: when you go on a 13 game win streak then get 5 feeding teams in a row
[You know what they say](
: Hijacking your thread to say that you should refer to Kindred as they. Not she, nor he. They.
: RaptorKarr's never gonna give up that useless ship...
Persistence is both the greatest strength and flaw of a Riven player.
: The biggest problem with this game.
Let's play a game of "Spot who threw a recent game hard"
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: Write the saddest League story you can in 4 words. [WARNING, CONTAINS SAD CONTENT]
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