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: Season 7 D3 GP main here E barrel duration is managable in lane but it should scale back up to a higher duration later into the game Q mana nerf was in the right direction but I think they went a bit overboard with it, not unplayable though My biggest issue with the changes was the removal of vision from barrels This was completely uncalled for and doesn't really do anything to address what made him strong in the last patch, it just makes GP feel VERY awkward to play and really should be reverted imo Or at the very least give vision on the keg exploding Additional nerfs i would've put in would be reverting the buffs to his Q and passive that he got last year for no reason The upcoming removal of bandit from support items will also be an indirect nerf to GP as well as the buffs to his counters (bruisers) coming soon
I agree with everyone you said good sir. I didn't went into the Barrel-Vision-Nerf, but it was a really stupid move by Riot. With your reverting nerfs you mean the +1 Gold on all of his Q-Ranks and the Passive Increase of 25-255 right? If so yeah, you dont need those because your dueling is already good. Don't you think the Mana-Refund would actually be a good alternative? -Suwa
: The Gnar and Mallet nerfs were too much, needs help soon
Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Gnar GET damage to his E? And only lost some Cooldown-Refund on his Boomerang? Why should he be unplayable now even tho he got "buffed" or let's just say "adjusted"
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
Maybe its just me, but I would love to see a champ quite similar to Maito Gai from Naruto/ Narutop Shippuuden. Like a champ who is really good at melee combat with a overreacting personality, but when it comes to a more serious environment he will be that cool, chill and protecting dude. I know its hard to understand since my English isnt the best, but that would be cool to see oin League
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: Next Class Update - the Assassins
The only one I care about is Talon. He is good in killing people, but he lacks of escape. Are you going to change his E like a K6-Jump? With the reset after a kill or an assist? That would make him a bit better to play ;D
: @Elphege it was moreso players (most likely low ELO where people follow cookie-cutter builds and do not situationally itemize)**were not buying early QSS in the first place**. Also, with Zed, it would be best to **take some power off of his ultimate and redistribute it to his basic spells**. Example: * Death Mark pop reduced to ONLY 25%/35%/45% of damage applied (removing the 100% AD ratio). * Razor Shuriken damage reduced for ONE shuriken, but an increase in damage from landing MULTIPLE Razor Shurikens (remove the 50% damage reduction from landing multiple shurikens). * Make landing multiple Shadow Slashes deal increased damage much like Razor Shuriken Of course these are kind of cursory ideas, actual numbers may need tweaking and whatnot. However, the overall goal is to **nerf** the FOTM/bandwagon Zed player while either **not affecting or buffing a skilled Zed main**. Zed is supposed to be mechanically complex and demanding. Let's make it so. I want to play my {{champion:238}} again.
I agree with you mate. Your "changes" are brilliant for skilled Zed players. If you can hit them, you will get rewarded, if not...well you fucked it up :D The only thing why Zed is so strong in the moment is the %%%blade of %%%tharr. I assume its the only reason why Zed is still banned even after his reverted Ult damage and his nerfs to his W. Pre-Duskblade-Patch he was solid. Strong but not extremely overpowered :D #{{champion:238}} Main4Life
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with illustrator Suke! [COMPLETE]
I saw you created the PROJECT: Zed art. Do you enjoy making more futuristic stuff or more fantasy-like artworks? :D
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: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
Can you get animated summoner icons for lvl 5 + champs? Like the one Zed got with the Jhin teaser :D Would be cool

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