: Everytime I play, I regret it as soon as I'm done
Same. "League is like that girlfriend you wanna break up with but you don't because you put a lot of effort into the relationship" someone said this and I couldn't relate more.
: the hardest part about being a good support (that took me 3 years to master) is when to realize my ally is dead... and not go in and try to save them and get myself killed as well. you have NO IDEA how hard it is to stop yourself from trying to save them... but yeah.. i have had my team who was 15 kill behind try to force a 4v5 fight and ask.. "why am i splitpushing as support {{champion:25}} " and im like... because im taking the free objective and im not going to force a fight when we are absurdly behind. and they like "we would have won if you were there" LOL RIGHT... just like you won the last 3 times we fought and got aced that GAVE them the 15 kill lead... besides we have a splitpush comp , with a with a {{champion:75}} top and a jungle {{champion:23}} but noo they have to try to force every damn fight
True. I play support because I wanna save people but many times I make the mistake of trying to save them anyways and then the enemy gets a double kill. That's a very hard thing to learn
: Out of all the potential VGUs we know of, not a *single* one is an Enchanter...hell, I don't even think they have a single support on their radar AT ALL.
IKR? I don't know why they can't understand why {{champion:37}} deserves a VGU just as much as {{champion:80}} does... This is really infuriating. Years go by and they still don't acknowledge enchanters at all.
: I was seriously going to lose it if in the end of the list there was not Aurelion Sol xD Anyway, I found this video informative and a good step form Riot to let us know that things are happening. I don't mind PP Zoe being revealed as we don't know how far are other skins for less fortunate characters. Now I hope Supercakes doesn't take it bad but she really should talk more naturally during this videos, especially if she wants to put some jokes in them. :P
Yeah lol it kind of felt like she was held hostage during some parts
GreenLore (EUW)
: Pool party Zoe will likely be released this summer,so even though they gave us an early glimpse at it,it will probably take a lot of time until the skin actually comes out.
I don't care when it comes out. The fact that they revealed pool party Zoe and didn't say ANYTHING except their corny and at this point overused "they're coming... ;) THEY'RE COMING!!! ;))))" when she talked about {{champion:136}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:68}} etc... is pathetic and disappointing.
Rioter Comments
: Patch 8.6 Shield & Heal Changes. Compensation Buffs for Ivern?
: damn this is the edgiest boards thread i've seen yet "i am a ruined person because riot has meta changes"
lmaooooooooooooooooooo "how league of legends broke me as a player **and individual**" BITCH IM FUCKING DEAD WTF This might be the cringiest thing to happen in these boards
: Oh look, Miss Fortune is on the free rotation this week...
: Well as of right now Warmong's only requires 2750 health to get the passive, of course this is being changed next patch to 3000 health but Warmong's will still be usable on Soraka if not ideal, I still see it built all the time on her in ARAM and it works fine so why wouldn't it be fine in a SR game?
Find me a challenger/master/d1 Soraka player who builds Warmogs. This is a myth that needs to be eradicated from your minds. She stopped building it in s6 so just stop spreading bullshit this game will never be balanced around bronze elo or ARAM.
: An indirect Janna nerf that would make her (along with other heal/shield supports) healthier.
Soraka using {{item:3083}}? In s8? With her base hp? With {{item:3083}} already requiring 3.250 hp? Really? ????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is not s5 and that would be a nerf to actual {{item:3083}} users more than bronze Sorakas who prefer like 2 hp items + warmogs instead of {{item:3107}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3190}} and{{item:3504}}.
: Janna, Tahm kench, Braum, win rate, and shielding Discussion
Exactly what I think of this situation. .+1 It's not like she's overpowered or anything, she just can't fuck up unlike champions like Nami, and no wonder Nami had 50%/51% win rate for like 3 seasons straight without ever going above 53% win rate. That's because even tho Nami can do pretty much what Janna can and can't (slow, give movement speed, disengage with her ult, heal, empower autos, poke and engage) {{champion:267}} is not going to disengage every single time she uses her ult simply because it's harder to use. I'm pretty sure if Janna's shield worked like Lux's shield her win rate would drop significantly but people on the boards are just so fucking ignorant when it comes to Janna there's no point in trying. Edit: before anyone points out that Nami has 53% win rate now just know that I know that and that's why I said that she **had** 50%/51% win rate. I don't know why she has 53% win rate now, I'm not playing the game nor following high elo streams/pro play.
Necrozard (EUW)
: Kai'Sa ?
She has a lot of personality tho...? Just because her voice is "emotionless" it doesn't mean she has no personality. You people look at her superficially, simple.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 28
Hey Meddler is Syndra ever gonna receive a little bit of attention? Please even a "I don't know" is fine... This champion is one of my favourites and seeing her still sitting at a 46% win rate breaks my heart a little. Please I don't want her to receive the Viktor treatment where she's neglected for a whole season/many seasons because she was dominant during pro play for a season. I picked her up after months yesterday and she feels so bad to play... W range, mana costs, cooldowns, even her damage.
: > Cant i get a statement on what you think? I'm not even looking necessarily for "Riot thinks this"-statement. What do you guys personally think when you watch this? My thoughts: * It's fair that melees 1-shot plants in the early game. * It's pretty crappy that Zyra's E+W often results in enemies "accidentally" 1-shotting her plants because of how being rooted causes you to auto acquire nearby targets to basic attack (in this case, her plants). * It's possible her plants should again be tankier as the game goes on, so they grow out of being 1-shot by melees or something. * Empowered attacks like Rengar's Q 1-shotting ulted plants shouldn't happen, and we should fix that.
I just wanna thank you for the amount of communication you have with the playerbase. Hopefully you or someone else will find time for her during the season.
: She was sitting around 52-54 until this patch. They didnt nerf her, just the new core items are bleh.
Oh don't get me wrong I don't want to imply Taliyah is bad or anything, it just makes me anxious playing a champion (especially if this champion is usually picked in pro play at least once a season) knowing they can have the Syndra treatment because of how different a champion performs in pro play.
: as someone that plays skarner... awww fuck... here we fucking go again. I play 1 champ that people aren't normally playing. Fucking pro's start playing him and people start imitating. Get fucking gutted. Last i played was {{champion:134}} i had to stop playing her. I play {{champion:9}} too so i'm assuming he's fucking next with my luck.
I feel you. Everytime I wanna play {{champion:163}} I get anxious because I really like the champion and I would like to play her most of the time I'm mid but I cannot enjoy her without thinking "what's the point of putting effort and sometimes even buy skins for this champion if she's gonna get nerfed at least once or twice a season because of pro play?". That's absolutely annoying, this happened with my beloved {{champion:134}} too, and now she's sitting at a 46% win rate. I hate this so much...
: Imaqtpie summons up the problem of marksmen
They will eventually increase the cost of zeal items from 2600 to 2700 lmao I beg my leg on that
: LOL omg I'd love it if you checked out my Karma post (with a LANA del rey twist :P) https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/UAqfPgGQ-karma-by-laner-del-rey
: Karma... By Laner Del Rey
Cactopus (NA)
: Champ Mastery Costs, Masterwork Chests, and Some Loot Buffs
I know it sounds like a joke but I almost cried 1. because I'm listening to Old Money by Lana del Rey and 2. because with this "you said"-"so" trick it feels like you are my mother and you care about me. I love you. https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/limitedgenerousbanteng
: I really like this upcoming patch.
Same I'm loving it. I might start spamming my beloved {{champion:99}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} mid lane champions with the new ap changes
: Bruiser Keystone on PBE
So can {{champion:122}} costantly refresh the buff thanks to his passive?
: Um I don't think there has been a recent change...did you visit GD? GD automatically toggles you from Discussion View to Chronological View
> [{quoted}](name=BobaFlautist,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=s4I4Up5P,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-21T22:45:37.350+0000) > > Um I don't think there has been a recent change...did you visit GD? GD automatically toggles you from Discussion View to Chronological View thank you you saved my life
Rioter Comments
: Across the years from 55% win rate on master tier to 46% win rate on low plat. [Soraka main sadness]
PREACH I FEEL THE SAME WAY THIS SEASON WITH HER I started maining Soraka last season and absolutely fell in love with the champion but this season is just garbage for me. I cannot even heal my adc twice because he explodes to a duskblade or some shit like that in 0.76 seconds... it's ridiculous.
Azadethe (NA)
: Personally, I think MF can build anything: -She has strong Trinity/IE synergies. -Strong Lethality -Strong Hybrid -Strong Crit She even goes good with Tear of goddess builds, at least as a support. Lethality is for early game wins. Late game wins are 100% crit builds. the others are just for fun
thanks for the answer!
: Her damage is not very good aside from abilities, the point is you harass with Q, and her teamfight potential. During laning, an AA/Q with duskblade can easily do 50% hp. An IE is fairly standard on her, though. Or at least used to be.
hmm thanks for the answer. I'll try to spam some games with lethality and crit and see how it goes
Rioter Comments
: Now that we buffed Nasus Q and Ult, can we PLEASE nerf his overpowered SLOW?
Nasus is ridiculous. Every single top laner i've had has always lost to him and by 20 minutes you already have to send 4 people just to stop him. I hate playing against him
Rioter Comments
: Meddler did say they want to work on her in the first half of this year. I figured we might hear something about her nearer to Irelia's relaunch, but who knows. The last thing that Meddler said was that they hadn't decided on the scope of her update. I really hope they get to her soon because it's so long over due, we've had to suffer this iteration of Karma for 3 years and it keeps getting worse.
I hope they'll look at her this season. She has so much potential I just want her to be good
: >I'm not expecting an answer from a Rioter since they've always been very silent about Karma even tho her fan base was pretty vocal {{champion:62}} You have no idea.......
Blue moon wolf I think I met you in a discord server! how are you? Anyways yeah... I actually forgot Wukong was a champion lol
Sukishoo (NA)
: >even tho her fan base was pretty vocal Some of you are, not all of us as I personally like her and find her fine.
She's objectively not fine and the simple facts that she can't be buffed or else she'll dominate pro play like she used to and completely fails to deliver on her thematic already say a lot. Also I checked your op.gg and you've almost never played Karma in s6 and s7 (played like 1 game in s7 and 3 in s6 with no games in s8... please) so no wonder you "like her and find her fine".
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 14
Hey. I remember you said that Karma was going to receive a GU or something like that after the LeBlanc GU, is that still a priority? Are you still going to work on her?
: > [{quoted}](name=Pi Xel Moloto V,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=enWsx7Kl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-13T03:18:31.618+0000) > > Or a full visual update. They are a large company and they have the power. Why put through a change like this if they can just redo her entirely amirite. > > They said they'd be putting more focus on visual updates this year anyway. I would love to see a full VU, but unfortunatly they don't see LeBlanc with enough visual problems to redo her skins so I figured these are more realistic options! :)
It doesn't change the fact that they are a VERY large company and could give a VU to every champion who needs it within 6 months. But VUs don't sell as much as a new Lux skin, so why would they bother with it? Better keep {{champion:45}} a walking spastic horse so people will buy his skins and won't have to look at how visually and aestethically unpleasing the standard version of the champion is. Many other companies would do what Riot needs to do in less than half a year, but hey, we're talking about the same people who needed more than **half a season** to nerf a single item because of how slow and lazy they have been recently (cough cough{{item:3504}}).
: Karma has a pretty low win rate vs other supports
Meddler said they were going to look at her and give her a GU after preseason but Riot is slow as a slug (as usual) and they still need to work on LB and Aatrox.
: Riots balancing team criticism by a diamond player
Next time you want to do the --------------------------- thing just use at least 3 ot these - - - but one after the other -------------------------------
: Nerf her Q CD by 0.25s or something
: Moved on to Nami, but I decided to try one last time: Sona's whole design just sucks
Sona has so much wasted potential. I love how passionate and dedicated you are but this isn't your first thread, RIot simply doesn't want to work on Sona anytime soon, so just give up. You're wasting time giving feedback about Sona Riot has had countless on times and simply ignored.
: tl dr: this was repeated 20 times and the 21th time won't change anything
> his was repeated 20 times and the 21th time won't change anything So fucking true
: I think it's the addition of more waveclear that might make her a problem, before you have sub par clear early to mid game so you could not roam as much, now the clear is faster towards mid game and gives way for her mid game power to be spread across the map without the downside of losing alot of farm.
I think she's not gonna be a problem and she will be finally seen more frequently in higher elos. Whenever I see a Lux mid in high elo she's ALWAYS pushed under the tower... Most mages are able to clear at least the minions in the back, actually, I'm pretty sure EVERY mage is able to clear the minions in the back expect for {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}}. They really need this buff in order to compete with other mages imo and maybe this will increase their play rate in high elo.
: Hey dude, I noticed that lost chapter’s mana refund passive is largely absent from Luden’s and GLP but some form of it is included in AA staff. Is this intentional? It seems like giving that passive up could decrease the value of the final item. If the passive is indeed removed, my guess is that people would not be as willing to take Luden’s or GLP as a first item. Thx, JB
They will because mages still get blue buff in high elo.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: AP Items Request for Balance Thoughts
Do you rioters think it's a bad thing for Lux to finally be able to clear the minions in the back (the little mages)? Most mages are already able to push a lane while Lux is pretty garbage at doing that I noticed {{champion:134}} {{champion:1}} and {{champion:61}} have a pretty good wave clear with {{item:3285}} in general
: Loving new mana items?
Absolutely! I'm in love with how they gave so many options for mana... I'm picturing myself as Lux buying {{item:3285}} vs someone with no range,{{item:3003}} if I'm costantly zoned by a Zed so I can farm by spamming E and hardly running oom + getting the shield which helps against him or {{item:3030}} vs someone mobile so I can slow them down and hit them with my Q, which will lead to hit my E and R too. I love love love love love these changes. Finally something great!
: Friendly Reminder Sona's Winrate Plummeted After Patch 7.23 and Has Remained There Since
It's how Riot balance team works Nerf Sona -> nerf all the runes Sona is using (and that initially made her stronger) -> leave Sona in the trash can without **actual** compensation buffs
: > And it's a DOT that lasts 10 seconds, so with some quick math you'll see that liandry's 4% max hp burn process TEN bloody times. 10 seconds! That's more than double the time the balance team thought about these changes!
: > [{quoted}](name=Totally Not Jinx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8kGu09sU,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2018-01-31T23:40:48.853+0000) > > Hello there! I've edited out part of your comment as it did not fit in with the [Universal Rules](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/4LgZ2EwM-universal-rules). If you have questions, feel free to talk to us in the The [Boards Moderation Discord](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/qVlculPP-boards-moderation-discord) > or the [Discuss the Boards](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation) sub-board. Who cares. Go away.
"Balancing around high elo"? I banned this disgusting champion {{champion:96}} in plat 4 and I'm still banning him in gold 4... he's stupid even in low elo (not a surprise, since this bastard only needs to activate w and right click to melt entire teams from safe range).
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