: > [{quoted}](name=SweedishGunner,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hJmRBsZH,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-09-17T23:44:52.890+0000) > > He also did the Akali rework...that has had about 50 different mechanics removed and she's STILL being picked. Did he do the most banned champion in the game right now? does anyone care? Thats the point. You only care because you know who the developer is.
No I care because a man that has no idea about enemy player agency was allowed to keep designing champions.
puśsý (NA)
: Season 10 makes or breaks it.
It's more like Bullet Hell League that we currently have.
: The creator of the ever popular shitty POS called Yasuo, among many others.
He also did the Akali rework...that has had about 50 different mechanics removed and she's STILL being picked.
: No Buff will make Blitz pro viable
Pretty sure K6 was pick ban in pro play like a year or two ago?
: Fiora buffs LMAO
The world's patch is looking mighty questionable right about now.
: Ngl, I appreciate the Blitzcrank and Veigar buffs but the others do look very questionable. Especially Tahm Kench getting 100% Gray Health regen at level 18.
Veigar really doesn't need any buffs.
: Uh, can you like, not do this Riot?
I'm genuinely convinced the balance team are actively trying to sabotage the game.
: But ... but ... people complain they get osed by full armor malphite...
That's the issue, when tanks are good they tend to be unkillable but still do enough damage to one combo squishies. We need a sort of balance where tanks are tanky but they don't just nuke squishies.
: Dude what the fuck is even Cass toplane
Honestly she's a pain in the ass to deal with mid lane too. She cs's so easily, has great gank assist with W and R, wins most trades if she lands one Q and then just scales like mad into the late game. Also if I'm not mistaken her passive gives her brown boots levels of ms by around level 7.
: The only champs who require mana management(one could even call it **mana**gement) are Kassadin and Kog’Maw. That’s just due to the exponential scaling on their ults, which I’d be interested in seeing on other new champs.
Viktor frequently runs oom in fights if he's not got a Blue or Ocean drag, even a Ludens doesn't stop him going completely oom.
: > [{quoted}](name=nargnargnarg,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8TIEFbpJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-07T09:19:06.430+0000) > > Because Malz shield is a lot stronger because he gets a 90% dmg reduction buff and is immune to cc, which is a lot stronger than simply health for a shield. Not even remotely. Malzahar's shield is a fraction of the uptime of Yasuo's, and Malz's early game and mana costs are atrocious, he needs to be able to hit lost chapter by 6 and if you delay him by abusing his abysmal lv1-5, he becomes a useless champ. Hell, even by just buying QSS he becomes a useless champ as he's totally immobile, has garbage burst, and needs heavy scaling into late game to do any damage while being easily dove. If the enemy laner has a brain cell and just autos your voidlings, which get 1-2 shot by autoattacks, malzahar has zero waveclear whatsoever. He's an incredibly abusable champ.
Voidlings are always killed in one auto attack regardless (just a small correction).
: Game's are not decided by the one who carries, it's decided by the one that throws the most.
This is very true, last game I played had 9 people playing really well apart from our jungle who might as well have been a bot. Safe to say we had no chance of winning.
: Can we have 2 bans each?
Then I can finally ban Fizz and Cass every game.
: "In the case of Eve and Riven, we overnerfed them and wanted to follow up."
They literally took 10% off Eves reset when she hits monsters, don't tell me she gets damage buffs to compensate. Also Zoe buffs OMEGALUL.
: Is anyone else convinced Riot doesnt know how to balance Toplane?
It took 2 patches to get rid of Viktor top and they didn't even gut the issue causing it they just gutted Viktor and made him trash tier mid too.
: Meanwhile in Top Lane?
Swain is pretty doodoo.
: Doesn't matter. If its not a Worlds Esports skin(which are chosen by the winners, not Riot), it counts.
Obviously it doesn't change the amount of time but something like Xeraths and Skarners most recent skin (Guardian of the Sands) is above the awful Death Sworn Viktor, token skins like that don't help anyone.
: Viktor's last skin was in 2017(669 days ago to be specific). Far from being in the 1,000 day club.
It was a gigabad skin though.
: Champs over 1000 days w/o a new skin
Where is Viktor in the list, out of curiosity?
: What's funnier, although not much abusable, is that If you ult one guy that can't do shit against you while backdooring you can have intimate time with Nexus for 7 seconds. Only the one guy can try to stop you while you are melting the Nexus down. Slightly funny tbh.
Cloud273 (NA)
: So why did Jax and Nocturne get buffed again?
Same reason Ekko, Kassadin and Ziggs got buffed when they had near 50% winrates too... There isn't a reason.
: How can you guys still play ranked and not go insane ?
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Now that Akali will get another nerf
Akali needs kit changes or she'll constantly be shit for the masses and broken in the hands of those who know how to play her.
: {{champion:26}} mid is as much cancer as {{champion:157}} or {{champion:238}} mid. Sorry, he doesn't needs buff. He is even played in pro play every now and then. Plus, I don't see why the fuck they had to hard nerf lane Lulu, but you want Zillean magically buffed for solo lane. Like fuck no, Zillean is cancer. Kindly, an assassin player. The others, I don't mind. But fuck, no {{champion:26}}
As a mage player I too don't want to see anymore Zilean mid, the lane is completely under his control and requires so much attention to even try kill him.
: > [{quoted}](name=MordridtheBlack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NyklrmYW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-19T22:57:35.882+0000) > > Yasou is a paradox > > if you buff him, people do too good > > if you nerf him, people do too good > > if you buff him, people find a way to go 0/15 > > if you nerf him, people find a way to go 0/15 And at 0/15 he'll still make a come back. I don't understand what they're trying to tweak for him because he's already in an exceptionally good spot. It's kind of like they completely disregard ban rates outside of pro play.
I mean Yasuo has actually been attracting both play and bans in the LCS so I have no idea where the buffs are coming from.
Again no Viktor buffs? Lmao. Riot found room to buff 50% winrate champions such as Ekko, Kassadin and Ziggs but Viktor can't even get a love tap? Insane.
: Thank you for mentioning evelynn. She’s inferior to her old self in every way and every champ with a stealth is able to use their stealth to more effect than her and that’s sad. Fucking disgusting rework. They raped her, they raped my loved one.
She literally just got nerfed because she was too strong. What.
Then we could ungut Viktor too. Pog.
: > [{quoted}](name=SweedishGunner,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wYi0t9Vj,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-06T19:24:10.240+0000) > > Basically every champion on the buff list doesn't need a buff besides maybe Shen and Syndra (but then they become issues in proplay when they're good). Id say Syndra is a still a meh one, shes not the best midlaner but shes not that bad tbh, Shen needs one really badly though yah
Only issue with Syndra is that she becomes really popular in pro when she's good and that just gets her nerfed again.
: Please Revert the 9.16 Azir changes.
Lets be real here, Azir isn't too strong, all his soloQ winrates suck, the only place he's good is proplay and the only reason he's even good there is because he can stall the lane vs Corki and scale up as well as Corki, that's literally it.
: Galio has the lowest pickrate in the game and for some reason jax and lux deserves buffs before him?
The fact they straight up removed his flash W combo shows you that they don't give a f*ck about anything Galio related, they can't be bothered to balance him.
: Those changes haven't literally just hit, we're nearing 3 weeks at this point of Lux having gotten her nerfs. A patch worth of time is typically the amount of time it takes for Riot to look at the changes they've done, and see how things settle. You know what Lux support's winrate is at? 48.6, and that's saying something considering a majority of Lux's play her down bot as a 'support'. > The champs was just top tier support, let the changes you JUST DID settle and see where it needs to go. No. People gave Riot so much shit when they nerfed Sejuani, and then left her in that state because they wanted her to 'take a break from the spotlight' when she was absolutely huge during the Tank Meta in season 5. This is the same logic, that you should hold off on buffing a champion because she was previously high tier, even if it's not to the same severity. The changes have settled. Lux did not receive any major gameplay changes that actively change the way she plays, just number nerfs and a slight change to her Shielding application, so there is no real reason it takes people more than a patch to adjust. This post is just pure bias against Lux, with nothing to back it up in terms of argument or facts. You just don't like Lux.
Viktor's had worse stats than that for like over a year at this point, still no buffs. But nah no favouritism at Riot games.
: Fiora dont need a buff
Basically every champion on the buff list doesn't need a buff besides maybe Shen and Syndra (but then they become issues in proplay when they're good).
: So Riot finally remembered Ziggs
Ziggs is kinda ok though, there's definitely worse mid picks.
: Upcoming 9.16 changes. Thoughts?
Lmao Azir nerfs, still trash tier everywhere but pro play but will still get nerfed.
: I tried out Tristana Mid simply because I was looking for something fun to play (I usually play Support, so I play Mid to try mixing things up) & I heard Tristana Mid/Top was becoming popular overseas. Honestly, League could use more Diversity & Innovation with Champion Picks. Makes the game much more interesting & more fun to play. Wierd Picks can be pretty good if that person can make their pick work (Swain Botlane, AP Shaco Top, Brusier Nocturne Mid, etc). {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
But then you have to balance a champion for multiple roles and that usually gets them nerfed in their primary role even if they don't need it. Case and point, Viktor top.
Gabriyel (NA)
: Is it just me, or does velkoz have too much mana efficiency pre-6?
Vel basically has no mama issues throughout the game as long as he gets the occasional Q refund. He just has really low mana costs.
: Kled's buff is so unnecessary
He was already sleeper before the buffs imo, the buff just pushed him into the spotlight.
Maltazar (EUNE)
: Malzahar revert
Can you imagine him getting reverted? He'd be even shittier in lane but you'd be able to one shot people with R again.
: Why are Lee and Kha getting random buffs?
Either for Worlds or the random champion buff generator landed on them. Same kinda reason Cass got buffed and immediately hotfixed...no reason.
: Get ready everyone (Patch 9.15)
All these buffs, Lee even gets +5 damage on Q, but Viktor can't even get a single buff to help him out of the shitter he's stuck in at the moment.
: God damn. The snowflakes and SJWs are taking over Riot, too, now?
They've been there for a long while friend.
: So, Riot just buffed the Baron without mentioning it in the patch notes?
It's probably another bug but it sounds like a change for the better. Baron and Elder Dragon are complete pushovers.
: why is grasp/glacial augment reduced for ranged
Ezreal $ells too many $kins to get nerfed.
Jenivie (NA)
: Fix Qiyanas Portrait Plz <3 ;(
Oh I thought you were gonna say fix it by focusing on her thighs...
: Idk, can't be that broken with a 47% winrate at every tier.
Near 50% pick rate will do that to a champions win rate.
Anatera (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Academy Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vTE2eYs4,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-07-18T05:25:12.370+0000) > > The few people in the comments talking about how Riot is incompetent for not having predicted bugs to happen, are the same people who don't understand how updating a game, changing code, and how bugs spring up in the first place work. Oh yeaaahhh. Suuuuuure. It's not like they've released patches before. It's not like they've had patches in the past that damn near destroyed the game. God forbid they learn from they mistakes or some shit, right? That would be soooooo haaaaaard.
God forbid the company earn over a billion dollars in a year and we expect them to do their job correctly amirite?
: When an "assassin" support is safer than the quintessential backline "safe" supports
Let's be honest here though, teams will actively target Soraka, an assassin or diver will prioritise Soraka over carries due to how Soraka works. This is why she commonly takes barrier over Ignite or Exhaust. No one is diving the enemy team to focus their Pyke, why would you?
: Looks like League itself needs a rework right now.
At this point they should really dedicate some time for a full engine or code overhaul, start again from scratch, kinda like what Dota did with 2.0 minus all the insane balance changes.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: She is already disabled
Ye literally got disabled like 10 seconds after I posted it lul.
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