: Upcoming changes for 9.24
Yuumi needs meaningful kit changes before buffs, she's just going to stay toxic otherwise.
Norglics (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pika310,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1Un1Nnog,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2019-11-27T22:03:01.562+0000) > > A long-range displacement (hook); a large AoE stun; a long-range dash; (self) healing; and high base stats & durability. Most "conventional" supports aren't allowed to have more than 1 or 2 of these, especially on non-ultimate abilities, let alone all of them in 1 single kit. I'm not certain what "important" things he's supposed to be missing, according to you, but it's very well-established that Pyke is overloaded & this has been repeatedly proven in pro play. > > I'm sorry that your Assassin/Support hybrid (a combination Rito promised years ago they would **NEVER** allow in this game, btw) doesn't have a 1,500-range Lantern, a low-cooldown AD-buffing shield or a 3rd hard CC ability, but when you have to a compare a kit to OP kits to find "missing" elements, that kit is also OP. these dumb pyke players think that champ is weak or something:D
: Those ezreal buffs though, really make up for klepto removal.
Let him rot for a few more months. Sick and tired of Ezreal.
Wrecked (NA)
: If you're bad enough the game is going to a minimum 35 minute mark, maybe you're the issue. That's assuming they got zero drakes. If you wanna purposely extend it, you can let the enemy take some drakes. Or not take drakes for a while in general. And it goes to a minimum of 45 minutes.
'Bad enough' but 35 minutes _should_ be the standard game time, however with the meta and matchmaking this is never the case.
: Blink And You'll Miss It: Elder Drake Buff is Toxic To Gameplay
Elder existing how it does right now is a mistake, bug or no bug. The whole game comes down to one single dragon take and that's it. Kinda insane.
: Is Pyke too strong a champion?
: Is Pyke too strong a champion?
DeusVult (NA)
: Probably the most pointless change I have ever seen on a PBE patch
This is a revert as well, it used to be 20 stacks.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: syndra and ryze dominating midlane in proplay only qiyana is picked because of her bullshit AOE stun mages are weak ofc
Are you forgetting how high prio LB and Akali are?
: Yeah, I loved it when I had a Cannon Minion chasing me through (an unwarded) Brush and half a lane
Personal favourite is when the cannon minions randomly swap who they're attacking and steal CS. It's like the minions have had enough after 10 years and started to revolt.
: Well, get ready...apparently season 10 is going to add MORE damage, weaken the epic monsters a bit, give the chance for TWO rift heralds in one game, and royally shit on bot lane by nerfing their exp gain while buffing every other role's exp gain. Especially jungle's exp gain. Ready for the jungle to be lv 6 when you're lv 3 again, boys? Oh...and also, an AD support item, cause Pyke totally needs a better way to get gold and damage with his killstealing, gold-sharing ultimate letting him get all his AD items faster than the enemy ADC by mid game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXAnqW-1EEQ
Pls stop harping on about Pyke now it's getting old, a tiny AD support item won't change much. He's 47% WR in plat and 45% in diamond.
: {{item:3135}} also, good luck getting a whole team to build defensively lmao i've never seen a yas buy a defensive item other than a GA in my games
That's just the average Yasuo player though KEKW.
: It's actually insane how overpowered Ryze is. He's why FNC lost to some random team.
Aren't FPX the No.1 LPL seed? They also beat the shit outta IG, former World Champions...
: can we just address AP shaco already
He should be left in the garbage bin until he's reworked. Shaco players complained though so he got sweeping buffs and now we're left with this abomination.
: It'd be cool if we could actually nerf blitzs hook instead of tapping his armor
It's how Riot works these days. Pushes a stupid buff that breaks the champion and then instead of reverting the buff they nerf other things that aren't the problem. It's actually insane.
KazKaz (OCE)
: They should have just disabled Yuumi from the get-go.
The fact that people pick her at all confuses me.
: Tencent caught fabricating loot box odds. Now trying to cover it up.
Tencent are obviously bad news, however they already own Riot and I don't think that'll ever change. They've already left their mark on League.
: The problem with the Cloud Dragon Soul and the Kneejerk change to Nimbus Cloak
Why is Nimbus Cloak being nerfed, its a lovely rune on those who can use it.
borger (NA)
: What is it with mage items?
Ah if only you were around in the day where 100+AP was common for most mage items.
: Ohmwrecker
It'd be worth using if towers posed any sort of threat after 5 minutes but they just become as threatening as a litter of puppies.
: Experimental "Max Cast Range" Changes Coming to PBE!
Pls don't change it for Viktor, or give me an option to change it back. Because when I'm casting W I want it cast where I place it, normally out of range and under the enemy, not within my range and not under the enemy I cast it on.
: Actually ziggs got nerfed after the S4 stall meta since he and Xerath made games come to a grinding halt whenever they were alive
He's got like 3 buffs in recent times though, he's rather annoying to face with how fast he melts towers.
: I don't like playing vs {{champion:84}}, she is fustrating and too strong. I don't like playing vs {{champion:432}}, he has a stupid dmg and his Q is horrible. I don't like playing vs {{champion:53}} because he always hook someone from my team at lvl 1 with an invade. And when he is on my team, he is useless, he miss all his grabs and he we end up to play the game 4 vs 5. I don't like playing vs {{champion:63}}, his AOE dmg is a nightmare. I don't like playing vs {{champion:122}}, you can't beat him unless you play Fiora/Garen or a ranged champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:131}}, at lvl 6, she press Q R E W R Ignite and you are dead. I don't like playing vs {{champion:119}}, his dmg is horrible, he three shoot with "press the attack". I don't like playing vs {{champion:245}}, stupid champ who is safe, unkillable, he has a zone CC and big magic dmg. I don't like playing vs {{champion:28}}, she is invisible, force you to buy Red wards and her E is dealing 1/2 of your HP bar and even more. I don't like playing vs {{champion:81}}, stupid annoying champ with tons of poke and safety. I don't like playing vs {{champion:9}}, his ulti and his CC are a pain in the asss. I don't like playing vs {{champion:114}}, if you don't pick a ranged top laner or don't get permaganked by your jungler, you lose. I don't like playing vs {{champion:105}}, annoying and stupid. I don't like playing vs {{champion:41}}, Stupid poke, stupid cleanse on his W and global ulti + barrels who deal a million of dmg in lategame. I don't like playing vs {{champion:86}}, unkillable, with Yuumi as support he is impossible to kill unless you play Vayne Lulu bot. I don't like playing vs {{champion:79}}, dmg, CC, annoying... I don't like playing vs {{champion:104}}, dmg, dmg and dmg... I don't like playing vs {{champion:74}}, how we are supposed to have fun vs this? I don't like playing vs {{champion:39}}, tons of dashes, dmg and she is always feed. I don't like playing vs {{champion:40}}, of course your opponent must pick this champ when you have a champ that must engage or when you play an assassin. I don't like playing vs {{champion:59}}, he always win when he is on the opponent team, stupid King privileges. I don't like playing vs {{champion:24}}, thanks to {{item:3161}}. I don't like playing vs {{champion:202}}, stupid dmg, stupid range... I don't like playing vs {{champion:222}}, always get feed, unstoppable and three shoot your whole team with her rockets. I don't like playing vs {{champion:145}}, what a nice champ riot... I don't like playing vs {{champion:30}}, press R ops you are death... I don't like playing vs {{champion:38}}, stupid scalings, tanky for an assassin and make stupid dmg in mid/lategame. I don't like playing vs {{champion:55}}, why she always get feed in the enemy team? Why the player must be a main Kata who know how to play this champ? I don't like playing vs {{champion:10}}, Annoying ulti, annoying kit, annoying scalings... I don't like playing vs {{champion:141}}, oh look i can pass trought walls! I hate him! I don't like playing vs {{champion:85}}, press E R, win a teamfight... I don't like playing vs {{champion:121}}, delete you with a Q and escape with high 1km dash. I don't like playing vs {{champion:64}}, these insecs plays are cancer and absurb. What is skilled by pressing W and R to give a free kill to your team? I don't like playing vs {{champion:89}}, she can have more CC please? Stunned for 3 hours... I don't like playing vs {{champion:127}}, so fun to play vs this champ... CC, safe... I don't like playing vs {{champion:117}}, why you buffed her? Omg riot! I don't like playing vs {{champion:54}}, so fun he build AP and press R to kill you. I don't like playing vs {{champion:90}}, this ulti is cancer, his push is cancer... I don't like playing vs {{champion:11}}, he will be feed, he will delete your teammates in less than 5s and he will always be played when your compo don't have many cc. I don't like playing vs {{champion:82}}, seriously who tought this R was a good idea? I don't like playing vs {{champion:25}} because when i want to play cancer champ, she is countering me. I don't like playing vs {{champion:75}}, because he stacks and he is horrible for me. I don't like playing vs {{champion:111}}, tons of CC, annoying as hell and he make a good dmg. I don't like playing vs {{champion:2}}, CC are useless agaisn't me... You can't win trades, i got free regen on my W... I don't like playing vs {{champion:78}}, seriously what is this dmg? Isn't she supposed to be a tank? I don't like playing vs {{champion:555}}, do i need to explain? I don't like playing vs {{champion:133}}, roam everywhere... fcking annoying champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:33}}, ofc you had to pick him when i play Master Yi! You bastard! I don't like playing vs {{champion:58}}, I want him turned into a bag like Sivir said. I don't like playing vs {{champion:107}}, why does this champ even exist? And why the dude play him when i'm adc? I don't like playing vs {{champion:92}}, i never understood this champ and seing people play her correctly and winning with doing stupid dmg and combos is making me nauseous. I don't like playing vs {{champion:35}}, annoying and now he is played at support. So i can enjoy having a useless shaco supp who only place boxes in the bush and poke with his E. I don't like playing vs {{champion:102}}, She will go Ap, she will press R and then E E E E and it's deal 60-80% of your life. Karma RQ but in a better way. I don't like playing vs {{champion:27}}, annoying, i hate this stupid playstyle. I don't like to play vs {{champion:14}}, unless you play Vayne, Fiora or Kog, he has tons of HP. I don't like to play vs {{champion:72}}, this ulti god! A pure cancer. I don't like playing vs {{champion:16}}: Heal, heal, heal, HEAAAAAAALLLLLL I don't like playing vs {{champion:50}}, the next Vlad is here! Regen and dmg + a big pool of Hp, that how you make a balanced champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:517}}, what is this kit? I don't like playing vs {{champion:134}}, nice dmg, very balanced dmg... I don't like playing vs {{champion:91}}, thank he is useless if he isn't feed but you have to stay undertower for the whole early game. I don't like playing vs {{champion:412}}, why everyone is maining him ? Annoying as hell to play vs 300K mastery points Thresh! But thanks, it's also happen on your team. I don't like playing vs {{champion:18}}, what is this dmg? She pressed E, she shoot 4 AA and she deals like 70% of my HP bar. I don't like playing vs {{champion:48}}, a pure troll champ! I don't like playing vs {{champion:23}}, nice ultimate, nice criticals chances... A perfect and well designed champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:29}}, what is this ultimate? Why he is allowed to have more range than Jinx under her rockets? Invisivibility wasn't enough? I don't like playing vs {{champion:77}}, so fun to play vs a champ that can run very fast. "Immobile champ" hahaha, best statement ever when you know that Udyr only spam spells and gains stupid MS boosts. Also his melee dmg is horrible. I don't like playing vs {{champion:67}}, and i will never like playing vs her. I don't like playing vs {{champion:45}}, this stupid cage who is the same size as half a lane. You can't pass it, you can't ignore it... His dmg, his scaling... Screw this champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:8}} : I wonder if was designed to be "unfun to play agaisnt", god i hate vampires and i hate Vlad! I don't like playing vs {{champion:106}}, nice passive, nice dmg also... It's alwas fun to see "tanky" champs dealing 3x more dmg than you. I don't like playing vs {{champion:62}}, especially when he goes full AD assassin, a pure cancer. I don't like playing vs {{champion:498}}, Hahaha, you can't kill me, i will press R and counterplay! Also have fun laning vs this. I don't like playing vs {{champion:157}}, WORST CHAMP IN THE GAME, SCREW THE DUDE WHO CREATED HIM I HATE HIM SO MUCH PERMABAN FOREVER !!! I don't like playing vs {{champion:83}}, what is this dmg? His ghouls are jumping on you and make so much dmg. I don't like playing vs {{champion:350}} FCK THIS CHAMP ESPECIALLY WITH GAREN!! I don't like playing vs {{champion:238}} Stupid popular champ with no personnality and a stupid kit. Thanks {{item:3157}} exist ! I don't like playing vs {{champion:26}} So fun to press R to save your teammate? Screw you Zilean! I don't like playing vs {{champion:142}}, A bubble, a R and a Q and you are dead. Wow... I don't like playing vs {{champion:143}}, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, ANNOYING !!! Nah i don't like to play agaisnt a lot of champ but you get accustomed to it. But i can't accustom to {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:350}} and {{champion:555}}, i hate these champs a lot. I feel like i always complain about champs, i'm never happy about the matchup but you need to deal with it.
My boy Viktor isn't on there, balance achieved lads!
: compared to riven sure. or any other assassin if shaco mains exclusively can barely reach 51%, why should any other champion in the game have a higher winrate without even being played by mains. just abusers. btw shaco getting nerfed, the entire map getting changed, jungle exp lowered. shaco is getting both directly and indirectly nerfed. on the other hand i can't understand why everyone is crying so much over it. same with blitz and garen. it's not like they're fucking autowins.
It wasn't just his mains playing him though, in a single patch, he had nearly 3 times the playrate and 5% higher winrate than my main, Viktor. He wasn't exactly struggling yet he got huge sweeping buffs that made him _the_ number one jungler and some Shaco players still think he's underpowered.
NoPaxt (NA)
: My Shop
Tell you what's bullshit. Everyone gets a Legendary skin on sale in their shop right, so why do some people have 50% price drops and some people are stuck with only 30 or 20% price drops, like I'm not going to spend money on a Legendary skin when I know RNG has fucked me out of the best deal possible.
: Its as though I said Shaco would be problematic when they buffed his early game. :/ They should have left the fucking POS clown alone. Mains were winning just fine with him and you had time to work around him early game at least. Now he's just back to being impossible early game with very little to 0 done about his late game. Oh and BUFFED CLEAR TIMES! :))) Because he totally doesn't kill off Jungle champion diversity by his mere existence when he can clear fast and level 2 invade the enemy jungle at their second buff with ignite.
But he had a 51% winrate before he was reworked/buffed, he was unplayable, worst jungler in the game, absolutely useless, gutted... or so all the Shaco mains said. For some reason Shaco mains seem to think he's basically unplayable unless Shaco is one of, if not the best, jungler in the game.
: Ryze- A forgotten story.
I mean he's sitting at a 47% w/r in Dia+ so statistically he's doing the best he's ever done in years, as in past he's always hovered around 45%. He also still looks bonkers in the hands of pros, he's being picked at _Worlds_ and they do a good job of showing off the varied builds he can use. I think he should be left alone, he's already had way more reworks than any other champion.
QancerClown (EUNE)
: Shaco rework.
> [{quoted}](name=QancerClown,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AtEET3AT,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-12T14:15:07.872+0000)We cannot start to nerf and buff him > Yeah no. He's getting nerfed next patch, Scruffy confirmed it on his Twitter account.
: > [{quoted}](name=QancerClown,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Wvln5QLO,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-10-11T11:57:44.778+0000) > > Isn't broken and winrate will probably show that as well > You should still permaban ekko or pantheon. http://prntscr.com/phx4ie
Shaco mains; 'HES FINE GUYS' KEKW.
: The 20% slow is basicly a free Rylais, so just skip that item now and build a Lyandrys. Lyandrys is actually sleeper op, if you dont build that I am MALDING {{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3151}}
Viktor needs a mana item though as he will struggle with mana unless he's having blue buffs handed to him and/or he's got some ocean dragons. Hexcore gives an absolute pitiful 450 mana at level 18 which isn't enough for a champion with a 110 mana on his most used ability.
Happened the other day when my premade decided to not load in (our bot troll swapped champions at last minute and both had Aftershock), so I ran it down because 'My own premade isn't going to load in' and I know we're going to remake. However much to my horror at 3 minutes the remake vote doesn't appear.
: Ivern PBE change feedback
Hey that's pretty good.
KazKaz (OCE)
: Worlds just isn't doing it this year...
'Mid is a mage fest' With LeBlanc (AP assassin) being the most picked at 10 games. Syndra (Burst Mage) being second most picked at 7 games. Akali (AP assassin) third with 4 games. Then we have Corki (magic damage carry), Galio (AP bruiser) Lissandra (Control mage?) and Ryze (balance abomination, also a mage) all having 3 games played. It hardly looks like the mage fest you're claiming it to be, in fact it looks quite varied and this is just the play ins, there's even been things like Renekton, Trist and Nocturne mid.
: those still are damage items
This is true, however if Kog'maw (another hybrid damage hypercarry) built 2 or 3 of these items together like Kaisa can he'd be useless.
: I find rengar pretty shitty and is a heavy 'Feast or famine' play style. He either can One shot anything he wants. Or just... die I guess. he isnt at all useful when behind. But when hes ahead. Hes INCREDIBLY frustrating to play against, specially if you dont Have Ga, Stopwatch, Hourglass, A support who can peel easily, Have the jungle warded and have eyes on him continuously, Dont have any Escapes, or any CC. So, If you let the assassin do his job, Yeh hes pretty shitty to play against, because well. Hes doing what he is supposed to. Kill an greedy squishy players. (if you dont build against a fed rengar, specially you KNOW he is in the game and getting fed, and you're dying before you can get an Auto OFF... You might want to not build that 3rd infinity edge as jhin when your support is a Veigar.) (If you go try to take red, or try warding Baron or drake when there inst another vision in your jungle.) If that all else fails, Just try to one shot him first before he does. Overall, Rengar does need the help. However. I Really hope what they do to him isnt just "Here have more damage" Because that doesn't help anyone. Maybe skim the damage from his kit for some defense, or clear speeds, or CDs.... maybe apply q On turrets/Inhibs.(I do not know if this is current)
Even when he's behind though he still brings utility to the table and can be hard to kill. Somewhat unique to Rengar compared to other assassins.
: riot: nerfs sylas and aatrox because they claim they dont want a champ that can be good as a 3-way flex also riot: buffs ekko so he can become a prominent 3-way flex suspiciously just in time for worlds
He's just been picked in game 1 of Worlds, now Riot can be happy and nerf him on the live servers.
: Why? Ivern sucks,shaco is basically a troll pick, and garen is pretty shit, also those champions are getting changes that will overall be a net buff but idk by how much. Like none of the champions listed are good. Also lol blitz is getting nerfed lol. Why not just revert the fucking buff to him.
51% winrate plat+ isn't that bad for Shaco. That said he's getting crazy buffs, which will most likely lead to nerfs.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=SweedishGunner,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=u1fnAZjU,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-09-30T00:37:24.537+0000) > > Yes. How am I supposed to learn when I can't even react to the enemy combos or movement when _I know_ they're for a fact 5 times better than me. well my good friend. you can start by playing {{champion:1}} just looking at ur match history, yeah no wonder you can't focus on the enemy's moves. you decided to play Pyke, Talon Jax Irelia Viktor ur 7th most played champ is {{champion:238}} 6th most played is {{champion:412}} 5th most played is {{champion:555}} you are not allowed to complain about not being able to learn. when you decided you wanted to troll pick these mechanically difficult champions when you can't cs properly. don't have map awareness. don't know how to trade.
I'm not gonna play Annie lmao. Yeah I have a lot of support games as it's my secondary role and who would've guessed if you queue mid/support you get support a lot. Recently however yeah I've been tilted AF and picking random champs.
: Old runes & masteries.
I used to play full mpen Malz, that was obscene.
: Is Garen really an issue?
Vlad too, I thought his numbers were more in line these days.
Mihalikb (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=KABLUMP,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mvXXpyQr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-29T22:59:53.433+0000) > > I undertstand this, which is why I think that more utility and options should be put into most champions in order to make that issue go away The ability bloat is the main reason why we are in this mess in the first place. The recent trend for reworks and especially new champions is baking in a million different stun, engage, dash, cc mechanics into every ability. Akali, Kaisa, Pyke, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Neeko, Qiyana, Aatrox are all glaring examples of this. Most notably Akali and Kaisa.
Neeko is super simple, not sure why she's included.
: How do you propose smurfs be prevented? Not even IP bans would work, considering proxies. Smurfs are here to stay, get over it.
If it's obvious an account is a smurf they should just start in higher elo. When someone goes 10/0 in their placements with KDA's above 10 it's quite obvious they aren't silver.
: Does smurfing ruin low elo game
Yes. How am I supposed to learn when I can't even react to the enemy combos or movement when _I know_ they're for a fact 5 times better than me. Also it fucks with your LP since trying to win vs a smurf requires 10 times more effort from everyone on the team. The amount of times I've said 'Hey enemy jung is a smurf, play safe' to only have the enemy jungler be 5/0 in 5 minutes is insane.
: PBE Shaco changes look GREAT, except........
51% winrate champion has huge buffs on PBE yet you're asking for more? Godamn.
datfatguy (OCE)
: How do you even play against Tryndamere
His Ult CD needs to be increased.
: I mean we hear Pyke's music whenever he enters his W, same for Warwick. Why not Jhin aswell?
Doodlzzz (NA)
: Whats with the Orianna buff?
W o r l d s. Just look what they did to Ekko to try get an Ekko game at worlds. xd
: God galio is such a tragic story. I loved playing him when he was first reworked even w/ the low ap scalings ap bruiser into tanky {{item:3027}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}}. And when they rebalanced him to build ap (after the obvious fiesta that was the release of that w/ the 1 shot Q) once they balanced the #s a bit. But now he's been gutted so hard that his damage is basically what it was when he was building full tank, except he builds full ap now and is actually quite squishy and now he can't even taunt flash, which after all the nerfs was pretty much all he was good for. Another notch on the list of champs that got absolutely shit on b/c of pro play. Feelsbadman.
I've always build him nearly full AP with maybe one tank item. I absolutely loved his rework though, it gave me a champion to play that's good against champions that counter the rest of my champion pool and just listening to new Galio talk brought a smile to my face. His ultimate also felt absolutely epic to use when it could save people.
: Why is it when someone wants to discuss balancing a champ people want to dismiss it because other champs are also a problem if not more so? Riot can balance more than one champ at a time. Besides Yasuo is one of the MOST banned champs in the game only recently being dethroned from the top slot by Pyke. He also doesn't have the best stats. So obviously his kit is toxic to the games health. Which in my opinion is WAY WAY worse than other champs being too powerful or easy. Can we discuss how to fix a very problematic kit that makes people ban him so much?
The all or nothing fallacy is very popular on the boards.
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