: Champion Gameplay Values 2016
So, we're talking about champion gameplay, but don't you feel that a LOT of old champ don't have counterplay at all and are just frustrating to even be in lane against ? A simple example : Trundle, extremely safe because of his passive and the crazy amount of health he can regen. Another, the manaless champ, Katarina and Vladimir are a good example, they are really unfair in lane, because of the ability to spam spell, even more for Vladimir, impossible to kill if he don't decide to make a single step out of his safe zone. I Remind when you gave Ekko a mana cost on his R, because of "counterplay", but what about Olaf, Katarina and Vladimir able to escape safely no matter the situation ? Sometimes I feel like Riot use the word "Counterplay" as an excuse for nerfing some champion. If we don't see one of those champion picked in the LCS or else, they won't be touched at all or nerfed then forgotten. Anybody saw a single Sion, a Juggernaut from the S5 pop in the pro plays today ? I just hope that we won't see the same cycle. Nerf the popular champ and when they aren't popular anymore, forget them, or give them a small buff 8 month later. Another question, not really the good one, but after every visual update, some old champion, REALLY old, don't have a VU when they need one. Cho'gath, Tryndamere, Galio, Nunu, Fiddlestick, Mundo... All of them have a legendary skin, LoL is really old now and Nunu Bot is FAR to be at the level of a legendary. But that's not the question. The problem is, some of them aren't healthy for the game or just forgotten (Fiddlestick and the jungle, he'ss screwed since more than a YEAR), all the old champ are good candidate for both a visual update and a gameplay update. Is the Legendary skin an obstacle for a visual update ? Also, what about Warwick ? After Poppy, Taric and Yorrick he's the next "legendary rework"
Meddler (NA)
: Some gameplay work in progress, general gameplay thoughts (10/20/2015)
What about Darius after this patch. As a Main Darius, I don't think the impact is too strong but his stats speak for themselves. Also, Gangplank, right now he's really far in the SoloQ and Ranked Team, he's above a lot of toplaner but why the Mana-refund will be deleted ? Against the oppressive champ like Olaf and Riven (Lot of Riven this season), the Q spell is the only way to be safe while farming. GP is a squishy pick, are you sure you won't kill him by overnerfing, like... A lot of previous overnerf ?
: Balance Team Q+A: Ask Us Anything! [COMPLETE]
Heya ! So I have a question. As a Sion Player, I really feel that the champ is really slow, he can tank, but don't you think the nerf on the reactivation on the W was an overnerf ? I really loved to play Sion Jungler or top, now 3 seconds is really, really long. It's really hard to survive in the jungle and the ult is really hard to hit, people just have to sidestep, you can't correct your position, your gank is mostly a fail if your teammates didn't already engaged, which is hard, because you're the one supposed to engage. Also, Renekton. I really think he's the one supposed to make a comeback with the Juggernaut Update. He's strong as a Juggernaut, tanky as a Juggernaut but he have some free sustain with his Q, a really powerfull stun and a very good mobility in the teamfight. Somehow he's definitely stronger than the toplaner Juggernaut. What do you feel about him ? And one last : Why do you keep nerfing Darius and let Garen being insanely strong ? The nerf are only "Placebo" for lowering the banrate ? Dirty Demacian ! And a bonus one. How the banrate/winrate impact your decision in the balance ? There's no way you don't look at those stats when you ask yourself "Is the champ good for the game ?" And a Bonus-Bonus : What do you think about Azir ? :D
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: Thoughts on the juggernaut reworks: Where we're up to after 4 weeks
So, about Darius, as a Darius main : Q, you want to nerf it, but I still don't get why the base damage is so high, 40-140 was enough, no ? Also, the heal, switching to Flat+%Missing health I don't think it's a good idea since Darius will be able to bully again the laner even more. The heal is strong even at 80% health, with a flat value and a reduced %Missing health, he will be stronger when full HP, but weaker against big burst. Better in duel, a nerf for the teamfight. W, no change ? I actually like the new effect, Darius is able to farm without increase his early attack speed. It's pretty funny now, but I still don't know why I should level up this spell. E, I REALLY think that the %Armor penetration is "too good" in the midgame, level up this spell in second and the E passive will have a great synergy with the Q, the Noxus Might and even the W. In every case, the E is the better to level up in second.
: Lee Sin, what? Since season 3 and on he has always been near the top in terms of viability. It shifted out of favor with Cinder-hulk, but he was and is far from Trash tier.
Well, okay, Lee sin is special. But because he's special, he's on my list. Today, if you play Lee sin, you're a Lee sin main or really at your ease with him. Just saying that he was requiring a mid-level skill, today he require a really high level. Far from trash but still in the lowest winrate, since they don't nerf his strength but the weakness of the Blind monk.
: He's probably too strong. Statikk has some slight changes in store that should appear on PBE tomorrow, I believe.
I think there is some point when he's too strong and some when he's too weak. Remind : Darius don't have Movespeed like Garen/Skarner/Mordekaiser. One of the biggest OP point is the Spirit Visage. Apparently he can heal himself more than 30% missing HP with the item. The second is the insane AD bonus with Bloodrage. I "don't think" it's a good idea to nerf the AD from the bloodrage, it's the identity of the champ, like "Get Away from a full rage Gnar". I think the Hotfix does too much, even if the Q is the only real "Basic spell" on Darius. Also, it would be good to not nerf Darius over 3 patch and finish him with a coup de grâce, sending him in the unplayed Champ Tier, remember Zac, Kha'zix, Lee sin, Kassadin, Ryze ? Perma picked Champ and 3 patch later they are the worst champ. Please, don't do that again.
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: We're currently in the hunt for a better name for the next patch. For the outgoing patch, it will retain its current name Bloodrage, but hopefully we can settle on something we can all agree is better for the next patch. Thanks for bringing up the concern.
"Blood for Noxus" "Tactician's domination" "Red hand". Blood for Noxus ! It's blood, but for Noxus.
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: It's likely, though not guaranteed, that we'll do some more work on Darius sometime this year. Odds are that'll involve making him less of a lane bully, but giving him a better late game presence. Something else we'd also like to get to, and might bundle with that work, are some adjustments to fighter itemization, both in terms of a new item or two and some revisions to existing items.
As a Darius Main, I have to say i'm happy to finally see a project on him. The first problem is he's better with a lot of AD but too squishy. And so easy to kite that if people flash out from the grab or blink/dash, he's not able to kill them, just being kite while being squishy. If he's too tanky, people don't care about him. Too many AD ratio, on the passive and 3 abilities. Not a single tank abilities, not a single hard CC (except Grab but not a stun), no sustain, he's like an Assassin without mobility. But i'm a bit afraid that if he's more a beast tank than what he is, he won't be an insane dunkmaster. But hey, when I see that Irelia is a monster with an insane sustain, a natural CC resistance with a 2sec stun and able to erase a squishy ennemy, what could possibly goes wrong ?

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