xWaters (NA)
: I still do not know why Ghost was nerfed...
it was nerfed because mid laners like {{champion:13}} or {{champion:69}} used it to quickly start kiting with stormraiders surge activated
Eedat (NA)
: Can we agree on this being unhealthy?
he is a must ban for me atm, I can't stand laning against him
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: Yasuo will most likely still be perma banned after his rework either way.
the less I play with or against one the better, that's the reason for me why i ban him
: Consumable Items Should be at the top of the Recommended Items List
I think its stupid that the recommended items include {{item:3363}} and {{item:2055}} for **SOME** champions but not for all, even If they all belong to the same class ( all ADC's for example )
: Why Has Riot Done Nothing To Draven Yet?
I dont get he deserves to have such an insane AD scaling on his attacks just because he needs to catch something
: Tbh, Death's Dance is probably the biggest reason why Draven's fucking overbearing atm. That shit needs a nerf. Though I'm not saying that there isn't a problem in Draven, there is, but on the flip side, the only thing he's good for is damage. I wouldn't completely nerf his damage; maybe take a small hit on it, increase mana costs on Q to punish the Dravens that don't catch axes, and maybe, make it a bit harder to catch axes. Edit: Forgot to mention that he's perma ban for me, and he's staying that way until at least Death's Dance sees some changes.
why does an Item needs to be nerfed If a champs overperforms with it ? Nerf HIM not the Item
: ADC in 2017
I main ADC, to be honest I take every single piece of gold that i can get, they are not called **neutral** camps for no reason :P
: If I don't like a champion, Riot should rework them
depends ... you can't possibly say {{champion:23}} or {{champion:11}} doesn't need a rework, their kit's are really outdated
: Your main is now your room mate.
{{champion:429}} Killing myself and offering my soul for getting carried out of Gold sounds like a deal
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SynthetikzDoPe,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AO7WvZic,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-06-07T19:16:26.476+0000) > > ye, as ADC main i can laugh at {{champion:122}}, the only way he can kill me are my mistakes, {{champion:58}} {{champion:80}} are nearly unkiteable If we are talking about issues, anyone seen the wave of this guy? {{champion:126}} Ranged high damage, with mobility and a knockback.
the thing with {{champion:126}} is that he can deal tons of damage never mind how far or how close you are
Eedat (NA)
: {{champion:122}} is easier to deal with than {{champion:58}} {{champion:80}} in lane at least
ye, as ADC main i can laugh at {{champion:122}}, the only way he can kill me are my mistakes, {{champion:58}} {{champion:80}} are nearly unkiteable
: I'm surprised Riot isn't embarrassed by their new player tutorial/experience. You want people to stick around and keep playing the game, not realize that getting to level 30 is absolute hell, especially when dealing with the account bots in player vs. ai.
I'm glad I had more than enough friends that told me everything I needed to know and helped me reach level 30, but If you have no one helping you It must be a pain in the a**. tho Riot made new tutorial vids that gets send to you by email if you make a new account now, they kinda tell you how every lane works and so on, but the classic tutorial is garbage thats true
: I haven't enough experience on Lucian and Yasuo to have a solid opinion, but Caitlyn's nerf at least is far from petty. She headshot 3 times less than before AND she also lost some attack speed, and a noticeable amount at that.
I have 200k on caitlyn and the nerf didn't hit me at all, you can now buy {{item:3087}} after {{item:1038}} and burst the shit out of the first one who's stepping on a trap and you have improved waveclear too
Paradòx (NA)
: None of those champs you listed get "stopped" by snares. The stun just carries through at the end of their animation... are we playing the same game?
i never used the word "stopped" so why do you say I was wrong ? I said Lee ignores the whole fact that there was a trap in the first place, Zac or else get snares after the animation ends thats correct, Lee doesn't, that's what annoys me
Raoul (EUW)
: Please dont add voicechat...
ARMA 3 is the only game I played where voice chat works, because you get instantly banned if you abuse it.
: Leblanc W doesn't get stopped by Cait W And Neither does Zac E And various others
never said I expect them to get stopped, but lee aint even snared after he lands like zac is
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Excodar (NA)
: Im Pretty Sure People Wanted 10 Bans Because They WANTED Certain Champs To Be Permabanned
the only way yasuo and or fizz won't be permabanned is that both teams think that the other team banned him anyway,
Brascus (NA)
: Have you ever been so mad you forgot to report offenders?
the moment when the game is pretty much fucked because of that one person feeding and then flaming the shit out of everyone else but you still win it and think "ima report your ass anyway"
: who are you glad ISN'T Meta?
{{champion:429}} by far It's my most played champion of all time with 270K mastery BUT she is such a pain in the ass to play against because she can pretty much outtrade and kill you if she gets the upper hand
Ralanr (NA)
: Really? Pool party Ahri?
the only time I ever said "why did they make that skin" was with SKT T1 Kalista, the skin is just so damn ugly and doesn't even fit her one bit that I rather use one of the other skins even if they are older, she has only 1 skin that isn't legacy and that is the best one throu. I don't know if that's really the case but, If a champion got a skin "recently" they probably don't make a new one so soon, that's why i was so annoyed that they made such a bad skin for her.
: Just won my promos to Gold V
I expected to see http://10104.x.rootbsd.net/~jyoung/vwvortex/good-day.gif
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: On champions with a dash-to-ally abilities...
I am only a gold guy but i know how far the range of them is so i walk near them if they run away
: Well at least you don't ban ur teammates pick.
: Yes like play 3 games of ekko and you get icon of project ekko complete 3 missions and you get gemstone and they are daily
1 gemstone every 3 days seem pretty crazy if you ask me, spend more than enough money to get 8 in the chests and now they seem pretty common
: i'm still gonna keep yasuo permabanned
there is two forms of yasuo, the one (in enemy team) that is stupidly fed and keeps killing everyone, and then there is your teams yasuo playing meme simulator
: Alright, here's the plan. Blue team bans Yasuo and Red team bans Lee Sin every game
every time a teammate wants to pick yasuo im so damn happy if the enemy team banned it from him
: Missions should only apply to normals
what are you talking about ? what missions ? did they announce something like that ?
Shahamut (NA)
: Does Yasuo really need double crit?
just swap his passive to something less unhealthy and add damage to his spells, I am sick of his {{item:3031}} + {{item:3046}} 100% crit chance never lose a 1 v 1 again shit
: Guess your main!!
- _serpents are creatures of betrayal_ - "It's MY ult but YOU miss it and you flame me ?" - You want my help ? Kill yourself then we can talk business
: Perfect quote about solo q.
ye same here, I can't remember the last time I felt like "we won because of me" or "we lost because of me". In many, maybe even most games it doesn't matter how I play, It's most times one or two lanes that go complete insane, one way or the other.
: Upcoming Kindred changes, looking for feedback!
the LCS will find out her potential sooner or later and she will get gutted again
: Please take CS out of the mastery calculation in ARAM
people are still playing aram ? i thought that game mode is only for bots that need to level the account to 30
: How to fix the boards "bandwagon" effect.
i think the main issue with the boards is that if a post has no upvotes it won't get any because everyone reads the "Hot" posts, only few people read the posts that no one actually read yet, the thing is in the "new" section is so much bullshit ( there is bullshit in "hot" too but it's higher grade bullshit ) you can skip 20 posts before you actually read something worth reading so even if you have a point, If it has no upvotes it wont get shown to many people.
: > [{quoted}](name=TimX24968B,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cQ5lEJxU,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-05-10T21:44:35.111+0000) > > I need a description there on kalista. I don't play her. Kalista when played correctly means some champions are not allowed to interact with her. Namely melees without a gap closer, and skillshot champions to a lesser extent. The only way for riot to bring her into line was to give her auto attacks a nerfed AD ratio (I can't think of any character in any moba who has an autoattack that isn't on a 1.0 AD ratio.) and turn off her base stats and shove them into her soul bound as an IV drip. Because of this, if her soulbound DCs or just doesn't cooperate with her, she's basically a non-champion.
its not as hard as you might think, you can still play her well without you oath-mate, its just harder but not impossible
: Supposedly there's a rework (ala Shyvana or Amumu) that's tweaking her to be more diver-y than AFK knock-up bot. So I guess there's your big nerf?
I used to main Rek'sai back in season 5 and even then I heard she is no more than a tank because they gutted her Q dmg so much, I didn't play her since they changed the passive refresh ratio, she is just useless
: You're falling behind on your Rek'sai nerf quota for this season
welcome to e-sport graveyard {{champion:429}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:203}} and more already lay here
: Your main needs a nerf.
{{champion:429}} once a friend told me her passive got removed when I was drunk af at a party ...
: ADC's aren't really immobile, at least compared to immobile mages. Every ADC has some form of speed up, or dash, while immobile mages literally have no movement abilities.
{{champion:127}} ? she is immobile if you ask me but has some sort of dash.
: I feel like we're beginning to have too much mobility in the game.
i main ADC, every time a {{champion:134}} uses R im dead even if she missed every other spell in her kit, same goes to {{champion:61}} but atleast you need to hit Q, {{champion:1}} has less skill requirement than a puzzle with 4 pieces, {{champion:99}} you can dodge every Q she trows at you for 20 mins but if she hits one you are dead from 100% to 0 in one combo. as ADC you deal the most dmg by far in terms of dps but how "unfair" it feels to get deleted by someone is the downside of that role.
: dont think Soraka will ever see the light of day in pro games.
: Almost every balance problem traces back to the pros vs. pubs problem.
in my opinion kalista is in a good spot at the moment, tho her kit is incredibly strong if you can use it to its full potential, I have no problem that a bronze guy calls her bad just because he can't kite or because his supp misses her ult permanently
: Ha you Malzahar mains want his rework reverted. Funny guys.
I think the point with malzahar is that he was even more fucked up before his rework in terms of counterplay and skill needed but now he is useless, no one except malzahar mains would ever agree to revert his rework in my opinion because he is called "space aids" for a reason, his whole kit is a pain in the ass it just got nerfed into a supporter
: Reasonable Ahri Nerf Idea
the feeling when you play a mobile af ADC and you dodge her Q and E but the W and R orbs are killing you anyway because she brain dead dashes in your face with success.
: Petition For Riot To Allow Us To Toggle Different Announcer Voices
I would like to toggle between announcers, but honestly I hate the Dark Star Thresh announcer tho I main thresh :P the voice is just so hard toi understand sometimes and im used to ignoring it because i heard all his quotes a thousand times :P
Oryiah (NA)
: Gaming Communities From a Girl's Perspective - Please Read
i never asked myself how many girls i have in my friends list in league, I never asked anyone if he's a boy or a girl, it wouldn't change anything. I just see the people in my friends list in league as "that's the guy I played with in that game" I may remember if he/she flamed or which champions he/she plays but who they are doesn't matter to me there. If I'd search for a girlfriend that fits me I'd go to a bar or a club but definitely not in league, I wouldn't even want a girl that spends the day with games like I do.
: Yasuo is the reason ADCs can't have nice things
remove him from the game, then the world will be peace
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