dominusx (EUNE)
: It's been more than 5 years.
meanwhile {{champion:432}} Q binds you because it hit the minion next to the botlane turret while you stand in midlane
: everytime i start a new account a see lots of people who play like they have never even played the tutorial. I get emails about the basics with youtube links on every new mail adress i use for these accounts so why do people still go 0/30 in bot games without any idea how the game works ?!
the standard tutorial is bad af btw, shows ashe needs thornmail first kappa
: Why are summoner spells level locked?
everytime i start a new account a see lots of people who play like they have never even played the tutorial. I get emails about the basics with youtube links on every new mail adress i use for these accounts so why do people still go 0/30 in bot games without any idea how the game works ?!
Lapis (OCE)
: Dang, where can I find these people? I'm a support main and I keep getting filled into jungle and no one ever wants to swap
wait what, you can't get autofilled as support main, it's even less likely to happen that you get your second role if your first is support, atleast on EUW
: Never do this. A good support can make a trash ADC a god, but a good ADC still suffers from a bad support.
if you ain't thresh or blitzcrank who can prepare the kill for their ADC on a silver plate that's not that fun, try to play nami with a trash adc, the only thing you can do is heal him and keep his ass alive, If im the ADC my nami just needs to W and E me the rest is up to me
: i rarely EVER get this when I'm not supporting. idk why people don't want to support.. BECUASE of auto-filled supports actaully being GOOD at support pretty much guarentees your going to be better than thier and EASILY get your adc fed
i really don't understand what you wanna say there
: Here's an idea; Play support and you will never have to worry about autofill. I main jungle but sometimes I go support for a good number of matches. I have been autofilled once in the whole season.
i play support as second main role ... the point is not that **I** get autofilled into different roles, the point is that my **TEAMMATES** get autofilled and what can i do as ADC if my supp is autofilled ?
Aptest (EUW)
: blitz in my previous game: "fuck autofill" our top: "you can play top if you want" our mid: "you want mid?" our ADC: "you want bot?" blitz: "naa, it's k, im a good blitz"
i asked the guy if he wants adc cause supp is my second lane, he said he is a worse adc than supp so i should go adc cuz i main it
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: If the Jinx changes do go through, please don't change Jinx around this new effect.
Jinx is one of my most played champs of all time and one of favorite ADCs (i main ADC) but i stopped Jinx cuz she is so vulnerable and needs to be protected, but that buff would not change shit about that. She doesnt need damage, she needs protection.
: Fizz is really unfun to play against
there is no assassin who's not cancerous to play against, every time is i see a Zed or Fizz i know the game wont be fun
: You also forgot to give Cailtlyn's headshots true dmg as well. As well as give Lux, mana refund on kill.
you mean mana refund on spell used, 80% base mana refund seems fine to me
: You forgot to make lux's ult do true damage
the Hitbox is still too small, the Obliterator Laser from Nexus Siege seems to perfectly fit her Kit
Skelenth (EUW)
: All the facts about God Fist Lee Sin
God Fist Lee Sin forced Ivern to kill his jungle camps
Rioter Comments
: The point in it is that 1 Reset Early game shouldn't define the next teamfight. Whereas Late game all she literally offers to her team is her Ultimate. These changes weaken her Early-game, and buff her late game. She is supposed to be the teamfight AOE Assassin, but that's not possible late game when you're getting blown up in 1.5 seconds because your ult channel is so long. The change is actually a lot more logical then you're giving it credit for.
after lvl 16 she is broken as hell, and lvl 16 is not lategame in many games
Sasogwa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SynthetikzDoPe,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E2k8cwuM,comment-id=00130000,timestamp=2017-03-21T00:01:18.364+0000) > > in my opinion the juggernauts made armor look like it's abusive ( mixing damage with tankyness ) but real tanks get nerfed for it. > > Jungle got nerfed because some champs were too good junglers, now jungle diversity is nearly gone ..? The ones that stack armor are tanks, juggernaughts not quite as much. If anything, juggernaughts make armor look weak because of their natural synergy with {{item:3071}} which is immensely powerful against armor.
i mean if you have no armor pen as AD champ you can't do shit against juggernauts and bruiser because they deal too much damage but build armor, 300 armor {{champion:57}} is less a pain in the ass for me as ADC than {{champion:64}} with 150 armor but 250 ad because he is too tanky for me to fight but he oneshots me
: So Ryze is at a 37% winrate
his design is a disaster already and will ever be
awdaf (NA)
: The real buff Jinx needs
and she should control it then like Sion's ult, sounds fun buuuuut a little bit broken
: Why is Lux getting buffed in such a ridiculous manner?
why does they buff the thing she really does't need buffs at all, I mean this ult deals 800+ damage, is AoE, has a high range and has a joke of a cooldown already. wtf why do they plan to buff this
: So what you mean to say is "If Vayne is smart she wins, if she enjoys the taste of elmer's glue she loses"?
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Jeddy017 (NA)
: Hey, look! I did a thing!
Mine would look like a sketch league stickman doggo with a bad looking scythe in his paw with glowing eyes :P
: To be fair, Tryndamere and Xin Zhao have long been said to be some of the worst designed champions ever
Nunu has the worst design of all still existing kits if you ask me, but Xin and Tryndarmere are far worse in case of counterplay, Nunu is just useless
: >Melee's flame about ranged champions but win every single 1 vs 1 against a ranged character anyway like {{champion:67}} Heh. HEHEH HEHEHEHEHEHEHE
Vayne loses 1 v 1 against a decent Xin or Trynda if she ain't fed or outplays them, im pretty sure about that
Gríff (NA)
: Why should I even play Kindred when Graves exists
I played Kindred not that many times lately since i only play adc anymore but after i played rengar again her stack system feels ... a bit awkward. If i am not completely wrong she starts weak but needs these stacks to get stronger, If the enemy jungler decides to visit you in your jungle or you need to gank lanes that are early heavy i found it very hard, since you are just another ADC that needs protection and doesn't get tank stats like {{champion:104}}
Paquay (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SynthetikzDoPe,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E2k8cwuM,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-20T18:59:46.279+0000) > > Tanks flaming about things that deal damage to them like {{item:3035}} , but crush squishy champs like nuts with base stats > > Mages flame about having no defensive items except {{item:3157}} , but have 2.5k-3k HP with good resistances and burst > > Melee's flame about ranged champions but win every single 1 vs 1 against a ranged character anyway like {{champion:5}} {{champion:23}} > > ADC's flame about being useless in early and getting one-shot by every mage/assassin but deal serious damage > > There will never be peace, never. And supports just want to be recognized.... You forgot to mention us btw. ;)
i really forgot them xD i support as 2nd role too but i didnt see any bitching on the boards lately, they have points mostly and dont complain about overall balancing like others do
: I mean, i blame riot for trying to define "classes" instead of "champions". Fuck feeling unique, instead have the same weaknesses and the same strengths, and your viability will instead be dictated by item nerfs/buffs as to which is more effective or feasible.
in my opinion the juggernauts made armor look like it's abusive ( mixing damage with tankyness ) but real tanks get nerfed for it. Jungle got nerfed because some champs were too good junglers, now jungle diversity is nearly gone
Marshad (EUW)
: Making support an attractive role
I main ADC but my 2nd role is supp but the thing i don't like about playing supp is that you can't really carry on your own like i could as ADC. If your Mid/Top is 0/5 there is nothing you can do neither but i feel less dependent from my team, while supp is "watch the flames" all the time. About the acknowledgement, It's mostly because i directly play with them in lane but i really appreciate support players who take their role seriously like i take mine because I think support is the role with the least amount of "mains", most people don't think about how much you can do wrong as support like you said, many ADC get honored and celebrated as heroes but the supports behind them never get anything.
I main {{champion:429}} ... I bet the moment she get's picked in LCS and wins that game because the guy played her very well she will be Pick/Ban and get's nerfed like before. I'am pretty happy she isn't a known OP champ, or even considered meta, so she wont get banned or nerfed, rather buffed
: Everything feeling unfair is a sign the game is fairly balanced, oddly enough.
that feeling was the point i quit overwatch.
: Heuner can either stun the whole map three times, barrage the whole map with missiles, or create a giant turret with global range. Take your pick.
that reminds me why i stopped playing Overwatch ....
DJ Lucio (NA)
: tfw you get reported for inting
every damn game i read "report ______" in chat for every given reason, do these guys really think you get banned so easily ? Flaming is one thing but you cant just report everyone who lost lane
: When Nidalee tries to be sneaky
: SHaco is a disgusting champion, and needs to be gutted and left in the trash tbh. thats how i feel thank you
{{champion:35}} _You wanna play something that ain't win a lvl 3 fight in jungle? what a shame_ Every damn time i get filled or forced to play jungle i end up getting killed with lvl 2 at my own damn red ...
: @Riot, Can we get a red post on why the "Hidden MMR" system is > "just play against your rank"
before Lethality i had a very high W/L ratio but after everyone of my main champs lost value in the meta i ended up with a 52% WR atm with 18 LP gain and 18 LP loss ... before that it was like 26 LP gain and 18 LP loss
: "cush squishy champions like nuts" "2,tk-3k HP with good burst" "win every single 1vs1" "deal serious damage" Couldnt you have made ADC's more threatening :(
i main adc so i dont wanna tell people how op it is ... but _sssshhhhh_
Ròssy (NA)
: Just for the hell of it, let's add those who cry that *insert champion here* is broken op needs nerf because they had just lost to one
honestly, the first thing I do after i get destroyed by something I don't think should be able to is search the boards for threats that share my opinion on that situation
: I don't see it as much of a "war," as much as I see it as politics with constant party disagreement, each one wanting control of the ~~government~~ meta, since _their_ party is the clear choice for creating a healthy meta, and any opposition is met with attacks since X, Y, and Z events happened under _their_ party's control, so they shouldn't be taken seriously.
nowadays politics is some sort of cold war, but i completely agree.
: HONESTLY, Riots done a good job so far to balance out each role again. the beginning of s7 was crazy, now its way better.
i honestly never felt that comfy as ADC main for such a long time than i do now, Lethality got pushed to where it belongs to and assassins got gutted as well.
: I'm curious how one gets 4k HP and good resistances on a build that has a Void Staff, a Rabadons, 3 AP items, and sorc/ionian boots.
buy {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} or {{item:3151}} for the HP and buy {{item:3157}} or {{item:3001}} for resistances, I didn't say it must contain rabandons or void staff, or boots if you are cassiopeia
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: Every ADC's favorite thing to hear in champ select
happened to me 4 times in a row, but the first 2 times i played supp for him cuz its my 2nd role, but then i dodged because i lost the 2 games and don't wanted to play supp a single damn time again that day
: I just played as AD to the Smite Support Nunu.
I'd have reported him, if he wants to break the meta he should try this in normal, and I don't understand the people who say this guy who got banned for it should be un-banned. like Doublelift said in his stream, its the worst thing you can get, you cant win a single 2v2 fight with nunu against decent players
: Does anyone else think Lee Sin's ult CD at level 1 is too short?
Lee is one of these champions, If all his spells would get reduced to 50 dmg each it would not bother me. Id love to see him vanish from league forever
: Why do Mercurial Scimitar, Maw, and Edge of knight all exist?
why has nearly every champ at least one CC and why cam nearly every mage burst you in 2 spells ?
: Choosing a main ?
I don't main a specific champion but ADC as the whole role, I have 8 ADC's on Mastery 7 but i don't really pick one for everything so i don't need to worry about bans too much
: Congrats! You just hit 30, and you're ready to play ranked! Here's some helpful tips.
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