: Catch-Up Experience and Jungle Changes in 7.22
Jungle camps are all worth the same creep score. One consistent issue in judging the impact of a jungler v. jungler match-up is that creep score can mean vastly different things. This is especially true if one champion specializes in single target camps while the other is an AoE monster. Now each camp in its entirety will grant 4 creep score, which generally matches the camps’ value and should provide for easier comparison of a jungler to their direct opponent. If i have well understood this change will eliminate one of the main moments of jungler's early game: when the enemy jungler decides to gank early or i have vision of him i can see his creepes, in this way I know which camps he have just cleaned and I can predict which will be the next one (this is really important for counter jungling). After this change this mini-strategy won't exist anymore.

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